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 September 25, 2017

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After publishing my article “CYBER WORLD WAR VIA GLOBAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLECT” in the October 2017 issue of the Socialist Factor magazine, my ability to write and read messages and comments on Facebook was blocked — for a day. It appears that it became evident even to Facebook managers themselves that such anti-democratic suppression of freedom of speech is totally unacceptable, since it is the gross violation of US constitution, and the block was lifted (Irene Caesar, October 6, 2017).



Does Russia support the independence of Catalonia, Scotland and Kurdistan? The answer is NO.

The division of Spain into parts is the destruction of the indigenous people of Spain, consisting of several ethnic groups. This is the plan of the Organized Crime Syndicate aka the pseudo-globalist alliance of 13 Satanist banking families. Then, the territories of indigenous peoples will be inhabited by immigrants (this has already begun in Europe) to erase the national identity, since it is easier to manage the disfranchised and disunited idiots.

Then, the patchwork of the world will be merged into pseudo-unions – the European Union, the North American Union, the Eurasian Union, and then the larger ones – the Transatlantic Union, the Pacific Union, to impose upon formerly national states the genocidal will of transnational corporations in the style of cyber Neocolonialism.

We, Russians, do not support the separation of Scotland and Catalonia the same way we do not support the separation of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan from Russia. We will not allow to erase the word “Russia” from our ancestral territories and write the word “Eurasia”. Hold on, Spain! Stay whole and strong! You banished Jews for human sacrifices! For that, the Satanic pseudo-globalist Organized Crime Syndicate is taking its revenge on Spain. ¡No pasarán!



Political Separatism of pseudo-sovereignty goes together with another attempts to destroy the traditional State. First, the functions of the State are privatized, and then, substituted for the functions of the Global Organized Crime with its agenda of global genocide and cyber slavery. The major target of the Global Organized Crime is the financial system. Bitcoin is hailed as open decentralized database which easily goes over borders, while ensuring safety of transactions by its blockchain. “Blockchain”, we are said, preserves the history of all transactions in each “block”, thus making this history “indestructible”.

But, in reality, Bitcoin is a CYBER WEAPON for the global cyber attack by the self-named Synagogue of Satan from Google’s floating servers in the international waters – through the Cyber Trojan Horse positioned in so-called “Ukraine” (“Malo-Rossiya = “Little Russia”).

The fact that information is saved entirely on every computer is NOT the guarantee of its survival in the global cyber attack by the Synagogue of Satan, but, vice versa, the way of how Satanists can make their global cyber strike the most destructive, since every computer will have the entire Trojan Horse.

The complete integration of information in each block would guarantee that (1) all the information will be destroyed; (2) on every computer; (3) and only by one act of finger pressing on a button. Moreover, “blockchain” is not simply the principle of cryptocurrency. “Blockchain” is the major principle of cyber war, and in relation to all other computer applications. In fact, “Blockchain” is such a complete integration of ALL computer applications in one block that the cyber hit aiming only at one application will destroy all the other applications as well.

Even more, in a “smart city”, the cyber hit will destroy all the information not only on all smart phones, tablets, and computers, linked together, including the “Cloud”, but also on ALL other “smart” devices, such as, for example, kitchen appliances. And even more, it can in principle destroy the very kitchen appliances, and other home devices. Why does NATO need tanks and rockets, if NATO can attack via an electrical stove burning the house down?

Blockchain Trojan Horse means that if the Synagogue of Satan decides to eliminate you, it will be enough just to press a button once, and all your record will be gone forever – from all computers in the world at once, from all databases, all applications, all digital libraries, all digital cameras, all hard drives, all property records, all school records, all police records, all medical histories, even funerary records. Or if the Synagogue of Satan decides that the Holocaust numbers should again be doubled, and Germany should pay more, or if the Synagogue of Satan decides that the history of some country should be completely rewritten – all this can be implemented immediately and instantaneously by pressing only ONE BUTTON.

So called “Smart Technology” and “Smart City” is the recipe for national collapse and genocide.

Facebook is not a user-friendly social network. Facebook is a software program for rolling out the visual identification of people around the world for Global Artificial Intellect. The Synagogue of Satan plans to spread the system of total slavery and terror, which it had already established in Afghanistan, shooting down the entire families at weddings from drones – ONTO THE WHOLE WORLD. Their plan is for flying robots to hunt people down, searching for them and shooting them in the streets while fat pedophiles drink the blood of a next kosher-stabbed Goyim infant in front of the screen of the global control panel.

So, Goyim, post your photos! The Facebook carefully collects and sorts them. When the Synagogue of Satan will make its global cyber strike, the visual identification of people would allow that person’s images could be erased even when they are not signed.

But after all, not only for “Face Identification” your photos will come in handy. The United States have already forcibly collected DNA samples from its population. And Peter Thiel has already bought medical data of the Americans. DNA samples plus photos are the platform for the global ADDRESSED use of psychotropic weapons – from floating Google servers in neutral waters.

Soon you, the Goyim, will bitterly envy the Muslim women in paranja and burqa who hide their faces – when any “SMART” device in your home will be connected to the Global Artificial Intellect (the “Eye”), starting from your car to your coffee maker and mobile phone, and will be controlled by this external hostile force from the outside, and, most importantly, will be used as a psychotronic weapon.

When the degree of integration of electronic devices around the world reaches the desired degree, Google will make its global cyber strike from neutral waters. No, not the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and Soros, not the Queen of England, but the four bastards – Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and Google’s scum from Brighton Beach – decided to become Demigods on obsolete Soviet technologies.



(Satana is SS-18 – one of the largest Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles)

Perth, Australia, is the symmetrical antipode of Bermuda, where Google sends its billions to the 666 (WTF) mailbox. Perth itself is a huge underground city built by RAssian-Aryans, with an extensive network of tunnels, and now the base of the secret submarine fleet of the Five Eyes for the Global Artificial Intellect of the Anglo-Saxon Zionists.

It was to Perth, and then to Bermuda where the gold of the Third Reich had migrated by the secret Agreement of Britain with the German Nazis, along with the Führer submarines, which is the main dirtiest secret of England.

Indeed, after England financed Führer, England simply took its gold back with interest. Unsurprisingly, Anglo-Sax did not take both France and Germany into the Global Artificial Intellect, and were preparing the complete destruction of Germany and France through the Trans-Atlantic Union, mass immigration to Europe from Africa and Middle East, and via GMO genocide, along with A NEW CURRENCY which is the destruction of the Dollar and the Euro.

In fact, at the moment, there are NO either the US or the EU. The main global centers of the Global Artificial Intellect of the Anglo-Saxon Zionists (aka “Internet of Everything” or “Internet of Things”) are Groningen in the Netherlands = global information streams under full censorship of Pedophiles-Satanists who are raping children with Down syndrome (Netherlands intends to exit the EU); England – the industrial sector of a Global Artificial Intellect (England is exiting the EU), and Switzerland (Lake Lugano and Lucerne / Lucerne – “Lucifer”) – the Financial Center of the Global Artificial Intellect under the name of “666” (Switzerland never was in the EU).

Global Artificial Intellect of Five Eyes is the Crypto State with Crypto currency that has only one goal – the CRYPT, i.e., “grave”, of all other national states worldwide.

Now they are raping children with Down syndrome, but their goal is TO RAPE YOUR CHILD.


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ИРИНА ЦЕЗАРЬ: Держись Испания! Оставайся единой и сильной!


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Опубликовано Информационным Агентством КАЗАК ТВ  11 ноября 2015 года

Евразийцы в лице Валерия Коровина выразили бурную радость по поводу возможного отделения Каталонии от Испании, которое транслировало в мир издание патриота Александра Проханова “Завтра”. И вот такой родился ответ Евразийцам (странное название для “традиционалистов” — вы не находите?).

Я не понимаю, чему вы радуетесь. Разделение Испании на части — это уничтожение коренного народа Испании, состоящего из нескольких этнических групп. Это — план ОПГ псевдо-глобалисткого союза 13 банковских семей сатанистов. Потом территории коренных народов будут заселены иммигрантами (уже началось в Европе), чтобы стереть национальную идентичность, так как безродными и разобщёнными идиотами легче управлять.

Потом лоскутное одеяло мира будет объединено в псевдо-союзы — Европейский Союз, Северо-Американский Союз, Евразийский Союз, а затем и покрупнее — Трансатлантический Союз, Тихоокеанский Союз, чтобы навязать ранее национальным государствам геноцидствующую волю транснациональных корпораций в стиле кибер неоколониализма. Неужели вы не понимаете, что если вы празднуете отделение Шотландии от Великобритании или Каталонии от Испании, вы должны, по той же логике, радоваться отделению от России Татарстана и Башкирии. У вас хоть осталась толика здравого смысла? Мы не позволим стереть слово “Россия” с наших исконных территорий и написать слово “Евразия”. Держись Испания! Оставайся целостной и сильной! Ведь это ты изгнала иудеев за человеческие жертвоприношения! За что Испании теперь и мстит сатанинское псевдо-глобалисткое ОПГ. ¡No pasarán!



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5 сентября 2017

Москва. Российская Федерация







Данное научное исследование было направлено на экспериментальную проверку теоретической гипотезы, выдвинутой Ириной Цезарь в 2014 году, о том, что геном функционирует как Поляризованная Биоголография, основанная на форме хромосом для фокусирования генетической информации. Данная гипотеза закладывает базис для разработки технологий дистанционного Квантового Биоинтернета, как управления биосистемами удалённым лазерным сигналом, и для записи и переноса препаратов на электретных, и цифровых носителях.

Данная теория Геометрической Оптики хромосом была создана Ириной Цезарь на основании разработанной ею в 1980е годы теории волновых кристаллов, в которых происходит отражение сигналов на себя в следствие отрицательной оболочки волнового кристалла (из-за изменения спина единого торсиона / тора), и преломление сигналов к нулевому центру волнового кристалла как оптическому фокусу.

Ирина Цезарь утверждает: “Современная генная инженерия через нарезку и склеивание фрагментов ДНК приводит к генетическому коллапсу. Поскольку вселенная является голографической, мы можем записывать и передавать только голографическую информацию, основываясь на Геометрической Оптике хромосом. Тот же ген экспрессируется в функциональных индивидах метацентрической хромосомой, а у дисфункциональных индивидов – через акроцентрическую хромосому.  Хромосома – это линза, которая позволяет нашим клеткам фокусировать необходимую волновую информацию во время деления клеток, аналогично кристаллу (хрусталику) в нашем глазу. Метацентрическая хромосома аналогична хорошо отцентрированному и отфокусированному глазному кристаллу, тогда как акроцентрическая хромосома аналогична близорукому или дальнозоркому глазу.” (Ирина Цезарь, Доктор Философских Наук, “Дистанционная генетическая инженерия как биоголография, основанная на форме хромосом, ДНК и РНК для фокусирования генетической информации”, Доклад и статья опубликованная в материалах 8-го Мирового Конгресса по Генетике BIT, Ноябрь 13-15, 2017, Макао, Китай)

По словам Ирины Цезарь, “Хромосома является геометрическим кодом и функционирует через рефракцию (преломление) в волновом кристалле, то есть, в нелокальной уникальной биоголограмме или волновой матрице, которая фокусирует генетическую информацию, уникальную для данного человека, через его уникальную интерференционную / дифракционную решётку скалярной (стоячей) волны.” (Ирина Цезарь, Доктор Философских Наук, “Дистанционное управление биосистемами как биоголография основанная на форме хромосом для фокусировки генетической информации”, Доклад и статья, опубликованная в материалах 7-го Ежегодного Мирового Конгресса по Молекулярной и Клеточной Биологии BIT, Апрель 25-27, 2017, Шиан, Китай).

“Таким образом, – продолжает Цезарь, – “хромосома представляет собой структурный / геометрический код или форму, которая имеет голографическую природу, позволяющую дистанционное управление биосистемами посредством Лазерной Поляризованной Голографии” (Ирина Цезарь, Доктор Философских Наук, “Дистанционное управление биосистемами, основанное на форме хромосом как дифракционной решётки для фокусировки генетической информации”, Доклад и статья, опубликованная в материалах Международной Конференции “Здоровье 2.0 Азия”, спонсированной Китайским Правительством, и с участием Нобелевского Лауреата Профессора Даниэла Шечтмана, Ноябрь 9-10, 2016, Нанкин, Китай).

Как утверждает Цезарь, “голограмма – это не изображение, а особое структурное качество сигнала. Согласно голографическому принципу, Вселенная целиком находится в каждой своей матричной точке.” Цезарь заявляет, что Голограмма содержит бесконечное число волн, частиц и полей. Поэтому, по её словам, голограмму невозможно “считать” в терагерцевом, инфракрасном или любом другом диапазоне. В августе 2012 года, Ирина Цезарь сформулировала последствие голографического принципа, которое теоретически объясняет возможность дистанционного управления биосистемами. Цезарь утверждает, что “если вселенная полностью находится в каждой своей матричной точке, то каждая матричная точка не просто отличается от любой другой матричной точки, но является уникальной. Таким образом, каждая волновая матрица является как уникальной, так и нелокальной. Значит, если мы имеем две точные копии одной и той же уникальной нелокальной биогограммы, мы можем передавать информацию удалённо и мгновенно от одной копии к другой копии для дистанционного управления биосистемами” (Ирина Цезарь, Доктор Философских Наук, “Дистанционное управление биосистемами как биоголография основанная на форме хромосом для фокусировки генетической информации”, Доклад и статья, опубликованная в материалах 7-го Ежегодного Мирового Конгресса по Молекулярной и Клеточной Биологии, Апрель 25-27, 2017, Шиан, Китай).

Проект Квантового Биоинтернета был создан Ириной Цезарь весной 2013 года, и представлен ей для совместной реализации  в мае 2013 в Лондоне главе Византийских Тамплиеров Андрю Шараламбусу. Проект заключался в мгновенной передаче голографической информации от одного копии к другой копии уникальной нелокальной волновой матрице / биоголограммы во время сканирования одной из копий Гелий-Неоновым лазером с внутренними зеркалами. Данный перенос был предложен впервые на глобальном рынке, опередив всех других исследователей в данной сфере, включая П.П. Гаряева, который стал предлагать дистанционный перенос только после того, как данный проект Ирины Цезарь был обнародован.

Так же, по словам Цезарь, голографический принцип объясняет элетретный / дипольный характер биоголограм: голографический принцип “означает, что каждая биогограмма имеет противоположные полюса, причем каждый полюс представляет собой изменение спина в едином торсионе (торе). Изменение спина заставляет каждый линейный внешний сигнал отражаться на себя внутри голограммы, так что возникает скалярная / стоячая волна, когда пик вперёд-идущей волны аннулируется впадиной той же волны, когда она отражается на себя. Дифракционная решётка скалярной волны преломляет внешние линейные сигналы в направлении нулевого центра волнового кристалла / голограммы, аналогично фокусу кристалла в нашем глазу. Изменяя форму кристалла, то есть, преломление внутри дифракционной решетки, наш глаз получает разную информацию. То же происходит и с нашими хромосомами. Далее, ДНК самозащищена от любого внешнего линейного сигнала, так как она является парадигматической скалярной волной, потому что её один виток идёт в одном направлении, а другой – в противоположная. В то время как РНК представляет собой одноцепочечную спиральную антенну, которая, таким образом, уязвима для внешних сигналов. Таким образом, секрет генома лежит в форме РНК как индуктора, который собирает, усиливает и хранит энергию в виде магнитного поля. Генетическое улучшение возможно только в том случае, если РНК собирает и сохраняет правильные линейные сигналы и достаточно долго; и только если ДНК аннулирует эти сигналы в своей скалярной волне путем создания пространственной трансляционной симметрии (метацентричности) голографического сигнала, налагая его на хромосомы во время деления клеток” (Ирина Цезарь, Ph.D., “Дистанционная генетическая инженерия как биоголография, основанная на форме хромосом, ДНК и РНК для фокусирования генетической информации”, Доклад и статья опубликованная в материалах 8-го Мирового Конгресса по Генетике BIT, Ноябрь 13-15, 2017, Макао, Китай).

Цезарь утверждает, что “Геометрия хромосом изменяет характер внешнего сигнала с линейного на голографический (@ Ирина Цезарь 2012, последствие голографического принципа) через (1) поляризацию тора (путём изменения спина в едином тороидальном поле ДНК); (2) через отражение любого внешнего линейного сигнала на себя и создание дифракционной решетки скалярной / стоячей волны, которая нейтрализует любой внешний сигнал; (3) через преломление любого входящего сигнала к центру волнового кристалла, который функционирует как фокус, аналогично тому, как работает наш глаз (© Ирина Цезарь, Геометрия Хромосом 2014) (Ирина Цезарь, Доктор Философских Наук, “Дистанционное управление /биосистемами, основанное на форме хромосом как диффракционной решётки для фокусировки генетической информации”, Доклад и статья, опубликованная в материалах Международного симпозиума Университета Тонбури Бангкока, Таиланд, по личному приглашению Королевской Семьи Таиланда, 23 июля 2016 года, стр.2-7).

Цезарь заключает: “Мы можем производить дистанционное лазерное управление биосистемами и, таким образом, создавать людей с улучшенными физическими и психическими способностями, и резко продливать продолжительность жизни, основываясь на последствии голографического принципа (© Ирина Цезарь, Квантовый Биоинтернет, 2013) и освоении геометрических кодов хромосом” (Ирина Цезарь, Доктор Философских Наук, статья “Квантовая Генетика”, ежемесячный журнал “Социалистический Фактор”, Лакхнау и Лондон, сентябрь 2016, стр. 41-43).

Ирина Цезарь была первой, кто предложил переносить фарм препараты голограммами как дифракционными / рефракционными решётками, и создавать голограммы лазерами по принципу рефракции.

С мая по сентябрь 2017 года, на экспериментальных площадках Московского Государственного Технического Университета имени Н. Э. Баумана, и Научно-образовательного медико-технологического центра МГТУ им. Н. Э. Баумана, Россия, научной группой под руководством Ирины Цезарь и на её средства был успешно реализован и опробован предложенный ею новый метод записи и дистанционной передачи биолограмм с помощью лазерной спектроскопии и кодирования электретов на наноуровне с помощью лазера. По словам Ирины Цезарь, “технология Поляризованной Биоголографии создаёт «линзы», помогающие нашим хромосомам корректировать их рефракцию для фокусировки генетической биолографической информации как локально, так и удаленно” (Ирина Цезарь, Доктор Философских Наук, “Дистанционний биоинжренеринг как Квантовый Биоинтернет основанный на геометрической оптике хромосом как линз для преломления и фокусировки генетической информации”, Доклад и статья, опубликованная в материалах Мирового Конгресса по Биомедицинскому Инженерингу, Со-творение Нового Будущего Биомедицины, Ноябрь 9-11, 2017, Шиан, Китай).

В ходе экспериментов, впервые в мире был использован новый сверхточный лазерный спектрограф для записи Биоголограмм Фарм препаратов. Ирина Цезарь предложила модификацию лазерного спектрографа (яйцо с блестящими внутренними поверхностями, для возгонки через резонанс в пирамидальной части, а потом для обнуления сигнала в сферической части в скалярной / стоячей волне), которая значительно расширит возможности данного прибора для записи биоголограмм.

Математическая модель была разработана группой учёных, которые разрабатывали математическую модель полётов ракет “Калибр”.



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August 25, 2017


Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 4.33.52 PM



United States exist only because of the victory by the Union over the Confederates in the Civil War. Had not the Union won over Confederates, there would have never been a country named “United States of America”. There would be no Barack Obama, no Donald Trump, and no John McCain. And United States won over Confederates only thanks to Russia. Russia saved the United States of America. The United States of America exist only thanks to Russia. But Americans forgot that Russia saved United States of America. When the United States of America was at the brink of defeat by Confederates, who were Britain’s proxies, Russia sent its Baltic Fleet to New York, and its Pacific Fleet to San Francisco to defend the United States of America from the intervention by Britain.

Russian Fleets were stationed in New York and San Francisco from September 24,1863 to April, 1864, defending the United States from its enemies. Only a mentally disabled invalid or a totally corrupted criminal forgets his one and only savior, and turns against his savior. We should either conclude that Donald Trump and John McCain are mentally disabled invalids, or totally corrupted criminals. Or, we should conclude that United States of America are no more.

And Russia saved the United States of America not once, but many times. Thus, the lack of memory and ingratitude of present-days Americans to Russia shows mental disability and moral corruption of Americans, multiplied by the number of times that Russia saved the United States of America. Or, it confirms more irrevocably that the United States are no more. Russian Empress Catherine II (the Great) (1729-1796) refused to send Russian soldiers requested by King George III to suppress the rebellion of his subjects in North America.  Russian Emperor Alexander I (1777-1825) helped negotiate a peace between the United States and Britain to end the War of 1812.

In 1832, Russia became the first nation to have “most favored nation” trading status with the United States. In response, The United States of America alone stood by Russia in 1854 and 1855 during the Crimean War when Great Britain and France tried to annex Crimea, native Russian / Scythian land. The American government furnished Russian forces with arms and sent a whole shipload of gunpowder to the defenders of the Crimean coast. Frank Golder (1877–1929), an American historian, wrote on the Crimean War, “By the time it was over, the United States was the only nation in the world that was neither ashamed nor afraid to acknowledge boldly her friendship with Russia.”

The Russian flagship Alexander Nevskii arrived in New York harbor on September 24,1863 when the war took the most dangerous turn for the Union. The Union had defeated Confederates at Antietam and Gettysburg. But the cost in human lives was very high, and the Union was exhausted. But, more worrisome, two iron-clad rams were built at Laird’s in Liverpool for the Confederates to batter the Union blockade. These two British rams were supposed to put an end not only to the Union blockade of the Confederate ports, but to the very existence of the United States. That was a decisive moment in the existence of the United States. And two Russian fleets had arrived in the United States to save the United States from impending defeat and complete annihilation. Russian Fleets had arrived to protect American waters and border line from British Fleet coming in, and bringing rams from Liverpool.

How could Americans forget? How can they be not grateful for Russia for saving their very existence? How dare John McCain spit hatred at Russia? How was it possible that Zbigniew Brzezinski was not put into prison for his words that New World Order will be built on the ruins of Russia and with money taken away from Russia?

Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809 –1894), American physician and poet (member of the Fireside Poets ) based in Boston, who was acclaimed by his contemporaries as one of the best writers of the day, wrote about Russian Emperor Alexander the First that Alexander the First was “our friend when the world was our foe.” Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles wrote in his diary: “God bless the Russians.”

American president Abraham Lincoln sent Mrs. Lincoln to New York to greet the Russians. The president’s wife drank a toast to the Russian Czar. Mrs. Lincoln’s toast was the indication she had completely understood that Russia saved the United States from annihilation. The New York Sun evaluated Mrs. Lincoln’s visit with the Russians as extremely important because Russia was “the only European power that has maintained a hearty sympathy with the United States during our present troubles.”

Americans en masse shared this sentiment of Mrs. Lincoln. Russians were given a glorious reception in New York City. After reception, Russians were paraded in carriages down Broadway, while cheering New Yorkers lined Broadway all the way from Downtown to Uptown and were yelling: “Thank you, Russia!” “Viva Russia!”. American and Russian flags were displayed side by side all around the city. Tiffany and Company decorated their building with a huge pro-Russian banner that was stretched from the roof to the sidewalk.

On November 5, the New Yorkers gave the Russians a ball at the Academy of Music. It was the important social event attended by leading society people. Harper’s Weekly published several pages of illustrations showing the dancing American ladies and their Russian partners. A Harper’s Weekly reporter witnessed that “the Russian guests from the fleet were worn out by the expressions of friendship and affection extended to them.” Russian Emperor Alexander the First was hailed as the liberator of the Russian serfs and the only friend of America. Lincoln was hailed as the friend of Russia.


We can conclude that from the moment of April, 1864 when two Russian Fleets had left the American shores, Britain succeeded in its secret malevolent war against the United States. The Masonic Mother Lodge of London penetrated into every American city, and subdued the American elite to the pseudo-Jewish capital that colonized Britain. Pseudo-Jewish banskters forced Satanic pedophilia and human sacrifice upon American elites. American elites joined Britain in its opium wars, the organized crime opium, arms, and organ trafficking, and neocolonial war under the fake pretence of “freedom and democracy”. The United States are no more.

Americans betrayed their founding values, and their only friend and savior – Russia.



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27 мая 2017


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.55.33 AM

Господин Спицын утверждает, что слово Товарищ придумали евреи. ТОВАРИЩ = “ТА/ТО ВАР,” древнейшее Русско-Арийское понятие, обозначающее добро, явленное в миру. Отсюда и должность Товарищ министра (заместитель министра) в Российской Империи.

ВАР = буквально “В АР / РА” (АРЬЮ / ИРИЙ / РА-Й). Есть красивое РУССКОЕ слово ТО-ВАР-КА (женщина, распоряжающаяся добром, явленным в миру). Виктор Спицын, вы, к сожалению, отрицаете наши подлинные корни — то, что мы – Русско-Арийские Скифы-Саки-Сколоты-Скловены-Саколоты Финисты-Ясна Соколы РАроги / Рюрики, то бишь “Русские” – из абсолютногот Света РА (Жар-Птицы), и не разумеете допотопную Русско-Арийскую Скифско-Сакскую Кас-Сакскую цивилизацию.

Поэтому вас и продвигают Жыдкие СМИ. И поэтому вам и не открываются истины. Вы наносите не меньший урон России и Русским, чем открытые враги России, которые на слуху. Вы – Иван, не помнящий родства. Человек, у которого полностью отшибло родовую память. Слепец, на ощупь, методом тыка, нащупывающий дорогу среди разлагающихся, вонючих и липких чучел псевдо-истории. Вырожденец, топчущийся на священных могилах своих предков. Плюющий в лицо своей Великой Праматери.

PS: Посыл очернения слова “товарищ” ясен – осквернение Советского этапа.

Между тем, “социализм” не является придумкой Английских социалистов. А “коммунизм” не является придумкой Карла Маркса. Так же, как общинно-родовой строй не является низшей стадией развития человечества, как утверждал Маркс. И паразитические схемы рабства и крепостничества, или долговой кабалы “капитализма” не являются “более развитыми” или “более цивилизованными” способами самоорганизации общества.

В Аркаиме, нашем Русско-Арийском свастичном поселении Бронзового Века на Южном Урале (3,500 до н.э., около комплекса наших, Русско-Арийских полуразрушенных допотопных мегалитических городов с пирамидами, наше ДНК R1a1), археологи не нашли НИКАКОГО имущественого расслоения.

Город состоял из секторов круга, в два ряда. В каждом секторе жила большая семья – РОД, из 30-40 человек, под управлением Матриарха – БАБЫ. Бабы, главы родов, собирались на круглой площади в центре города по субботам на КОН / КРУГ- чтобы решать насущные проблемы общины. Это и был ВАР. БАБЫ, которые потом реализовывали принятые на Казацком Коне / Круге решения, и назывались ТО-ВАР-КИ.

Разделение было только натуральным – возрастным. Дети подчинялись родителям. А родители, старея, и впадая в детство, слушались детей. При этом, не теряя уважения семьи к себе. Рабства не было. Рабство, убийство и воровство считалось кармическими преступлениями. Поэтому двери не запирались.

Это было Всемирное ТРИПОЛЬЕ – от Триполья Воронежа до Триполи в Ливане и Триполи в Ливии, Африке. Три поля – одно под зерном, второе под травой, и третье отдыхало. Города назывались с окончанием – “поль”. Община обрабатывала поля сообща. То есть, НЕ БЫЛО частного владения землёй.

Это и был подлинный РАЗВИТЫЙ СОЦИАЛИЗМ — который позволил нашим предкам пережить последнюю глобальную войну 14,000 лет до н.э., и восстановить цивилизацию – ГЛОБАЛЬНО – после того, когда наши предки вышли из подземных городов после ядерной зимы на поверхность земли 10,000 до н.э. (т.н. “каменный век”).

Этим СОЦИАЛИЗМОМ наши предки КРЕСТИЛИ народы, которые после ядерной зимы и всемирного потопа (в результате взрыва гравитационной бомбы) деградировали до уровня неандертальцев около экватора, где обнуляются два торсинных потока (один, движущийся от Северного Полюса вниз, а другой ему навстречу от Южного Полюса вверх – известное физическое явление).

ХРИСТИАНЕ = КРЕСТЬЯНЕ = ПОЛЯНЕ / ПОЛОВЦЫ. Крестили Свастикой – Солярным Крестом, которы отрицает нацизм и расизм – Солнце светит всем в равной мере независимо от расы, национальности, посвящения, образования, касты, пола, и даже прегрешений. Свастика – это есть символ ПРАВОСЛАВНОЙ ВЕРЫ – Crux Quadrata – Квадратичный Крест, выражающий принцип “как вверху, так и внизу” – принцип равенства, свободы и братства.

То, что Триполье простиралось до Таиланда и Японии освидетельствовано каменными БАБАМИ – по всей планете. Матриархальная цивилизация была глобальной (матриархат был до патрархата).

Внутри же семьи был КОММУНИЗМ – совместное пользовоание ЛИЧНЫМИ вещами.

Поэтому разрушение семьи и извращение матриархата и есть самая главная цель Синагоги Сатаны. А осквернение слов ТОВАРИЩ и ТОВАРКА, через приписывание этих слов к “товарным” отношениям купли-продажи есть извращение наших родовых понятий, в которых ТОВАР обозначал общинное и семейное ДОБРО. НЕОТЧУЖДАЕМОЕ.

Только при социализме возможен КВАНТОВЫЙ СКАЧОК. Паразитарные схемы отчуждения (грабежа, насилия, подавления) не допускают квантовые технологии, обеспечивающие неограниченный доступ к ресурсам из квантовой нелокальности для самодостаточных суверенных общин.

Поэтому можно с убеждением сказать, что, первое, допотопная цивилизация была МАТРИАРХАЛЬНОЙ / МАТЕРИНСКОЙ – люди и все остальные живые существа воспринимались оком матери. Второе, допотопная цивилизация была СОЦИАЛИСТИЧЕСКОЙ. Третье, последняя глобальная и высокотехнологическая война (с применением ядерного, лазерного, плазменного, психотронного и гравитационного оружия – всё описано в Ведах) случилась между МАТРИАРХАМИ / МАТЕРЯМИ (БАБАМИ) и ПАТРИАРХАМИ-вырожденцами (это подтверждается разницей между функциональной формой женской хромосомы и нефункциональной формой мужской хромосомы).

Россия сохранила до сих пор матриархат, а, значит, семью с полным отрицанием педофилии и рабства.

Так как построение общества у наших предков было правильное – матричное, как МАТРЁШКА – то ячейка семьи повторяла устройство общества, в целом. Или, наоборот, общество. в целом, было просто увеличенной в масштабе большой семьёй, где царила та же материнаская любовь и забота, как и в семье, как таковой, как ячейке, или кирпичике общества.

Поэтому, “ВАР”, как выражение “движения В-АРЬЮ”, было так же, семейной ТРАПЕЗОЙ (ТА-РА-АПА/Мать) или ВАРом как ВАРКОЙ / ВАРЕНИЕМ / ПРИГОТОВЛЕНИЕМ ПИЩИ. В течение недели, МАТЬ РА / РА-МА / МА-РА / ТА-РА готовила ВАР для своего клана из тридцати-сорока человек, который занимал радиальный сектор свастичного / сферического города Аркаима.

А по субботам, МАТРИАРХИ / БАБЫ — главы кланов — собирались на круглой площади в самом центре свастичного / сферического города и варили ВАР – ЯВСТВО – для всего племени / пламени ОГНЕННОГО СОКОЛА РАРОГА. ЯВСТВО или ВАР было магическим действом, или актом практической магии, и было приготовлено из целебных растений, и домашних животных, приручённых и взращённых любовью. ЯВСТВО выло ЯВЬЮ чудодейства ЕВЫ / ЕБЫ / ХИВЫ-ЖИВЫ, когда желание становилось ЯВЬЮ.

Картинка: Каменная БАБА = ТОВАРКА Аркаима, одна из бесчисленно многих БАБ, установленная нашими предками от океана до океана, с севера на юг. и с востока на запад — от Анадыря до Инда и Анд, от Ман-Сурии / Манчжуриии до Польши, и от рек Су-Ра, Алла и Арьян на Кольском полуострове до Сурьи (Сирии) / Ас-Сурии на Ближнем Востоке.

PSS: “Извар” (Молдавия / Живина Русь) – это лечебное горячее вино, в которое добавляют мёд с перцем и лекарственные травы, и которое варят, не доводя до кипения.

(© Ирина Цезарь, Доктор Философских Наук, 27 мая, 2017)



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Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 7.43.50 PM.png

The origin of THE TRIBE OF JUDAH is RASSIAN-ARYAN. JUDAH is YADAV. Chabad IS Shabad of Sikhism. Rabbai is RAVI or RAVVIN (RAssian word for Rabbai), that is, SUN, SURYA, RA = RASSIAN.

SURYA is literally “se” = “to” = “this” RA.

The name of BARUCH is RASSIAN-ARYAN, wide-spread in Indo-stan.

Indo-Stan is the STAN of RASSIAN-ARYAN SCYTHIAN-SAK KAS-SAK / COSSACK who came to the South from the Polar areas of RAssia, through all the STANs – with major Stan on DON river, and then, Afgani-Stan, Paki-Stan, Kazak-Stan, Nuri-Stan, etc. “Stan” is a RAssian word, and RAssians even now use diminutive form “STANITZA” for a city in the STAN as a country.

There are more than 30 rivers in the vicinity of Moscow that are identical to rivers in Mahabharata. Right near Polar Ocean in RAssia, we, RAssians, have three rivers – ARYAN, SURA and ALLA (Alla = Arya).

The true TRIBE OF JUDAH are black Dravidians who inhabited Africa and India in the times when the first wave of RAssian-Aryans came to the South from the Polar areas of RAssia, approximately 7000 BC.

This first wave were RAssian Matriarchs, and that is why, the Gods in Indo-Stan are called DEVI, the Russian word for Virgins. And that is why teachers in Indo-Stan are called BABA, Russian word for a Matriarch. And that is why, the second name of Siva is MAKESH, which is the RAssian major Goddess-Matriarch-Ancestor MAKOSH.

RAssian matriarchs taught Dravidicans ALL-UNITY and ALL-LOVE of Matriarchy, expressed by Swastika, which literally means “SWA = SVET”, a word for ABSOLUTE LIGHT = RA in RAssian.

BARUCH is the same as BARAK. This is the proof that Dravidians in Indo-Stan were one and the same with Dravidians of the Tribe of Set in North of Sudan and Ethiopia, which also called itself the Tribe of Judah.

BARAK or BARUCH means ‘BA RA”, “BABA RA”, the Matriach-Teacher of the Absolute Light = RA = RAssia.

RABBAI or RAVI / RAVVIN literally means RA-BA = BABA of RA, Matriarch-Teacher of Absolute Light.

That is why the true Jews are praying to Swastikas. And that is why Mr. Barak Obama, the one and only heir of the one and only Solomonic Dynasty of The Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set of Ethiopian legacy, put Swastikas on the chairs of the US Congress during his last Congress Address.

Nazis of Talmudic fake Judaism in Israel are sterilizing true, Negroid Jews, and forbid them their two-millennia long rituals of true Judaism.

BARAK or BARUCH means the same as RA-MA or MA-RA, that is, Mother of RA, RAssia, RAssian. RAMA was a woman, not a man.

The same way, the first Buddha was TA-RA, literally “TA” = “this” RA. That is why all authentic Buddha statues in Thailand have such feminine looks, including breasts. Tibetan “Buddhism” is a gross falsification of true RAssian-Aryan Buddhism. Buddha is from the Scythian-Sak Tribe of Buddini on DON river in RAssia. That is why he is called “Sakya-Muni”, that is, “Sak” “Muni=Man”.

The word “ROSS” emerged in the times of Hellenism, when Hellens added “h” as prefix-apostrophe and suffix “os” to our RAssian-Aryan / Scythian-Sak words. ROSSIA or ROSS is simply RA, ABSOLUTE LIGHT, HEAVENLY RASSIA.

India is the same as ANADYR’ in the Polar area of RAssia, and as Andes, since RAssian-Aryan Matriarchy was a global empire, the empire of FIERY FALCONESSES, RASSIAN FIRE-BIRDS, GRIFFONS-SPHYNXES, DRAGONS-GARUDAS, GORGONAS.

Monotheism was NOT created by Patriarchal Abrahamic religions, which are perversions of the Motherly love, expressed in the Bronze Age Socialist Communes. Matriarchs rejected slavery, usury, and caste system. The world was a Loving Mother. On the contrary, the Abrahamic Patriarchal religions created religions, racism and Nazism, with the most Racism and Nazism in the Talmud.

The Monotheism of Sikhism did NOT emerge in the 15th century AD, but existed in RAssian Aryan Stans from the times of RAssian Matriarchy, that is, it is ANTEDILUVIAN. RAssian Matriarchs won the last global war, and restored civilization around 7,000 BC in the RAssian Polar areas of Anadyr’ during the interglacial period when the temperature there did not drop below winter temperatures of Greece. Matriarchs were capable to preserve the Antediluvian humankind in the RAssian Polar areas due to the Quantum Effect of the Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating / Refraction Mechanism in Wave Crystal of Noosphere in the Cupola-shaped Ionosphere of North Portal, and due to the Day of the Gods (6-month long light signal) in the RAssian Polar areas.

Set or Sata is RAssian word “sut'”, which means “essence”. Here from, we get “SUT-RA”, that is, the “essence of RA = Sun, RAssian”, and “SUT-YA”, a very spread name in Indo-Stan, which means “Ya”, RAssian word for “I”/”Me” am “essence” / “sut'”.

Negroid Dravidians accepted the Solar worldview of RAssian Babi and Devi, and intermarried with them. In this way, Egypt emerged as Khemet / “Semet” – “semi black, semi white” (half-black-half-white) (“Hemi” is “half in Greek; and “Semi” is “half” in Latin).

Set, the very black-skinned African God of Night, Death and Desert served Mat’ / “Mother” from RAssia who was ruling the Lower Egypt (Delta of Nile River) and was also called “Isis” (the Egyptian word for “throne”). Mat’ / “Isis” was depicted as white-skinned Firebird / Falconness / Griffon / Sphynx / Gorgona (with hair as snakes, arms as snakes, and legs as snakes). Snakes were the symbols of the ray of RA / Absolute Light. That is why snake was getting out of Pharaoh’s forehead. Firebird Mat’ is bringing Fiery Souls from RA / Absolute Light to this dimension.

“YADA” or “JUDAH” means “essence” / “sut'” embodied in a specific dimension.





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After publishing Irene Caesar’s article “QUEEN SAYS NO TO GOPNIK” in its February issue, the SOCIALIST FACTOR magazine (Lucknow and London) is blocked by Google. The “Socialist Factor” site stopped opening in Russia. Magzter, “the biggest Newsstand in the world”, stopped opening SOCIALIST FACTOR page on their site. Frank Huzur, the Editor of the Magazine, received death threats via Facebook for his publications. The next day, Magzter’s page for the SOCIALIST FACTOR was back. SOCIALIST FACTOR webpage managed to upload the announcement that their website will be back soon. ——– После публикации статьи Ирины Цезарь “Королева сказала НЕТ гопнику” в своём февральском номере, журнал “Социалистический фактор” (Лакхноу и Лондон) блокируется Гуглом. Сайт журнала “Социалистический фактор” перестал открываться на территории России. Магзтер, “крупнейший киоск новостей”, перестал открывать страницу для СОЦИАЛИСТИЧЕСКОГО ФАКТОРА на своём сайте. Фрэнк Хузур, Редактор журнала, получил угрозы жизни через Фэйсбук за его публикации. На следующий день, Magzter страницы Магзтера для СОЦИАЛИСТИЧЕСКОГО ФАКТОРА появилась обратно. Веб-странице СОЦИАЛИСТИЧЕСКОГО ФАКТОРА удалось загрузить объявление, что их веб-сайт скоро вернётся.





February 2017 issue of “Socialist Factor” Magazine

Death threats to Frank Huzur, Editor of the “Socialist Factor” Magazine (Lucknow and London), show that Adam Gopnik and Co, led by George Soros, and other Illuminated Neanderthals from Berdichev, give a damn about Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the US Constitution. But, most importantly, they cannot openly face the legitimate criticism. They resort to gangster’s methods — TERROR. Adam Gopnik! You are a terrorist! George Soros, you are a terrorist! We laugh at you and your monkey business! You will reincarnate as Monkeys! You are not the “Illuminati”. And “Reptilian” is not a proper name for you. You are the Illuminated Monkeys.


Угрозы расправы Фрэнку Хузуру, редактору журнала “Социалистический Factor” (Лакхнау и Лондон), показывают, что Адам Гопник и Ко, во главе с Джорджем Соросом и другими “Иллюминированными” неандертальцами из Бердичева, кладёт на свободу слова, гарантированную Конституцией США. Но, самое главное, они не в состоянии открыто ответить на легитимную критику. Они прибегают к методам гангстера – ТЕРРОРУ. Адам Гопник! Ты — террорист! Джордж Сорос, ты — террорист! Мы смеёмся над вами и вашим обезьяньим бизнесом! Вы реинкарнируете обезьянами! Вы не “Иллюминаты”. И “рептилии” это не правильное для вас название. Вы “иллюминириванные обезьяны”.







The article is published here in Russian and English. The Russian version is below the English version.



On Christmas 2016, Queen Elizabeth made the most precious present to her people and to entire humankind. She revolted against the global Zionist rule of Satanic pedophiles. It becme known that during her 2016 Christmas Message recording by BBC, Her Majesty attempted to expose the Global Organized Crime Syndicate “Octopus” of the 13 Pseudo-Jewish Bankers of Russian blood and Khazar legacy and with their miliary base of the State of Israel. The Zionist Global Organized Crime Syndicate “Octopus” is hedious for its promoting the Neanderthal habits of the cannibalistic human sacrifice, and pedophilia, rejected by Cromanyons for millenia. The Queen has saved Her Soul. She said “No” to Gopnik.

The Queen was placed under home arrest.

Adam Gopnik of the New Yorker writes: “There is no political cost for Donald J Trump in being seen to be incompetent, impulsive, shallow, inconsistent, and contemptuous of truth and reason. Those are his politics. This is how he achieved power. His base loves craziness, incompetence, and contempt for reason because sanity, competence, and the patient accumulation of evidence are things that allow educated people to pretend that they are superior. Resentment comes before reason. ORWELL’S “1984” AND TRUMP’S AMERICA.”

Here is my answer to Mr. Gopnik:

A Zionist Adam Gopnik from a Zionist pseudo-news outlet “The Zionist Yorker” has the last name “GOPNIK”. This is a very famous word in Russia, since it is linked to criminals and extreme danger. It is the word straight from Yiddish, and it means “the street robber”. So, the word means the “uneducated”, “incompetent”, “shallow”, “inconsistent”, and “contemptuous of truth and reason”, “GOPNIK” is a man-parasite who eats through common good without leaving anything in compensation or reward.

“GOPNIK” is a man-wanderer who easily changes countries and citizenships, because he gives a damn about such thing as love of Motherland. “GOPNIK” is a man who does not have Motherland. I have a video footage of New York subway. It is so destroyed and dirty that you understand that “GOPNIK”, a second or third generation pseudo-Jew with Russian blood from provincial Russia, is simply a RAT who eats United States alive. And he, “THE GOPNIK” is proud of it.

In Russian Empire, family of “GOPNIK” was allowed to live only on the outskirts of Empire, in the “area beyond the line of settlement”, because of the inability of such people as “GOPNIK” to respect other people’s rights and high feelings, and simply for the thorough criminal nature of the tribe – for persistent human sacrifice and pedophilia.

“GOPNIK” is a man who disrespects family and faithfulness in love. He is himself a prostitute, if not sexual, then always a political prostitute. “GOPNIK” is in business of making and selling prostitutes. It is “GOPNIK” who is responsible for Juvenile Justice destroying families and for LGBT rights concealing inside the ultimately criminal right for pedophilia. He would rape a three-years old child. The child would horribly scream for help, and black out, but “GOPNIK” would call it “orgasm in infants”.

He will look coldly at the tears of a mother who lost her child.

The place of every “GOPNIK” is in prison.



We need to understand the full scope of the REVOLT by Queen Elizabeth. She did not simply objected to pedophilia – the destruction of “most vulnerable”, and not simply to inciting the Third World War by Satanic Zionists. Queen Elizabeth revolted against being called “REPTILIAN” and against being called the “HEIR OF KING DAVID’S BLOODLINE”. Meditating on her approaching demise, the Queen reversed the wrong path which was forced upon Anglo-Sax by the Satantists, and corrected all wrongs, which were bringing her country to total destruction. Thank you, Your Majesty! We will never forget your heroism, your care, and your love! You will be reunited with the Absolute Light.

The certain renegates within royal families of Europe resorted to the Reptilian fairytale, in order to prove their genetic exclusivity (of the “God’s chosen ones”), because they always knew, although they were hiding it, that they cannot be of David’s blood, since, thanks to frescoes in the Egyptian pyramids, we know that the whites lived in the Lower Egypt (Nile delta), while the blacks lived in the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and Northern Sudan), where from is the dynasty of David and Solomon.

Let’s start … NSA is preparing a forged, fake alien invasion in order to unite mankind under the One World Government. Wernher von Braun warned about this on his deathbed; and Ronald Reagan said in public that the aliens would force the population of the Earth to accept the global domination of the Synagogue of Satan (self-named).

Snowden was sent to spread the disinformation in Moscow about “the Tall Nordic Aliens”, since NSA agents have apparently got tired of wearing Reptilian masks, while hanging around in the backyards of baby-innocent Americans. Although the NSA has spent a great deal of time for introducing the reptilian disinformation, for paying an idiot David Icke, and for implanting in Russia the disinformation about some never existed “scientist” Oleg Manoilov (in other versions ” E.O. Manoilov”), and his never existed article “Methods for distinguishing races by blood”, which was said to get published in 1925 in some never existed Soviet journal “Medical Practice” about his never existed tests, which were said to show that there is red blood “of humans” and blue blood “of Reptilians”.

Satanists had evidently failed to create a synthetic reptile in the underground cities of the Five Eyes (transnational Satanic-Zionist intelligence). So it was decided to change the fairytale to “Tall Blond Aliens.” “Tall Blond Aliens” hit the information meadow right before the arrival of Judas Snowden to the snow-covered fields of Manoilov.

The fairytale about “Tall Blond Aliens” turned out to be all the more useful, since the genetic tests revealed that Rothschilds and the Queen of England with her grandson William are Russian. So suddenly and irrevocably, the end came to the centennial dreams nourished by the Khazar Pseudo-Jewish spies of the Afghan origin, from the ghetto, and by Scythian-Sak aristocracy of Russian origin (from Don area in Russia – Rus-Alan) from a small island — the dreams to attach themselves to the Tribe of David, and to the blood of Abraham. Meanwhile, the Royals of England were justifying their hereditary tyranny over their tribesmen only by “God’s chosen bloodline of King David and King Solomon.” And Freemasons were preparing, with all their herd together, to build a “Third” Temple of Solomon, which was supposed to get defended by the Templars for the Temple of Solomon. That is, everything was tied up to David and Solomon, and the genetics of the Tribe of Judah.

But that’s bad luck, according to their own genetic tests, the Rothschilds turned out to be Kurds / Aryans from Russian ancestral mother (Matriarch). They are Afghans from the Khazara tribe, which, by the way, has, in Afghanistan, the lowest rank on the social ladder. Rothschild is Afghani. Rockefeller is Afghani. Kissinger is Afghani.

And, according to genetic tests of spring 2014, William is a pure Russian, a descendant of Prince Yar-Tur (Arthur) of the Don Cossacks / Scythians-Saks / Cas-Saks / Russian Saxons-Sax. Dr. Howard Reid, Ph.D., a BBC film maker from England, wrote very cordially about blonde Yar-Tur of Don steppes, who established Cossack’s “Kon” (“Circle”) in England, which became the “Round Table”.

Now is more detail. 93% of Jews (the so-called Ashkenazim) are RUSSIANS BY BLOOD. Ashkenazim are not Semites. Ashkenazi are Kurds / Turks from the Russian ancestral mother, according to their own genetic research. That is, their Paternal DNA is Russian-Aryan, since Turks / Kurds are Aryans-Persians / Parsa from the Western Iranian city of Tark. And their Maternal / Mitochondrial DNA is Russian-Aryan. And Maternal / Mitochondrial DNA does not change. If they determine the nationality by mother’s blood, then, I repeat, they are Russian. They are not of the Abrahamic blood; they are Khazars, and adopted Judaism in the 10th century (they converted into Judaism for a short time in the 8th century during Prince Bulan’s reign, and, then, turned back into Islam).

That is, the Khazars are 100% Russian-Aryans, our brothers. This is easily verified by the genetic test of any Jew, and, I repeat, is ALREADY RECOGNIZED by the Ashkenazi own genetic research.

But even Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews are not true Jews, though they are Semites. Authentic Jews are Negroes from the Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah in the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and Northern Sudan), the so-called “Sub-Saharan Jews” living in the so-called “Beta Israel”. They have the Solomonic Dynasty, and the Ark of the Covenant, and that is why “Synagogue” (a Greek word) is in Hebrew “The House of the Great King Set” – the God of Death and Desert of the Upper Egypt.

Israel denied this truth until 2014, due to the fact that the Khazars were never in Israel, and do NOT have a right for the Land of Israel. But in the Spring of 2014, Israel conducted a genetic analysis and issued a secret report, confirming that, yes, Ashkenazim, and especially the Levites, are Russians, Aryans.

American Professor Jim Wald reported on this secret report in the Spring of 2014 in the Israeli newspaper “The Times of Israel”:

The Israelis were forced to make public the scientific discoveries by their own Israeli scientist-geneticist Dr. Eran Elhalk in 2012 at the most prestigious Medical University of America – Johns Hopkins Medical University, showing that almost 100% of the Jews (except for Ethiopians) are not Jews by blood and have not descended from Abraham.

Dr. Jon Entine (himself a self-proclaimed Jew) speaks in detail on the results of this genetic study:

Texe Marrs, exclusive intelligence expert from the United States (as he introduces himself) has written a book and several articles on this subject as soon as this topic had captured the reading public in the West in the Spring of 2014:

I recommend specifically this publication by him:

If Khazars have Russian-Aryan Patriarch and Russian-Aryan Matriarch, they, of course, are not reptilians. Science has put an end to disinformation, which Mossad was itself spreading in order to cause xenophobia in Russia and force the self-proclaimed Jews to emigrate to Israel.

In light of these studies, it becomes clear that the thesis of “God’s chosen people by blood” is false simply by virtue of the scientific data from genetics.

If the Rothschilds and the Queen of England consider themselves to be “God’s chosen”, they can be “God’s chosen” only thanks to the Russian ancestral mother. That is, by their logic, precisely the Russian women have blue, aristocratic blood.

By the way, it is surprising that stories about Manoilov captured so many “intellectuals” in Russia. After all, the guy, according to legend, was arguing that precisely the Semites have the “blue, aristocratic blood.” Then, it is the Palestinians, the Arabs, who, as the genuine Semites, have the “blue, aristocratic blood.”

We need to urgently give this information to Vladimir Solovyov (Russian journalist of Khazarian descent), who in 2014 declared on the 1st, State TV channel of Russia, that the Jews came to Russia in the 2nd century, while Russians came to Russia only in the 6th century (so that they are “guests” in Russia), so that he will stop igniting ethnic hatred by his insults of his Russian ancestral mother and his Afghan ancestral father.

By the way, if the Rothschilds are RUSSIANS by their ancestral mother, this fundamentally changes the balance of power, don’t you think? This is especially important in connection with access to the highest technologies of the Quantum Leap. Rothschilds will not be able to use the genetic lasers against us, Russians, since we are of the same blood with them.

Another remark on the margins. Article by Professor Jim Wald is curious also by the fact that he has openly stated that Israel made a bargain with a part of the Arabs who call themselves “moderate Syrian rebels” in order to get Golan Heights (the same way, as before, Israel was trying to get the Sinai from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) for “the two state solution” in Palestine (Israel and Arab Palestine). Israel has promised to move their illegal settlers in the territory of Ukraine. Jim Wald also says that, precisely for the Golan Heights, Israel provides a wide range of military assistance to the “moderate terrorists” (who eat the hearts of their enemies), including weapons, training, dry food rations, treatment in Israeli hospitals, etc. But what is even more interesting, in his article, Jim Wald announces publicly that for the opportunity to colonize Ukraine, Israel will provide the same military assistance, including weapons and fighters, to Ukrainian junta as well. Professor Wald speaks about Putin in the following way: precisely for the colonization of Crimea by the Israelis, Putin made an independent republic out of Crimea. In the article, Crimea is called “Chazerai”, i.e., “Khazar”. Hopefully, a distinguished professor is mistaken.

So, we have dealt with the “reptiles” and “God’s chosen people”. Now we need to understand the plan for the arrival of the Tall Blonds on Vimanas.

The trend goes in the direction of creating a giant virtual show, through the introduction of false memory and false perception via DARPA’s liquid-crystal chips, which, as it was announced in August 2014, can already erase memory and record false memories into the brain. Google Earth is an essential part of this plan. In the summer of 2015, in the United States, I learned about the beginning of the secret tests (by NSA Satanists) for the virtual reality in the Christian church, so that an icon or a statue of the Madonna would “cry” or something like that, in order to manipulate the consciousness of believers. That is, the elements of the holographic show were deliberately superimposed upon the psychotronic weapon “Voice to Skull.” The same and very intensively is tested upon ISIS.

If this information about “the wall from Pole to Pole”, visible on Google Earth, is not verified by GLONASS, it may well be that it is the part of the preparation plan for the global holographic show “The Invasion of the Tall Blonds in a Black Shoe” (there exists a French comedy of 1972 with this title). Google Earth, Internet, all cyber communications, at the moment of “invasion”, should be taken under the control of a single global cyber intellect, which is already built in the three centers of Satanists – Lake Lugano (Finance), in England (the industrial sector under the control of GE Capital) and Groningen, the Netherlands (information). From that moment, the information of our kin will be erased, and the information of Satanists will be uploaded through the instant global cyber-attack.

Google is the core of this program. Google is a global system for cyber attack. It is planned that the implanted chips or electronic gadgets such as watches and glasses, will upload the information directly to the brain and DNA of users from Google’s floating servers in international waters. It has no direct connection to the United States because the United States, with its freedom-loving population, grown fat, and, thus, prepared and armed, are the bigger enemy of the pseudo-globalists than Russia (Soros wrote in his book “The Age of Fallibility” that the United States is the main enemy of globalists. And David Rockefeller wrote in his memoirs that the aim of his entire life was to destroy the United States). So, the enemy of Russia is not any national state, including the United States. The enemy of Russia is a quasi-empire of transnational corporations, united by the ideology of Satanism. Google is just such a crypto-Empire.

By the way, a planned holographic show of the invasion by the “Tall Blonds” is similar to the fairytale, which Stanley Kubrick filmed on the order of the Synagogue of Satan (shooting the American landing on the Moon, which never happened). The trend emerges quite clearly. Intellectually bankrupt because of their degeneration through Karmic crimes (genocide, pedophilia and homosexuality), Satanists just want to steal by deception from Russians the Russian achievements in the Quantum Leap. Attack on Russia is explainable only by the fact that Russia is currently at the peak of the Quantum Leap – ahead of all countries in the world (read about the Quantum Leap of Russia here:

PS Mr. Obama is Great King Set, King of Kings, God’s Elect, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Venerable Father of the Three Abrahamic religions, the King of Jerusalem, the Benefactor of all his Tribes, the Pharaoh of the Joint Russian-Aryan (Lower) and Ethiopian (Upper) Egypt, the one and only heir of the one and only Solomonic Dynasty.



Edgar Mitchell was the first high profile victim of the American Satanist MK Ultra Mind Control Program. His entire experience of walking on the Moon was recorded into his brain via the Satanist MK-Ultra techniques under the supervision of the American arch-Satanist Michael Aquino, the founder of the Church of Set in the US.

At that moment, the badly educated and technologically inferior Americans did not know the USSR Psychotronic Mind control techniques till 1994 when the Russian scientist Igor Smirnov, father of Psychotronics, had revealed it to the satanist Bill Clinton in the Oval Room of the White House.

Predictably, American Satanists killed Igor Smirnov, and American Arch-Satanist Michael Aquino stole Igor Smirnov’s intellectual property and claimed it as his own, founding a company Silent Sound for the global covert Electronic / Psychotronic harassment on the way to the Global Cyber Zion, which is planned by Satanists as electronic concentration camp.

Americans have never been to the moon. They faked moonwalking with the help of Stanley Kubrick, who was threatened with his life into serving sick fantasies of impotent Satanists.

Thus, at the moment of Edgar Mitchell’s brain alteration, American Satanists could have applied to him the same technique as they did to Arizona Wilder / Brice Taylor and Cathy o’Brien, and other victims of MK Ultra.

Satanists were raping small girls at the age of three with excessive cruelty in order to break their sanity and subdue their minds. Because of horrible pain and humiliation, the mind of little children got compartmentalized into two separate parts as in schizophrenia, and they became susceptible to hypnosis, and totally controllable by their Satanist curators.

The Satanist curator got the power to record any information and any fake memories into the broken minds of his victims, and erase any information and any memories from the broken minds of his victims.

Later, both of these most highly profiled victims of MK Ultra, Arizona Wilder / Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien, got into automobile accidents and the shock brought up into their consciousness the lost and erased memories of Satanic abuse in the American Satanist MK Ultra Mind Control Program.

Satanists were breaking little children via sexual rape with excessive cruelty, because evidently they found out that only when they break man or woman in the early childhood, they can get the totally subdued mind slaves.

This is the obvious reason for the attempts by Satanists to legalize pedophilia. Satanic Pedophilia is the way of creating total slaves – mind slaves.

Alfred Kinsey was hired by Satanic pedophiles to promote pedophilia on the way to the legalization of pedophilia. Alfred Kinsey was using the data of serial pedophiles who were raping children, some as small as infants, in hundreds.

Infants, both girls and boys, were yelling out for help, and then, they were collapsing in convulsions, with their eyeballs rolling under the eye brow and their tongues out, and were blacking out.

Kinsey classified this inhuman torture … as “orgasm” in infants. He counted 1000 kinds of orgasm in infants.

Wernher von Braun revealed on his death bed that American Satanists would try to usher in their global domination (with legalization of pedophilia and human sacrifice) via fake Alien Invasion.

The same was confirmed by Ronald Reagan in one of his public high-profile speeches. Reagan said that the extraterrestrial threat to human civilization on Planet Earth should make nations submit to the One World Government (of Satanic nature).

Idiots from NSA were going around for decades in reptilian plastic masks in the backyards of stupefied Americans, and were flying the outdated American triangular ships all over the place.

But mostly, the American Satanists were raping small children in order to instill in their mind the idea of Aliens and Alien Invasion.

The Satanic plan for the fake alien invasion was a long playing program. It started in 1946-1947 when our ancestors together with us, their Russian-Aryan descendants, outed the Satanists’ fleet under Admiral Richard Byrd’s command from Antarctica (Southern Portal) with the inter-dimensional weapons of the Quantum Leap Era.

Before that, in 1926, Richard Byrd did a flight over the North Pole and flew into the inter-dimensional portal of the North Pole. On the other side, in the parallel dimension, Richard Byrd was met by our Russian-Aryan ancestors who looked Russian, were dressed Russian and spoke Russian.

In 1926 Satanic / Zionist Anglo-Saxons and self-named Jews of Russian blood dismissed the North Pole story of Richard Byrd.

But when in 1946-1947 the entire Satanist fleet was ousted from the South Pole portal with Russian-Aryan Quantum Leap weapons (“High Jump” operation of Satanists), it was both impossible to dismiss the event, and to ascribe it to Hitler, a crypto-Zionist.

In 1926 Richard Byrd have already reported that people on the other side were both in control of our dimension, and they were RUSSIAN. As a result, the CIA was formed immediately after Richard Byrd told the US Senate how the American fleet was defeated by ancient Russians — the direct ancestors of modern Russians. CIA was formed to deal with these facts.

Thus, the only reason of why CIA was founded was to conceal the fact that this planet was civilized by Russians and that Russians continue controlling our entire planet from the other dimension.

Hitler, the Zionist marionette, evidently failed to fool our Russian-Aryan ancestors, and was rejected by them, though he tried to appropriate our major ancestral symbol.

But Swastika cannot be the symbol of global genocide, since it designates the Absolute Light (Sva = Svet = Light in Russian). Sun gives light to everybody equally independently of race, nationality, social caste, initiation, education, gender, and even transgressions.

We come not from Orion, but from RA (“Ray”) / Arya = LIGHT, and return to LIGHT. RAssian literally means the one who came from Light and is Light. RAssia is literally the LIGHT = ” Heavenly Russia”.

And, indeed, German officers left some remarkable memories about the Kursk tank battle, the major tank battle of the WW2. They said that some advanced civilization was fighting on the side of Russians and alongside with Russians. Germans reported the plasma and laser weapons, and UFOs. Germans said that the metal of their tanks was melting, and tank protruding guns were twisted by some unknown high technological weapon.

So ancestors recognized Russians as their descendants, though Germans were fighting under Swastika – the Ancestral symbol, and Russians were fighting under Red Star.

Swastika, or Symmetrical Cross (Crux Quadrata = Gammadion) expresses global equality, fraternity and freedom – the anti-hierarchical symbol of “as above, as below”.

Though Russians were fighting under Red Star, the Crux Quadrata of global equality, fraternity and freedom was manifested in the metacentric shape of their chromosomes.

Russians were fighting for real equality – equal share in national wealth; for real fraternity – against any kinds of hierarchy and exploitation / slavery; and for real freedom – provided by the equal share in national wealth.

And though crypto-Zionist Hitler’s Nazi were fighting for the global genocide under Crux Quadrata of Swastika, their chromosomes did already have the asymmetrical, acrocentric shape of degeneration.

Alas, Zionists / Satanists realized that they did not fool our Russian-Aryan ancestors. And that was the moment when they have finally chosen the path of ultimate Satanism – extreme evil and crime. The path of final degeneration and self-destruction.

Now the entire American culture of Satanism / Zionism is the culture of psychopaths and schizophrenics. These people have finally lost all common sense and vision.

In fact, Satanic elites are running away from the US at the moment, anticipating the collapse of the US economy, which would happen thanks to their destructive efforts. Satanists / Zionists are the parasites which are leaving the half-eaten body of their victim – formerly glorious United States.

Richard Byrd was proclaimed “crazy”. And CIA started hunting for the ships of our ancestors, which were coming in from the parallel dimension. CIA and NSA major task is to carefully conceal any ties of the Ancient Quantum Era RAssian civilization to modern Russians, and to destroy Russians in any ways possible.

Smithsonian Institute of American Satanists destroyed the entire collection of giants, since these giants had Russian DNA.

Americans launched bacteriological warfare against Russians, as it was reported by Edward Snowden in January 2016. The US sends food and medicine for sale in Russia, which are infected by specially dangerous kinds of parasites. Americans create these patasites specifically for Russians in the secret Satanist laboratories in the US.

Snowden himself was sent to Moscow to spread rumors of “Tall Nordic Aliens”, since Americas could not pull the “Alien Reptilian Invasion” because of Russian EMF weapons, which would have downed any obsolete triangular ship of Satanists with NSA agents in reptilian plastic masks.

Shame on you Snowden! Judah and traitor! A clown and imbecile!

But let us return to Edgar Mitchell and his demands for the “UFO disclosure”. What is hidden in his demands? I took this long route to arrive at the answer, so that the reader would see the full picture in order to understand what really happened to Edgar Mitchell.

Since Edgar Mitchell was supposed to play such an important role in the Satanist Alien Invasion Hoax, we can say with no doubt that he was picked and groomed from childhood.

Edgar Mitchell was supposed to deliver fake moonwalking experience to the global public. His fake memories were supposed to be so firmly instilled in his brain that he would not waiver even for a second, or relapse into true reality.

Thus, we can conclude with no doubt that he had the same childhood as Arizona Wilder / Brice Taylor and Cathy o’Brien. Satanists broke him when he was a little boy, with extreme cruelty, via the ultimate humiliation and destruction of human dignity. American Satanists made Edgar Mitchell into their mind slave – SLAVE.

And we can claim with no doubt that Edgar Mitchell was a mind slave of Satanists till he died on February 4, 2016. After 1995, he was rather bombarded by Voice to Skull (V2K), which was recording upon liquid crystals of Nanobots (computers of molecular size) in his brain the fake memories of moonwalking over and over again.

Edgar Mitchell was a pretty little boy. One day he was taken by men in black. They raped him for hours. Little Edgar’s flesh got torn and his little body became one bloody mess. He was desperately yelling out for help, till he collapsed in convulsions, with his eyeballs rolling under his brows and his tongue out, and blacked out.

Meet the Hero of the United States of America, Ladies and Gentlemen!

He walked on the Moon!

PS Moreover, Edgar Mitchell was killed by American Satanists in February 2016, since their plan via Edward Snowden was cracked by Russians, and his own story of Satanic abuse could have gotten out to the world public when he was still alive. Rest in piece poor soul! Let the Heavenly Russia heal your wounds!

Now, when they killed Edgar MItchell, Satanists are still trying to capitalize on the Satanic abuse of Edgar Mitchell:

PSS The fact that WikiLeaks published Edgar Mitchell’s revelations points to the fact that Wikileaks itself is a Satanist proxy. 



“Reptilian agenda” is a project of the Synagogue of Satan, to alienate from us our Scythian-Sak ancestral legacy.

Did you see the Pergamon Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC in June 2016? The exhibit represents the permanent exhibit in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The imagery and symbols are so important that Germans transported the whole frieze of the Temple of Athena from Anatolia to Berlin, alongside with the Swastika mosaic floor. Germans did not loan the frieze to the Metropolitan Museum. So, New York Satanists exhibited only the photographs of the frieze.

The frieze of the Athena Temple depicts the Half-Humanoid-half-Reptiloid Titans (read: Scythians-Saks) fighting the humanoid Hellenic “Gods”. Evidently, the Satanic elites would like to identify themselves with Titans. First of all, we, Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak “Titans”, had global domination three times in the Ancient history, according to Ancient sources. Second, we, Russian-Aryan Scythian Sak Titants, are direct decedents of the Antideluvian civilization of Giants / Titans which had Quantum technologies. Third, we, Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak “Titans”, still have the largest country in the world — RAssia, and the largest deposits of natural resources, including water.

Matriarchy was before Patriarchy. Patriarchy, including homosexuality and pedophilia, was established by Greeks, the branch of our Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tribe. The major theme of Ancient Greek culture is their struggle against Amazons (Ama-Sar = Sar-Mat = Tzar Mothers) — the previous, Matriarchal, culture, thoroughly Russian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak. Our ancestral mothers Sar-Mat = Ama-Zar = Amazons beat Greeks, and did not let them into Crimea and Anatolia, i.e., Assia / Asia.

Because Greeks abandoned Matriarchy, this caused the great degeneration of their culture, since women-Matriarchs were teaching children. Scytnian-Saks had alphabet consisting of 49 letters, and Greeks got only 24. By the way, precisely the Scythians-Saks invented all devices of agriculture and war, according to Greek sources, and taught Hercules archery. And only after that, Hercules gave rise to “noble” families of Greece.

We, Scythian / Sak / Skolot / Sakoloven / Skloven / Sakaliba (in Arab sources) derive our name from Russian word for Falcon — Sakol / Sokol. Falcon was called RArog, from RA for Light. “RAssian” literally means the one who comes from the Light RA, and comes back to the Light RA.

RA was a woman — RA-MA or MA-RA, Mother of Sun. RA was depicted as Sun Snake (see Scythian snake bracelets), and as woman with hair as snakes, clothes as snakes, and arms and legs as snakes; or as female face with hair as snakes.

Sun-Woman was also called as AR-GA / YAR-GA (swastika), ARGONA (like in Arganauts and Orgonon) / ARKONA (like in Arkaim), and was also depicted as SWAstika (SVA is derived from SVET, the other RAssian word for Light).

Greeks demonized GREAT MOTHER SUN RA, and depicted her as Medusa-Gorgona, a Reptilian, whose glance was so terrible that was turning man into stone. “Gorgona” is precisely Argona / Arkona (like Arkaim), since “g” / “h” is a Greek prefix, and even simpler (and more base) — an apostrophe before our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words.

“Gorgona” was turning our enemies into stone, because our ancestors were putting her in gold on their shields, so that golden face of our Great Mother RA was blinding enemies, like Sun in the skies!

Every warrior-woman also had [G]Argona on her chest. All depictions of Athena have [G]Argona/Arkona on her chest. This testifies to the fact, that Athena was herself an Amazon / Ama-Tzar / Tzar-Mat (Sar-Mat / Sarmatian), Ruling Mother of RAssia.

Welcome to the truth.

Icke is a stupid, mediocre and retarded idiot. On psychedelics and MK Ultra mind control.

PS Romanov-Koshkin, Vatican spies and British agents, had altered the name of our people in the 17th century via rewriting our ancient manuscripts and dropping letter “K” in “Skloven” / “Sakoloven” to make it into “Sloven”, and later into “Slav” (“Slave”), in order to split into parts our Great RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Tribe RArog = Fiery Falcon / Griffon / Firebird / Phoenix. In reality, we, RAssian SAKS, and Anglo-SAX and German SAXons are ONE AND THE SAME NATION. Moreover, ALL NATIONS of the RAssian Empire, including Mongoloids (Kai-Sak = Kyrgyz and Kazakh) and all nations living in Caucasis, like Georgians, Ossetians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, are various branches of our GREAT RASSIAN-ARYAN TRIBE OF SCYTHIANS-SAKS.

Images: our Great Mother RA.



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Adam Gopnik of the New Yorker writes: “Whenever there is an authoritarian coup rooted in an irrational ideology, well-meaning people insist that it can’t persist because the results are going to be so obviously bad for the people who believe in it, whether it’s the theocratic revolution in Iran or the first truly autocratic Administration in America.

Tragically, terribly, this is never the way it works. There is no political cost for Donald J Trump in being seen to be incompetent, impulsive, shallow, inconsistent, and contemptuous of truth and reason.

Those are his politics. This is how he achieved power. His base loves craziness, incompetence, and contempt for reason because sanity, competence, and the patient accumulation of evidence are things that allow educated people to pretend that they are superior.

Resentment comes before reason.


(Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker)

Here is my answer to Mr. Gopnik:

A Zionist Adam Gopnik from a Zionist pseudo-news outlet “The Zionist Yorker” has the last name “GOPNIK”. This is a very famous word in Russia, since it is linked to criminals and extreme danger. It is the word straight from Yiddish, and it means “the street robber”. So, the word means the “uneducated”, “incompetent”, “shallow”, “inconsistent”, and “contemptuous of truth and reason”, “GOPNIK” is a man-parasite who eats through common good without leaving anything in compensation or reward.

“GOPNIK” is a man-wanderer who easily changes countries and citizenships, because he gives a damn about such thing as love of Motherland. “GOPNIK” is a man who does not have Motherland. I have a video footage of New York subway. It is so destroyed and dirty that you understand that “GOPNIK”, a second or third generation pseudo-Jew with Russian blood from provincial Russia, is simply a RAT who eats United States alive. And he, “THE GOPNIK” is proud of it.

In Russian Empire, family of “GOPNIK” was allowed to live only on the outskirts of Empire, in the “area beyond the line of settlement”, because of the inability of such people as “GOPNIK” to respect other people’s rights and high feelings, and simply for the thorough criminal nature of the tribe – for persistent human sacrifice and pedophilia.

“GOPNIK” is a man who disrespects family and faithfulness in love. He is himself a prostitute, if not sexual, then always a political prostitute. “GOPNIK” is in business of making and selling prostitutes. It is “GOPNIK” who is responsible for Juvenile Justice destroying families and for LGBT rights concealing inside the ultimately criminal right for pedophilia. He would rape a three-years old child. The child would horribly scream for help, and black out, but “GOPNIK” would call it “orgasm in infants”.

He will look coldly at the tears of a mother who lost her child.

The place of every “GOPNIK” is in prison.



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US Veterans bring Formal Apology to Mr. Leonard Crowdog.

My Facebook friend Brian Berryhill wrote to me: “If it’s in your ability and heart to send healing energies to our Spiritual Grandfather Leonard Crowdog we would be grateful. He is oldest living Yuwipi Medicine Man from native America. He is in Acute Denver Hospital. He has MRSA. Chief and I are going to visit him today. If he permits I will give him a doctoring. We did ceremony for him this past summer before he got pneumonia. He contracted MRSA from his stay in Sioux Falls Hospital. Leonard Crowdog is the elder who the U.S. veterans recently gave a formal apology to in Standing Rock for the crimes our military conducted against the Native Americans in our country’s history. Blessings Irene ❤

Here is my answer:

Formal apology…. We, RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Saks left North America in the 13th century AD. We closed our Swastika cities, all covered with Swastikas, put stones into window openings and doors and retreated to the territory of RAssia in an organized horse-vagon procession. With us, civilization left America. The Mongoloid tribes were not able to continue agriculture, irrigation, and written language culture. The irrigation canals were empty, and Mongoloids were afraid to enter our cities, which we left behind.

Mongoloids did not even master horse-riding, though the presence of Wheel Cult testifies that they saw our horses and our wheels. The Mongoloids, all these Navaho and Cherokee, called us “Ancestor-Enemies” – Anasazi. The Mongoloids pushed us out, since they were Cannibals. Around our abandoned cities, our bones were found which Mongoloids sucked out, and their fecalia with our digested flesh.

But Mongoloids remember how we were great. That is why they call us not only “Enemy Ancestors”, but also “Great Ancestors”. They remember that we, RAssians, were not racist and genocidal. We taught Mongoloids to build RAssian huts in Arizona desert from logs, like in RAssian Siberia, with ovens, like in RAssia, and to wear RAssian clothes covered with swastikas and flowers that are not growing in the desert of Arizona.

At the same time, those of Mongoloids, who never came under our patronage, were wearing animal skins and were building Vigvams out of branches of trees covered with animal skins. We, RAssians, were also intermarrying with Mongoloids. That is why, Mongoloids of America have heavy load of R1a1, and its variations.

Mongoloids also forgot that their Eagle is in reality Fiery Falcon RArog – SAKOL in RAssian language, which belongs to us RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak TRIBE OF THE FIERY FALCON / SAKOL RAROG. Apology… Why don’t Leonard Crowdog brings apology to me? Now, the Tribal Leaders, the same Mongoloids as in Siberia, refuse to dig out ancient graves. You know why? Because in these ancient graves, they dig out Ancient white, blonde, and blue-eyed Anasazi.

To bring up Mongoloid “Indians” in North America is the Zionist agenda to ignite RACIAL WAR in North America, when Mongoloid Latino will become the majority.

I would have brought apology to Mr. Leonard Crowdog for the Anglo-Sax cruelty, only after he officially and publicly would recognize that the origin of his culture is RAssian.

After Anglo-Sax would recognize that they are pure RASSIAN.

And after all of them condemn Zionists as true Neanderthals. Since, Anglo-Sax were taught the animal cruelty by the Zionist Neanderthals. Cannibalism of Zionists was and is more radical than the one by the American Mongoloids.


Mr. Leonard Crowdog.


Mr. Leonard Crowdog.


My other Facebook friend Michael Lee Hill wrote to me: “:-)
Native American Indians, The Anunnaki And the Knights Templar – The Future of America!”

Also Michael Lee Hill tagged me in the following images, which had the following text attached: “Eastlake Ohio Mound Builder homeland, future “MoonDance” site already has a Native American Indian Totem pole that was placed here recently, I wonder what it means?”







Here is my answer:

This is RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Falcon-RArog. All Native Americans are RAssians, Sak-Scythians – the Tribe of Fiery Falcon / Phoenix / Firebid, originally white, blue-eyed and blonde, with heavy load of R1a1, and its variations. The territory of the United States is historically RAssian land. Anglo-Sax and German Saxons are variations of RAssian Sak-Scythians. Precisely RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Saks were building “Mounds”. “Mound People” of North and South America are RAssians. RAssia is all covered with MOUNDS.

Mounds are the most characteristic feature of our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak ancestors. People found in these Burial Mounds all have R1a and its variations. They are white, blonde, and blue-eyed, down to Middle Ages. For example, Timur of Samar-kand was red-haired.

On the contrary, Free Masons and Templars are Zionists. Free Masons are the “Masons” of the Temple of Solomon. And Templars are the “Templars” of the Temple of Solomon. Meanwhile, Solomon and David were Royals from the Negroid Tribe of Judah, which also called itself the “Tribe of Set / Sata / Satan”, the Negroid God of the Darkness, Death and Desert of the Upper Egypt – Ethiopia and North Sudan.

These Negroids captured the White Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Lower Egypt, and established Semitic country Khemet (half-white-half-black). But, importantly, Negroids accepted the Matriarchal Rule of the RAssian-Aryan Mother-Falcon, which was the Solar religion, not very far removed from Christianity in its tenets. The major law was the help of poor members of the tribe by the more fortunate members of the Tribe — the Ancestral Socialism.

That is why the Tribe of Set renounced human sacrifice and pedophilia and even now is still praying to RAssian-Aryan Swastikas. Swastika expresses All-Unity of the Absolute Light, and equality of every human within the Absolute light, which is unconditionally within every human. This is the absolute rejection of hierarchy and initiation rites. “As above as below” is not the Satanic rule of Baphomet. But it is the Swastika (Crux Quadrata / Square Cross) law of our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak ancestors.

Thus, Freemasons and Knights Templar as the degree in Freemasonry, with their hierarchy, initiation rites and misogyny, with their full support of the Zionist agenda of the “God’s chosen” Khazars / Fake Jews of RAssian blood, are the gross violation of our Ancestral Law and the disgrace of our Tribe. Knights Templar and Freemasons are building the Temple to the Negroid King Solomon, while trying to destroy RAssia, though precisely RAssians gave Negroes of the Upper Egypt the Solar Cult of All-Unity and All-Equality.

And Anunnaki were RAssian women-warriors BABA (Matriarch) and DEVA (Virgin) — from RAssian word for woman — “ONA” / “ANA” / “ANI”. Shame on Knights Templar! Shame on Freemasons! These degenerates and traitors of their ancestors and their people!

They are the vehicles of Zionists who are open Satanists and members of the Global Organized Crime Syndicate “Octopus” – “Illuminati from Berdichev”, the small town in the present-day Ukraine, beyond the line of settlement, where RAsssian Empire allowed Satanists to live for their crimes of human sacrifice and pedophilia.

Let all degenerates who committed human sacrifice and raped a child be reincarnated as monkeys! Down with the Monkey business of Freemasons and Knights Templar!

The desire of Zionists to create some mythic happlogroup “X” for “American Natives” instead of RAssian-Aryan variation of Native American blood is the Zionist agenda (1) to suppress RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak legacy in the United States; (2) to represent Scythian-Saks themselves as Semitic, i.e., “The Tribe of Israel”; (3) and via this corruption of our RAssian history, to suppress the FALCON LAW OF ALL-UNITY AND ALL-EQUALITY, thus introducing slavery, hierarchy, wars, misogyny, pedophilia, human sacrifice, and cannibalism.

As a whole, the Zionist agenda is to represent all Antediluvian and Post-Deluvian civilizations as Semitic, cannibalistic and pedophilic, though Khazars themselves (98% of World Jewery), especially Levites, are pure RAssian – R1a1, and though Negroes and Semites of Africa and Middle East accepted RAssian-Aryan belief systems as the foundation of their civilizations.

The ultimate goal is to make Sumer into the most ancient and Semitic / Israeli culture, though Sumer is in reality SAMARA CULTURE, purely RAssian-Aryan and Scythian-Sak, integral for Samarra Swastika Culture in the Northern Surya / Syria; Samaria in Palestine; city of Samara as the epicenter of the Sumer / Samar culture of Iraq; and the city of Samara and two rivers of Samara in RAssia to the left and to the right of river RA / Volga.

The targeting of Latino and “Native” Americans by Zionists is easily explainable because both of these cultures are cannibalistic, and are based upon human sacrifice to “WHITE GODS” who abandoned Neanderthals and their hybrids with Cromanyons in North and South America in 13th century AD.

Since the goal of Zionist Neanderthals is to rebuild the Third Temple to Solomon with the restoration of human sacrifice, they hope that they would easily sway Mongoloids to their side, since Mongoloids of North and South America were cannibals who were committing mass human sacrifices.

The promotion of “formal apologies” of American Whites to Mongoloid “Native” Americans aims at suppressing the resistance of Whites to human sacrifice. Our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Tribe of Fiery Falcon RArog was fighting against human sacrifice and slavery for millennia. And now, Zionists urge us to ask for formal apology from cannibals. They also urge us to ask for formal apology from pedophiles, since LGBT community is a laughable thin cover over the legitimization of pedophilia.

The only salvation from RACIAL WAR in the United States is the acceptable of true history and RAssian legacy. Or else, Mongoloids, Blacks and Whites will be soon killing each other for the benefit and joy of Zionist Neanderthals.



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Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 9.50.35 PM.png

Jacket (called “Kaftan”) by the world-celebrity Slava Zaitzev, which was produced in the Ancient city of Sergiev Posad, by the students of the Academy of Applied Arts, and sanctified by the Russian Orthodox Priest. I have added Gammadia / Swastikas on the bottom.

I have founded the Scythian Museum. And this is my first contribution to its collection. These are two new pieces of my wardrobe, in appreciation of Motherland RAssia. The pattern is copied from the Gammadion pattern covering the entire ceiling and floor in the Throne Hall of Winter Palace / Hermitage, the major palace of RAssian Empire on St. Petersburg, capital of RAssian Empire. Gammadion / Swastika is the symbol of all-unity (“One” / “(H)En” / “Vanya” / “Ivan”), forbidding Nazism and Racism of the Caste society. Swastika rejects hierarchy and slavery of the Caste society, and is “Crux Quadrata” = Square Cross, which expresses equality, fraternity, and freedom – “as below, as above”, the holographic principle. The holographic principle states that entire universe is entirely in its every matrix point. Therefore, there is no ONE “God’s Chosen Nation”, no initiation, and no lack.


RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Swastikas on the ceiling of the Throne Hall in the major RAssian Imperial Palace — Winter Palace / Hermitage — in St. Petersburg, the capital of the RAssian Empire.

The fact that we see this precise ornament in China and Thailand and Japan is the indisputable proof that civilization to the Far East was brought from the Polar regions of RAssia by Devi (Virgin in RAssian, plural, singular is Deva) and Babi (woman in RAssian, plural, singular is Baba). To the left is a jacket from Slava Zaitsev, the world celebrity RAssian designer), and to the right, the jacket I bought in Nanjing, China. Scythian-Saks are the Tribe of the Fiery Falcon / Firebird, from “SAKol”, RAssian word for Falcon.


RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak swastikas in China and Thailand testify to the fact that RAssian-Aryan Sak-Scythians founded civilization there.


The first acceptance of his SAK-SCYTHIAN LEGACY came from Masaki Miyagawa.


Masaki Miyagawa: It is said without Buddhism there is no Japanese culture and Siddhartha was a Saka / Skiff (“Scythian”).

Irene Caesar: Not only this… I met with a group of Japanese scientists at the big International Conference Health 2.0, with the participation of Nobel Prize Laureate, Intel, and Big Pharma, in Nanjing, China in November 2016, where I was invited to give a speech. They told me that RA means “rising Sun” in Japanese. RA was the name of our major river Volga in Ancient times. RA means Light, and that is why our people are called RAssians and RAssia is still called RA-sha. One of Japanese guys had the last name ARYA. He was very tall and very handsome. He looked like my family on Mother’s side – Southern Aryans / RAssians. Samurai are from SAMARA – the city in RAssia on river SAMARA which is older than the city SAMARRA in Iraq, as the epicenter of Sumer culture, which is in realty the Swastika civilization of Samara.

The RAssian city of SAMARA is older than Iraqi city of Samara, since Aryans were descending South from the North, which is testified of by the Epos of Gilgamesh, which says that Gilgamesh, the King of URUK (Ur = Ar) went to the North, and crossed the sea to see the Gods of Sumer and speak with the immortal man Utanipishtim, who survived the Global Flood. Hence, the Epos of Gilgamesh speaks of RAssians as the Gods of Sumer / Samar. Samurai swords are RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak swords.

Japan was founded by RAssian-Aruan Ainu people who came to the islands from RAssia – Great Scythia — from SAMARA. Samara means “Sama RA”, that is, “itself RA”. There are two rivers SAMARA to the left and to the right of River RA / Volga in RAssia. Even the name of Japanese Vodka is SAKE – meaning the “drink of SAKS”. Swastika is the letter of Japanese alphabet, which means MAN and TEMPLE and ALL-UNITY at the same time. I am so grateful to Japanese for saving my Ancient culture. Japanese are my brothers and sisters. I will always help Japan with all I have.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, Japanese Samurai should invest in the RAssian city of Samara.

Masaki Miyagawa: They call the letter Swastika in Japanese alphabet “Manji”.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, “Manji” is literally “MANU” = MAN. The same way, “Sakja Muni”, Buddha, is literally “SAK MAN”. I would like to stress: SWASTIKA DESIGNATES MAN, MAN AS GOD, MAN EQUAL TO ALL-UNITY.

Chinese letter Swastika is “Van” / “Wan” as in “Vanja”, “Ivan” (RAssian first name). It designates ALL-UNITY. Herefrom, we also have all this “van Habsburg”, etc.; and English word “One” which can also designate ALL-UNITY.

So, SAK-MAN is Ivan from Mother RAssia.


Irene Caesar wears Rassian-Aryan Scythian-Sak jacket of China (bought in Bangkok, Thailand), Red with Golden Swastikas during her interview to Alfred Labremont Webre, December 17, 2016. Bronze pendant is the replica of the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Bronze artifact, 3500 BC, found in the Bronze Age settlement of RAssian-Aryans in Arkaim, the Swastika city in Southern Urals, RAssia.

Importantly, Swastika is considered as holographic, that is, seen from all sides, and infinitely dimensional. So, Swastika can be seen from the front, and from the back. When seen from the front, it is turning left. When seen from the back, it is turning right.

Thus, Swastika, essentially, is always AT REST.

When turning left and front facing, RAssian-Aryan Swastika is called in Japanese language as the Omote Manji, and represents love and compassion. When turning right and rear facing, Swastika is called the Ura Manji, and represents strength and intelligence.

“URA MANJI” OR “URA MAN” is the symbol of Samurai, who yells “URA” = “U (“near”) RA (“Light”), as RAssians (RAssian Samareans / Samurai) do before the battle till now. RAssian “URA” became later “Hurray” in Hellenic, recent cultures.


The Jains Flag. Jainism and Buddhism are both creations of RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Saks from Mother RAssia.

Masaki Miyagawa: Japanese are a syncretic people of Mainland Asiatics, Malay, Ainu – but this Aryan root has been totally ignored. Its actually been documented in many places but hasn’t been focused on since its opposite of the mainstream thinking. Also many East Asian scholars are asia-philes and want to look thru the lens of the ‘other’. Actually as you know, we are all connected.


Buddha Sakja-Muni corrected Hinduism, when Hinduism became self-destructive due to its Caste System. True RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak, Swastika beliefs consists in the rejection of hierarchy and slavery. Every man is a God, since he/she contains inside himself/herself the entire Universe / ALL-UNITY. That is why everybody is responsible for all, and all are responsible for everybody. This is the foundation for the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak SOCIALISM, which was not invented by British Socialists or Karl Marx, but is the one and only Social System of Quantum Leap civilization, practiced by our ancestors for millennia.

Masaki Miyagawa: The first royal city in Japan before Nara & Kyoto was ‘Akusa’ means bird clan or fire bird, also we have the famous ‘torii’ gate which means bird gate. Need I say more?

Irene Caesar: I saw the same in Thailand – FIRE BIRD, FALCON everywhere – GARUDA.

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, nothing more Japanese than the ‘tsuru’ or ‘flying crane’ (bird clan)’:


Irene Caesar: Yes, in our RAssian Legends, we have ‘GUSI-LEBEDI” = “Geese-Swans”, along with Falcons. Man is identified as Falcon, and woman as Swan. It is very characteristic of Scythian-Sak culture. Imagery is even called “Scythian Animal Style”:


Firebird of RAssian Fairy Tales is clearly a flying vehicle or VIMANA.


RAssian paradigmatic Fairy Tale “Gusi-Lebedi” – “Geese and Swans”, where a main hero is flying on the Goose / Swan, in remembrance of how our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak giant ancestors of the Antediluvian civilization were flying Vimanas and Vaitmanas. RAssian Fairy Tales are full of the Quantum Leap technology, and have description of TV, refrigerator, flying vehicle, car, etc.


Our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak ancestors were putting Bird’s head on the of the bows of their ships. Matriarchy was before Patriarchy, and precisely RAssian-Aryan Matriarchs (Babi and Devi, plural) were those who civilized all continents after the last global war devastation 14,000 BC. RAssian Matriarchs were moving around on ships which were called “LADJA” or “LADA”. “LADJA” is the same as “ELLADA”, which is “ALA”/ “ARYA” (LIGHT) / ALLAT = FEMALE FALCON / GRIFFON, FEMALE FIREBIRD. So, the ships were the BOATS OF LIGHT / ALA, Vimanas which were moving on air and on water. Importantly, RAssian language has genders for words, and FIREBIRD is of female gender, as well as the BOAT / LADJA / LADA. “LADA”, a MATRIARCH, was also delivering Fiery Souls made of Light / ALA / ARYA from the ABSOLUTE LIGHT / ALA / ARYA, as little Firebirds, Fiery Baby-FAlcons. And that is why LADA herself was a Fiery Falcon, capable of rising to the Absolute Light, to the SUN / RA.  RUSALKA, RAssian word for “mermaid” is “RUS + AL”, that is, it literally means “RUS” + (Russian) Al / Alla / Ellada / Lada / El / Elohim, Russian Goddess / Ruler. Many beaches in Thailand have statues of Russian RUSALKA / Murmaid coming to Thailand, and being met by Thai aboriginals.

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Torii gate 鳥居 – literally bird-house, or sanctuary of bird clan, bird people:


Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, a Japanese dragon is called as ryū or tatsu (龍 or 竜). How do your pronouce “ryu”?

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Dragon – Ryu sounds almost like ‘dew’ but rhe-ew with a sharp down tone.

Irene Caesar: It looks like Japanese dragon is literally called – RU / RA / RU.  I believe that the name of Japanese Dragon is from RA – Rising Sun in Japanese, that is, its name is literally “RAssian”.

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Japanese is a multi-syllable language unlike chinese, so kanji or chinese character in Japanese can have several pronounciations (the japanese approximation of the chinese, or the japanese word just using the chinese character). Interestingly enough, certain words such around these Bird Clan centers have very unique pronunciations particular only to those place names, and not used elsewhere.

Masaki Miyagawa: I took this at New Years Service at the Buddhist Temple thinking about Falcon Mother etc. These are peacocks above the buddhist altar:


Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, FIRE-BIRD is the MAJOR heroine in RAssian Scythian-Sak (Falcon Tribe) legends.


Masaki Miyagawa: Typical Japanese Mon or Family Crest (the women inherit the mothers mon, the boys from the father). You can see the deer antlers and crane motif.


Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, even your name MA-SAKI means “SAK”. Also, NAGA-SAKI means “the City of SAKS”. It is the shame that American Zionists destroyed Naga-SAKI by Nuclear bomb, and took all Samurai swords from Japanese, and destroyed these swords. Hiroshima is, in reality, ARA-SAMA. We, RAssians, say “Hirosima”, not “Hiroshima”. And “H” is the recent prefix of the times of Hellinism, even more base, simply an apostrophe in front of our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. So, we, RAssians say “Ellens” (Alans), while Greeks say “Hellens”. So Hirosima is in reality ARA-SAMA, meaning “Itself Ara”, or “Also Aryan”. So Zionists destroyed two major Aryan cities of Samurai in Japan. Hiroshima destroyed via Nuclear Bomb by American Zionists:


Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Nagasaki was one of the only Christian cities in Japan at the time. The zionists bombed it on purpose.

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, The USA forced Japan open with Commodore PERRY’s Military Fleet. Typical British style warmongering. Japan had been observing the imperial takeover by the West in China – they knew they had to modernize. When they looked for funding NEW YORK and LONDON came calling. The West angled Japan as a hammer against Russia.


Masaki Miyagawa: Also the Wheel of Dharma on the Podium. Can’t get more Aryan than the wagon – chariot wheel. After all Saka-muni or Shakyamuni Buddha was the Lord of the Saks:


Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, here is RAssian KOLOVRAT or the “Wheel of Light / ALLA / RA”, which was the second most important, after Swastika, image in RAssian Folk Art for millennia. It was decorating wooden houses, kitchen pots, home utensils, embroideries for dresses, and embroideries for bedding, towels, and table cloth, and ornament of horse harness:


Only in RAssia, we have such variety of SOLAR SWASTIKA SYMBOLS. Nowhere else.


RAssian tools for spinning threads, all covered with Swastikas as WHEEL OF LIGHT. The spinning of threads itself was considered to be magical, as our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Great Mothers did clearly understood the Torsion / Torus nature of every physical process in the world. Our Ancestors believed that a Spindle (used in spinning) becomes magical after a  million spins, getting transformed into a Magic Wand. Characteristically, we can meet all kinds of Swastikas and all kinds of polygons, both Octagon (Star of RAssia) and Hexagon (Magen David), side by side in RAssian Folk Art, alike in Vedic Temples in Indostan / India. This clearly testifies that Six-Angled Star is Vedic in origin, and our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Ancestors has taught both Swastika and Six-Angled Star to the Negroid, true Jews of the Tanakh / Old Testament of the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set in the Land of Set (Upper Egypt = Ethiopia and North Sudan). That is why the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set in Ethiopia / Eritrea is preying both Swastika and Magen David till now.

Here we see THE SWASTIKA WHEEL OF LIGHT on the Grave Stones of the Tomb of Godunov (Годуновы) Family (Russian top elite family in the 16th century RAssia, Ipatievsky Monastery, Kostroma, RAssia (Ипатьевский монастырь, г. Кострома).



Masaki Miyagawa: I have many more examples but as the whole of Japanese culture came from Silk Road it would take an hours presentation. Its in our DNA, the time of remembering is here

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, Ainu People of Japan look like total and complete RAssians from Mother RAssia.


Masaki Miyagawa: On my mothers side, I come from a 400 year Buddhist priest line, and we were samurai before that. My family crest of my fathers side is deer antlers which seems like a very nordic thing no? His side is also unusually tall and hairy for Japanese.

Irene Caesar: Deer is the second, after Falcon (“SAKol”) major symbol of Scythian-Saks. It is on the flag of the Great Cossack (Kas-Sak) Army of Don.


Irene Caesar: Your ancestors, Masaki Miyagawa, Cossack / Kas-Sak of Don (Don is a river) in Southern-Western Part of RAssia.


Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar Japan was the end point of the silk road and are very proud to preserve this history & culture. One of the biggest culture downloads was from Tang Dynasty which was the pinnacle of Buddhist (aryan) culture in China and the most heavily central asian flavored dynasty in Chinese History IMO.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, Deer is the second, after Falcon (SAKol) symbol of Scythians-Saks. Our (yours and mine) ancestors even put it all over clothes as small golden pieces.

Masaki Miyagawa: Samurai Helmet with Antlers. There is a famous deer park in Nara too, another royal city – Japanese sure love deer! lol:

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 9.37.10 PM.png

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, there is RAssian-Aryan ancient culture in Altai, Siberia, 3500 BC, with R1a1 DNA haplogroup, tall blonde people with blue eyes. They loved deer so much, that they put DEER MASKS on their horses. You can see it in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, RAssia.

Masaki Miyagawa: Horse riding, deer antlers, bird motif – and also archery! Culture of the steppes:

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Kendo is also a popular sword fighting sport with women in Japan


Kendo in Girl’s High School (Hokkaido) testifies to the more Ancient origin of RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak culture of Japan, than Abrahamic Patriarchal Cultures.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, here is RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak KAS-SAK / COSSACK woman of RAssia:


RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak / Cossack / Kas-Sak girl in Donbass (Lands of the Great Army of Don Cossacks / Saks) demonstrates that women were and are WARRIORS EQUAL TO MEN, according to our Ancestral RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tradition.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, yes, girls shooting arrows is completely a  RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tradition, the tradition of Matriarchy, of WOMEN-FALCONESSES-WARRIORS, Amazon women, more ancient than Abrahamic Patriarchal culture of Judaism, since Matriarchy was before Patriarchy.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, here is RAssian traditional embroidery, 19th century, authentic:

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-9-08-12-pmIrene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, the dress of RAssian Orthodox Priest, 16th century, Museum of Novodevichy (New Virgin) Monastery in Moscow, RAssia:


Dress of the RAssian Orthodox Christian Priest, Museum of Novodevichy (New Virgin) Monastery in Moscow, RAssia.


Buddha – Saka Muni (SAK MAN) with Swastika.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, even the dress (long Kaftan) of RAssian Cossack / Kas-Sak is the same as Japanese traditional dress. This is me in our Japanese SAK = RAssian SAK traditional SAMURAI dress:

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 9.13.23 PM.png

Irene Caesar: Here we see Samurai Minamoto no Yoritomo, Monarch  Go-Toba, 12th century in the paradigmatic RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tall hat.


Irene Caesar: And here we see RAssian people, as Embassy to Rotterburg, 1576, German Engraving (Русское посольство в Регенсбург в 1576 (бояре, окольничие, дьяки, подъячие). Немецкая гравюра. 16 в. ). Note the way of buttoning the jacket (called “Kaftan”). We see even now this way of buttoning jackets in China. On the Chinese jacket, which I brought from Nanjing, see above, we see precisely the same way of putting “buttons” on jackets:


And here are modern RAssian-Aryan Cossacks / KAS-SAKS of RAssia (Don Cossack Military):

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 10.06.47 PM.png

And here, for comparison, are Anglo-Saks (Sax):


Masaki Miyagawa: Yes this hat came in with the Tang Dynasty court style. Its obviously a skiffian hat.

Masaki Miyagawa: The Japanese elites have always had this connection to Aryanism, and I think this is what was perverted and fostered the alliance to Nazi Germany in WW2. Also there are certain groups in Japan today that have very odd ideas and mix it with zionism and say that Japan is Zion and Jesus was Japanese LOL! Their symbol is NOT the swastika but the Magen David Star! It is not a fringe group – they are connected to the ruling LDP party. They should do their homework and return to the true symbol of the ‘manji’ or Swastika.

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