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CIA Satanist Stewart Swerdlow, and MI6 assets Monika Duval and Max Spiers before Swerdlow drowns Spiers in a bath tab, in a house of Monika Duval, in Poland.

How pathetic is this: the US Satanists managed by CIA Stewart Swerdlow, grandson of the Soviet major Communist leader, murder their own British MI6 asset, Max Spiers, in a bizarre human sacrifice to obtain Satan’s support in the Zionist / Satanist coup d’Etat in Turkey for the sake of the overthrow of the constitutional Turkish government and killing of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the ultimate purpose to build the Global Zion.

The case made an appearance that MI6 was able to provide only a sex escort. But…

Before a CIA Satanist Stewart Swerdlow has finished Max Spiers, the MI6 asset Monika Duval has taken Max Spiers to the UK military base on Cyprus, in Dhekelia.

At the UK Dhekelia Military Base, Max Spiers was subjected to a psychotronic experiment that eventually killed him in Poland. It is reported that he returned very sick and even deluded from his Cyprus vocation with Monika. The death was set up as a Satanic Human Sacrifice. After Spiers’ murder, his mother, Vanessa Bates, was mailed a Book on Human Sacrifice.

Now we know where British conduct their major psychotronic experiments.

The entire story reveals the impotence of the Anglo-Sax science boarding on the Satanic delusion.

Max Spiers was a SUPER SOLDIER… This is the kind of Super Soldiers that the Anglo-Sax Satanists / Zionists are capable of producing: a delusional drug addict, drowned by the grandson of one of the major Soviet Communists in a bath tab.

And the most sensitive issue with Spiers’ murder lies not in the fact that the UK illegal psychotronic experiment on humans was concealed by the US human sacrifice. The most sensitive issue with Spiers’ murder lies in the fact that CIA agent Stewart Swerdlow sincerely believes that he can contact Satan, and that Satan can help him and his agenda. So, being unsuccessful in science, the British Empire resorts to superstition which is incompatible with Quantum Physics. Alas, the British Empire spent all its pounds to finance the psychotic freak for drowning their SUPER SOLDIER in a bath tub.

And this psychotic freak is of Jewish and Communist origin, demonstrating how Israel is getting hold of the British Empire.

If we are to talk of the Russian influence on the US and British political life, here it is. Stewart Swerdlow is a Russian Jew, and Russian Jews all have Russian DNA R1a1, so, they are genetically RUSSIAN.


Max Spiers’ case made me think that Israeli psychotronic attack on Catalonia in the Fall of 2017 was sanctioned by the UK, and was the part of the UK master plan for the GLOBAL CYBER ZION, mind-controlling the world population via psychotronics. In fact, the UK undertook themselves, from their Cyprus military base, the psychotronic attack on Turkey during the Zionist-Satanic MI6 / Mossad / CIA joint attempt of Coup d’Etat in Turkey to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. My contacts in Turkey had informed me that President Erdoğan is a Targeted Individual himself, and is combatting the constant psychotronic attacks.

But I would like to warn the Brits: they will themselves be subjected to the same Catalonia-style psychotronic attack by Israel, when Israel will undertake the next attempt to separate Scotland from Great Britain.

PS  Max Spiers was subjected to the huge intake of graphene oxide aka the so-called “Black Goo” in the UK military base in Dhekelia. Upon return to Poland, he collapsed. I guess Max Spiers had literally started vomiting with Black Goo. To hide the evidence, the MI6 / CIA asset Stewart Swerdlow had tried to wash the Black Goo out of his body in a bath tab. Stewart Swerdlow had also a task of killing Max Spiers at this point — as a key witness of the UK criminal psychotronic experiments on humans, violating the International Law. So, Stewart Swerdlow, a Russian Jew with the communist background in a family, had drowned Max Spiers, a British Super Soldier, in a bath tub. How symbolic!





Prof. Haim Sompolinsky has supervised ISRAELI’S PSYCHOTRONIC ATTACK ON SPAIN. Now (June 12, 2018), Prof. Haim Sompolinsky asks me to remove my article on these sad news. i publicly announce that I am going to write an open letter to the Harvard University that employs Prof. Sompolinsky as a visiting professor. I am also going to forward a letter to the US Congress and Senate:


Thank you, Haim Sompolinsky, that you did not ask me to remove the entire edition of the Indian glossy magazine “SOCIALIST FACTOR” that had published my article on your psychotronic attack on Spain in its December 2017 issue. Below is the text of the article, which has more information and analysis than my blog article:


I have also given a speech at the 2017 Warsaw Truth Seekers’ Conference, just like Max Spiers in 2016. And I was also, like him, contacted by Monika Duval for business cooperation. In fact, she had contacted me with a more definitive “business proposal” the morning after Haim Sompolinsky had written to me (on the day of writing this article, June 12, 2018).

The most striking impression of that conference in Warsaw was the talk given by the grand daughter of the American President Dwight D. Eisenhower. She was so delusional, and so evidently attacked by psychotronic weapons that she was not able to come in person, and spoke via Skype. Her crazy eyes and chaotic movements made me feel ashamed by the damage that the British Zionist / Satanic Mother Lodge had done to the US freedom and democracy. The core of her speech was concerned with aliens on Mars, in accordance with major NASA/NSA black operation of fake alien invasion as a holographic show supported by psychotronics as the direct Mind Control.  Poor lost soul…

Thus, the entire British neuroscience is the production of psychiatric illness and delusions, and targeting sovereign states by the illicit psychotronic war.