JASON: I can say finally I tracked down the True Solomon Gold.  So another question to you, should the temple to Solomon be built? If we were in possession of it do you know what its purpose is?

IRENE CAESAR: Solomon = Salman = Suleiman is derived from two words “Sol” as in “Sol Invictus” and “Man”. “Sol” is from Russian word “Sol-ntze” for Sun. Ancients did not write down vowels, and Salman, Solomon and Suleiman are the same. Also Solon and Solomon are the same. “Man” in the word “Salman” / “Solomon” stands for a “human”, “Manu”. In Russian, “on” is “he”, and “ona” is “she”. Matriarchy used “Ona” / “Ani” / “Anunnaki” as the major marker. And the Patriarchy used “on” as a major market.

Matriarchy was before Pattiarchy, and the shift from Matriarchy to Patriarchy started happening with the Second Ryssian-Aryan global domination 1,500 BC. This is when our Russian words acquired a Russian-Aryan Scythian-San suffix “on” as in “Solon”. But in reality “Solon” is simply “Sol” as “Sol-ntze”, “Sun”. Similarly, Brits say “Plato”, and we Russians say “Platon”.

Also, with the transition from Patriarchy to Matriarchy, the direction of writing has changed from the direction from right to left to the direction from left to right, so that “RA” became “AR”. And the country Rosh / RAsha, which is spoken of in the 38th chapter of the Book o Ezekiel as country more ancient, more civilized and technologically advanced than Judea, was also called ARYA. RA stands for the Absolute Light – ULTIMATE SUN (Sol Imvictus), the same as ARYA. In Russian, Sun RA, Sol-ntze is also called YARILO, and YARY is the same as ARY – the extreme degree of light, as spiritual quality.

That is why, the name of river RA / Volga was more ancient than the names of rivers Aryan covering the entire territory of RAssia from Arctic Ocean to Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The Sun RA was a woman – MA-RA and RA-MA, and she was depicted as Firebird with Falcon wings, Lion paws, the body of a Cow, and the tail of a snake = a Griffon / Phoenix, Fiery / Fa-YARY Falcon RArog, (G)Argona / Arkona – eternal, uncreated and indestructible, reborn from ashes = Snake and Bird together, Garuda.

See RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Sun-Snake bracelets. “G”/”h” is a Greek apostrophe if the times of Hellenism – not even even a letter before our RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak words. So, Medusa-Gorgona is Orgona (as on Orgonon) / Arkona (as in Arkaim). Greeks call thenselves “Hellens”, and we, RAssian-Aryans still call them with their true name – ELLENS / ALANS (as the Scythian-Sak name “Alan” in Great Britain, which was civilized by us – RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak. “Alan” is literally “ALLA ON”, “He-Sun”.

“L” and “R” was interchangeable, and we have three rivers by the North Pole, on Cola Peninsula – Aryan, Alla and Sura. Greeks rejected Matriarchy and enslaved women. They demonized us, RSssians, and depicted us, Titans, the previous to them civilization of antediluvian giants, as REPTILIANS. See the frieze of the Athena Temple in Pergamon (now in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin).

Greeks called our SUN Reptilian, since we, RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Sak, depicted SUN as a female face with hair as Sun rays in the form of snakes. Also we. RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Saks, depicted Sun RA as a woman with her arms as snakes, her legs as snakes, her clothes as snakes. So, Greeks called RA – “Medusa”, “Medusa Gorgona”.

Athena has Medusa Gorgona always on her chest – in gold. Our ancestor were putting RA / (g)Orgona on their shields – in gold, so that Mother RA, Great RAssian Mother will blind enemy during battle, like Sun in the skies does. Also RA was depicted as Swastika – Solar Cross, symbolizing Quantum Nonlocality and Holographic Principle – that Universe is entirely in its every point, so that there should be no hierarchy and slavery. The more freemen we get, the better for all of us. Chinese “Lion” and “Dragon@ is in fact RA, our RAssian-Aryan Firebird, Phoenix, Fiery / FA-YARY Falcon RArog.

What does all this mean? All this mean that the Temple o Solomon is the The Temple to the Sun, not as physical Sun, but as Absolute Light – Light that does not cast a shadow. Sol Invictus. And this Sun cannot be symbolized by Magen David.

Salamander (in reality – SOL AMA (ND) RA) = Vasilisk / Vasilisa (major heroine of RAssian legends) = Medusa Gorgona = Garuda = Saxon RAssian Friffon = Firebird = Falcon RArog = Solomon = Griffon. So the Solomon Temple should be SWASTIKA Temple. That is why the Dynasty of Solomon from the Tribe of Set / Sata / Satan prays to Swastika. Satan has nothing to do with Lucifer and Devil of patriarchy in medieval Europe.

Solomon Temple should be the Temple to FEMALE RA.

Solomon Temple should be the monument to RA, RAssia and RAssians, as the most ancient, most civilized and more technologically advanced civilization on this planet.

JASON: How much money do we need so I have a ball park figure to request.

IRENE CAESAR: I do not know how much money we need. In fact we do not need any. We need to establish unlimited access to energy. And then money will become irrelevant. As in family. Family members do not charge each other for food and shelter.


Христос это “Хари” / “Ари”


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Христос это “Хари” / “Ари” и “Харизма”.

“Х” / “Г” – это приставка Времён IХ)Эллинизма – в виде запятой перед нашим Русским словом. Гласные не писались. “Ос”/ “УС” – это суффикс времён (Х)Эллинизма. Если мы хотим узнать подлинное значение слова, мы всегда должны отнимать мусор (Х)Эллинизма. Англичане, например, свалившие с берегов Дона в 4 веке н.э. в ЛОНу-ДОНА на Туманном Эль-Ба-Оне, так и говорят – ХРИСТ.

ХРИСТ = это (Х) АРИ СТО (КРАТ), то есть, Русо-Арий, принадлежащий к Русско-Арийскому Скифско-Сакскому роду, который насчитывает не меньше сто поколений, и силён сто крат. ХРИСТ = АРИ-СТО-КРАТ = АРИ-СТО-ТЕЛ(ь). ТО ЕСТЬ “ХРИСТ” – это, буквально, “АРИЙ”. “Ист” (от “СТО”) — это слово-образующий Русский суффикс, указывающий на важность явления. Так же, и “ГОР” (“ХОРУС”) = это (“Г”/”Х”) ОР / АОРС / АР / УР / АРИЙ. ХАРИ ХРИСТ ХАРИ ХАРИ.

Так же, и КРЕСТ это тоже “ХАРИ” / “АРИ”. ХРЕСТ = КРЕСТ = СВАСТИКА. ХРИСТ И КРЕСТ то же самое. Вечная жизнь в Абсолютном Свете, который присутствует в каждой точке мироздания ЦЕЛИКОМ. То есть, Христ / Крест = это СВАСТИКА. Уничтожая Свастику, Жиды (бандюги / ворюги – не путать с Иудеями) уничтожают именно Христианство. Самого Христа.



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Julian Assange is himself an intelligence black op asset. He is a victim of the in-figjhting inside the Anglo-Saxon Elites. And he was enrolled as a hacker by MI6, whose Zionist handlers are the authors of “Anonymous” as well (“Eman On” = “No Name” in 2009). Assange is an example of the fighting of British Zionists who sided with American Zionists (so called “truth-fighter” Steve Pieczenik, Pseudo-Jew of Khazarian legacy and his pal Alex Jones, NSA black op asset, who was married to Mrs. Nichols, a Zionist CIA asset — they united in their fight against Soros and Ko of the transnational Zionists, who give a damn about Britain and United States.

That’s all. The Khazar Steve Pieczenik, a Pseudo-Jew, as well as Queen Elizabeth, Pseudo-heir of King David’s bloodline (a lie), simply finally realized that they will be eaten by the Zionist Transnational Mafia (no, not “Illuminati”, but a mandane Organized Crime Syndicate “Octopus”).

Edward Snowden is the same! The Zionist blackop asset from NSA — controlled opposition and fake whistle-blower who is blowing the Zionist fecalia out of his ass of a mind-slave, the worst kind of slave ever.

The in-fightintg took a form of PSYCHOTRONIC WAR, when Killary Killton was bombarded by psychotronic weapons 24/7. That is why she was behaving like a pig under the remote electrical shock attack. All the symptoms of Killary’s going mad publicly are the most characteristic symptoms of psychotronic attack.

Steve Pieczenik, Pseudo-Jew of Khazarian legacy, is a bright example of how Khazars themselves go on rioting against their Zionist shepherds, and side with anti-Zioniost struggle. Yes, Steve Pieczenik, you are completely right! Khazar Zionists give a damn about you, a Pseudo-Jew of Khazarian legacy! You will die along with Goyim if Khazarian Zionists will gain global domination!



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Both candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — are Zionist marionettes. I also thought that Donald Trump is the hope and the change. Until I had seen this:

USA is the colony of Israel as it is openly admitted by Zionists in the Zionist-owned “US” media. Israel is not the country, but the military base of the Council of 13 bankers in control of all Central Banks in the world, who are all of Russian blood, but of Khazar legacy. Khazars converted into Judaism from Islam in the 10th century AD, and constitute now 93%, some say – 98% of so-called world “Jewery”. These bankers are determined to build global empire, and transform all “non-Jews” into slaves. They believe that this is “God’s will”. They have the plan and fulfill it step by step. Their goal at the moment is Syria.

It is so not only because Syrian Central Bank is not under their control. And it is so not only because Syria is the route for gas and oil, now largely controlled by Israel in Iraq, and from Leviathan — the recently discovered huge Israeli deposit of gas. It is so mostly because Arameic is a Russian-Aryan language, and Levites are in fact “Alawites”, who converted into Judaism in the first century AD, in the times of Hellenism, when Romans eliminated the Negroid, true Judaism, destroyed the “Second Temple”, and killed Negroid, true Jews en masse — for blood sacrifice and ideology of Nazism and Racism, which Romans strictly punished.

This is when Judaism became proselytic, meaning that, at that moment of total elimination of Jews by Romans, the remaining Negroid Jews accepted the conversion of people who are not of the Tribe of Judah by blood into Judaism. Syria is the major evidence that modern Judaism is fake not only in relation to Khazars, but also in relation to Mizrahim Jews of Palestine.

The other reason is that Jesus Christ was Syrian, was born in Syria and spoke Arameic — the Russian-Aryan language of Syria / Suria / Surya (the country of RA – “Su-RA” – “su”=”se”=”this” and “RA=Sun”). That is, Jesus Christ was NOT JEWISH. He was made into “Jewish” at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD by Alawite renegades who rejected their Russian-Aryan legacy, and converted into Tribal beliefs of the Negroid Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah of the Land of Set (Upper Egypt = North Sudan and Ethiopia).

If Jesus Christ was NOT A JEW, this means that Jews are NOT “THE ELDER BROTHERS” of Christians, and, indeed, Jesus Christ said that the Father of Jews is Satan, that is, – “Set, Sata” – the Negroid God of the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set from Africa. That is why the “synagogue” (Greek word) is “the House of Set” in Hebrew. Christ, himself, was from Samaria, that is the Samarra culture in Syria, a swastika civilization dated 4,000 BC. So, Judaism cannot claim to have the dominant role in the three Abrahamic Religions.

Moreover, Christianity appears to be not even the “Abrahamic” religion of the Middle East. No wonder, the early, true Christians knew only one shape of Cross – SWASTIKA (Crux Quadrata, Square symmetrical cross which rejects hierarchy, and posits the holographic principe of equality, fraternity and freedom – “as above, as below”). And we need to take seriously Chirst’s ban on human sacrifice, which Jews and crypto-Jews in the Freemasonry Temples are intending to restore now in the restored Third Temple of Solomon.

Taken all this into consideration, one should understand what kind of extreme importance Syria plays at the moment. The destiny of Christianity, the destiny of us all, “non-Jews” is decided right now in Syria. The Council of Thirteen gives a damn about the internal US affairs and Trump’s demagogy about US and Americans. They care only about Trump’s role in their covert hybrid war against Arabs in the Middle East.

They took on Trump only because Trump rejects the 1947 UN Resolution on the TWO-STATE solution for Palestine. We can expect three things from Trump, for sure: (1) New major terrorist act in New York by pseudo-Muslims from Mossad — new micro Nuke explosion, or major chemical gas attack in New York subway; (2) micro nuke in Syria, and aggregation in Israel’s hybrid war for colonization of Arab lands from Nile to Euphrates, and, then, to Dniepr, and Oka; (3) major terrorist act in Moscow to pitch Russians against Muslims.





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Лев Диакин / Диакон (950-1000 н.э.), Византийский / Римский историк, написал, что Ахилл, герой Троянской войны, был Скифом-Саком-Сколотом-Скловеном-Сакалиба-СОКОЛотом из Племени Огненого Сокола РАрога, из страны Рош, о которой говорится в 38 главе Книги Пророка Иезекииля в Танахе / Ветхом Завете, как о более древней, более цивилизованной и более технологически развитой стране, чем Иудея, на реке РА, как называлась река Волга в древности. Так же Книга Пророка Иезекииля говорит, что именно с севера, из Рош / Рос / России (“с” и “ш” были взаимозаменяемы) в Иудею прилетали Элохимы на Виманах (огненных колесницах). Родился Ахилл, величайший воин Античности, около “Озера Меотиды”, то есть, около Азовского Моря.

И фамилия у Ахилла была Пелеев.


Head of Achilles, coin from Larissa Kremaste, Phthia, 4th century BC. Reverse:Thesis holding a shield of Achilles with his AX monogram on it.

Романовы-Кошкины, предатели нашего рода, шпионы Англии и агенты Ватикана, переписали наши Летописи в 17 веке, и изменили имя нашего народа с названия “Скловене” на “Словене”, опустив букву “к”. Потом враги нашего народа стали звать нас кликухой рабов — слав / slave. Это знание обладает такой геополитической важностью, что враги России до сих пор прячут его от …. Россиян. Вы найдёте на интернете только то, что “славян” называли, во всех источниках, “склавины”. То есть, враги России изменили даже слово “Скловены” / “Саколовены”, в “Склавины”, чтобы скрыть истину.

Наши предки верили, что они приходят из Абсолютного Света, и Абсолютный свет они звали РА (отсюда наш Русский воинский клич “У-РА”). Поэтому они называли себя РУСАМИ, а главным символом был ОГНЕННЫЙ СОКОЛ РАРОГ. То есть, Огнненного Сокола (Жар-Птицу) называли РАРОГ (Рюрик). И, значит, Скиф-Сак-Сколот-СОКОЛот и Рус — это одно и тоже. Русские Саки, Англо-Саксы и Германские Саксонцы == ОДИН НАРОД. Наши враги отделили от нас Англо-Саксов и Германских / (г)Арманских Саков (“г”/”х” – Греческая приставка – запятая перед нашим Русским словом), чтобы стравить нас и уничтожить.

Сак = Кас-Сак = Казак. Наши предки сохраняли древние наиважнейшие слова в симметричных словах, так как письменность изменила направление с направления справа налево на направление слева направо.



Трамп – сионист. Стоит ожидать большой теракт в Москве


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Опубликовано: 18 ноября 2016  Информационным Агентством КАЗАК-ТВ


Трамп отрицает Резолюцию ООН от 1947 года по образованию ДВУХ государств на территории Палестины. Что это означает для России?

Так как, ИГИЛ является Израильской прокси-армией по колонизации Арабских земель от Нила до Ефрата — а, затем, от Ефрата до Днепра, и дальше, и Трамп поддерживает ИГИЛ как Израильскую прокси-армию, мы можем ожидать от Трампа ухудшения положения в Сирии, и вступления Израиля в более активную фазу по колонизации Израилем земель от Ефрата до Днепра и Оки.

Обама — единственный и неповторимый наследник единственной и неповторимой Династии Соломона подлинных — НЕГРОИДНЫХ — Иудеев Ветхого Завета из Племени Иуды / Племени Сета из Земли Сета (Верхний Египет — Эфиопия и Северный Судан). Хазары Израиля являются псевдо-иудеями, которые, по крови (по своим же генетическим тестам), являюстя Русо-Ариями — курдами (Ариями) по праотцу, и Русскими (Ариями) по матери. Хазары — 93% т.н. “Иудеев” мира, противозаконно обратились в Иудаизм в 10 веке из Ислама. Это противозаконно, потому что они по крови — Русо-Арии.

Хазары Израиля подло присвоили себе наследие подлинных, негроидных, Иудеев Танаха. Хазары Израиля стерилизуют подлинных, негроидных, Иудеев Танаха. И запрещают им 2000-летние ритуалы подлинных Иудеев Танаха. Поэтому Обама, как наследник подлинной, негроидной Династии Соломона и Давида, вождь Племени Сета, не поддерживал Израиль в его гибридной войне на уничтожение подлинных, негроидных, Иудеев Танаха на Ближнем Востоке и в Африке. Обама, по сути, разрешил негласно сопротивление России экстансии Израиля, которая грозит самой России расширением колонизации Израилем Русских земель — через Гибридную Войну псевдо-Исламистов из Моссада.

Обама запретил Американские поставки летального оружия Украинским нацистам как прокси-армии Израиля в войне Израиля с Русами Киевской Руси по колонизации Киевской Руси Израилем. Обама, так же, запретил финансциование Израильской колонизации Киевской Руси. Отношения Обамы с Нетаньяху были очень плохими.

Что мы ясно видим в планах Моссада:

1) подрыв микро ядерной бомбы на “Украине” / Киевской Руси;

2) подрыв микро ядерной бомбы в Сирии;

3) расширение применения запрещённого оружия в Сирии, в том числе химического оружия;

4) теракт в Нью-Йорке псевдо-исламистами из Моссада. Джулиани и Трамп — это новая команда по 911. Подорвут старые здания, чтобы начать “инфрастурктурное обновление” Нью-Йорка.

5) можно так же ожидать химическую атаку в Нью-Йорком метро, к которой Моссад уже готовится несколько лет.

По сути, Трамп с Джулиани — это сценарий новой атаки Моссада на Соединёные Штаты Америки. Мне очень жаль. Бедная Америка.

Но самое страшное для нас, для Русских, — стоит ожидать большой теракт в Москве, сделанный псевдо-исламистами Моссада, чтобы настроить Русских против Арабов-Мусульман.

Трамп поддерживает Израиль как единственное государство Палестины, отрицая Резолюцию ООН от 1947 года по ДВУМ государствам в Палестине. ИГИЛ — это Израильская прокси армия по колонизации Арабских земель во имя создания Великого Израиля от Нила до Евфрата. Главой ИГИЛ Абу Бакр Багдади был агент Моссада Шимон Эллиот согласно докладу Французской разведки. Трамп поддерживает ИГИЛ, что бы он не говорил на публику.

Ирина Цезарь







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Педофил убийца рвется к власти в РФ на плечах ЦРУ.

Королевский дом Нидерландов отправил мужа королевы Беатрикс Клауса за педофилию в дурдом. А сына Йохана Фризо она убила за педофилию.

Сама Беатрикс ушла с трона, когда стало известно, что она сама жертва педофилии – ее мать изнасиловал отец матери и она забеременела Беатрикс.

Сейчас в США разведка настояла на том, чтобы убрали педофильский клан Клинтонов.

По сути разведчики устроили бунт против педофилов.

Главное обвинение, которое озвучил Стив Пиченик – это то, что чета Клинтонов участвовала в Лолита-экспресс – авиа рейсах педофила Эпштейна.

В результате бунта разведчиков только что ушел с поста глава национальной разведки Джеймс Клэппер.

И как контраcт, Путин назначает спикером Думы известного педофила, который вместе с Дерипаской насилует детей-сирот в детдомах Саратова.

Все знают об этом в развед сообществе США. Становится очевидно, что Американцы изменили идеологию. Они отвергли ультра-либеральную идеологию педофилии, которую проповедовал Сорос. И теперь Американцы по праву чувствуют моральное превосходство над Путиным и его правительством, которым рулит сейчас Володин В.В. – убийца-педофил, насилующий младенцев. То есть Американцы нащупывают моральное право для нападения на Россию.

Никакая Булава и никакой Сармат не спасут Россию, если “новым царём” изберут Володина В.В. Володин В.В. должен уйти из власти. В тюрьму.

Педофилия – это рутинный механизм дискредитации национальной власти. Так Хазары дискредитировали Королевский дом Нидерландов, когда Принц Бернхард, муж матери Беатрикс, учредил Билдебергский Клуб.

Хазарин Соломонсон внедрил в Королевскую семью педофилию, и таким образом, вывел Королевский Дом Нидерландов из легитимности власти. Отняв право на участие в геополитике.

Хазаре нашептывали Нидерландской элите, что педофилия – это нормально, престижно и прерогатива элиты.

Но теперь всё обернулось наоборот. Элиты США, которые есть лицо Хазарских элит мира (читай – Ротшильдов), заявили, что педофилия несовместима с властью.

Так они поймали идиотов.

И теперь бандюгам, которых ЦРУ поставило у власти в РФ и которых уже замарали по уши в педофилии, нужно искать срочный выход из имиджевой катастрофы.

Пятая колонна в РФ это не просто бандюги со счетами в офшорах, детьми в Лондоне и домами в Швейцарии.

Пятая колонна в РФ – это педофильское лобби.

В Кремле.

А именно – нац предатель Володин В. В.

Мразь, убийца, подлец и сволочь.

Насилующий младенцев.

Исчадие ада.

Таких как он казаки забивали на месте.




о деятельности преступного сообщества, организованного и руководимого первым заместителем Главы Администрации Президента РФ Володиным В.В.
Союз «Антитеррор» и Рабочая группа по борьбе с коррупцией в высших эшелонах власти доводит до Президента РФ информацию о том, что первый заместитель главы администрации Президента РФ Володин В.В. на протяжении уже около 20 лет, злоупотребляя служебным положением и превышая власть на территории Саратовской области, где он ранее исполнял обязанности первого заместителя губернатора Саратовской области, затем другие государственные должности, в том числе, заместителя председателя Правительства РФ, организовал и руководит организованным преступным сообществом. Эта преступная организация, в основном состоящая из различных должностных лиц города Саратова и области, склонных к нетрадиционной сексуальной ориентации (гомосексуалистов, одним из лидеров которых в России признан – Володин В.В.). В составе этой преступной организации Володиным были вовлечены руководители области и города, в том числе, и должностные лица правоохранительных органов. Эта группировка под воздействием Володина на протяжении уже многих лет совершила многочисленные эпизоды хищения миллиардных бюджетных средств, путем злоупотребления служебным положением, растраты и присвоения, постоянно занималась рейдерскими и бандитскими захватами компаний, недвижимости, земель различных юридических и физических лиц, уклонениями от уплаты налогов, похищением людей, заказными убийствами граждан и должностных лиц, которые пытаются противодействовать преступной деятельности этого преступного сообщества. Эта группировка по инициативе Володина организовывала коллективные оргии гомосексуалистов в отведенных для этих целей Володиным местах с использованием для своих утех малолетних детей и даже грудных детей из детских домов.



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“Reptilian agenda” is a project of the Synagogue of Satan, to alienate from us our Scythian-Sak ancestral legacy.

Did you see the Pergamon Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC in June 2016? The exhibit represents the permanent exhibit in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The imagery and symbols are so important that Germans transported the whole frieze of the Temple of Athena from Anatolia to Berlin, alongside with the Swastika mosaic floor. Germans did not loan the frieze to the Metropolitan Museum. So, New York Satanists exhibited only the reproductions of the frieze.

The frieze of the Athena Temple depicts the Half-Humanoid-half-Reptiloid Titans (read: Scythians-Saks) fighting the humanoid Hellenic “Gods”. Evidently, the Satanic elites would like to identify themselves with Titans. First of all, we, Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak “Titans”, had global domination three times in the Ancient history, according to Ancient sources. Second, we, Russian-Aryan Scythian Sak Titants, are direct decedents of the Antideluvian civilization of Giants / Titans which had Quantum technologies.Third, we, Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak “Titans”, still have the largest country in the world — RAssia, and the largest deposits of natural resources, including water.


Matriarchy was before Patriarchy. Patriarchy, including homosexuality and pedophilia, was established by Greeks, the branch of our Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tribe. The major theme of Ancient Greek culture is their struggle against Amazons (Ama-Sar = Sar-Mat = Tzar Mothers) — the previous, Matriarchal, culture, thoroughly Russian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak. Our ancestral mothers Sar-Mat = Ama-Zar = Amazons beat Greeks, and did not let them into Crimea and Anatolia, i.e., Assia / Asia.

Because Greeks abandoned Matriarchy, this caused the great degeneration of their culture, since women-Matriarchs were teaching children. Scytnian-Saks had alphabet consisting of 49 letters, and Greeks got only 24. By the way, precisely the Scythians-Saks invented all devices of agriculture and war, according to Greek sources, and taught Hercules archery. And only after that, Hercules gave rise to “noble” families of Greece.

We, Scythian / Sak / Skolot / Sakoloven / Skloven / Sakaliba (in Arab sources) derive our name from Russian word for Falcon — Sakol / Sokol. Falcon was called RArog, from RA for Light. “RAssian” literally means the one who comes from the Light RA, and comes back to the Light RA.

RA was a woman — RA-MA or MA-RA, Mother of Sun. RA was depicted as Sun Snake (see Scythian snake bracelets), and as woman with hair as snakes, clothes as snakes, and arms and legs as snakes; or as female face with hair as snakes.


Sun-Woman was also called as AR-GA / YAR-GA (swastika), ARGONA (like in Arganauts and Orgonon) / ARKONA (like in Arkaim), and was also depicted as SWAstika (SVA is derived from SVET, the other RAssian word for Light).

Greeks demonized GREAT MOTHER SUN RA, and depicted her as Medusa-Gorgona, a Reptilian, whose glance was so terrible that was turning man into stone. “Gorgona” is precisely Argona / Arkona (like Arkaim), since “g” / “h” is a Greek prefix, and even simpler (and more base) — an apostrophe before words.


“Gorgona” was turning our enemies into stone, because our ancestors were putting her in gold on their shields, so that golden face of our Great Mother RA was blinding enemies, like Sun in the skies!

Every warrior-woman also had [G]Argona on her chest. All depictions of Athena have [G]Argona/Arkona on her chest.This testifies to the fact, that Athena was herself an Amazon / Ama-Tzar / Tzar-Mat (Sar-Mat / Sarmatian), Ruling Mother of RAssia.

Welcome to the truth.


Icke is a stupid, mediocre and retarded idiot. On psychedelics and MK Ultra mind control.

PS Romanov-Koshkin, Vatican spies and British agents, had altered the name of our people in the 17th century via rewriting our ancient manuscripts and dropping letter “K” in “Skloven” / “Sakoloven” to make it into “Sloven”, and later into “Slav” (“Slave”), in order to split into parts our Great RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Tribe RArog = Fiery Falcon / Griffon / Firebird / Phoenix. In reality, we, RAssian SAKS, and Anglo-SAX and German SAXons are ONE AND THE SAME NATION. Moreover, ALL NATIONS of the RAssian Empire, including Mongoloids (Kai-Sak = Kyrgyz and Kazakh) and all nations living in Caucasis, like Georgians, Ossetians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, are various branches of our GREAT RASSIAN-ARYAN TRIBE OF SCYTHIANS-SAKS.

Images: our Great Mother RA.




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Irene Caesar’s, Ph.D., article on Russian President Vladimir Putin as the cover story for the November issue of the “Socialist Factor” Magazine (Lucknow and London).



Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin was the creation of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), and was the Russian-British-Israeli-German-American quintupal secret agent in the 1990s, when CIA agents wrote Russian constitution, and CIA advisors were sitting in every Russian Ministry, while pseudo-Jewish criminal oligarchs divided the former USSR into the zones of influence in Jerusalem under the supervision of British Crown. Vladimir Putin was prepared and groomed to become the ultimate force for destroying Russia. Vladimir Putin was literally made into the President of Russia by his curator Oleg Deripaska, a personal friend of Nathaniel Rothschild and the key member of Yeltsin criminal clan, who married Polina, daughter of Valentin Yumashev, Chairman of Yeltsin’s Presidential Executive Office, and his wife Tatyana Yumasheva, Yeltsin’s daughter.


Russian President Boris Yeltsin and American President Bill Clinton.

Yeltsin’s clan, of the pseudo-Jewish background, was determined to destroy Socialism in Russia, and to make Russian goyim into the slaves of the Synagogue of Satan, the organized crime syndicate of 13 Khazar Bankers, all pseudo-Jews with Russian blood in possession of Central Banks globally. Putin’s Presidency was supposed to cement the transfer of all Russian assets from ownership by national oligarchy into ownership by transnational pseudo-Jewish oligarchy. Putin’s major task was to protect Yeltsin’s clan criminal privatization of the Soviet Union national property, which belonged to the entire nation in the Soviet Union.


Jacob Rothschild.

Rothschilds gave some money to Oleg Deripaska and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and other “Russian” oligarchs of pseudo-Jewish legacy, in a pansy scheme of taking possession of Russian land, Russian resources and Russian goyim slaves. “Russian” oligarchs, financed by Rothschilds, were playing the role of Rothschilds’ marionettes, who like butlers were to deliver Russia as a sacrificial lamb to the dinner table of Russian enemies. Khodorkovsky’s agreement with Jacob Rothschild stated that Jacob Rothschild takes possession of the 1/5th of all Russian oil in control of Khodorkovsky’s company “Yukos” if “Yukos” “fails to perform”.


Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Deripaska himself took possession of RUSAL, the largest aluminum company in the world. Deripaska became famous in Russia for making his RUSAL workers repair the broken machines with their own money. It is clear that neither Deripaska, no Khodorkovsky have any love for Russia and Russian people. They are dangerous and shameless criminals at the service of the clan of open and proud Satanists. Naturally, all of Rothschild’s marionettes in Russia were introduced to pedophilia and human sacrifice.


Nathan Rothschild and Oleg Deripaska.

And no doubt, President Putin was made a president only after being photographed in the scenes of Satanic pedophilia. How did it happen then that President Vladimir Putin got off the hook of Satanists? Putin imprisoned Khodorkovsky, thus stopping Rothschilds from getting possession of 1/5th of all Russian oil. This, no doubt, stopped Rothschilds from getting possession of RUSAL as well, the largest aluminum company in the world, and other strategic Russian assets.

Some would say that the split between Putin and his curators in SIS happened when Putin got to know that he and his family are to be killed if they immigrate to Great Britain. But I claim that in that atmosphere of total crime that brought Vladimir Putin to power, he had a few sacred things that helped him not only to survive, but to become the greatest leader on the planet at the present.

In order to understand what those things were, let us look closer at the relation of Putin’s family and British Secret Intelligence Services. President Putin’s grandfather Spiridon (Ivanovich – middle name) Putin was a cook for 20 years in the capital of Russian Empire, Saint Petersburg, in the non-alcohol restaurant called “London”, right in the very center of the city, the strategic place in the closest proximity to the Imperial Winter Palace, the Naval Ministry of Defense, Senate, and corporate offices of major Russian banks.


On the left is Spiridon Putin.

But, most important, restaurant “London” was located across the street from Mayor’s Office, and Secret Police headquarters inside Mayor’s office. During WWI, Spiridon Putin escaped military draft, because he was not simply a cook, but became a double agent of British Secret Intelligence Service and Russian Secret Police.


Secret Police headquarters in St. Petersburg. After 1917 revolution, the building of CHEKA, Secret Intelligence Service of Soviet Russia (also: NKVD and KGB).

Interest of British Secret Intelligence Service to a humble cook is easily explainable. British Crown interfered in Russian internal and international affairs via poison from the time when the entire Rurik (Rurikid) dynasty was poisoned by British secret agents in the 16th century, in order to bring to power the clan of Romanov-Koshkin, Vatican spies and British Secret agents who made Russia into British crypto-colony. No wonder that from the time when Britain and Russia entered into a major conflict about the legacy of Roman Empire, i.e., the destiny of Constantinople and Crimea, in the mid 19th century (Crimean war 1853-1856), British Crown assassinated all major Russian political figures via poison, starting with Nicholas 1st, Russian Emperor, who was determined to return Constantinople to Russian Orthodox Church.


Leon Trotsky.

After Nicholas 1st, the other clue figures in Russian politics, who were poisoned by British Crown, were Grigori Pasputin, Lenin, Stalin and all major revolutionaries, who did not comply with the crypto-Zionist agenda of Leon Trotsky. In May 1917, Leon Trotsky was sent with 276 pseudo-Jewish militants from New York by pseudo-Jewish banskters of Wall Street to become a tool of assassinating Russian national elites and transferring their property to the trans-national pseudo-Jewish oligarchs of Russian blood, but of Khazar legacy[1].


Spiridon Putin with son and wife.

It was precisely Spiridon Putin, grandfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who poisoned Grigori Rasputin. It was precisely Spiridon Putin, grandfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who poisoned Vladimir Lenin. It was precisely Spiridon Putin, grandfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who poisoned Joseph Stalin. No doubt, Spiridon Putin also killed Dzerzhinsky, and countless others in power in the Soviet Russia. It is because Spiridon Putin was a British secret agent, and because he killed leaders of Socialist movement in Russia, Vladimir Putin, his grandson, was made into the president of Russia.

Such a legacy was supposed to cement the fact that Russian President was to play only the role of a butler, serving the interests of British Zionist oligarchs. Also, such a legacy was supposed to cement the fact the grandson of a man who killed major figures in the international Socialist movement, would never return Russia to Socialism, and will be the radical enemy of Socialism ever.


Grigori Rasputin.

Grigori Rasputin, as the spiritual supporter of Russian throne, was poisoned by the British Masonic lobby in Saint Petersburg. Russian Freemasons were the driving force for dethroning Tsar Nicholas 2nd, the last Russian Emperor. British Masonic lobby in Russia had its people both in the Tsarist Secret Service, and in the Bolshevik revolutionary movement. Bolsheviks were financed by Zionist banskters of New York and City of London, and majority were members in various Masonic lodges. The British Secret agent who curated Spiridon Putin in the Tsarist Secret Service have flawlessly migrated into KGB.

Because Spiridon Putin successfully poisoned Rasputin, this British Secret agent, now situated in KGB, took Spiridon Putin to Moscow, as soon as government moved from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow. In Moscow, Spiridon Putin was made into a government cook serving meals to the leaders of Socialist Movement, many of whom he poisoned on the order of Rothschilds and Co, aka “the Mother Lodge in London”.

Thus, not James Bond was the most legendary and most important British Secret Agent in the 20th century. The most legendary and most important British Secret Agent in the 20th century was Spiridon Putin, quiet and humble Russian peasant cook from the village of Pominovo near the city of Tver’, the father of six, – the grandfather of President Vladimir Putin.

To make a president of Russia out of the grandson of the man who poisoned Rasputin, Lenin and Stalin was considered to be a great success by the British Secret Intelligence Service. British SIS stopped thinking so when President of Russia Vladimir Putin returned Crimea to Russia in 2014, thus closing the circle and returning to the initial point when the British Secret Intelligence Service poisoned Nicholas 1st during the Crimean War 1853-1856 in order to gain control over Crimea and deprive Russia of the Third Rome Legacy.


Vladimir Lenin, Leader of 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

Alexander Putin, relative of Vladimir Putin, wrote a book “Genealogy of President Vladimir Putin”. Alexander Putin claims that Spiridon Putin was very skeptical about the revolutionary Socialist movement. It is clear that he was able to see that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917 was made by the external enemy, against the interests of Russia, and for the destruction of Russia.


Joseph Stalin.

Zionist banksters of New York, who established the Federal Reserve with the money of Russian Empire, were determined to eliminate Russian Imperial Dynasty, in order to appropriate Russian gold. Socialist revolution of Russia had little to do with true Socialism, and Lenin re-established private property in 1921, when Russian elites were killed by pseudo-Jews, who constituted 90% of «revolutionaries», and everything was ready for the transferal of Russian assets to pseudo-Jewish oligarchs. But Joseph Stalin reversed the pseudo-Jewish expropriation of Russian assets and established the true Socialist system in Russia. Stalin eliminated Zionist agents in power, who constituted almost 90% of government in Soviet Russia, and who were responsible for repressions – mass murder of Russian elites in every class of society.

Evidently, Spiridon Putin did not have allegiance to the Romanov Dynasty as well, being capable of grasping the fact that Romanovs were the facade of British colonization of Russia.

The question remains: did Spiridon Putin have respect for the British crown? Looking at President Putin’s actions in Crimea and Syria, we can definitely say: No.


Spiridon Putin with wife Olga.

Grandfather Spiridon died when Vladimir Putin was 13 years old. It is evident, grandfather Spiridon was a great influence on young Vladimir. The future President of Russia learnt from his grandfather the skill of the ultimate resistance to propaganda, and allegiance to one’s friends and family. But, most important, Vladimir Putin learnt from his Agent 007 grandfather the skill to think globally.

Who was Spiridon Putin? An ignorant cook? A traitor of his Motherland? A free man of the global community? By answering this question, we will answer the question: who is President Vladimir Putin?

Looking at the photograph of old Spiridon, we see a truly tragic face of a man who changed the cause of history, and paid dearly for this with the lives of his six children. He holds a family album in his hands, and is so submerged in sorrow that pays no attention what so ever to the camera making its click.


Spiridon Putin.

Spiridon’s elder son Michael (b. July 1907 in St. Petersburg) was a soldier killed in December 1941 during the Great Patriotic War (WW2), during the most desperate battle for Moscow.

His other three sons, Vladimir, father of President Vladimir Putin, Alexey and Alexander were also soldiers during the Great Patriotic War (WW2). First husband of Spiridon’s daughter Anna, went missing in the first year of the WW2. Anna and their son Gennady Shelomov (born in 1938.) were in a Nazi concentration camp in the Baltics. All of them witnessed that German Nazis treated Russians as inferior humans, designated for complete extermination and slavery.

The attack of the joint Europe on Russia in 1941 was a clear indication that only strong Russia can defend its people and assets. But all horrors of the WW2 did not break in Russians their firm belief in the possibility of global governance as confederation between free self-sufficient nations based upon non-interference into the internal affairs of the member-countries. Russians derive this belief from the fact that our direct ancestors, Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak, had global domination over the entire world three times in ancient history, according to ancient sources.

That was the reason of why Russia opened itself to the world during Perestroika, notwithstanding the horrible WW2, when half a country was made into ground zero. Western politicians evaluated Perestroika as their «victory in the Cold War», and as fatal weakness of Russia. Vice versa, Russia has taken upon itself a global challenge. Spiridon Putin was looking at history with an eye of his ancestors, Russian Scythian-Sak, beyond national borders, with global perspective.


British Queen Elizabeth Windsor

Spiridon Putin taught a lesson to Elizabeth Windsor, who thinks she is an heir of King David’s bloodline, a Negro from the Negroid Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah of the true, Negroid Jews of Tanakh, the Old Testament in the Land of Set / Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan), though Queen Elizabeth is not even a Semite (half-white-half-black). At the same time, Queen Elizabeth is incapable of grasping the truth that she is Russian by blood, as well as her grandson William. Spiridon Putin was capable of relating himself to all branches of Russian Scythian-Sak tribe. Queen Elizabeth demonstrates gross inability of respecting Russia as ancestral land, and loving Russians as brothers and sisters.

Spiridon Putin was a true Scythian-Sak. We, Russians, are not Slavs. Romanovs-Koshkins falsified our ancient manuscripts, changing the name of our people via dropping one letter – «K» in the name of our people as «Skloven», thus, making it into «Sloven», which later was made by Romanovs into «Slav / Slavyane». Our Russian-Aryans ancestors were calling themselves «Sak» from the Russian word for Falcon – «SAKol», Firebird, Griffon. Greeks were calling us «Scythians» / «Scit» which is the abbreviation from Sakolot, Skolot, Sakoloven, Skloven and «Sakaliba» (in Arab sources).

This Fire Falcon was called RArog from RA for Light / Sun. «RAssian» literally means a man who comes from RA, Light. Our major Russian river Volga was called «RA» in ancient times. That is why Russian Royal dynasty had the symbol of Fiery Falcon RArog / Griffon and was literally called «Rarog» / «Rurik». Thus, Sak and Russian is one and the same thing.

We, Russian Sak, German Saxons and Anglo-Sax are one and the same nation. Nonetheless, British Royal dynasty was stupefied by Khazars in the 16th century to believe that British Royals descend from Negroes of the Upper Egypt, though the Solomonic Dynasty belongs to Africa, with Barack Obama as the one and only heir of the one and only Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia.

Our ancestors believed that they were coming from RA / Light, and were returning to RA / Light. That is why, they never accepted of slavery, human sacrifice, caste system, and hereditary tyranny. We, Russians, Fiery Falcons, always had elective monarchy and socialism.

The major driving force of Putin’s clan is the memory that Scythians-Saks had world domination three times in the world history. On the map of Eratosthenes (died in 194 BC), Scythia is occupying a territory from ocean to ocean, up to the Arctic Ocean, which was called «Scythian Ocean». According to Greek mythology, Scythians-Saks invented all devices of labor and war, and taught Hercules archery, and only after that, Hercules gave rise to the noble families of Greece.

Scythians-Saks / Kimmerians (from Russian city of Kemerovo) / Samarians (from Russian city of Samara) were those Russian-Aryan Hyksos / Kas-Sak / Sak with swastika culture, who brought civilization to Egypt, Sumer (Samara, in reality) and to India from rivers Aryan, Sura and Alla right by the Artic Ocean in Russia. Rivers Aryan, Alla and Sura cover the entire territory of Russia up to the Arctic Ocean, and there are pyramids in the Cola Peninsula near North Pole, which are, at least, twice as old as Egyptian pyramids, according to 2012 tests by Yury Kudinov.

In our thousand-year Roman Empire (erroneously called as Byzantium), Socialism was more developed than in the USSR. Every Roman citizen had a free daily ration of bread for life. Romans were taking care of orphans and widows, what even USSR was incapable of doing. Roman Emperors were simple soldiers, swine herds (Justin, uncle of Justinian), butchers and humble peasants (Justinian according to whose laws we are still living).

It was our, Russian Empire, since 20 Emperors (Vasilisks – βασιλεύς) were Scythian-Sak of Eastern origin (so called “Slav”). And the Empire was founded by Constantine, who was Serbian, while Serbia was called “Rashka” in the ancient times.

Rouges of Vatican rely on the phantom of “Western Roman Empire”. But there was no such thing as “Western Roman Empire”. The true Roman Empire was divided only for less than 300 years in its 1000 year existence, and only inside the family — in the so-called “Tetrarchy” – two sets of Emperors and two sets of Caesars, with the senior Emperor sitting in Constantinople.

When the Christian doctrine was established at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, Papacy and Vatican did not yet exist. And from Rome, there was only a small Christian dignitary present. Moreover, Rome was never a capital of the so-called «Western Roman Empire». Therefore, the historical notion of the so-called “Western Roman Empire” is fake, a lie, and forgery. And Vatican that is founded on this lie and forgery is fake and illegitimate.

The Catholic “Holy Roman Empire” is “Pseudo-Holy Pseudo-Roman Pseudo-Empire” in the words of Voltaire. It was created by the imposter, charlatan and thief “Charlemagne”, who self-proclaimed himself a “Holy Roman Emperor” with the help of the similarly rogue Pope Leo 3rd in 800 AD, when in the true Roman Empire (erroneously called “Byzantium”) with the capital in Constantinople, the true Roman Empress Irene was reigning.

Pseudo-Crusaders destroyed and robbed and drowned in blood Constantinople — their own Brothers in Christ — in 1204. They stole from Constantinople every Christian relic that they used in their Barbaric Europe to legitimize their tyrannical rule over their nations by “the Divine Right”, though they lied that they brought these Christian relics from Jerusalem.

After European thieves and liars destroyed Constantinople in 1204 and caused its subsequent fall to the Muslims in 1475, the Pseudo-Crusaders founded the “Order of Byzantine Templars”…

Shame on you, the Neanderthals of Europe! You have no conscience, no honor, no intellect. Shame on you and eternal curse! You, Satanists and Pedophiles, go fast to your own degeneration and destruction. The Curse of Rome will be always upon you, rogues of Vatican! Never will you enter the Kingdom of Eternal Light! You are the very weeds of human race and will be weeded out soon. And by your own dirty dishonest hands.

President Putin’s legacy is the legacy of Moscow Third Rome. It is the legacy of our Ancestral Law, which makes Socialism and elective monarchy into the one and only law of a civilized nation, and which makes hereditary tyranny of British Empire into the barbarian law of ever undercivilized nation.

That is why Crimea was a turning point in Putin’s career. Vladimir Putin is the elected Russian-Scythian-Sak Tzar of Moscow Third Rome from ocean to ocean, from North to South, and from East to West. Either Vladimir Putin will be faithful to his destiny, or he will be destroyed by the Neanderthals of Europe.

Russian military actions in Syria is the rejection of the Third Temple of Solomon with its restoration of human sacrifice. Syria, pronounced by locals as «Suria», was founded by us, Russian-Aryan Scythian-Saks from the river Sura by the Arctic Ocean.

Spiridon Putin got his ultimate revenge on his torturers.


Rembrandt, Abraham and Isaak (oil on canvas), 1634

[1] Before departing from the United State, Leon Trotsky had a many hours conversation with the American President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921), and then met with Jacob Schiff, New York banskster of pseudo-Jewish legacy, who gave Leon Trotsky twenty million dollars in gold and a ship filled up with arms for the “Russian” Socialist Revolution.












Frank Huzur, Publisher and Editor of the “Socialist Factor” Magazine, is reading Irene Caesar’s, Ph.D., story about Russian President Vladimir Putin “REVENGE OF SPIRIDON 007 TO BRITISH CROWN”, as the cover story of the November 2016 Issue of the “Socialist Factor” Magazine (Lucknow and London).


Marcos, son of Frank Huzur, is reading Irene Caesar’s, Ph.D., story about Russian President Vladimir Putin “REVENGE OF SPIRIDON 007 TO BRITISH CROWN”, as the cover story of the November 2016 Issue of the Socialist Factor Magazine (Lucknow and London).



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Edgar Mitchell was the first high profile victim of the American Satanist MK Ultra Mind Control Program. His entire experience of walking on the Moon was recorded into his brain via the Satanist MK-Ultra techniques under the supervision of the American arch-Satanist Michael Aquino, the founder of the Church of Set in the US.

At that moment, the badly educated and technologically inferior Americans did not know the USSR Psychotronic Mind control techniques till 1994 when the Russian scientist Igor Smirnov, father of Psychotronics, had revealed it to the satanist Bill Clinton in the Oval Room of the White House.

Predictably, American Satanists killed Igor Smirnov, and American Arch-Satanist Michael Aquino stole Igor Smirnov’s intellectual property and claimed it as his own, founding a company Silent Sound for the global covert Electronic / Psychotronic harassment on the way to the Global Cyber Zion, which is planed by Satanists as electronic concentration camp.

Americans have never been to the moon. They faked moonwalking with the help of Stanley Kubrick, who was threatened with his life into serving sick fantasies of impotent Satanists.

Thus, at the moment of Edgar Mitchell’s brain alteration, American Satanists could have applied to him the same technique as they did to Arizona Wilder / Brice Taylor and Cathy o’Brien, and other victims of MK Ultra.

Satanists were raping small girls at the age of three with excessive cruelty in order to break their sanity and subdue their minds. Because of horrible pain and humiliation, the mind of little children got compartmentalized into two separate parts as in schizophrenia, and they became susceptible to hypnosis, and totally controllable by their Satanist curators.

The Satanist curator got the power to record any information and any fake memories into the broken minds of his victims, and erase any information and any memories from the broken minds of his victims.

Later, both of these most highly profiled victims of MK Ultra, Arizona Wilder / Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien, got into automobile accidents and the shock brought up into their consciousness the lost and erased memories of Satanic abuse in the American Satanist MK Ultra Mind Control Program.

Satanists were breaking little children via sexual rape with excessive cruelty, because evidently they found out that only when they break man or woman in the early childhood, they can get the totally subdued mind slaves.

This is the obvious reason for the attempts by Satanists to legalize pedophilia. Satanic Pedophilia is the way of creating total slaves – mind slaves.

Alfred Kinsey was hired by Satanic pedophiles to promote pedophilia on the way to the legalization of pedophilia. Alfred Kinsey was using the data of serial pedophiles who were raping children, some as small as infants, in hundreds.

Infants, both girls and boys, were yelling out for help, and then, they were collapsing in convulsions, with their eyeballs rolling under the eye brow and their tongues out, and were blacking out.

Kinsey classified this inhuman torture … as “orgasm” in infants. He counted 1000 kinds of orgasm in infants.

Wernher von Braun revealed on his death bed that American Satanists would try to usher in their global domination (with legalization of pedophilia and human sacrifice) via fake Alien Invasion.

The same was confirmed by Ronald Reagan in one of his public high-profile speeches. Reagan said that the extraterrestrial threat to human civilization on Planet Earth should make nations submit to the One World Government (of Satanic nature).

Idiots from NSA were going around for decades in reptilian plastic masks in the backyards of stupefied Americans, and were flying the outdated American triangular ships all over the place.

But mostly, the American Satanists were raping small children in order to instill in their mind the idea of Aliens and Alien Invasion.

The Satanic plan for the fake alien invasion was a long playing program. It started in 1946-1947 when our ancestors together with us, their Russian-Aryan descendants, outed the Satanists’ fleet under Admiral Richard Byrd’s command from Antarctica (Southern Portal) with the inter-dimensional weapons of the Quantum Leap Era.

Before that, in 1926, Richard Byrd did a flight over the North Pole and flew into the inter-dimensional portal of the North Pole. On the other side, in the parallel dimension, Richard Byrd was met by our Russian-Aryan ancestors who looked Russian, were dressed Russian and spoke Russian.

In 1926 Satanic / Zionist Anglo-Saxons and self-named Jews with Russian blood dismissed the North Pole story of Richard Byrd.

But when in 1946-1947 the entire Satanist fleet was ousted from the South Pole portal with Russian-Aryan Quantum Leap weapons (“High Jump” operation of Satanists), it was both impossible to dismiss the event, and to ascribe it to Hitler, a crypto-Zionist.

In 1926 Richard Byrd have already reported that people on the other side were both in control of our dimension, and they were RUSSIAN. As a result, the CIA was formed immediately after Richard Byrd told the US Senate how the American fleet was defeated by ancient Russians — the direct ancestors of modern Russians. CIA was formed to deal with these facts.

Thus, the only reason of why CIA was founded was to conceal the fact that this planet was civilized by Russians and that Russians continue controlling our entire planet from the other dimension.

Hitler, the Zionist marionette, evidently failed to fool our Russian-Aryan ancestors, and was rejected by them, though he tried to appropriate our major ancestral symbol.

But Swastika cannot be the symbol of global genocide, since it designates the Absolute Light (Sva = Svet = Light in Russian). Sun gives light to everybody equally independently of race, nationality, social caste, initiation, education, gender, and even transgressions.

We come not from Orion, but from RA (“Ray”) / Arya = LIGHT, and return to LIGHT. RAssian literally means the one who came from Light and is Light. RAssia is literally the LIGHT = ” Heavenly Russia”.

And, indeed, German officers left some remarkable memories about the Kursk tank battle, the major tank battle of the WW2. They said that some advanced civilization was fighting on the side of Russians and alongside with Russians. Germans reported the plasma and laser weapons, and UFOs. Germans said that the metal of their tanks was melting, and tank protruding guns were twisted by some unknown high technological weapon.

So ancestors recognized Russians as their descendants, though Germans were fighting under Swastika – the Ancestral symbol, and Russians were fighting under Red Star.

Swastika, or Symmetrical Cross (Crux Quadrata = Gammadion) expresses global equality, fraternity and freedom – the anti-hierarchical symbol of “as above, as below”.

Though Russians were fighting under Red Star, the Crux Quadrata of global equality, fraternity and freedom was manifested in the metacentric shape of their chromosomes.

Russians were fighting for real equality – equal share in national wealth; for real fraternity – against any kinds of hierarchy and exploitation / slavery; and for real freedom – provided by the equal share in national wealth.

And though crypto-Zionist Hitler’s Nazi were fighting for the global genocide under Crux Quadrata of Swastika, their chromosomes did already have the asymmetrical, acrocentric shape of degeneration.

Alas, Zionists / Satanists realized that they did not fool our Russian-Aryan ancestors. And that was the moment when they have finally chosen the path of ultimate Satanism – extreme evil and crime. The path of final degeneration and self-destruction.

Now the entire American culture of Satanism / Zionism is the culture of psychopaths and schizophrenics. These people have finally lost all common sense and vision.

In fact, Satanic elites are running away from the US at the moment, anticipating the collapse of the US economy, which would happen thanks to their destructive efforts. Satanists / Zionists are the parasites which are leaving the half-eaten body of their victim – formerly glorious United States.

Richard Byrd was proclaimed “crazy”. And CIA started hunting for the ships of our ancestors, which were coming in from the parallel dimension. CIA and NSA major task is to carefully conceal any ties of the Ancient Quantum Era RAssian civilization to modern Russians, and to destroy Russians in any ways possible.

Smithsonian Institute of American Satanists destroyed the entire collection of giants, since these giants had Russian DNA.

Americans launched bacteriological warfare against Russians, as it was reported by Edward Snowden in January 2016. The US sends food and medicine for sale in Russia, which are infected by specially dangerous kinds of parasites. Americans create these patasites specifically for Russians in the secret Satanist laboratories in the US.

Snowden himself was sent to Moscow to spread rumors of “Tall Nordic Aliens”, since Americas could not pull the “Alien Reptilian Invasion” because of Russian EMF weapons, which would have downed any obsolete triangular ship of Satanists with NSA agents in reptilian plastic masks.

Shame on you Snowden! Judah and traitor! A clown and imbecile!

But let us return to Edgar Mitchell and his demands for the “UFO disclosure”. What is hidden in his demands? I took this long route to arrive at the answer, so that the reader would see the full picture in order to understand what really happened to Edgar Mitchell.

Since Edgar Mitchell was supposed to play such an important role in the Satanist Alien Invasion Hoax, we can say with no doubt that he was picked and groomed from childhood.

Edgar Mitchell was supposed to deliver fake moonwalking experience to the global public. His fake memories were supposed to be so firmly instilled in his brain that he would not waiver even for a second, or relapse into true reality.

Thus, we can conclude with no doubt that he had the same childhood as Arizona Wilder / Brice Taylor and Cathy o’Brien. Satanists broke him when he was a little boy, with extreme cruelty, via the ultimate humiliation and destruction of human dignity. American Satanists made Edgar Mitchell into their mind slave – SLAVE.

And we can claim with no doubt that Edgar Mitchell was a mind slave of Satanists till he died on February 4, 2016. After 1995, he was rather bombarded by Voice to Skull (V2K), which was recording upon liquid crystals of Nanobots (computers of molecular size) in his brain the fake memories of moonwalking over and over again.

Edgar Mitchell was a pretty little boy. One day he was taken by men in black. They raped him for hours. Little Edgar’s flesh got torn and his little body became one bloody mess. He was desperately yelling out for help, till he collapsed in convulsions, with his eyeballs rolling under his brows and his tongue out, and blacked out.

Meet the Hero of the United States of America, Ladies and Gentlemen!

He walked on the Moon!

PS Moreover, Edgar Mitchell was killed by American Satanists in February 2016, since their plan via Edward Snowden was cracked by Russians, and his own story of Satanic abuse could have gotten out to the world public when he was still alive. Rest in piece poor soul! Let the Heavenly Russia heal your wounds!

Now, when they killed Edgar MItchell, Satanists are still trying to capitalize on the Satanic abuse of Edgar Mitchell:

PSS The fact that WikiLeaks published Edgar Mitchell’s revelations points to the fact that Wikileaks itself is a Satanist proxy.