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Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 9.50.35 PM.png

Jacket (called “Kaftan”) by the world-celebrity Slava Zaitzev, which was produced in the Ancient city of Sergiev Posad, by the students of the Academy of Applied Arts, and sanctified by the Russian Orthodox Priest. I have added Gammadia / Swastikas on the bottom.

I have founded the Scythian Museum. And this is my first contribution to its collection. These are two new pieces of my wardrobe, in appreciation of Motherland RAssia. The pattern is copied from the Gammadion pattern covering the entire ceiling and floor in the Throne Hall of Winter Palace / Hermitage, the major palace of RAssian Empire on St. Petersburg, capital of RAssian Empire. Gammadion / Swastika is the symbol of all-unity (“One” / “(H)En” / “Vanya” / “Ivan”), forbidding Nazism and Racism of the Caste society. Swastika rejects hierarchy and slavery of the Caste society, and is “Crux Quadrata” = Square Cross, which expresses equality, fraternity, and freedom – “as below, as above”, the holographic principle. The holographic principle states that entire universe is entirely in its every matrix point. Therefore, there is no ONE “God’s Chosen Nation”, no initiation, and no lack.


RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Swastikas on the ceiling of the Throne Hall in the major RAssian Imperial Palace — Winter Palace / Hermitage — in St. Petersburg, the capital of the RAssian Empire.

The fact that we see this precise ornament in China and Thailand and Japan is the indisputable proof that civilization to the Far East was brought from the Polar regions of RAssia by Devi (Virgin in RAssian, plural, singular is Deva) and Babi (woman in RAssian, plural, singular is Baba). To the left is a jacket from Slava Zaitsev, the world celebrity RAssian designer), and to the right, the jacket I bought in Nanjing, China. Scythian-Saks are the Tribe of the Fiery Falcon / Firebird, from “SAKol”, RAssian word for Falcon.


RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak swastikas in China and Thailand testify to the fact that RAssian-Aryan Sak-Scythians founded civilization there.


The first acceptance of his SAK-SCYTHIAN LEGACY came from Masaki Miyagawa.


Masaki Miyagawa: It is said without Buddhism there is no Japanese culture and Siddhartha was a Saka / Skiff (“Scythian”).

Irene Caesar: Not only this… I met with a group of Japanese scientists at the big International Conference Health 2.0, with the participation of Nobel Prize Laureate, Intel, and Big Pharma, in Nanjing, China in November 2016, where I was invited to give a speech. They told me that RA means “rising Sun” in Japanese. RA was the name of our major river Volga in Ancient times. RA means Light, and that is why our people are called RAssians and RAssia is still called RA-sha. One of Japanese guys had the last name ARYA. He was very tall and very handsome. He looked like my family on Mother’s side – Southern Aryans / RAssians. Samurai are from SAMARA – the city in RAssia on river SAMARA which is older than the city SAMARRA in Iraq, as the epicenter of Sumer culture, which is in realty the Swastika civilization of Samara.

The RAssian city of SAMARA is older than Iraqi city of Samara, since Aryans were descending South from the North, which is testified of by the Epos of Gilgamesh, which says that Gilgamesh, the King of URUK (Ur = Ar) went to the North, and crossed the sea to see the Gods of Sumer and speak with the immortal man Utanipishtim, who survived the Global Flood. Hence, the Epos of Gilgamesh speaks of RAssians as the Gods of Sumer / Samar. Samurai swords are RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak swords.

Japan was founded by RAssian-Aruan Ainu people who came to the islands from RAssia – Great Scythia — from SAMARA. Samara means “Sama RA”, that is, “itself RA”. There are two rivers SAMARA to the left and to the right of River RA / Volga in RAssia. Even the name of Japanese Vodka is SAKE – meaning the “drink of SAKS”. Swastika is the letter of Japanese alphabet, which means MAN and TEMPLE and ALL-UNITY at the same time. I am so grateful to Japanese for saving my Ancient culture. Japanese are my brothers and sisters. I will always help Japan with all I have.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, Japanese Samurai should invest in the RAssian city of Samara.

Masaki Miyagawa: They call the letter Swastika in Japanese alphabet “Manji”.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, “Manji” is literally “MANU” = MAN. The same way, “Sakja Muni”, Buddha, is literally “SAK MAN”. I would like to stress: SWASTIKA DESIGNATES MAN, MAN AS GOD, MAN EQUAL TO ALL-UNITY.

Chinese letter Swastika is “Van” / “Wan” as in “Vanja”, “Ivan” (RAssian first name). It designates ALL-UNITY. Herefrom, we also have all this “van Habsburg”, etc.; and English word “One” which can also designate ALL-UNITY.

So, SAK-MAN is Ivan from Mother RAssia.


Irene Caesar wears Rassian-Aryan Scythian-Sak jacket of China (bought in Bangkok, Thailand), Red with Golden Swastikas during her interview to Alfred Labremont Webre, December 17, 2016. Bronze pendant is the replica of the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Bronze artifact, 3500 BC, found in the Bronze Age settlement of RAssian-Aryans in Arkaim, the Swastika city in Southern Urals, RAssia.

Importantly, Swastika is considered as holographic, that is, seen from all sides, and infinitely dimensional. So, Swastika can be seen from the front, and from the back. When seen from the front, it is turning left. When seen from the back, it is turning right.

Thus, Swastika, essentially, is always AT REST.

When turning left and front facing, RAssian-Aryan Swastika is called in Japanese language as the Omote Manji, and represents love and compassion. When turning right and rear facing, Swastika is called the Ura Manji, and represents strength and intelligence.

“URA MANJI” OR “URA MAN” is the symbol of Samurai, who yells “URA” = “U (“near”) RA (“Light”), as RAssians (RAssian Samareans / Samurai) do before the battle till now. RAssian “URA” became later “Hurray” in Hellenic, recent cultures.


The Jains Flag. Jainism and Buddhism are both creations of RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Saks from Mother RAssia.

Masaki Miyagawa: Japanese are a syncretic people of Mainland Asiatics, Malay, Ainu – but this Aryan root has been totally ignored. Its actually been documented in many places but hasn’t been focused on since its opposite of the mainstream thinking. Also many East Asian scholars are asia-philes and want to look thru the lens of the ‘other’. Actually as you know, we are all connected.


Buddha Sakja-Muni corrected Hinduism, when Hinduism became self-destructive due to its Caste System. True RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak, Swastika beliefs cossets in the rejection of hierarchy and slavery. Every man is a God, since he/she contains inside himself/herself the entire Universe / ALL-UNITY. That is why everybody is responsible for all, and all are responsible for everybody. This is the foundation for the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak SOCIALISM, which was not invented by British Socialists or Karl Marx, but is the one and only Social System of Quantum Leap civilization, practiced by our ancestors for millennia.

Masaki Miyagawa: The first royal city in Japan before Nara & Kyoto was ‘Akusa’ means bird clan or fire bird, also we have the famous ‘torii’ gate which means bird gate. Need I say more?

Irene Caesar: I saw the same in Thailand – FIRE BIRD, FALCON everywhere – GARUDA.

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, nothing more Japanese than the ‘tsuru’ or ‘flying crane’ (bird clan)’:


Irene Caesar: Yes, in our RAssian Legends, we have ‘GUSI-LEBEDI” = “Geese-Swans”, along with Falcons. Man is identified as Falcon, and woman as Swan. It is very characteristic of Scythian-Sak culture. Imagery is even called “Scythian Animal Style”:


Firebird of RAssian Fairy Tales is clearly a flying vehicle or VIMANA.


RAssian paradigmatic Fairy Tale “Gusi-Lebedi” – “Geese and Swans”, where a main hero is flying on the Goose / Swan, in remembrance of how our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak giant ancestors of the Antediluvian civilization were flying Vimanas and Vaitmanas. RAssian Fairy Tales are full of the Quantum Leap technology, and have description of TV, refrigerator, flying vehicle, car, etc.


Our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak ancestors were putting Bird’s head on the of the bows of their ships. Matriarchy was before Patriarchy, and precisely RAssian-Aryan Matriarchs (Babi and Devi, plural) were those who civilized all continents after the last global war devastation 14,000 BC. RAssian Matriarchs were moving around on ships which were called “LADJA” or “LADA”. “LADJA” is the same as “ELLADA”, which is “ALA”/ “ARYA” (LIGHT) / ALLAT = FEMALE FALCON / GRIFFON, FEMALE FIREBIRD. So, the ships were the BOATS OF LIGHT / ALA, Vimanas which were moving on air and on water. Importantly, RAssian language has genders for words, and FIREBIRD is of female gender, as well as the BOAT / LADJA / LADA. “LADA”, a MATRIARCH, was also delivering Fiery Souls made of Light / ALA / ARYA from the ABSOLUTE LIGHT / ALA / ARYA, as little Firebirds, Fiery Baby-FAlcons. And that is why LADA herself was a Fiery Falcon, capable of rising to the Absolute Light, to the SUN / RA.  RUSALKA, RAssian word for “mermaid” is “RUS + AL”, that is, it literally means “RUS” + (Russian) Al / Alla / Ellada / Lada / El / Elohim, Russian Goddess / Ruler. Many beaches in Thailand have statues of Russian RUSALKA / Murmaid coming to Thailand, and being met by Thai aboriginals.

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Torii gate 鳥居 – literally bird-house, or sanctuary of bird clan, bird people:


Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, a Japanese dragon is called as ryū or tatsu (龍 or 竜). How do your pronouce “ryu”?

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Dragon – Ryu sounds almost like ‘dew’ but rhe-ew with a sharp down tone.

Irene Caesar: It looks like Japanese dragon is literally called – RU / RA / RU.  I believe that the name of Japanese Dragon is from RA – Rising Sun in Japanese, that is, its name is literally “RAssian”.

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Japanese is a multi-syllable language unlike chinese, so kanji or chinese character in Japanese can have several pronounciations (the japanese approximation of the chinese, or the japanese word just using the chinese character). Interestingly enough, certain words such around these Bird Clan centers have very unique pronunciations particular only to those place names, and not used elsewhere.

Masaki Miyagawa: I took this at New Years Service at the Buddhist Temple thinking about Falcon Mother etc. These are peacocks above the buddhist altar:


Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, FIRE-BIRD is the MAJOR heroine in RAssian Scythian-Sak (Falcon Tribe) legends.


Masaki Miyagawa: Typical Japanese Mon or Family Crest (the women inherit the mothers mon, the boys from the father). You can see the deer antlers and crane motif.


Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, even your name MA-SAKI means “SAK”. Also, NAGA-SAKI means “the City of SAKS”. It is the shame that American Zionists destroyed Naga-SAKI by Nuclear bomb, and took all Samurai swords from Japanese, and destroyed these swords. Hiroshima is, in reality, ARA-SAMA. We, RAssians, say “Hirosima”, not “Hiroshima”. And “H” is the recent prefix of the times of Hellinism, even more base, simply an apostrophe in front of our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. So, we, RAssians say “Ellens” (Alans), while Greeks say “Hellens”. So Hirosima is in reality ARA-SAMA, meaning “Itself Ara”, or “Also Aryan”. So Zionists destroyed two major Aryan cities of Samurai in Japan. Hiroshima destroyed via Nuclear Bomb by American Zionists:


Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Nagasaki was one of the only Christian cities in Japan at the time. The zionists bombed it on purpose.

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, The USA forced Japan open with Commodore PERRY’s Military Fleet. Typical British style warmongering. Japan had been observing the imperial takeover by the West in China – they knew they had to modernize. When they looked for funding NEW YORK and LONDON came calling. The West angled Japan as a hammer against Russia.


Masaki Miyagawa: Also the Wheel of Dharma on the Podium. Can’t get more Aryan than the wagon – chariot wheel. After all Saka-muni or Shakyamuni Buddha was the Lord of the Saks:


Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, here is RAssian KOLOVRAT or the “Wheel of Light / ALLA / RA”, which was the second most important, after Swastika, image in RAssian Folk Art for millennia. It was decorating wooden houses, kitchen pots, home utensils, embroideries for dresses, and embroideries for bedding, towels, and table cloth, and ornament of horse harness:


Only in RAssia, we have such variety of SOLAR SWASTIKA SYMBOLS. Nowhere else.


RAssian tools for spinning threads, all covered with Swastikas as WHEEL OF LIGHT. The spinning of threads itself was considered to be magical, as our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Great Mothers did clearly understood the Torsion / Torus nature of every physical process in the world. Our Ancestors believed that a Spindle (used in spinning) becomes magical after a  million spins, getting transformed into a Magic Wand. Characteristically, we can meet all kinds of Swastikas and all kinds of polygons, both Octagon (Star of RAssia) and Hexagon (Magen David), side by side in RAssian Folk Art, alike in Vedic Temples in Indostan / India. This clearly testifies that Six-Angled Star is Vedic in origin, and our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Ancestors has taught both Swastika and Six-Angled Star to the Negroid, true Jews of the Tanakh / Old Testament of the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set in the Land of Set (Upper Egypt = Ethiopia and North Sudan). That is why the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set in Ethiopia / Eritrea is preying both Swastika and Magen David till now.

Here we see THE SWASTIKA WHEEL OF LIGHT on the Grave Stones of the Tomb of Godunov (Годуновы) Family (Russian top elite family in the 16th century RAssia, Ipatievsky Monastery, Kostroma, RAssia (Ипатьевский монастырь, г. Кострома).



Masaki Miyagawa: I have many more examples but as the whole of Japanese culture came from Silk Road it would take an hours presentation. Its in our DNA, the time of remembering is here

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, Ainu People of Japan look like total and complete RAssians from Mother RAssia.


Masaki Miyagawa: On my mothers side, I come from a 400 year Buddhist priest line, and we were samurai before that. My family crest of my fathers side is deer antlers which seems like a very nordic thing no? His side is also unusually tall and hairy for Japanese.

Irene Caesar: Deer is the second, after Falcon (“SAKol”) major symbol of Scythian-Saks. It is on the flag of the Great Cossack (Kas-Sak) Army of Don.


Irene Caesar: Your ancestors, Masaki Miyagawa, Cossack / Kas-Sak of Don (Don is a river) in Southern-Western Part of RAssia.


Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar Japan was the end point of the silk road and are very proud to preserve this history & culture. One of the biggest culture downloads was from Tang Dynasty which was the pinnacle of Buddhist (aryan) culture in China and the most heavily central asian flavored dynasty in Chinese History IMO.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, Deer is the second, after Falcon (SAKol) symbol of Scythians-Saks. Our (yours and mine) ancestors even put it all over clothes as small golden pieces.

Masaki Miyagawa: Samurai Helmet with Antlers. There is a famous deer park in Nara too, another royal city – Japanese sure love deer! lol:

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 9.37.10 PM.png

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, there is RAssian-Aryan ancient culture in Altai, Siberia, 3500 BC, with R1a1 DNA haplogroup, tall blonde people with blue eyes. They loved deer so much, that they put DEER MASKS on their horses. You can see it in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, RAssia.

Masaki Miyagawa: Horse riding, deer antlers, bird motif – and also archery! Culture of the steppes:

Masaki Miyagawa: Irene Caesar, Kendo is also a popular sword fighting sport with women in Japan


Kendo in Girl’s High School (Hokkaido) testifies to the more Ancient origin of RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak culture of Japan, than Abrahamic Patriarchal Cultures.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, here is RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak KAS-SAK / COSSACK woman of RAssia:


RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak / Cossack / Kas-Sak girl in Donbass (Lands of the Great Army of Don Cossacks / Saks) demonstrates that women were and are WARRIORS EQUAL TO MEN, according to our Ancestral RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tradition.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, yes, girls shooting arrows is completely a  RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tradition, the tradition of Matriarchy, of WOMEN-FALCONESSES-WARRIORS, Amazon women, more ancient than Abrahamic Patriarchal culture of Judaism, since Matriarchy was before Patriarchy.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, here is RAssian traditional embroidery, 19th century, authentic:

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-9-08-12-pmIrene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, the dress of RAssian Orthodox Priest, 16th century, Museum of Novodevichy (New Virgin) Monastery in Moscow, RAssia:


Dress of the RAssian Orthodox Christian Priest, Museum of Novodevichy (New Virgin) Monastery in Moscow, RAssia.


Buddha – Saka Muni (SAK MAN) with Swastika.

Irene Caesar: Masaki Miyagawa, even the dress (long Kaftan) of RAssian Cossack / Kas-Sak is the same as Japanese traditional dress. This is me in our Japanese SAK = RAssian SAK traditional SAMURAI dress:

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 9.13.23 PM.png

Irene Caesar: Here we see Samurai Minamoto no Yoritomo, Monarch  Go-Toba, 12th century in the paradigmatic RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tall hat.


Irene Caesar: And here we see RAssian people, as Embassy to Rotterburg, 1576, German Engraving (Русское посольство в Регенсбург в 1576 (бояре, окольничие, дьяки, подъячие). Немецкая гравюра. 16 в. ). Note the way of buttoning the jacket (called “Kaftan”). We see even now this way of buttoning jackets in China. On the Chinese jacket, which I brought from Nanjing, see above, we see precisely the same way of putting “buttons” on jackets:


And here are modern RAssian-Aryan Cossacks / KAS-SAKS of RAssia (Don Cossack Military):

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 10.06.47 PM.png

And here, for comparison, are Anglo-Saks (Sax):


Masaki Miyagawa: Yes this hat came in with the Tang Dynasty court style. Its obviously a skiffian hat.

Masaki Miyagawa: The Japanese elites have always had this connection to Aryanism, and I think this is what was perverted and fostered the alliance to Nazi Germany in WW2. Also there are certain groups in Japan today that have very odd ideas and mix it with zionism and say that Japan is Zion and Jesus was Japanese LOL! Their symbol is NOT the swastika but the Magen David Star! It is not a fringe group – they are connected to the ruling LDP party. They should do their homework and return to the true symbol of the ‘manji’ or Swastika.

More on Scythian-Saks:



See article “Manji / Wan – Buddhist “Swastika”” in Symbol Dictionary:



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Ирина Цезарь, Доктор Философских Наук, Полковник Казачьего Войска, о СВАСТИКЕ как символе России, и всех народностей России, День Народного Единства, 4 ноября 2016 года:


С подлинным Рождением Христа! Каждый Христианин – Христос от рождения – извечно, задолго до рождения Христианства как религии. Христос = “(Х/Г) Ари-Сто”, Русо-Арий из рода в сто душ. “Х/Г” – приставка / запятая Эллинизма перед нашим Руско-Арийским, Скифским-Сакским словом:христос-это-хари-ари/

Единственным крестом подлинных, ранних Христиан был ГАММАДИОН / СВАСТИКА:крест-гамматический-crux-gammata/

Роды Русско-Арийских Скифов / Саков / Сколотов / Соколотов / Скловенов / Сакалиба КАС-САКОВ / КАЗАКОВ СО СТАНИЦАМИ И СТАНАМИ = Племени Огненного Сокола РАрога / Грифона / Жар-Птицы / Финиста Ясна Сокола-Феникса: Чукчи, Мордва, Чуваши, Татары из Татар-СТАНА, Туркоманы из Туркмени-СТАНА (Саки-Стан), Чеченцы, Дагестанцы из Даге-СТАНА, Осетины, Ари-Маны / Армяне (они же {г/х}Ерманцы), башкиры из Башкирто-СТАНА, Тувинцы, Киргиз-Кай-Саки из Киргиз-СТАНА, таджики из Таджики-СТАНА, узбеки из Узбеки-СТАНА, Азербаджанцы из Саки-СТАНА, Велико-Россы, Мало-Россы, Бело-Руссы, П-Руссы / {г/х}Ерманцы / Ари-Маны = Немецкие Саксонцы, Англо-Саки, Иранцы, Ханьцы Китая, Айны Японии, Тайцы, Негроидные Вандалы Камеруна, Семитские Берберы Северной Африки, Арабы Самарры и Палестины (Самарра аналогичная городу Самара в России), Курды Курде-СТАНА, Индусы Индо-СТАНА, и т.д. = ВСЕМИРНАЯ РОССИЯ = ОТРАЖЕНИЕ БЕЗКРАЙНЕЙ И ИЗВЕЧНОЙ НЕБЕСНОЙ РОССИИ = РА = АБСОЛЮТНОГО СВЕТА, символизируемого СВАСТИКОЙ = СИМВОЛОМ ВСЕЕДИНСТВА АБСОЛЮТНОГО СВЕТА. Свастика была, есть и будет родовым символом всех наших родов – от чукчей до Туркоманов и Великоросов! Слава богу, что мы – Русы ! Да здравствует РА ! У-РА !

Смотрите лекцию Ирины Цезарь о Руско-Арийских Скифских-Сакских Свастиках Башкиров, Туркоманов, Индусов, Великоросов, Мордвы, Чукчей, Чувашей, и т.д.:

PS  Именно потому, что СВАСТИКА является символом ВСЕЕДИНСТВА, в т.ч. ВСЕЕДИНСТВА ВСЕХ НАШИХ РОДОВ, она и уничтожается сейчас. Потому что Свастика была ЕДИНЫМ СИМВОЛОМ ВСЕХ НАШИХ РОДОВ. Но Небесная Россия РА никогда не допутит уничтожения Единства наших родов от Чукчей и Туркоманов до Малоросов и Великоросов, и от Ханьцев до Берберов.

Читайте “СВАСТИКА – ЭТО БУКВА РУСКО-АРИЙСКОГО АЛФАВИТА”:свастика-это-буква-алфавита/


Тронный, Георгиевский Зал Зимнего Дворца — главного дворца Российской Империи, Символа России — в Санкт-Петербурге, столице Российской Империи, весь покрыт Свастиками, по полу и потолку.



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9 августа 2016

Я привезла из Таиланда Китайские кафтаны, шали и ткани, расшитые свастиками. 卍 иероглиф называется ИВАН / ВАН. Является БУКВОЙ алфавита в Ханьском / Китайском, Японском, Корейском, и Вьетнамском языках:卍

卍 обозначает ЧЕЛОВЕКА и ХРАМ. Вот характерная фраза на Японском: 卍まんじ崩くずし組くみ子こ

ИВАН / ВАН = МАН, то есть, людьми / манами назывались именно Русы с севера, которые принесли цивилизацию в Тибет, и далее до Кореи, Вьетнама и Таиланда. В Индии 卍 так же обозначает в рукописях на языке Деванагари ЧЕЛОВЕКА. А четыре кружочка обозначают четыре стихии между ногами и руками человека-свастики. Кстати, 卍 обозначает не движение, а как раз, абсолютный покой – Квантовую Нелокальность, то есть, полное совпадение человека с Атманом, Абсолютом.

Понятие Атмана (и Атона в Египте) – от нашего Русо-Арийского Скифского-Сакского/Казацкого понятия Атамана. Атаман = Та Ма = Та/эта Ма/Мать Ра/Руса. Атон = “Та Она”. ХАН = ВАН = ИВАН = МАН.

То есть Южно-Азиатские языки позволяют нам доказать, что Хан и Ман и Иван — это одно и то же. “(Х) АН” от “ОНА”, так как все древнейшие цивилизации были нашими и были матриархальными. ОНА / АНА = АНИ (древняя столица наших предков, Ариманов) = АНУНАКИ = МАТРИАРХАТ. МАН = “МА ОНА” (жена из Матриархального рода) или “МА ОН” (муж из Матриархального рода).

“Деванагари” обычно истолковывается как Град (нагари) Бога (Девы). Но “Деванагари” — это буквально “Дева на Горе”, то есть город, в центре которого (Акрополе) стоит Храм Деве. Акрополь = “Акра + Поль”, где “Акра” или “Агра” – это переставленное “Ар-Га” или “Яр-Га”, свастика, Солнце РА, Горгона = (г/х) Арго-на. А вот и они, наши голубоглазые русоволосые предки, кто принёс свастики в Тибет и Китай:



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JASON: I can say finally I tracked down the True Solomon Gold.  So another question to you, should the temple to Solomon be built? If we were in possession of it do you know what its purpose is?

IRENE CAESAR: Solomon = Salman = Suleiman is derived from two words “Sol” as in “Sol Invictus” and “Man”. “Sol” is from Russian word “Sol-ntze” for Sun. Ancients did not write down vowels, and Salman, Solomon and Suleiman are the same. Also Solon and Solomon are the same. “Man” in the word “Salman” / “Solomon” stands for a “human”, “Manu”. In Russian, “on” is “he”, and “ona” is “she”. Matriarchy used “Ona” / “Ani” / “Anunnaki” as the major marker. And the Patriarchy used “on” as a major marker.

Matriarchy was before Pattiarchy, and the shift from Matriarchy to Patriarchy started happening with the Second Ryssian-Aryan global domination 1,500 BC. This is when our Russian words acquired a Russian-Aryan Scythian-San suffix “on” as in “Solon”. But in reality “Solon” is simply “Sol” as “Sol-ntze”, “Sun”. Similarly, Brits say “Plato”, and we Russians say “Platon”.

Also, with the transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy, the direction of writing has changed from the direction from right to left to the direction from left to right, so that “RA” became “AR”. And the country Rosh / RAsha, which is spoken of in the 38th chapter of the Book o Ezekiel as country more ancient, more civilized and technologically advanced than Judea, was also called ARYA. RA stands for the Absolute Light – ULTIMATE SUN (Sol Invictus), the same as ARYA. In Russian, Sun RA, Sol-ntze is also called YARILO, and YARY is the same as ARY – the extreme degree of light, as spiritual quality.

That is why, the name of our major RAssian river RA / Volga was more ancient than the names of rivers “Aryan” covering the entire territory of RAssia from Arctic Ocean to Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The Sun RA was a woman – MA-RA and RA-MA, and she was depicted as Firebird with Falcon wings, Lion paws, the body of a Cow, and the tail of a snake = a Griffon / Phoenix, Fiery / Fa-YARY Falcon RArog, (G)Argona / Arkona – eternal, uncreated and indestructible, reborn from ashes = Snake and Bird together, Garuda.

See RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Sun-Snake bracelets.

“G”/”h” is a Greek apostrophe of the times of Hellenism – not even a letter before our RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak words. So, Medusa-Gorgona is Orgona (as on Orgonon) / Arkona (as in Arkaim) / Arkana (as in Tarot = “TA [“this”] RA”). Greeks call thenselves “Hellens”, and we, RAssian-Aryans still call them with their true name – ELLENS / ALANS (as the Scythian-Sak name “Alan” in Great Britain, which was civilized by us – RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak. “Alan” is literally “ALLA ON”, “He-Sun”.

“L” and “R” were interchangeable, so that Arya is the same as Alla. We, Russian-Aryan Scythian-Saks, have three rivers by the RAssian North Pole, on Cola Peninsula – Aryan, Alla and Sura.

Greeks rejected Matriarchy and enslaved women and the weak. They demonized us, RAssians, and depicted us, Titans, the previous to them civilization of antediluvian giants, as REPTILIANS. See the frieze of the Athena Temple in Pergamon (now in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin).

Greeks called our SUN Reptilian, since we, RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Sak, depicted SUN as a female face with hair as Sun rays in the form of snakes. Also we, RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Saks, depicted Sun RA as a woman with her arms as snakes, her legs as snakes, her clothes as snakes. So, Greeks called RA – “Medusa”, “Medusa Gorgona”.

Athena has Medusa Gorgona always on her chest – in gold. Our ancestors were putting RA / (g)Orgona on their shields – in gold, so that Mother RA, Great RAssian Mother will blind enemy during battle, like Sun in the skies does.

Also RA was depicted as Swastika – Solar Cross, symbolizing Quantum Nonlocality and Holographic Principle – that Universe is entirely in its every point, so that there should be no hierarchy and slavery. The more freemen we get, the better for all of us.

Chinese “Lion” and “Dragon” is in fact RA, our RAssian-Aryan Firebird, Phoenix, Fiery / FA-YARY Falcon RArog / Griffon / Sphynx = Fa-Yary Falconess / Cow / Lioness / Snake, (g)Orgona with the same tongue sticking out of Great RAssian Mother’s mouth.

(G)Orgona / Ra / Fiery Griffon / Firebird / Phoenix was depicted with her tongue sticking out, because our Great Mothers-Warriors / Amazons / Tzar-Mat (Ruling Mothers) / Sarmat-Sarmatians were yelling ALLA-LA when they were attacking their enemies, thus, sticking their tongue out between their teeth.

You will find (G)Orgona with her tongue sticking out and her fiery hair from RAssian Polar regions across RAssia to Tibet, Mongolia, China, Japan, Thailand, India, both Americas, and Africa — since we, RAssian-Aryan Tzar-Mothers owned the world in antiquity, and civilized it.

What does all this mean? All this means that the Temple o Solomon – the MAN OF SUN – is The Temple to the Sun, not as physical Sun, but as Absolute Light – Light that does not cast a shadow. Sol Invictus. And this Sun cannot be symbolized by Magen David.

Salamander, the other version of Vasilisk and Medusa, i.e., of “the Reptilian” is, in reality, – SOL-AMA / Mother (ND) RA = Vasilisk / Vasilisa (major heroine of RAssian legends / Basileus) = Medusa Gorgona = Garuda = Saxon-Sak RAssian Griffon = Firebird = Falcon RArog = Solomon = Salame = Sol Ama.

Patriarchal suffix “ND” is the variation of Matriarchal suffix “ONA” = “she”, so that “Andr” (man, husband) is derived from “ONA”, as in Anadyr (city in the extreme North-East of RAssia). See also “Andes”.

The very word “man” for male, is derived from ‘AMAN”, that is, “AMA-ONA”, “She-Ama” (Mother), which got transformed during Patriarchy into “AMAN” = “AMA-ON”, “He-Ama” (Father). Analogously, “ABA”, father, was initially “BABA”, woman in Russian. Variation is “APA” in some RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tribes.

So, Gammadion / Swastika / Crux Quadrata of Jesus Christ was ABA-ABA in the sense of RAssian BABA-BABA.

Magen David is inferior to Swastika / Solar Cross / Crux Quadrata, because Magen David depicts two pyramids, and (1) pyramid is a symbol of hierarchy; and (2) pyramid represents the mechanism of resonance and amplification, according to the laws of physics. That is why no bird, insect or animal can survive in the pyramid. Pyramid functions as the natural psychotronic weapon. The frequency is amplified and then it blows apart the source of frequency.

That is why pyramids were used in the initiation riots. The heart frequency of the man was amplified by the pyramid. Then, the heart was going into resonance with the amplified frequency, so that, the amplitude of heart frequency was also greatly amplified, till man’s heart was torn apart. Soviets had psychotronic weapon like this. Only the man, who can nullify the frequency in his scalar wave inside the Kozyrev Mirror of his skull, bones and chromosomes, could have endured the “initiation” in the Pyramid. The scalar wave emerges when the signal gets reflected upon itself, so that the peak of the forward-going wave is nullified by the trough of the same wave when it is reflected upon itself, and backward-going.

Thus, Magen David is the symbol of negation and agitation, the symbol of total unrest – as below, as above. Only Swastika – from RAssian word “Svet” / “Sva” = Light / Crux Quadrata provides the symbol of creation, not destruction; of freedom, equality and fraternity, not hierarchy and slavery – as above, as below.

So the Solomon Temple should be SWASTIKA Temple. That is why the Dynasty of Solomon from the Tribe of Set / Sata / Satan (of Ethiopia = Eritrea = “ARA-TA[this]-RA) prays to Swastika. Satan has nothing to do with Lucifer and Devil of patriarchy in Medieval Europe.

Solomon Temple should be the Temple to FEMALE RA.

Solomon Temple should be the monument to RA, RAssia and RAssians, as the most ancient, most civilized and more technologically advanced civilization on this planet.

JASON: How much money do we need so I have a ball park figure to request.

IRENE CAESAR: I do not know how much money we need. In fact, we do not need any. We need to establish unlimited access to energy. And then money will become irrelevant. As in family. Family members do not charge each other for food and shelter.

Христос это “Хари” / “Ари”


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Христос это “Хари” / “Ари” и “Харизма”.

“Х” / “Г” – это приставка Времён IХ)Эллинизма – в виде запятой перед нашим Русским словом. Гласные не писались. “Ос”/ “УС” – это суффикс времён (Х)Эллинизма. Если мы хотим узнать подлинное значение слова, мы всегда должны отнимать мусор (Х)Эллинизма. Англичане, например, свалившие с берегов Дона в 4 веке н.э. в ЛОНу-ДОНА на Туманном Эль-Ба-Оне, так и говорят – ХРИСТ.

ХРИСТ = это (Х) АРИ СТО (КРАТ), то есть, Русо-Арий, принадлежащий к Русско-Арийскому Скифско-Сакскому роду, который насчитывает не меньше сто поколений, и силён сто крат. ХРИСТ = АРИ-СТО-КРАТ = АРИ-СТО-ТЕЛ(ь). ТО ЕСТЬ “ХРИСТ” – это, буквально, “АРИЙ”. “Ист” (от “СТО”) — это слово-образующий Русский суффикс, указывающий на важность явления. Так же, и “ГОР” (“ХОРУС”) = это (“Г”/”Х”) ОР / АОРС / АР / УР / АРИЙ. ХАРИ ХРИСТ ХАРИ ХАРИ.

Так же, и КРЕСТ это тоже “ХАРИ” / “АРИ”. ХРЕСТ = КРЕСТ = СВАСТИКА. ХРИСТ И КРЕСТ то же самое. Вечная жизнь в Абсолютном Свете, который присутствует в каждой точке мироздания ЦЕЛИКОМ. То есть, Христ / Крест = это СВАСТИКА. Уничтожая Свастику, Жиды (бандюги / ворюги – не путать с Иудеями) уничтожают именно Христианство. Самого Христа.



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Julian Assange is himself an intelligence black op asset. He is a victim of the in-figjhting inside the Anglo-Saxon Elites. And he was enrolled as a hacker by MI6, whose Zionist handlers are the authors of “Anonymous” as well (“Eman On” = “No Name” in 2009). Assange is an example of the fighting of British Zionists who sided with American Zionists (so called “truth-fighter” Steve Pieczenik, Pseudo-Jew of Khazarian legacy and of Russian blood and his pal Alex Jones, NSA black op asset, who was married to Mrs. Nichols, a Zionist CIA asset — they united in their fight against Soros and Ko of the transnational Zionists, who give a damn about Britain and United States.

That’s all. The Khazar Steve Pieczenik, a Pseudo-Jew, as well as Queen Elizabeth, Pseudo-heir of King David’s bloodline (a lie), simply finally realized that they will be eaten by the Zionist Transnational Mafia (no, not “Illuminati”, but a mandane Organized Crime Syndicate “Octopus”).

Edward Snowden is the same! The Zionist blackop asset from NSA / NASA — controlled opposition and fake whistle-blower who is blowing the Zionist fecalia out of his ass of a mind-slave, the worst kind of slave ever – hustling for the fake “Alien” invasion of “Tall Nordic Aliens”, planned as a Las Vegas Holographic Show with the use of V2K.

Since the times of Howard Hughes, Las Vegas is a major CIA joint for the opium money laundering, the sale of drugs, controlled by CIA world-wide, and testing all kinds of psychotronic weapons. Las Vegas is linked via tunnels with secret underground military bases that are not American, but located on the US territory, while belonging to the Octopus Global Organized Crime Syndicate (code-name “Illuminati”). The major tunnel goes from Batista Casino building with no windows to Area 51. We judge that this CIA joint is very active by the fact that it is off Google information grid completely. Howard Hughes bought Casinos from Mafia, and then, resold them back to Mafia cheap, but stuffed with CIA for Opium money laundering, the sale of drugs by CIA itself, and testing psychotronics en masse. CIA black science is financed by CIA drug world-wide sales, and small operations for CIA black science R&D are located in Vegas.

Vegas is the symbol of fraudulence and forgery of the American State after Zionist Coup d’etat of 1963, when the last truly American president JFK was killed by CIA, totally infiltrated by Mossad — the Strip show of non-existent democracy and non-existent freedom.  On the way to the Global Cyber Concentration Camp of trashed United States world-wide (code-name “Zion”). But alas, Donald Trump’s election is the attempt of the US middle men to resist the complete Zionist take-over of the country. Though in the form of total humiliation of “TRAMPED TRUMP” — something so humiliating that it was unthought of before, with his paws up, wining on his belly in puke that he will put Israel’s interest above and beyond US interests.

The in-fightintg took a form of PSYCHOTRONIC WAR, when Killary Killton was bombarded by psychotronic weapons 24/7. That is why she was behaving like a pig under the remote electrical shock attack. All the symptoms of Killary’s going mad publicly are the most characteristic symptoms of psychotronic attack.

Steve Pieczenik, Pseudo-Jew of Khazarian legacy and of Russian blood, is a bright example of how Khazars themselves go on rioting against their Zionist shepherds, and side with anti-Zionist struggle. Yes, Steve Pieczenik, you are completely right! Khazar Zionists give a damn about you, a Pseudo-Jew of Khazarian legacy and Russian blood! You will die along with Goyim if Khazarian Zionists will gain global domination!



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Both candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — are Zionist marionettes. I also thought that Donald Trump is the hope and the change. Until I had seen this:

USA is the colony of Israel as it is openly admitted by Zionists in the Zionist-owned “US” media. Israel is not the country, but the military base of the Council of 13 bankers in control of all Central Banks in the world, who are all of Russian blood, but of Khazar legacy. Khazars converted into Judaism from Islam in the 10th century AD, and constitute now 93%, some say – 98% of so-called world “Jewery”. These bankers are determined to build global empire, and transform all “non-Jews” into slaves. They believe that this is “God’s will”. They have the plan and fulfill it step by step. Their goal at the moment is Syria.

It is so not only because Syrian Central Bank is not under their control. And it is so not only because Syria is the route for gas and oil, now largely controlled by Israel in Iraq, and from Leviathan — the recently discovered huge Israeli deposit of gas. It is so mostly because Arameic is a Russian-Aryan language, and Levites are in fact “Alawites”, who converted into Judaism in the first century AD, in the times of Hellenism, when Romans eliminated the Negroid, true Judaism, destroyed the “Second Temple”, and killed Negroid, true Jews en masse — for human sacrifice and ideology of Nazism and Racism, which Romans strictly punished.

This is when Judaism became proselytic, meaning that, at that moment of total elimination of Jews by Romans, the remaining Negroid Jews accepted the conversion of people who are not of the Tribe of Judah by blood into Judaism. Syria is the major evidence that modern Judaism is fake not only in relation to Khazars, but also in relation to Mizrahim Jews of Palestine.

The other reason is that Jesus Christ was Syrian, was born in Syria and spoke Arameic — the Russian-Aryan language of Syria / Suria / Surya (the country of RA – “Su-RA” – “su”=”se”=”this” and “RA=Sun”). That is, Jesus Christ was NOT JEWISH. He was made into “Jewish” at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD by Alawite renegades who rejected their Russian-Aryan legacy, and converted into Tribal beliefs of the Negroid Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah of the Land of Set (Upper Egypt = North Sudan and Ethiopia).

If Jesus Christ was NOT A JEW, this means that Jews are NOT “THE ELDER BROTHERS” of Christians, and, indeed, Jesus Christ said that the Father of Jews is Satan, that is, – “Set, Sata” – the Negroid God of the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set from Africa. That is why the “synagogue” (Greek word) is “the House of Set” in Hebrew. Christ, himself, was from Samaria, that is, the Samarra culture in Syria, a swastika civilization dated earlier than Sumer = SAMARA in Iraq (e.g., famous Swastika “Samarra Plate”, found in North Syria, is dated 4,000 BC, now in Pergamon Museum, Berlin). So, Judaism cannot claim to have the dominant role in the three Abrahamic Religions.

Moreover, Christianity appears to be not even the “Abrahamic” religion of the Middle East. No wonder, the early, true Christians knew only one shape of Cross – SWASTIKA (Gammadion / Crux Quadrata, Square symmetrical cross which rejects hierarchy, slavery and nazism / racism of the caste society, and posits the holographic principe of equality, fraternity and freedom – “as above, as below”). And we need to take seriously Chirst’s ban on human sacrifice, which Jews and crypto-Jews in the Freemasonry Temples are intending to restore now in the restored Third Temple of Solomon.

Taken all this into consideration, one should understand what kind of extreme importance Syria plays at the moment. The destiny of Christianity, the destiny of us all, “non-Jews” is decided right now in Syria. The Council of Thirteen gives a damn about the internal US affairs and Trump’s demagogy about US and Americans. They care only about Trump’s role in their covert hybrid war against Arabs in the Middle East.

They took on Trump only because Trump rejects the 1947 UN Resolution on the TWO-STATE solution for Palestine. We can expect three things from Trump, for sure: (1) New major terrorist act in New York by pseudo-Muslims from Mossad — new micro Nuke explosion, or major chemical gas attack in New York subway; (2) micro nuke in Syria, and aggravation in Israel’s hybrid war for colonization of Arab lands from Nile to Euphrates, and, then, to Dniepr, and Oka; (3) major terrorist act in Moscow to pitch Russians against Muslims.





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Лев Диакин / Диакон (950-1000 н.э.), Византийский / Римский историк, написал, что Ахилл, герой Троянской войны, был Скифом-Саком-Сколотом-Скловеном-Сакалиба-СОКОЛотом из Племени Огненого Сокола РАрога, из страны Рош, о которой говорится в 38 главе Книги Пророка Иезекииля в Танахе / Ветхом Завете, как о более древней, более цивилизованной и более технологически развитой стране, чем Иудея, на реке РА, как называлась река Волга в древности. Так же Книга Пророка Иезекииля говорит, что именно с севера, из Рош / Рос / России (“с” и “ш” были взаимозаменяемы) в Иудею прилетали Элохимы на Виманах (огненных колесницах). Родился Ахилл, величайший воин Античности, около “Озера Меотиды”, то есть, около Азовского Моря.

И фамилия у Ахилла была Пелеев.


Head of Achilles, coin from Larissa Kremaste, Phthia, 4th century BC. Reverse:Thesis holding a shield of Achilles with his AX monogram on it.

Романовы-Кошкины, предатели нашего рода, шпионы Англии и агенты Ватикана, переписали наши Летописи в 17 веке, и изменили имя нашего народа с названия “Скловене” на “Словене”, опустив букву “к”. Потом враги нашего народа стали звать нас кликухой рабов — слав / slave. Это знание обладает такой геополитической важностью, что враги России до сих пор прячут его от …. Россиян. Вы найдёте на интернете только то, что “славян” называли, во всех источниках, “склавины”. То есть, враги России изменили даже слово “Скловены” / “Саколовены”, в “Склавины”, чтобы скрыть истину.

Наши предки верили, что они приходят из Абсолютного Света, и Абсолютный свет они звали РА (отсюда наш Русский воинский клич “У-РА”). Поэтому они называли себя РУСАМИ, а главным символом был ОГНЕННЫЙ СОКОЛ РАРОГ. То есть, Огнненного Сокола (Жар-Птицу) называли РАРОГ (Рюрик). И, значит, Скиф-Сак-Сколот-СОКОЛот и Рус — это одно и тоже. Русские Саки, Англо-Саксы и Германские Саксонцы == ОДИН НАРОД. Наши враги отделили от нас Англо-Саксов и Германских / (г)Арманских Саков (“г”/”х” – Греческая приставка – запятая перед нашим Русским словом), чтобы стравить нас и уничтожить.

Сак = Кас-Сак = Казак. Наши предки сохраняли древние наиважнейшие слова в симметричных словах, так как письменность изменила направление с направления справа налево на направление слева направо.



Трамп – сионист. Стоит ожидать большой теракт в Москве


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Опубликовано: 18 ноября 2016  Информационным Агентством КАЗАК-ТВ


Трамп отрицает Резолюцию ООН от 1947 года по образованию ДВУХ государств на территории Палестины. Что это означает для России?

Так как, ИГИЛ является Израильской прокси-армией по колонизации Арабских земель от Нила до Ефрата — а, затем, от Ефрата до Днепра, и дальше, и Трамп поддерживает ИГИЛ как Израильскую прокси-армию, мы можем ожидать от Трампа ухудшения положения в Сирии, и вступления Израиля в более активную фазу по колонизации Израилем земель от Ефрата до Днепра и Оки.

Обама — единственный и неповторимый наследник единственной и неповторимой Династии Соломона подлинных — НЕГРОИДНЫХ — Иудеев Ветхого Завета из Племени Иуды / Племени Сета из Земли Сета (Верхний Египет — Эфиопия и Северный Судан). Хазары Израиля являются псевдо-иудеями, которые, по крови (по своим же генетическим тестам), являются Русо-Ариями — курдами (Ариями) по праотцу, и Русскими (Ариями) по матери. Хазары — 93% т.н. “Иудеев” мира, противозаконно обратились в Иудаизм в 10 веке из Ислама. Это противозаконно, потому что они по крови — Русо-Арии.

Хазары Израиля подло присвоили себе наследие подлинных, негроидных, Иудеев Танаха. Хазары Израиля стерилизуют подлинных, негроидных, Иудеев Танаха. И запрещают им 2000-летние ритуалы подлинных Иудеев Танаха. Поэтому Обама, как наследник подлинной, негроидной Династии Соломона и Давида, вождь Племени Сета, не поддерживал Израиль в его гибридной войне на уничтожение подлинных, негроидных, Иудеев Танаха на Ближнем Востоке и в Африке. Обама, по сути, разрешил негласно сопротивление России экстансии Израиля, которая грозит самой России расширением колонизации Израилем Русских земель — через Гибридную Войну псевдо-Исламистов из Моссада.

Обама запретил Американские поставки летального оружия Украинским нацистам как прокси-армии Израиля в войне Израиля с Русами Киевской Руси по колонизации Киевской Руси Израилем. Обама, так же, запретил финансциование Израильской колонизации Киевской Руси. Отношения Обамы с Нетаньяху были очень плохими.

Что мы ясно видим в планах Моссада:

1) подрыв микро ядерной бомбы на “Украине” / Киевской Руси;

2) подрыв микро ядерной бомбы в Сирии;

3) расширение применения запрещённого оружия в Сирии, в том числе химического оружия;

4) теракт в Нью-Йорке псевдо-исламистами из Моссада. Джулиани и Трамп — это новая команда по 911. Подорвут старые здания, чтобы начать “инфрастурктурное обновление” Нью-Йорка.

5) можно так же ожидать химическую атаку в Нью-Йорком метро, к которой Моссад уже готовится несколько лет.

По сути, Трамп с Джулиани — это сценарий новой атаки Моссада на Соединёные Штаты Америки. Мне очень жаль. Бедная Америка.

Но самое страшное для нас, для Русских, — стоит ожидать большой теракт в Москве, сделанный псевдо-исламистами Моссада, чтобы настроить Русских против Арабов-Мусульман.

Трамп поддерживает Израиль как единственное государство Палестины, отрицая Резолюцию ООН от 1947 года по ДВУМ государствам в Палестине. ИГИЛ — это Израильская прокси армия по колонизации Арабских земель во имя создания Великого Израиля от Нила до Евфрата. Главой ИГИЛ Абу Бакр Багдади был агент Моссада Шимон Эллиот согласно докладу Французской разведки. Трамп поддерживает ИГИЛ, что бы он не говорил на публику.

Ирина Цезарь







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Педофил убийца рвется к власти в РФ на плечах ЦРУ.

Королевский дом Нидерландов отправил мужа королевы Беатрикс Клауса за педофилию в дурдом. А сына Йохана Фризо она убила за педофилию.

Сама Беатрикс ушла с трона, когда стало известно, что она сама жертва педофилии – ее мать изнасиловал отец матери и она забеременела Беатрикс.

Сейчас в США разведка настояла на том, чтобы убрали педофильский клан Клинтонов.

По сути разведчики устроили бунт против педофилов.

Главное обвинение, которое озвучил Стив Пиченик – это то, что чета Клинтонов участвовала в Лолита-экспресс – авиа рейсах педофила Эпштейна.

В результате бунта разведчиков только что ушел с поста глава национальной разведки Джеймс Клэппер.

И как контраcт, Путин назначает спикером Думы известного педофила, который вместе с Дерипаской насилует детей-сирот в детдомах Саратова.

Все знают об этом в развед сообществе США. Становится очевидно, что Американцы изменили идеологию. Они отвергли ультра-либеральную идеологию педофилии, которую проповедовал Сорос. И теперь Американцы по праву чувствуют моральное превосходство над Путиным и его правительством, которым рулит сейчас Володин В.В. – убийца-педофил, насилующий младенцев. То есть Американцы нащупывают моральное право для нападения на Россию.

Никакая Булава и никакой Сармат не спасут Россию, если “новым царём” изберут Володина В.В. Володин В.В. должен уйти из власти. В тюрьму.

Педофилия – это рутинный механизм дискредитации национальной власти. Так Хазары дискредитировали Королевский дом Нидерландов, когда Принц Бернхард, муж матери Беатрикс, учредил Билдебергский Клуб.

Хазарин Соломонсон внедрил в Королевскую семью педофилию, и таким образом, вывел Королевский Дом Нидерландов из легитимности власти. Отняв право на участие в геополитике.

Хазаре нашептывали Нидерландской элите, что педофилия – это нормально, престижно и прерогатива элиты.

Но теперь всё обернулось наоборот. Элиты США, которые есть лицо Хазарских элит мира (читай – Ротшильдов), заявили, что педофилия несовместима с властью.

Так они поймали идиотов.

И теперь бандюгам, которых ЦРУ поставило у власти в РФ и которых уже замарали по уши в педофилии, нужно искать срочный выход из имиджевой катастрофы.

Пятая колонна в РФ это не просто бандюги со счетами в офшорах, детьми в Лондоне и домами в Швейцарии.

Пятая колонна в РФ – это педофильское лобби.

В Кремле.

А именно – нац предатель Володин В. В.

Мразь, убийца, подлец и сволочь.

Насилующий младенцев.

Исчадие ада.

Таких как он казаки забивали на месте.




о деятельности преступного сообщества, организованного и руководимого первым заместителем Главы Администрации Президента РФ Володиным В.В.
Союз «Антитеррор» и Рабочая группа по борьбе с коррупцией в высших эшелонах власти доводит до Президента РФ информацию о том, что первый заместитель главы администрации Президента РФ Володин В.В. на протяжении уже около 20 лет, злоупотребляя служебным положением и превышая власть на территории Саратовской области, где он ранее исполнял обязанности первого заместителя губернатора Саратовской области, затем другие государственные должности, в том числе, заместителя председателя Правительства РФ, организовал и руководит организованным преступным сообществом. Эта преступная организация, в основном состоящая из различных должностных лиц города Саратова и области, склонных к нетрадиционной сексуальной ориентации (гомосексуалистов, одним из лидеров которых в России признан – Володин В.В.). В составе этой преступной организации Володиным были вовлечены руководители области и города, в том числе, и должностные лица правоохранительных органов. Эта группировка под воздействием Володина на протяжении уже многих лет совершила многочисленные эпизоды хищения миллиардных бюджетных средств, путем злоупотребления служебным положением, растраты и присвоения, постоянно занималась рейдерскими и бандитскими захватами компаний, недвижимости, земель различных юридических и физических лиц, уклонениями от уплаты налогов, похищением людей, заказными убийствами граждан и должностных лиц, которые пытаются противодействовать преступной деятельности этого преступного сообщества. Эта группировка по инициативе Володина организовывала коллективные оргии гомосексуалистов в отведенных для этих целей Володиным местах с использованием для своих утех малолетних детей и даже грудных детей из детских домов.