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Dear Wang,

Do I correctly understand you that you are asking me about how, in my opinion, the government and the military of China should address the threat of the coming Psychotronic War?

As I wrote, the Spectrum Convergence Warfare or the Full Spectrum Dominance Warfare combines the illicit and simultaneous use of the biological, climate, cyber, and psychotronic weapons. No nation will be able to protect itself from the Spectrum Convergence Warfare, if this nation fails in only one component of this kind of war.


Task number one is to create the stock of the fertile Chinese women with healthy DNA.

This is the most important, the most urgent task for the State of China. If Chinese fail this task, there will be no China in fifty years from now.

The reason for this is the approaching sterilization of the Chinese population due to the mass application of the COVID-19 vaccines.

All the COVID-19 vaccines are injecting people with the homologous nucleotides. All proteins in SARS-CoV-2 virus are homologous to human proteins, except for one. Homologous nucleotides are the compatible nucleotides, which go inside each other, like a key goes into a keyhole. This causes the structural damage in chromosomes — the destruction of chromosomes’ geometrical structure, which is, essentially, the destruction of the precisely calibrated Wave Optics of Chromosomes. Structural damage of chromosomes due to the COVID-19 vaccines causes sterilization and encephalopathy, all the way to the prion disease (aka «Zombi Apocalypse»). Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received the Nobel Prize in 2006 for the Discovery of the Destructive RNA Interference. They took RNA from the c.elegance worm, and gave it back to the worm. And the worm died.

These fertile Chinese women should be never subjected to the genetically modifying drugs, such as mRNA and AD5-virus-vector vaccines; to the genetically-modified food (GMOs); and to the 5G EHF (Extremely High Frequency) radiation, which is analogous to electrophoresis destroying the DNA for the purpose of creating GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), which are STERILE.

Cartagena Protocol (2000) is the hidden goal of mRNA vaccines. mRNA vaccines modify human DNA, making humans into the Genetically Modified Organisms. mRNA “vaccines” are not vaccines at all — they are the genetically modifying drugs. GMOs constitute danger for other living organisms, especially if the genetic modification becomes contagious via respiratory infection. GMOs are sterile. And if a given Genetically Modified human Organism infects the normal human being with prions and makes him or her sick with encephalopathy and sterile, then, this constitutes danger to “biodiversity”. The Cartagena Protocol clearly demonstrates that the COVID-19 culprits had perfectly known what they have done, and what are the consequences. They planned to, first, ban any criticism of mRNA pseudo-vaccines, so that they give their deadly shots to as many people as possible, transforming them into the “GMOs” – “genetically modified organisms”. Then, they planned to eventually allow any criticism of mRNA “vaccines”, as if conscience had awoken in them, but, in reality, in order to deliver to people the horror of what had happened to them, with a sinister back thought. This is what we are seeing now. As of a sudden, YouTube got transformed from the platform banning even a mention of the mRNA drugs aka “vaccines”, as genetically modifying drugs, into the platform for the total and complete exposure of mRNA drugs aka “vaccines” as the genetically modifying drugs. This sinister back thought was of the Cartagena Protocol. The third stage will come with the implementation of the Cartagena Protocol. The “vaccinated” GMOs will be announced (1) non-human; (2) property of the genomic companies holding patents to their artificial DNA sequences; (3) danger to the “biodiversity”. As the result, millions of people will be outlawed and constrained in the concentrated camps. They will not be allowed not only to travel abroad, but even to go to the park, since they are danger to any normal biological specimen, and to all and every species, in general.

The best place to hide these fertile Chinese women is in the Chinese-controlled Himalayas due to the presence of the underground megalithic pyramids there with the sarcophagi of the mummies of ancestors with the superior DNA.

China will get reborn like Phoenix from the fertile eggs of these women. These women are the Ancient Ancestral Phoenix, which is depicted on the Chinese embroideries.


Chinese government should create the human settlements, which are completely free from all the genetic modification, including the so-called «COVID-19 vaccines», GMO food, and 5G EHF radiation. Such settlements should be located in the territories where the transgenic contamination (via cross pollination, animal manure, and river waters) is impossible.

These human settlements should have architecture, food and water conducive to the elimination of the structural damage in chromosomes. Houses should be built as Generators of the Form, with dome ceilings.

This territory should be a no-fly zone for the foreign airplanes and satellites.

Task number one and Task number two include the spiritual practices, promoting the Theta brainwave states, essential for the elimination of the structural damage in chromosomes.

Also, both Task number one and Task number two require the elimination of all other human activities, causing the Destructive RNA Interference, and, so, the structural damage in chromosomes: (1) the elimination of pork consumption (since pork has nucleotides, which are very close to human nucleotides); (2) the elimination of cannibalism (consumption of human flesh and human blood in the form of fetuses and fetal blood, including in cremes); (3) strict ban on homosexuality (causing HIV); (4) restriction on casual sex (also causing the Destructive RNA Interference); (5) restriction on blood transfusion and organ transplants.


Task number three is the building of the Defense System capable of taking down the Starlink and OneWeb satellites.

The first and most important component of this Defense System is to build territories that are the no-fly zones for the Starlink satellites in the first place.

Kind regards,

Irene Caesar, Ph.D.


Wave Genome LLC



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MATRIX CARD BY WAVE GENOME LLC (copyright by Dr. Irene Caesar, Founder and President of Wave Genome LLC, 1985-2022)

Part One “Scalar Wave Generator”. The point of the Matrix Card by Wave Genome LLC is that it is attached to the phone. Phone produces the Extremely High Frequencies (EHF), which are close to the frequencies of a human cell. When the same frequency is overplayed with itself, this increases its amplitude. This leads to the explosion or implosion of the resonator, which corresponds in its size to the wave length of the incoming harmful signal. In this case, it is a human cell. This means, that the Extremely High Frequencies (EHF) are extremely harmful to the living cells of a human. EHFs are destroying the Wave Optics of a human cell, disrupting DNA Transcription and Protein Translation. This leads to the incorrect cell division, resulting in cancers, encephalopathy, and sterilization. Matrix Card is a proven effective device for protecting human cells from the harmful electro-magnetic field (EMF), including 5G. Matrix Card not simply protects the human cells from harmful EMF. The Matrix Card restores the Wave Optics of Chromosomes. Matrix Card has inside itself the generator of the scalar waves, which is maximally approximated to the size of the human cell, and, so, to the wave length of EHFs (Extremely High Frequencies).

The scalar wave annuals the harmful external linear signal, when it is reflected back upon itself, so that the peak of the forward-going wave is annulled by the trough of the same wave, when it is reflected back upon itself. The scalar wave looks like number “eight”. The scalar wave generator is launched by a trigger signal, which has its wave length corresponding to the size of the scalar wave generator as a resonator. So, this scalar wave trigger launches a scalar wave, and, then, a scalar wave diffraction grating.

Part two: Protection against EHFs and ELFs by the scaled scalar wave diffraction grating. The scalar wave diffraction grating gets scaled, so that each segment of a scalar wave itself becomes a scalar wave. It gets scaled into the macro and micro dimensions. This explains the remote instantaneous transmission of bioinformation via the scalar wave diffraction grating at long and close range — over kilometers and nanometers, across continents and down to the mollecular, atomic and subatomic sizes. The scaling of the scalar wave diffraction grating is called Refraction. World is 93% energy and 7% particles. So, this Refraction is according to the Wave Optics in Wave Crystals (@ Dr. Irene Caesar 1980-1985) — Wave Crystal Media, consisting of the wave interfering fronts. The external signal is refracted across all the segments of the scalar wave diffraction grating, from macro to micro dimensions and vice versa. This means, the signal changes its frequency.

Therefore, only the scalar wave diffraction grating can protect from the ELFs (extremely low frequencies, which require kilometer-long screens for human protection), and from the EHFs (extremely high frequencies), which require molecular-size screens, impossible to build and control by human hands, even with the help of microscopes. So, the ELFs and EHFs are refracted towards the molecular dimensions of the human cell, and annulled on all the levels of Refraction. Each signal is refracted towards one and only Focus of the Wave Crystal / Zero Center, one and the same for a galaxy and a chromosome.

Part three: Modulation of the scalar wave diffraction grating as Refraction of Wave Optics and the Refraction Zero Field Entanglement. So, when refracted, the linear signal is transformed into the Holographic Signal, which has the infinite number of waves, particles and fields inside itself. The Holographic Signal is Nonlocal and Instantaneous, and operates through the Quantum Nonlocality.

In August 2012, I have formulated the Implication of the Holographic Principle. The Holographic Principle states that the universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point. The Implication of the Holographic Principle states that, if the entire universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique. This means that every Matrix Point is both nonlocal and unique. So, every human is a nonlocal and unique Wave Matrix / Biohologram.

Humans are infinite in time and space. Humans differ from each other by one’s unique Refraction Code, that is inherent in every human. If we have two copies of the same nonlocal unique Wave Matrix, we can transmit information between these two copies remotely and instantaneously, since, in the Quantum Nonlocality, they constitute one and the same systematic whole. That is why the magnetic strip with a unique customer’s Biohologram constitutes a lens which can correct this customer’s Wave Optics in Chromosomes remotely and instantaneously at short and long range — through Quantum Nonlocality. Since, in the Quantum Nonlocality, a client and his Matrix Card are linked into one systematic whole via the Phenomenon of the Refraction Zero Field Entanglement (@ Dr. Irene Caesar 1985-2022). The immunomodulator, also recorded on the magnetic strip of the Matrix Card, functions in the same way — through the Refraction Zero Field Entanglement.

So, the most important and striking feature of the Matrix Card by Wave Genome LLC is that it uses the initially harmful psychotronic / 5G signal of the mobile phone for the client’s own benefit. This is how the Matrix Card differs from Wave Genome’s LLC other Psi-generators, including the most sophisticated — the Individualized Second-Birth Psi-generator. Matrix Card neutralizes and transforms the harmful EMF of the mobile phone in the addressed manner. And that is why, Wave Genome recommends its clients to order both the Individualized Second-Birth Psi-generator, and the Matrix Card. A client is wearing the Individualized Second-Birth Psi-generator on his Solar Plexus. And the same client is wearing his Matrix Card on his mobile phone or close to the phone.



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Dear 华玲,

NATO is testing the psychotronic weapons on the unarmed civilians worldwide.

They plan to gain the global domination through the psychotronic war, since their nuclear weapons are outdated, and they do not have supersonic weapons.

Thus, they intend to use the low-cost psychotronic, cyber and biological warfare, which constitute ONE system of war, called “the convergence” warfare, or “the spectrum convergence”, or the “full spectrum domination”.

The “spectrum convergence” means the FULL control of the enemy, which is the control over the mind of the enemy, i.e., “Mind Control”.

When you control the mind of your enemy, you do not have to use missiles.

The present period is the Second Psychotronic War or Type B psychotronic warfare. It is the partial convergence and partial dominance.

The first psychotronic war (let’s call it “Type A”) was in Iraq (2003), when Americans used large-size psychotronic generators on their military trucks. Iraqis were completely paralyzed, and could not resist. That is why Americans had marched to Baghdad across the entire Iraq in a matter of few days.

But the use of these psychotronic generators had a side effect for Americans themselves, since the American soldiers were subjected to the harmful frequencies themselves. In fact, American soldiers were disabled. They were transformed into vegetables. Therefore, Americans abandoned this technology, since they paid big money to the American families for each disabled American soldier.

That is why, Americans had created the “Type B” psychotronic warfare, which is going on at the moment. The Type B psychotronic war is characterized by the following features:

(1) The attacking enemy is conducting the psychotronic attack via the national telecommunications infrastructure of the country, which is being attacked. For this, the attacking enemy (NATO) takes control over main telecommunications company of the attacked country. For example, Russian State does not control Russian major telecommunications company: Russian State has less than 50% shares. Also, the attacking enemy is placing a Trojan Horse inside the main telecommunications company of the attacked country. In the case of Russia, it is the Dutch company “Mobitel”, which owns about 13% shares, but controls the software — the AI, which controls the entire telecommunications system of the attacked country (in this case, Russia). In case of China, the major Chinese telecommunications company Huawei is controlled by NATO via Andrew Williamson, the Vice President Global Government Affairs and Economic Adviser at Huawei. Andrew Williamson is a high-rank MI6 secret agent, working for NATO. It is easy to verify that Huawei is integrated into NATO’s psychotronic warfare infrastructure. Huawei is integrated into all new Apple computers operating systems.

(2) The NATO’s choice is made for the extremely high frequencies (EHF), which are close to the frequency of human cells. When the same frequency is overlaid with itself, this increases its amplitude, so that a resonator (in this case, a human cell) is exploded from inside. The EHFs are extremely destructive for humans, destroying the Wave Optics of Chromosomes. This results in failure of the DNA transcription and protein translation processes, so that the cell cannot divide properly, leading to sterilization and encephalopathy. The attacked civilians are sterilized, and lose control over their minds.

(3) Because NATO’s choice is made for the extremely high frequencies, the attacking enemy uses the elaborate system of retransmitters, since EHFs have extremely short wave lengths. Thus, the attacked country is lured into building the “Smart Cities”, in which every electrical device is made into an electronic device serving as a psychotronic weapon — a retransmitter of EHF. In the so-called “Smart City”, every “Smart Device” is a retransmitter, from the apartment of every citizen to every street of the “Smart City”. The major component of the psychotronic warfare in the Smart City is the network of the Smart Street Lamps.

(4) The Smart Devices of the Smart City constitute the so-called “Internet of Things” or the “Internet of Everything”. It is controlled by the system of satellites on low orbits (Starlink of Elon Musk or OneWeb of UK). These satellites can (a) take control over the national telecommunications system of the attacked country; (b) they can destroy it; (c) they can directly take control over the Smart Devices bypassing the national telecommunications system of the attacked country — all of them, a few of them selectively, or just one of them for the addressed psychotronic attack. This system of the low-orbit satellites is controlled by one AI (Artificial Intellect). This AI is analogous to the Skynet in the “Terminator” movie. The present-day war in Ukraine is the first war controlled by the Skynet. Or, in other words, the Skynet went live in Ukraine. Russia and US have entered into the war of two Skynets.

(5) Biological war is the essential part of the psychotronic warfare Type B. In fact, the EHFs are analogous to electrophoresis used for destroying DNA for the sake of creating the genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are STERILE. The use of graphene and ferritin in vaccines increase the conductivity of living cells, making them more susceptible to the DNA-destroying electrophoresis under the disguise of 5G. Viruses are used for the virus-vector delivery of ferritin to the genes which the enemy plans to attack and destroy. So, the psychotronic war via the 5G Internet of Things is the effective mechanism for gene silencing. To conclude: the Type B psychotronic war is inseparable from the binary biological war. The Smart Cities under the control of ONE Global AI provide the enemy an opportunity to kill the population of the entire country by one click on the keyboard, and / or kill one man via an addressed attack in such a way that this man’s selected genes are silenced.

(6) Full spectrum dominance includes the use of Smart Dust in the atmosphere, so that the psychotronic war is also the climate / weather war (causing the climate and weather anomalies), geophysical war (causing the controlled earthquakes), and the cyber war, ultimately, with the use of the electromagnetic bomb.

The psychotronic war Type B has started with the massive use of HAARP against unarmed civilians in the US in December 2012 during the artificially HAARP-created hurricane “Sandy”. It was the climate war attack and the psychotronic war attack at the same time.

The psychotronic war Type C (the third psychotronic war) is now in preparation by the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is a cover for the NATO. NATO is a military-industrial complex of the so-called “Five Eyes” under the control of the Global Organized Crime Group which is engaged in illegal drug sales, illegal arms sales, organ trafficking, human trafficking, illegal information harvesting and trafficking. This Global Organized Crime Group is hiding under the disguise of banking, consulting and analytical activities. It has called itself “the Synagogue of Satan”.

The psychotronic war Type C is characterized by the transformation of the Internet of Things into the Internet of Bodies. In the Internet of Bodies, each man has access to the StarLink or OneWeb directly — bypassing the Internet router, provided by the national telecommunications system. Man becomes himself the telecommunication network of implanted microchips with a major implanted chip behind his neck.

Thus, the Neuralink by Elon Musk and the Starlink of Elon Musk become one and the same thing.

The goal of the self-named “Synagogue of Satan” is to create the Neural Money as the stimulation of the pain center in the brain and the pleasure center in the brain.

Jose Delgado, the Yale professor of the Spanish descent, had inserted a radio transmitter into the brain of a bull, so that he was able to stop the bull when the bull was charging at a toreador during Corrida.

The Internet of Bodies or “Neuralink” means the total and final enslavement of humankind, the total and final control over cyber slaves, their total and final sterilization and the creation of the two-caste society, consisting of sterilized humanoid cyber slaves incapable of child-birth and fully-human slave-owners capable of child-birth.

The cyber slaves or cyborgs will own nothing. They will not have houses, apartments, land, cars in their property. They will not have children, family — mother and father, relatives. They will not even have gender. So, the World Economic Forum had formulated the major idea of the Internet of Bodies for the cyber slaves in the following way: “You will own nothing, and be happy”.

Kind regards,

Irene Caesar, Ph.D.


Wave Genome LLC


Dear Madam, How do you do? It’s a great honor for me to reply. I’m trying to focus on reading websites and videos on the Internet, but there aren’t many hours in the day to focus. And I just want to ask you, with your knowledge and experience, can you tell me what groups or institutions are experimenting with, exactly, what they’re trying to do and how long they’re experimenting with people?🙂 I am a friend from China (I’m currently suspended from school), and I also want to know how many other people in China need your help as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Dr. Irene Caesar: Who is behind bloodbath in Ukraine


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For at least five years, I see the picture and video going around the web, which claim to show how Pope Francis kisses hands of Rothschild, Rockefeller and Kissinger. This is fake. In reality, he kissed hands of the Holocaust survivors. Why is this important?

Because Vatican is more wealthy and more significant than Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Kissingers — starting with self-proclaiming of the rogues and imposters as “Westen Roman Empire” in 800 AD, when in the true Roman Empire, the true Roman Empress Irene Caesar was reigning, and, after, proclaiming themselves as the only Roman Empire, and, then, destroying the true Roman Empire (the thousand-year Reich), and grabbing the Skifian / Roman gold on the island of Rodos, and, after substituting Tamerlan / Timur for the impostor (Vatican spy) in order to kill the ancient Silk Road and install the prototype of the future sea-fairing Ost-Indian and West-Indian pirates’ criminal cartel of slave and opium traders.

It is Vatican who was killing their brothers in Christ (Christian Orthodox) in Constantinople / Tzar-Grad in 1204, and now in Syria and Ukraine — in cold blood and simply for the sake of big money. The signature style of Tamerlan was the extreme, bestial cruelty — he was murdering the entire cities. I have just visited the North Caucasus in May 2022 — exactly where the ancient Skifian-Sak RAssian-Arian Silk Road was going through canyons.

And people remember Tamerlan’s bestial cruelty till now. Women who were hiding in caves while their husbands and brothers were fighting with Tamerlan’s army, were igniting their dresses with fire, and were jumping down the high cliffs when they saw the bestial cruelty of Tamerlan’s army.

And it was the SIGNATURE style of crusaders. When crusaders took the Christian Orthodox city of Constantinople in 1204, they staged such a blood bath that blood was up to knees on the streets. On the contrary, when the Ottoman Sultan, Mehmet II, a Muslim, took Constantinople in 1453, not a single hair fell from a head of a Christian.

Ghenghiz Khan (died in 1227) had churches of ALL major world religions in his major city Karakorum (present-day Mongolia). This testifies to the important truth that in the foundation of the world empire along the global trade route lies the tribal union of the equal, self-sufficient and sovereign tribes, and the union (council) of the equal, self-sufficient and sovereign religions — as brothers in the womb of the Mother.

The true Roman Empire, which lasted for thousand years, with its elective monarchy, free medical assistance, free education, and even free daily bread, was based exactly on these principles, so that Romans were inviting all local gods to join their pantheon of ancestral gods. Vatican, with its “crusaders” and its “pope” who is the substitute of god on earth, had violated all these principles.

It is Vatican who finances the ISIS of the pseudo-Muslim terrorists in Syria, who violate the eternal peace that prophet Muhammad had made with Christians.

It is Vatican who financed the genocide of the entire nations in the North and South America.

It is Vatican who now finances the Nazis with Israeli passports in the so-called Ukraine. Zionists are the fig leaf hiding the true monster.

When you see a Syrian Christian Orthodox girl raped and killed by Mossad dressed up as “jihadis” — with the bestial cruelty of crusaders and Tamerlan, a Vatican spy, so that a big wooden Christian cross is put into her throat down to her heart — know it is of the Vatican pope’s making.

If you see the Vatican Pope Francis meeting with wives of the Nazis from the Azov battalion, who were killing the unarmed Orthodox Christians in Ukraine for EIGHT years prior to 2022 with the extreme cruelty of Crusaders and Tamerlan, a Vatican spy, — know it is of the Pope Francis’ making and to his sick criminal advantage.

Dr. Irene Caesar’s Speech at the BIOST-22 (World Biological Science & Technology Conference), Osaka, Japan, July 20, 2022


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Title: «Theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes as the Foundation for the Remote Bioholography”

Dr. Irene Caesar

President, Wave Genome LLC

Russia / USA


Dr. Irene Caesar created the Fundamental Theory of Wave Optics in the Biological Organisms as Wave Crystals (wave crystal media) in 1985, prior to anybody in the field of Bioholography. Universe is energy for 93%, and particles for 7%.  So, humans are the liquid crystal media for 7%, and the wave crystal media for 93%. Between cell division cycles, chromatin exists in non-coherent state. But during cell division, chromatin gets crystallized, forming two chromatids, which form a chromosome. The structural coherence of the chromosome determines the proper cell division. The same gene is expressed in the functional individuals by metacentric chromosome, and in dysfunctional individuals via acrocentric chromosome. Metacentric chromosome is analogous to a well-centered and focused eye crystal, while acrocentric chromosome is analogous to a myopic or farsighted eye. Structural coherence of the chromosome is its physical shape for 7%, while, for 93%, it is the proper Wave Optics of the scalar wave diffraction grating with properly centered and focused Refraction towards the Zero Center / Focus of the Wave Crystal, one and the same for galaxy and chromosome. Regeneration depends on the proper Wave Optics of Chromosome for its access to the Quantum Nonlocality. The Implication of the Holographic Principle (© Dr. Irene Caesar 2012) states, that if the Universe is entirely in its every Wave Matrix, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any Matrix Point, but is unique. Thus, every Wave Matrix or Biohologram is both unique and nonlocal, and has its own unique Refraction Code. Thus, regeneration is based upon the strictly unique Refraction Code of Chromosomes for every human. If we have two copies of the same nonlocal and unique Wave Matrix, we can transmit bioinformation remotely and instantaneously from one copy to another via the Remote Holographic Drug Delivery at long and close range, since in the Quantum Nonlocality, they constitute one and the same entity. Dr. Irene Caesar’s company Wave Genome LLC has created the first in the world Biohologram of the Stem Cell, and produced devices for the Remote Bioholography as the improvement of client’s Wave Optics of Chromosomes, such as RA Sarcophagus, RA Helmet and RA electret-based Generators.


Irene Caesar, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of Wave Genome LLC, company who has pioneered Bioholography, producing Bioholograms for the remote management of biosystems in the form of electret applicators (Wave Genome LLC was the first company in the world to code electrets with client’s unique Bioholograms); bioelectronic devices; digital files; and software for the Holographic Drug Delivery for rejuvenation only (founded 2010); Co-founder of “Matrix City” Consortium with the Institute for National Security in Moscow for building self-sufficient human settlements based upon the remote management of biosystems, climate and geophysical processes for the first time in the history of humankind (founded 2012), presented in the Honorary Lecture at the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University in September 2012; Co-founder of the Quantu­m Biointernet for the remote rejuvenation via distant laser signal, commercially offered for the first time in the history of humankind by Irene Caesar’s company Wave Genome LLC in May 2013; Colonel of Irkutsk Cossack Military, awarded the Medal of Faith and Service to Russia (2014). Dr. Irene Caesar received her doctoral degree from the Graduate Center of the City University in New York.


Theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes as the Foundation for the Remote Bioholography

July 20th-22th, 2022

Advances in Medical Biotechnology and Biomedicine Forum

I would like to thank the organizers of the World Biological Science and Technology Conference 2022 for inviting me to give a speech “Theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes as the Foundation for the Remote Bioholography” at the “Advances in Medical Biotechnology and Biomedicine” Forum.

I am the author of the Fundamental Theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes (1985), and the Founder and President of the Wave Genome LLC biotechnological company (founded in 2010).

We are standing on the verge of the Global Genetic Collapse due to the false science of the Computational Biology, which consists in the indiscriminate genetic modification via the homologous nucleotides and reverse transcriptase.

Genetic modification is carried on by adding and subtracting the homologous nucleotides without consideration for the structural coherence of chromosomes.

But we know that cell degeneration is caused precisely by the structural damage in chromosomes.

Homology means that nucleotides fit into each other as a key and a keyhole – by the principle of complementarity.

And it is precisely because of their homogeneity that the homologous nucleotides insert themselves into target’s DNA.

That is why, first of all, the homologous nucleotides cause the Destructive RNA Interference, with the resultant autoimmunity, immunodeficiency, encephalopathy and sterilization.

Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received Noble Prize in 2006 for the discovery of the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference – they took RNA from c.elegans worm and gave it back to the worm, and the worm died.

Nonetheless, the Reverse Transcriptase Structural Damage in DNA is the final destructive consequence of the Homologous Nucleotide Interference, leading to sterility.

That is why I propose to use the term “Nucleotide Destructive Inteference” instead of the vague term “RNA Destructive Interference”.

The effect of the Destructive Nucleotide Interference is the cause for the “Enhanced Immune Response” / “Pathogenic Priming” / ADE (“Antibody-Dependent Enhancement”) / “Cytokine Storm”, and, finally, AIDS.

I repeat, the inappropriate treatment and genetic modification via homologous nucleotides cause (1) autoimmune diseases, when the immune system attacks itself; (2) the immunodefficiency disease, when the immune system destroys itself; and (3) the prion disease as the extreme case of encephalophathy, when brain destroys itself.

For example, in SARS-CoV-2, all proteins are homologous to human proteins, except for one, making it into the retrovirus under the disguise of the coronavirus. Thus, in order to treat COVID-19, we need to eliminate the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference.

All treatments, which, like “mRNA vaccines”, introduce even more homologous RNA into a human cell, will inflict more damage due to the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference.

It is precisely because, for the proper cell division, a human needs to overcome the indiscriminate influx of the homologous nucleotides that our ancestors put a strict ban on: (1) cannibalism, and blood sacrifice, in general; (2) casual sex and polygamy; (3) incest; (4) homosexuality; and (5) some nations put ban on consumption of pork, which has nucleotides being very similar to human nucleotides.

Thus, “xenotransplantation” by Prof. George Church of pig’s hearts into humans; or the genetic modification by CRISPR/Cas9 by Prof. Jennifer Doudna using client’s own genetic material; or the mRNA vaccines by Dr. Robert Malone should be prohibited on the government level.

First of all, because the “Genetically Modified Humans” will be as sterile as the “Genetically Modified Plants”.

Wave Genome LLC found a technological solution – the Remote Holographic Drug Delivery — for reversal of the structural damage in chromosomes, and, so, the reversal of the structural damage in proteins.

Humans are water for 85%. But the Universe is energy for 93%, and particles for only 7%. So, humans are the liquid crystal media for 7%, and the wave crystal media for 93%.

In order to restore the structural coherence in the liquid crystal media, we need, first, to restore the structural coherence in the wave crystal media.

The notion of the wave crystal media or Wave Crystal (a crystal consisting of waves) was created by Dr. Irene Caesar in 1985, long before anybody in the field of Bioholography, in her fundamental theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes.

Wave Crystal is a Refractive Lens, built up by the coherent impulse wave fronts of the scalar nature, with the trigger-signal having its wave length equal to the size of the resonator.

Between cell division cycles, chromatin exists in non-coherent state. But during cell division, chromatin gets literally crystallized, forming two chromatids, which form a chromosome. The structural coherence of the chromosome determines its functionality.

The chromosome consists of two chromatids, combined together in the x-form.

The two chromatids intersect in the center, where they exchange their genetic material.

The same gene is expressed in the functional individuals by metacentric chromosome, and in dysfunctional individuals via acrocentric chromosome.

Metacentric chromosomes are the X-shaped chromosomes with two arms that are equal in length.

Acrocentric chromosomes are chromosomes with two arms that are not equal in length, meaning they exhibit gross asymmetry.

Metacentric chromosome is analogous to a well-centered and focused eye crystal, while acrocentric chromosome is analogous to a myopic or farsighted eye.

Ability of chromatids to exchange information, and to regenerate and replicate, in general, depends upon the specific geometry of Wave Optics in chromosome.

If this specific geometry of Wave Optics is violated, the chromosome loses its ability to regenerate and replicate.

The same gene in Apes is expressed by the acrocentric chromosome, and in Humans — by the metacentric chromosome.

The same is gene is expressed by the acrocentric chromosome in the wild horses; and by the metacentric chromosome — in the domesticated horses, which are superior to the wild horses.

Children with Down Syndrome differ from normal children by the presence of extra acrocentric chromosome.

Only because female gender chromosome is metacentric, a woman is capable of replicating (giving birth).

And only because male gender chromosome is acrocentric, a man is incapable of replicating (giving birth).

Clearly, the acrocentric chromosome is the result of the destruction of the metacentric chromosome – literally its splitting into halves.

Evidently, Y “male gender” chromosome, which is acrocentric, is the result of degeneration of X “female gender” chromosome, which is properly metacentric.

Thus, gender identification should be based upon the Wave Optics of Chromosomes, and not on the presence of certain hormones in the body.

Structural coherence of the chromosome is its physical shape for 7%, while, for 93%, it is the proper Wave Optics of the scalar wave diffraction grating with properly centered and focused Refraction towards the Zero Center / Focus of the Wave Crystal.

Chromosome is a Wave Crystal with certain Wave Optics, and changes its bioinformation due to the change in its Refraction Mode towards one and only Zero Center / Focus, the same for chromosome and galaxy.

Chromosome is a lens with the Refraction Code, unique for a given individual.

So, we can understand human genome only in terms of wave phenomena, as it truly exists, — as the stages of crystallization of the liquid crystal media, correspondent to the stages of crystallization of the wave crystal media.

The crystallization of the wave crystal media is the emergence of its Bioholographic quality.

The First Stage is the destructive and constructive wave interference.

Wave interference in the living cell results in polarization due to the change of spin in the energy torsion processes.

Human RNAs are the one-strand spiral antennae susceptible to homologous viruses due to the spatial translational symmetry principle.

In Electron microscopy, RNA appears to be the simultaneous torsion firings across the cell. It was reported, though not explained, by Jennifer Doudna, that the application of the CRISPR/Cas9 technology to the living cell had the result of extinguishing the wave activity of RNA.

The Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference is, mainly, the effect of the Destructive Wave Interference.

The Second Stage is the Reflection of waves back upon themselves, due to Polarization in resonators correspondent in their size to the wave length to form a scalar wave.

Scalar wave annuls the external linear signals, when the peak of the forward-going wave is nullified by the trough of the same wave when this wave is reflected back upon itself.

The Third Stage is the formation of the Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating, and its scaling, when every segment of the Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating itself becomes a Scalar Wave.

This Third Stage is the emergence of Refraction, so that the linear external signal changes its nature, and becomes a Holographic Signal.

Holographic Signal contains inside itself the infinite number of waves (frequencies),  particles and fields due to the nonlocality of the Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating.

Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating gets scaled into the macro and micro dimension. That is why it is used to transfer bioinformation instantaneously and remotely – at close and long range.

Quantum Nonlocality is organized in accordance with the Holographic Principle.

The Holographic Principle states that Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point.

Implication of the Holographic Principle states that if the Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique (© Dr. Irene Caesar, 2012).

Thus, every Wave Matrix / Biohologram is both nonlocal and unique.

If we have two copies of the same Wave Matrix, we can transmit information remotely and instantaneously between these two copies.  In Quantum Nonlocality, they constitute one and the same entity.

All processes of Refraction in the wave crystal media occur towards one and only Zero Center of Quantum Nonlocality, one and the same for galaxy and chromosome.

But each Wave Matrix has its own unique Refraction Code.

Thus, Gene Therapy is possible only through correction of the Wave Optics in chromosomes via restoring the Refraction Code, unique for every human.

Tokens with the same Refraction Code constitute one and the same nonlocal and unique Systematic Whole in the Quantum Nonlocality.

Instead of the vague term “Quantum Entanglement”, I offer the term “Refraction Entanglement” as the basis for the instantaneous and remote transmission of bioinformation between the tokens having one and the same Refraction Code of their Wave Optics.

So, DNA is a tetrapolar scalar wave, which annuls the external linear signals, when the peak of the forward-going wave is annulled by the trough of the same wave when this wave is reflected back upon itself.

DNA scalar wave is continually annulling the simultaneous RNA wave torsions across the cell.

The quality of transcription and translation depends on the coherence of the DNA scalar wave.

I repeat: the resultant Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating has certain Refraction Code, unique and nonlocal for every human.

DNA communication occurs not through chemical or electro-chemical exchange between living cells, but via the Quantum Nonlocality, remotely and instantaneously.

Wave Genome LLC, founded by Dr. Irene Caesar, was the first company in the world to develop Bioholography as the Remote Wave Optics based upon Refraction Codes in the scaled scalar wave diffraction grating.

Refraction Codes are used as the wave modulations of the scalar nature, as client’s unique and nonlocal Biohologram, immune system modulation Biohologram, stem cell modulation Biohologram, etc.

Wave Genome LLC has pioneered Bioholography, producing Bioholograms for the remote management of biosystems.

Wave Genome LLC was the first company in the world to code electrets with client’s unique Bioholograms.

Wave Genome LLC was the first company in the world to produce Bioholographic electronic devices, digital files, and software for the Holographic Drug Delivery for rejuvenation only (founded 2010).

Dr. Irene Caesar co-founded the Quantum Biointernet for the remote rejuvenation via distant laser signal, commercially offered for the first time in the history of humankind by Irene Caesar’s company Wave Genome LLC in May 2013.

Dr. Irene Caesar co-founded the “Matrix City” Consortium with the Institute for National Security in Moscow for building self-sufficient human settlements based upon the remote management of biosystems, climate and geophysical processes for the first time in the history of humankind (founded 2012), presented in the Honorary Lecture at the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University in September 2012.

Reproduction and regeneration success depends on the properly focused Wave Optics of Chromosomes for receiving and transmitting the nonlocal unique Bioinformation from Quantum Biononlocality of the certain Biohologram.

Wave Genome LLC offers (1) electret-based chips structured on nanolevel via laser by client’s digitized hologram, modulated by various modulators, including stem cells; (2) digital bioholograms of healthy physiological systems, of stem cells, and of pharmaceuticals for the Holographic Pharmacy (H-Pharmacy); (3) Holonet (Holographic Biointernet; © Dr. Irene Caesar 2013) for the remote treatment.

Wave Genome LLC was the first company in the world to record and transmit the Digital Biohologram of various kinds of Stem Cells, including the stem cells extracted from epithelial cells, and embryonic stem cells, for the Holographic Pharmacy (H-Pharmacy of audio and video files) used in the Bioholographic Remote Stem Cell Therapy through the Quantum Biononlocality via nonoptical Lasers, capable of creating the Holographic Signal.

Technology of the Laser Polarized Bioholography for the Holonet (Holographic Internet) consists in the knowhow for (1) creating the Holographic Signal, which is, in principle, nonlocal in time and space; (2) and modulating this Holographic Signal via various modulators, including the Digital Biohologram of the Stem Cell.

We can treat the cell degeneration, leading to AIDS and prion disease as the result of COVID-19 global event via applying the Holographic Signal.

I have introduced the new method for recording and remote transmitting of bioholograms via laser spectroscopy and coding electrets on nanolevel via laser.

The technology creates “lenses” assisting our chromosomes in correcting their refraction for focusing genetic bioholographic information, both locally and remotely.

The same way we use lenses to correct eye sight, we can use artificial lenses to correct geometrical optics of chromosomes. 

In 2017-2018, my company Wave Genome LLC has developed the large-size medical bed, branded as the RA Sarcophagus, which uses the closed egg-shaped capsule constructed from the multiple layers of electret and conductor, while electret is coded on nanolevel with the holographic signal, modulated via various modulators.

Major components of the egg-shaped capsule are two concave lenses which are exactly calibrated identically.

In the focus of the first lens is the focus of client’s skull. And in the focus of the second lens is the laser source of the coherent impulse signal.

The resultant holographic signal is modulated by the digitized Biohologram of client’s own stem cell, extracted from client’s epithelial cell, and by embryonic stem cell.

The Stem Cell Biohologram is delivered as the audio digital file of binaural therapy, and as visual digital file via virtual reality glasses.

The Stem Cell Biohologram is also delivered via the electret-based chip, structured via laser on nanolevel by the Digitized Stem Cell.

When your cells divide, the Biohologram on the chip makes your chromosomes center and focus, since chromosomes send and receive information (holographic signal) via the Zero Center of their Wave Crystals in accordance with their shape, similar to how our eye functions (changing focus depending on the shape of eye crystal / refraction via diffraction grating).

In October 2021, Wave Genome LLC has released the RA Helmet. The RA Helmet restores the coherence of the liquid crystal medium of the brain by restoring the coherence of the wave crystal medium of the brain.

It is the brain that performs the function of creating a scalar wave to restore the functionality of the bodily organs and the physiological systems of the organism. Precisely because the brain needs to create a scalar wave, a man has two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two lungs, two kidneys, two ovaries, or two testicles, located opposite each other — so as to provide two opposite signals that nullify each other in a standing / scalar wave.

And it is through the creation of a scalar wave diffraction grating, and the refraction of signals towards the Zero Center / Focus of the Wave Crystal, that the brain receives the unlimited information from the Quantum Nonlocality, and is instantaneously and remotely connected informationally with every cell in the body, with every man on earth, with any cosmic body, and with any dimension of the Quantum Nonlocality.

That is why, the treatment of bodily organs and physiological systems is possible only through the brain — by restoring the coherence of the liquid-crystal medium of the brain through restoring the coherence of the wave crystal medium of the brain.

That is, the treatment is possible only through the restoration, in the brain, of the scalar wave diffraction grating, which provides the correct refraction towards the Zero Center / Focus of the Wave Crystal to access the Quantum Nonlocality.

With the right access to the Quantum Nonlocality, there occurs the correct communication between the bodily organs and cells, and, in general, the correct genetic and epigenetic self-regulation of the organism.

The working principle of the RA Helmet consists in receiving brain’s wave signals and directing these signals through a scalar wave diffraction grating. This procedure leads to the restoration of the coherence in the wave crystal structure of the brain, and, therefore, to the restoration of the coherence in the liquid crystal structure of the brain.

In particular, the generators of pathological energy in the brain are dissolved. Each area of ​​the brain is responsible for a specific bodily organ. Using the RA Helmet leads to the restoration in the functionality of the bodily organs through the restoration of the correct Wave Optics in each area of ​​the brain, and in the brain as a whole.

The RA helmet consists of: (1) a metal encasing in the form of a helmet; (2) the electret-based generator for creating a scalar wave around the Helmet encasing, programmed for a certain triggering signal; (3) the generator of a triggering signal fed to the scalar wave generator, which is attached to the Helmet as a separate device; (4) and metal plates for receiving and processing the brain wave signals on both temples of the client for the purpose of the device modulation.

The RA Helmet creates a scalar wave diffraction grating via a coherent impulse signal around the entire circumference of the Helmet, in accordance with the Spherical Signaling to the Brain Principle. I emphasize: for the Remote Bioholography, it is important to have a protocol for spherical (or, at least, binary) signal reception and transmission.

Client’s brain is not directly subjected to any frequency. In fact, the scalar wave annuls any linear incoherent wave either outside or inside the brain, when the peak of the forward-going wave is annulled by the trough of the same wave when this wave is reflected back upon itself.

This is provided by the nonlocal nature of the scalar wave diffraction grating, which is scaled if the triggering coherent impulse signal is consistent in the resonator. Every segment of the scalar wave gets scaled ad infinitum – to the macro and micro dimensions.

The nonlocal nature of the scalar wave diffraction grating provides protection from the wide-range directed energy psychotronic attack, and the only possible protection against the extremely low frequencies, and the extremely high frequencies.

The scaling of the scalar wave diffraction grating is the foundation for the Remote Bioholography – the Remote Holographic Drug Delivery – both over the space in meters or kilometers and nanometers.

The RA Helmet applies the Bioholographic Pharmacy as the Bioholographic modulations over the scalar wave diffraction grating.

I was the first scientist in the world who have succeeded in proving by clinical trials that the chip, encoded by the digitized hologram of the pharmaceutical drug on nanolevel by laser, and the DIGITAL PHARMACY of e-holograms function better, than the conventional pharmaceutical drug — more effectively, with no overdose and with no side effects.

In October-December 2017, I have conducted clinical trials for two chips of electret nature, structured on nanolevel via laser with the digitized biohologram of Aspirin, and the digitized biohologram of the Human Embrionic Stem Cell.

Scientific group headed by me, consisted of scientists from the Moscow Bauman State Science University, the largest and most important Science University in Russia, of MIT level.

We used a newly invented Russian laser spectrograph.

The clinical trials were a blind experiment, and corresponded to all government laws and regulations. The results clearly demonstrated that, in comparison with placebo, the new chip, invented by my company, causes the body reaction similar to taking an Aspirin pill; and the radical improvement of well-being in the case of the chip, coded with the digitized Biohologram of the Human Embryonic Stem Cell.

These successful verification experiments have proven my theory of Genetics as Wave Optics of Bioholography.

The results demonstrate that Wave Genome LLC has created the effective Digital Anticoagulant that has the effect of Aspirin witout the side effects and danger of overdose. All pharmaceutical Anticoagulants increase the time of coagulation. The clinical trials demonstrate the increased time of coagulation by the Digital Anticoagulant for the first time in the history of world science.

The Holographic Anticoagulant has a stronger beneficial effect than the pharmaceutical drug itself, due to a better structural coherence.

Also, Wave Genome LLC has conducted successful verification experiments with the electret-based chips, structured by laser on nanolevel with the Digital Biohologram of the Embryonic Stem Cell, modulated by client’s Biohologram recorded from client’s photograph.

In multiple cases, it was reported that melanoma moles dry up and fall off within four to five days, when the applicator / chip is applied straight to the mole.

It was also reported that, when the electret-based chip is applied straight to hematoma, the healthy tissue is regenerated much faster than without the application.

It was also reported that, when the electret-based chip cleared up the neurodermatitis, that the client had for years.

It was also reported that clients had the reversal of the neurological sysmptoms after being bit by the genetically modified mosquitos, spreading infection.

Clients had also reported the radical improvement in the cases of Voice to Skull, and other implications of the Directed Energy Weapons, and all other kinds of psychotronic attacks.



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Август 11-14, 2022

Москва, Российская Федерация

Я являюсь автором фундаментальной теории Волновой Оптики Хромосом (1985 г.), и основателем и президентом биотехнологической компании Волновой Геном (основана в 2010 г.).

С момента старта строительства “Интернета Вещей” или “Интернета Всего” в 2013 году глобальной преступной группировкой самоназванной “Синагоги Сатаны”, Россия находится в активной фазе Третьей Мировой Войны, которая является глобальной войной, и которая является психотронной войной нового типа.

Подчеркну: мы должны быть точны в своих определениях. Мы должны чётко осознавать, кто нам противостоит и ведёт против нас войну на полное уничтожение. Это – не какие-то мифические “глобалисты”, “глубинное государство”, “Цифровой Левиафан”, “Каббалисты”, “Глобальный Предиктор”, и т.п. И это не “Лондон Третий Карфаген” и “Ватикан”, и даже не сионисты.

Нам противостоит глобальная, транснациональная или наднациональная преступная группировка торговцев нелегальными наркотиками, нелегальным оружием, органами и информацией, добытой противозаконно.

Эта глобальная преступная группировка прикрывается банковской деятельностью, и оперирует через сеть так называемых международных организаций, занимающихся аналитической и консалтинговой деятельностью.

Мы должны чётко осознавать, что такие организации, как Всемирный Экономический Форум (WEF), Трёхсторонняя Комиссия (Trilateral Commission), Совет по Международным Отношениям (Council on Foreign Relations), Римский Клуб (The Club of Rome) – все являются преступными, так как пытаются захватить власть нелегитимными способами в выборных демократиях.

То есть, Клаус Шваб – преступник. И его открытые манифесты по созданию глобальной невыборной бюрократии под управлением глобальной опиумной ОПГ (Организованная Преступная Группировка / Organised Crime) для свержения демократического строя выборных республик, уничтожения демократических свобод и, в целом, обнуления конституций – всё это является признаком не просто преступности, но ещё и полной умственной деградации.

Именно потому, что власть на западе захватила глобальная опиумная ОПГ, мы теперь слышим о международных отношениях, которые базируются не на международном праве, а на неких “правилах” (rules-based relations).

Именно потому, что власть на западе захватила глобальная опиумная ОПГ, мы теперь слышим об отмене всех норм морали – о легализации всего, что считалось преступным на протяжении тысячелетий – легализации человеческих жертвоприношений, педофилии, каннибализма, сексуальных извращений, и отмене семьи, и даже института пола.

Глобальная опиумная ОПГ грозит нам полным уничтожением многотысячелетней человеческой цивилизации, в том числе и прежде всего, психотронными технологиями.

Третья мировая война является психотронной войной, потому что эта глобальная преступная группировка может навязать свою власть, только полностью подавив разум свободного человека.

Контроль над разумом (Mind Control) – вот цель преступников, которые напали на Россию.

Все остальные запрещённые виды войны – химическая и биологическая война – являются компонентами психотронной войны, так как психотронная война оказывает воздействие на биологические организмы с определённой биохимией.

Психотронная война – это военные действия с помощью психотроники. Психотроника – это уничтожение и подавление противника, и контроль над разумом через технологические устройства, управляющие волновыми процессами организмов, и, в особенности, мозга.

Психотронная война нового типа – это военные действия с помощью глобальных сетей, в которые входят центры кибер управления автоматизированными алгоритмами т.н. Искусственного Интеллекта, и наземные и орбитальные системы телекоммуникаций и управления ими, включающие в себя все смарт дивайсы в “смарт городе” — от смарт телефонов и смарт утюгов до смарт такси и смарт фонарей, от школьной доски до банковских, медицинских и государственных услуг.

Психотронная война нового типа – это подавление и уничтожение противника через подавление и уничтожение его “смарт города” (“умного города”).

Подавление “смарт города” (“умного города”) состоит в полном контроле над психотронной структурой “смарт города” через троянских коней в кибер инфраструктуре “смарт города”.

Этот контроль над психотронной структурой смарт города состоит в (1) применении излучения поражающего действия для подавления воли противника и снижения численности населения, (2) полном контроле за потоком информации, в особенности, интеллектуальной собственности открытий и изобретений; (3) выборочном уничтожении членов движения сопротивления.

И контроль над психотронной структурой “смарт города” состоит, прежде всего, в контроле над органами власти т.н. “Открытого Электронного Правительства” и силовыми структурами.

В модель подавления “смарт города” так же входит механизм стерилизации противника, и, в конечном счёте, создание двухклассового общества из гуманоидных кибер-рабов, не способных к деторождению, и рабовладельцев-людей, способных к деторождению.

Уничтожение “смарт города” производится нажатием одной кнопки из глобального центра управления, находящимся вне страны. Уничтожение “смарт города” означает массовое убийство населения “смарт города” оружием направленной энергии и СВЧ (EHF – Extremely High Frequency) и уничтожение информации на цифровых серверах (облаках) и цифровых носителях, в особенности, прав на собственность и на детей, всей исторической информации и конституции.

Поэтому мы должны признать концепцию “смарт города” преступной, и преследовать организаторов “смарт городов” в России как преступников.

Россия должна создать и продвигать концепцию “матричного города”, то есть, полностью самодостаточного города. К слову, высшая элита на западе строит для себя именно “матричные города”, а для своих колоний – “смарт города”, полностью открытые для внешнего управления.

Так же мы должны признать концепцию “служебного человека” (“service man”) с предумышленно деградированными способностями преступной, а людей, таких как Михаил Валентинович Ковальчук, президент Курчатовского Института, кто продвигает план создания предумышленно деградированного “служебного человека”, — преступниками.

И более того, мы должны привлечь Михаила Валентиновича Ковальчука, президента Курчатовского Института, к уголовной ответственности за попытку внедрения в России Генетически Модифицированных Организмов, которые стерильны сами, и вызывают трансгенное заражение местности, то есть, стерилизацию всех видов растительности, и вымирание пчёл, которые составляют 80% пищевой цепочки. И более того – стерилизацию человека.

Итак, психотронная война нового типа, это, прежде всего, (1) использование финансовой системы как психотронного оружия — переход от цифровой валюты к нейронным деньгам через активизацию центра боли и центра наслаждения в мозгу через “интернет тел” и подключение “мозг-компьютер”;

(2) биологическая война как прикрытие психотронной войны;

(3) экономическая война как психотронная война подавления системами оружия «энергии направленного действия» и СВЧ (EHF) — перевод экономики в цифру и подавление её противником со спутников психотронным оружием;

(4) война через запись ложных воспоминаний и ложных желаний через Нейралинк (Neuralink) со СтарЛинка (Starlink) ака «Скайнета» (Skynet).

(5) война через  “Skynet”. “Skynet” берёт контроль над “смарт-городом” и “интернетом тел” противника.

Скайнет (Skynet) — это система искусственного интеллекта на спутниковой системе как в фильме “Терминатор”. Россия и США выходят на уровень борьбы двух Скайнетов.

(6) квантовые компьютеры как оружие подавления психотронного нападения противника.

Рассмотрим нейронные деньги. Самый главный преступник 20 века — это не Гитлер. Это — профессор Йельского Университета Испанского происхождения Хозе Дельгадо, который решил поработить человеческий мозг.

Хозе Дельгадо сказал: «Человек не имеет права развивать свой собственный мозг. Этот вид либеральной ориентации имеет большую привлекательность. (Но) мы ДОЛЖНЫ электронно (электрическим способом) контролировать мозг. Придёт день, когда армии и генералы будут контролироваться через электрическую стимуляцию мозга».

Мы должны чётко понимать, что вид концентрационного лагеря имени Хозе Дельгадо несоразмеримо страшнее Аушвица Гитлера.

Так же мы должны чётко понимать, что именно с этим чудовищным фашизмом мы сейчас воюем на территории бывшей Советской Украины, наших главных родовых землях. Украина облюбована Синагогой Сатаны для (1) колонизации Израилем для создания Новой Хазарии; (2) эта страна планируется как Цифровая Хазария как пример для Европы и всего мира на пути к глобальному Кибер Сиону;

(3) эта Цифровая Хазария будет базой для хакерского центра МИ6 «Анонимус» для кибер удара по атомным электростанциям России и для психотронного удара по России со спутников Англии «ВанВеб» (OneWeb), ретранслируемых по “cмарт фонарям” и, далее, по “cмарт телефонам”.

Кибер войска Новой Хазарии (“United 24”) будут одноразовыми киборгами, со стёртой памятью и идентичностью, которых планируется послать в Россию на зачистку народов России по Талмудическому принципу Хатыни.

После кибер удара или вместе с ним планируются удары бинарным биологическим оружием, которое по новой парадигме киборгов не отделимо от кибер оружия, так как с вакцинами вводятся микрочипы. У меня вопрос: когда господин Рогозин засылал в небо спутники ВанВеб (OneWeb), он хотя бы устанавливал на них наши закладки?

Синагога Сатаны уже начала тестирование НЕЙРОННЫХ ДЕНЕГ (NEURAL MONEY) через их прокси — так называемую «Метавселенную» (Meta).

НЕЙРОННЫЕ ДЕНЬГИ — это конец денег, как мы их знаем, то есть конец денег как инструмента обмена в экономике, конец заработной платы, 401К (Американская система накопительных пенсий), инвестиций, акций, облигаций и, таким образом, конец общества всеобщего благосостояния (welfare state), конец выборного правления людей и конец свободного мира, точка.

НЕЙРОННЫЕ ДЕНЬГИ состоят в нейронной стимуляции центра боли и центра удовольствия в мозгу, которые были локализованы Хосе Дельгадо. Хосе Дельгадо вставил радиопередатчик в мозг быка, так что Хосе Дельгадо смог остановить быка, который в ярости бросился на тореадора во время корриды. Очевидно, президент Макрон хотел бы реализовать такой же протокол и для «жёлтых жилетов».

Эта нейронная стимуляция будет принудительной, и она будет цифровой. Это будет навязано кибер-рабу или киборгу через Искусственный Интеллект под полным контролем Синагоги Сатаны. Искусственный Интеллект станет легендарным ГОЛЕМом для защиты интересов педофилов и рабовладельцев.

«Правильное» поведение рабов будет поощряться стимуляцией центра удовольствия мозга. А «неправильное» поведение будет подавляться стимуляцией болевого центра мозга.

Глобальная опиумная империя становится цифровой — с цифровым опиумом. На сегодняшний день мы видим виртуальные события с расширенной виртуальной реальностью, которые имеют две новые и отличительные особенности.

(1) применение нейростимуляторов, которые являются цифровыми; и являются буквально цифровыми аналогами опиума; (2) и применение голографических образов на уровне так называемого «глубокого фейка», когда вы не можете отличить подделку от реальности.

Например, некие глобальные события, такие как «концерты» или «духовные собрания», представляют появления Альберта Эйнштейна или Нельсона Манделы в виде голограмм. Зрители взаимодействуют с этими голограммами давно умерших людей так, как будто они еще живы: задают им вопросы или относятся к этим голограммам как к живым людям.

Совершенно очевидно, что должна использоваться «нейронная стимуляция» в качестве цифрового аналога опиума для такого контроля над сознанием, чтобы вызвать у людей желание участвовать в такого рода ментальных галлюцинациях и ментальной мастурбации.

Это новый, самый лживый и хитрый вид колониализма: обмен золота на стеклянные бусы становится обменом золота на фантом, подменой реальности галлюцинацией.

Но это произойдет только в том случае, если Россия проиграет в Украине, которая стала первой страной в мире, подписавшей Соглашение о «Великой перезагрузке» (“Great Reset”) ВЭФ с Ротшильдами как прикрытием Опиумной Империи. Молитесь за Россию!

Например, история с Илоном Маском, который хотел купить Twitter… Почему это важно? Потому что Илон Маск верит в свободу слова, — говорит мистер Такер Карлсон (Tucker Carlson). На самом деле, Илон Маск получил большие деньги от консорциума DARPA / SIS / Mossad, чтобы продвигать ГЛОБАЛЬНЫЙ ПСИХОТРОННЫЙ КОНТРОЛЬ РАЗУМА, также известный как NEURALINK Илона Маска, через Twitter.

Твитнуть через мозговой чип — вот чего хочет “свободолюбивый” мистер Маск, вернее, Синагога Сатаны, которая прячется за его спиной — глобальные и массовые Маньчжурские Кандидаты, кибер-рабы, с вложенными ложными воспоминаниями, и насильно навязанными желаниями.

“Свободолюбивый” мистер Маск продаёт нам парадигму «БИОХАКИНГА» (Biohacking). “Свободолюбивый” мистер Маск продает нам парадигму тоталитарного «РОЕВОГО СОЗНАНИЯ (Улья / Hive Mind).

“Нейралинк” (Neuralink) Илона Маска – это обратная сторона “Старлинка” (Starlink) Илона Маска – спутниковой системы на низких орбитах, которая является чисто военной системой т.н. “звёздных войн”.

НЕЙРАЛИНК сатаниста Илона Маска будет раздаваться со СТАРЛИНКА сатаниста Илона Маска – со спутников на низких орбитальных орбитах. Именно по спутниковым телефонам Старлинк сатаниста Илона Маска звонили сатанисты Азова. Сатанист Илон Маск полностью поддержал сатанинский шабаш на Украине, откровенный и неприкрытый фашизм, который заливает кровью наши древние родовые земли.

Совершенно очевидно, что кибер удар Синагоги Сатаны по России пойдёт через Старлинк сатаниста и фашиста Илона Маска, закамуфлированный под «хакеров Украины». И этот психотронный киберудар будет глобальным — против всех свободных людей мира.

Цель Синагоги Сатаны — голографическое шоу вторжения инопланетян. Именно для этого, для полной реалистичности дип-фейка, Илон Маск запускает спутники в два слоя.

Итак, уже создан Нейронный центр управления деньгами – это ИИ (“Искусственный Интеллект”) Pfizer в Салониках (Thessaloniki). Это — самая большая новость за последнее десятилетие…. Почему это не Новая Зеландия, Питер Тиль (Peter Thiel)? Или Австралия…. Потому что Новая Зеландия и Австралия являются (Тихоокеанским) «огненным кольцом».

Почему это не Латинская Америка? Потому что Тихоокеанское огненное кольцо (Андский вулканический пояс) включает в себя также Аргентину, Боливию, Чили, Колумбию, Эквадор и Перу, а остальная часть Латинской Америки слишком слаборазвита для крупного схрона (hiding place) сатанистов.

Поскольку Синагога Сатаны намерена интенсивно использовать климатическое оружие и, таким образом, подтолкнёт своих противников к тому же, все места, которые уже геофизически скомпрометированы, являются лёгкой мишенью, и о них не может быть и речи. Почему это не Канада и Сиэтл? Потому что там не слишком тепло для хазар.

И это потому, что Великобритания и США предназначены для уничтожения как сильные национальные государства. Идея “Ocean Cities” Питера Тиля и Ко материализовалась на греческих островах, каждый из которых является аналогом плавучей крепости. Рабовладельцы, пираты и педофилы возвращаются на родину.

Весь план описан Айн Рэнд в ее сатанинском романе «Атлант расправил плечи» (“Atlas Shrugged”) и заключается в государственном терроризме сатанистов для полного уничтожения национальных государств ради создания Глобального Сиона — с помощью хорошо описанной в Талмуде тактики. Промежуточное положение дел — уход сатанистов в тайник (hiding place). Теперь мы знаем, где он! 

Важно отметить, что реализация плана отдана Pfizer (генеральный директор Pfizer Альберт Бурла приглашает Билла Гейтса в Афины), так что понятно, что государственный терроризм сатанистов будет, прежде всего, биологическим государственным терроризмом через бинарное биологическое оружие.

Греческие жители греческих островов уже целиком и полностью привиты, что означает их тотальный и полный этноцид. Идея не нова. Салоники (Thessaloniki) были так называемым «Балканским Иерусалимом», называемым также «Матерью Израиля» до 1943 года. До 1913 года городом правили турки и иудеи, а греков в город не пускали.

Когда город стал частью Греции после Балканских войн в 1913 году, перепись показала, что иудеи являются самой большой этнической группой в городе. Большинство из них были иудеями-сефардами, чьи предки бежали из Испании в 1492 году и получили убежище в Османской империи. Тактика захвата города с 1492 по 1913 гг. была сценариями Чёрной Чумы. Теперь Альберт Бурла с талмудическим наследием разместил Искусственный Интеллект Pfizer в Салониках (Thessaloniki), на неразглашенном острове.

Теперь, рассмотрим сращивание психотронного и биологического оружия – процесс, который будет контролироваться с этого секретного острова около Салоников (Thessaloniki) Искусственным Интеллектом Нейронных денег, создаваемым сейчас вместе Биллом Гейтсом и Альбертом Бурла (Albert Bourla).

На территории Украины, Синагога Сатаны разработала адресную доставку вирусов дронами (помимо доставки через птиц). Возможна адресная доставка и психотронных генераторов дронами. Особенно в свете того, что противником сделана установка на СВЧ излучение.

Глобальный Искусственный Интеллект – это ничто иное, как глобальная система дронов, управляемая из одного центра управления автоматизированным алгоритмом, написанным Синагогой Сатаны.

Все “смарт-объекты” в “смарт-городе” превращены в оружие и являются дронами для автоматизированного подавления и уничтожения жителей смарт-города.

Более того, все “смарт-объекты” в “смарт-городе” являются как раз дронами для адресной доставки психотронного нападения.

Перефразируем: дронами для адресной доставки психотронного нападения являются все “смарт-объекты” в “смарт-городе”, подключённые к единому центру управления глобального Искусственного Интеллекта.

Очевидно, что противник имеет план А и план Б. План А состоит во взятии контроля над Ростелекоммуникациями через Троянского коня — нидерландскую компанию «Мобител», которая контролирует 13% Ростелекоммуникаций, причём контролирует самое главное — искусственный интеллект Российских телекоммуникаций. Российская Федерация не владеет контрольным пакетом Росскоммуникаций.

А это означает, что в час Х, все Ростелекоммуникации России переходят под управление Синагоги Сатаны — организованной преступной группировки торговцев нелегальными наркотиками и нелегальным оружием. Эта группировка управляет ЦРУ, МИ6 и Моссадом.

Цель этой группировки — уничтожение России и полная зачистка населения России. Удар по Российским телекоммуникациям имеет три цели: (1) уничтожение средств коммуникаций; (2) техногенные катастрофы, в первую очередь, на ядерных электростанциях; (3) психотронный удар по гражданам России и, в первую очередь, по центрам принятия решений.

Психотронный удар будет осуществляться с аналога Скайнета (как фильме «Терминатор») — сети вражеских спутников на низких орбитальных орбитах, которые будут передавать сигнал от генератора к генератору СВЧ, включая Смарт фонари на улицах и Смарт телефоны. Этим процессом и будет управлять нидерландская компания Мобител, как прикрытие ЦРУ, превращая телефоны Россиян в Генераторы психотронного оружия.

Если план А не срабатывает, вступает в действие план Б. План Б состоит в подавлении телекоммуникаций России со спутников Старлинк (StarLink, США) и Ванвеб (OneWeb, Англия). Спутники Илона Маска — это уже аналоги дронов в околоземном пространстве.

Поэтому всю сеть Старлинк (Starlink) надо понимать, как сеть дронов, покрывающую территорию противника для нанесения психотронного удара. В эту сеть дронов, однозначно, входят и адресные дроны, предназначенные для нападения на конкретного человека.

Именно поэтому Москвичам была навязана система распознавания лиц — чтобы в час Х, противник смог быстро уничтожить руководящие кадры, и чтобы можно было бы легко обнаруживать и уничтожать любое сопротивление сатанистам.

Рассмотрим психотронную войну нового типа глобальной опиумной ОПГ против США на примере массового убийства в Сэнди Хук (Sandy Hook) в 2012 г.

Массовое убийство в Сэнди Хук было не просто чёрной операцией Синагоги Сатаны, направленной на разоружение Американцев.

Главная цель данной чёрной операции Синагоги Сатаны заключалась в подчинении индустриального гиганта Соединённых Штатов Америки General Electrics – через компромат на одного из ключевых руководителей корпорации.

Убийцей был представлен Адам Ланза, сын Питера Ланза, одного из высокопоставленных руководителей GE Capital. Но, на самом деле, убийцей был Питер Ланза, убивший в день массового расстрела свою экс-жену из-за $300,000 алиментов в год, и подставивший своего же сына. А подельники Питера Ланза в ЦРУ осуществили убийство.

Сделки, в которые был вовлечен Питер Ланза, были связаны с распределенными психотронными и скалярными частотами, встроенными в энергосистему 60 Гц. Так что, да, массовое убийство в начальной школе Сэнди-Хук было фальшивым флагом (false flag), но картина, которую изобразил Алекс Джонс, не была точной. И его неточность была прикрытием (cover-up). GE Capital заключила соглашение с Лондонским Сити о том, что GE Capital будет нести ответственность за создание промышленного сектора так называемого «Интернета вещей» (теперь «Интернет тел») — со штаб-квартирой в …. Лондоне. И их главный инженер начал работать над этим проектом в 2013 году.

Проект, конечно же, состоял не только в создании общего (“general”) Искуственного Интеллекта для управления статистическими алгоритмами рынков с помощью вычислительной математики, но, скорее, в создании глобальной системы управления разумом через промышленные и потребительские продукты GE с помощью вычислительной биологии ДНК-компьютеров (на тот момент — через DE Shaw Group).

Алекс Джонс не смог раскрыть с помощью своих журналистских расследований тот факт, что стрельба в Сэнди Хук стала поворотным моментом в истории Соединенных Штатов. Это был механизм того, как Лондонский Сити / самоназванная Синагога Сатаны взяли окончательный контроль над Соединенными Штатами Америки — над промышленностью США как важнейшей частью экономики.

Стрельба была проведена агентами ЦРУ, связанными с Моссадом и МИ6. Я повторяю: ближайшей целью было взять под контроль руководителей GE, чтобы они охотно предали свою родину.

И мы действительно видим, что после стрельбы в Сэнди Хук, в которой замешан высокопоставленный руководитель GE в 2012 году, Лондонский Сити берёт на себя полный контроль над GE. GE подключается к 4Com, британской телекоммуникационной компании, в качестве глобальных ворот для Интернета Вещей, и руководителем проекта Интернета Вещей в GE Capital становится человек, назначенный Лондоном.

Значение стрельбы в Сэнди Хук для истории США можно сформулировать так: подавление и захват национальной экономики США глобальной организованной преступностью со штаб-квартирой в Лондоне путем шантажа в результате самых ужасных преступлений, совершенных высокопоставленными руководителями американских корпораций и политиками округа Колумбия: педофилия, каннибализм, корпоративное воровство и убийства.

Подрывная деятельность и захват власти происходят поэтапно. Стадия первая: британские консалтинговые компании, такие как Deloitte, находящиеся на содержании китайских опиумных триад, осуществляют экономический и технологический шпионаж на территории США, а также скупают стратегические компании и проникают в деятельность американских промышленных и телекоммуникационных гигантов, таких как GE и Intel.

Параллельно с этим, эта глобальная организованная преступная группировка (синдикат банкиров талмудического Лондонского Сити и китайских опиумных триад) формирует свои собственные глобальные компании, такие как Google и Cisco, которая начиналась как небольшая охранная компания для китайского наркобарона Кхун Са в Золотом Треугольнике.

Второй этап: этап 11 сентября 2001 года, когда эти компании начинают совершать террористические акты и вести подрывную диверсионную деятельность против моральных и политических устоев Соединённых Штатов Америки на совершенно новом уровне, буквально отменяя Конституцию Соединенных Штатов. Тех, кто не согласен, убивают, как Стива Джобса, которого убили, чтобы убить его браузер Safari. Google становится британской оффшорной компанией.

Контроль над экономикой, политикой и финансами Соединённых Штатов полностью передаётся Искусственному Интеллекту, созданному и расположенному в Великобритании. GE теряет половину стоимости своих акций.

Третий этап: Зомби-апокалипс в США с целью обанкротить страну в результате форс-мажорных обстоятельств, чтобы долги США никогда не были возвращены, и с целью формирования другого политического образования с новой валютой. Синагога Сатаны планирует вызвать Зомби-апокалипс комбинированным применением психотронного и бинарного биологического оружия против Американцев.

Поэтому можно с уверенностью сказать, что Соединённые Штаты Америки все ещё существуют только благодаря тому, что ещё существует Россия — благодаря тому, что, как во Вторую Мировую войну, русские опять проливают свою кровь в борьбе с фашизмом под новым кодовым названием «Великая Перезагрузка»: “Ты не будешь ничем владеть, и будешь счастлив» (“Great Reset”: “You will own nothing, and be happy”).



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Alex Jones is now sued by the Central Cocaine and Opium Agency for his denial of the Sandy Hook shooting (December 14, 2012). Alex Jones said nobody was shot, and all was staged by the CIA as a blackop to disarm Americans. I never considered Alex Jones with his Mossad wife to be very intelligent. But his Sandy Hook interpretation topples it all. Yes, Alex Jones, people were killed indeed in that shooting. And it was all premeditated and organised by the father of Adam Lanza, the alleged killer. And, Gosh, I lived with that bastard in the same town … of Stamford, CT.

Peter Lanza, Adam’s father, was a high ranking executive (VP of Taxes) at the GE Capital, which has about ten luxurious office buildings in Stamford. Peter Lanza was responsible for the money flow in and out. He was cutting secret classified deals with CIA and DARPA, and, for this, the GE Capital was getting tax breaks from the Feds. His wife was an aging prepper, who was collecting cans and water bottles for the approaching crash of the United States of Meth and Crack. Stamford executives have bad habits of divorcing at a certain age, and Peter Lanza had divorced his blue sock prepping wife Nancy, leaving behind also his son Adam (2009).

His ex-wife got a luxurious two-storey huge 3,100 square-foot mansion on 2.1 acre of land and $289,800 alimony in 2012, which was supposed to increase each year to reach $298,000 in 2015. And Peter Lanza moved out to a freaking small shed which he rented with his new young girlfriend, a librarian…. And that was it… He decided to get rid of his ex-wife (2012). He lived with his young librarian Shelley for already three years, and they just got married before the shooting. The new wife Cudiner was I bet very unhappy about paying the $300,000 alimony a year. That was the true and only reason, why the shooting happened in Sandy Hook school and not somewhere else, and why in that shooting Peter Lanza’s ex-wife was killed.

I bet the deals between CIA and the GE Capital were really hot if Peter Lanza’s pals had provided a newly single Peter Lanza with such an exquisite service. What can it be? Drug trafficking in the GE Capital containers, and psychotronics in the GE devices, related to distributed psychotronic frequencies imbedded in 60hz power grid? Something like that, for sure. Not simply the illegal weapons sales. But the cherry on the pie was that entire thing was staged as if Peter Lanza’s son Adam had killed his own mom. Gosh… those people are perverted, cruel and ruthless jerks. Did the CIA killer was paid four yearly alimony amounts that Peter Lanza was paying to his ex-wife?

But this is not the end of the story. Adam Lanza was used as a test subject for testing psychotronic weapon “Voice to Skull”. One should just look into his totally crazy eyes to grasp the bestiality of his father Peter Lanza who killed his own son. This happened I guess because his son took the side of his mother. And after all that the Central Meth Agency made a film about Peter Lanza the Grieving Father…. And back to Alex Jones… what an idiot…

Unlike Alex Jones, Adam Lanza had hacked into a government computer system in the ninth grade, making it to the second level of security on a government site. Great smarts of Adam and Nancy (ex-trader) were so impressive that the Central Orange Agency had demolished their house to the ground in 2015. The Central Crack Agency had removed a psychotronic generator from Adam’s room, but Adam and Nancy had I bet their own surveillance system in the house.

It was reported that Adam Lanza had a nervous breakdown during the Hurracaine “SANDY” (October 22, 2012 – November 2, 2012). It seems like somebody in the highest echelones of the Synagogue of Satan — who was responsible for planning it all — has a penchante for poetic rythm and rhyme. It looks like the hurracaine “Sandy” was named after the preplanned mass murder at “Sandy Hook”, which was so important that this guy named the hurracaine after the Sandy Hook. Hurracaine “Sandy” was the first large-scale application of the Climate Weapons by the Synagogue of Satan, and against the United States of America — against the Americans, against the unarmed civilians. Undoubtedly, the Hurracaine “Sandy” was a coverup for the first-in-the-history mass application of the HAARP psychotronic weapon against the United States of America — against the Americans, against the unarmed civilians. Precisely because Adam Lanza was a “targeted individual”, i.e., he was under constant psychotronic attack, that he reacted to the Psychotronic HAARP-Hurracaine “Sandy” in the way he did. In 2017, during our Donald The Trumpeteer super MAGA rule, the Synagogue of Satan had applied the DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) from Boeing airplanes in the Northern California — against the United States of America — against the Americans, against the unarmed civilians. The cities were burnt down and Americans were killed en masse in such a way, that tree trunks were cut in halves as if by a knife, and as if some flaming knife had made thin burning lines along the trunks vertically.

Yes, the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass murder was a false flag, but the picture that Alex Jones had depicted was not precise. And his imprecision was a coverup. GE Capital has cut a deal with the City of London that GE Capital will be responsible for building up the Industrial Sector of the so-called “Internet of things” (now, the “Internet of bodies”) — with the headquarters in …. London. And their major engineer started on this project in 2013. I have lived a couple of blocks away from that guy in Stamford. The project of course consisted not only in building the General AI for managing the statistical algorithms of markets via computational mathematics, but rather, in creating the global mind control system through the GE industrial and consumer products via the computational biology of the DNA computers (at that moment — via DE Shaw Group).

Alex Jones was not able to uncover through his investigative journalism the fact that the Sandy Hook shooting was the turning point in the history of the United States. It was the mechanism of how the City of London / the self-named Synagogue of Satan took the final control over the United States of America — over the US industry as the most important part of the economy. The shooting was conducted by the Mossad / MI6 affiliated agents within CIA. The immediate goal was to take control over the GE executives so that they eagerly betray their motherland. And we, indeed, see that, after the Sandy Hook shooting implicating the high-rank GE executive in 2012, the City of London takes full control over GE. GE gets hooked up to 4Com, the UK telecommunication as a global gate for the Internet of Things, and the project manager for the Internet of Things within the GE Capital becomes the guy installed by London.

The more trivial goal is to get machines working by subscription only. But truth remains the same — the subscription fee will go to the UK offshore zones. Nancy was killed by satanista not only as an alimony-sucker, but also as an American prepper.

Alas, the significance of the Sandy Hook shooting for the history of the United States can be formulated as follows: the suppression and take-over of the national US economy by the global organised crime with its headquarters in London via blackmail as the result of the most horrific crimes committed by the high-rank US corporate executives and DC politicians: pedophilia, cannibalism, corporate theft and murder. Subversion and take-over goes in stages. Stage one: UK Consulting companies like Deloitte, on the payroll of the Chinese Opium Triads, conduct economic and technological espionage on the US territory, and undertake buy-offs and penetration into the US industrial and telecommunication giants, like GE and Intel. In parallel, the organised crime (a syndicate of the Talmudic City of London banksters and Chinese Opium Triads) form their own global companies, like Google and Cisco, which has started as a small security company for the Chinese drug lord Khun Sa in the Golden Triangle. Stage two: 9/11 stage, when these companies conduct terrorism and gross moral and political subversion on the territory of the United States, literally annulling the Constitution of the United States. Those who do not agree get killed, like Steve Jobs, who was killed to get his browser Safari killed. Google becomes the UK offshore company. The control over the United States economy, politics and finances get totally relocated to the AI built and located in UK. GE loses half of its shares value. Stage three: Zombi Apocalypse in the US in order to bankrupt the country through force majeure, so that the US debts are never paid back and with the goal of forming another political entity with new currency. Poor Nancy the Prepper did not fit the picture.

Sandy Hook is a hook that had pierced the very heart of a great country. Sandy Hook is a symbol for mass murder of Americans by Satanists — via climate weapons, directed energy weapons, psychotronic weapons, binary biological weapons. These self-named Satanists are the global organized crime, nothing more and nothing less.

To conclude, Alex Jones is a useful idiot with a couple of years in a community college and difficulties with overpowering his animal instincts. He is easy to control and misguide. He is a controlled opposition, direct or indirect CIA / MI6 asset, like Assange, Snowden and Icke, who are all used for the real info war conducted by the Synagogue of Satan. They are the sewage to dump the fecalia of the Synagogue of Satan — about the “illuminati owls”, the “secret meetings of illuminati”, “tall blonde aliens”, “reptilians”, “flat earth”, “hollow earth”, etc., and the distortions of the real crimes, like the Sandy Hook murder, with 99% truth and 1% lies hiding the most important truth. Alex Jones’ rattle had misled the American public from getting aware of real criminals and real danger. His rattle that nobody was killed during the Sandy Hook event was beneficial for CIA / MI6 for some time, since it had hidden the true meaning of the event – the take-over of GE by the Synagogue of Satan. But, alas, now, the Satanists want to use that event for disarming Americans, finally… After that, the United States of America will cease to exist.

Dr. Irene Caesar: “Bioholography as Remote Management of Neural Wave Optics via Refraction in the Neural Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating”


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I was invited by the organizing committee to chair and give a speech under “Track 2-1: Frontiers of Medical and Clinical Neurosciences” at the 12th Annual World Congress of NEUROTALK 2022 in Singapore, June 15-17, 2022:

Title: «Neural Bioholography as Remote Management of Neural Wave Optics via Refraction in the Neural Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating»

Dr. Irene Caesar
President, Wave Genome LLC


Chemogenetics, Optogenetics and Magnetogenetics offer only the narrow-range and short-term neural stimulation and modulation, and cannot go beyond conditional reflexes and compartmentalization of the brain. Instead of providing neural enhancement, Synthetic Remote Telepathy causes neural degeneration. Graphene or Ferritin (Magneto protein with virus-vector delivery) enhanced Electrophysiology (Neuro EP), as application of electro-magnetic signals to the brain for mind control and remote regulation of gene expression by low-frequency radio waves (RFs) or a magnetic field in the paradigm of the (Endovascular or else) Brain Computer Interface, is the outdated electro-magnetic resonance technology, and is based upon the fallacious concept of “Singularity”, i.e., merging of the human intellect and machine intellect. Due to the high side effects risks of these neurotechnologies, it is necessary to formulate the more adequate concept of Neuroscience. Neural Bioholography is the true remote management of Neural Wave Optics via Refraction in the Neural Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating, providing protection from the psychotronic attacks and true neural enhancement. Neural Bioholography is based upon Quantum Physics, and Singularity as Quantum Nonlocality, which is achievable independently of time and space via centering and focusing brain’s wave crystal media. Humans are water for 85%. But the Universe is energy for 93%, and particles for only 7%. So, human brain is the liquid crystal media for 7%, and the wave crystal media for 93%. In order to restore the structural coherence in brain’s liquid crystal media, we need, first, to restore the structural coherence in brain’s wave crystal media. Brain’s regeneration and connection to the Quantum Nonlocality (remote and instantaneous learning) happens when brain becomes a Wave Crystal with the centering and focusing of its (tetrapole) scalar wave diffraction grating. The notion of the wave crystal media or Wave Crystal (a crystal consisting of waves) was created by Dr. Irene Caesar in 1985, long before anybody in the field of Bioholography, in her fundamental theory of Wave Optics of Chromosomes, and of the Brain. According to the Implication of the Holographic Principle (© Dr. Irene Caesar 2012), if the Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique. Every nonlocal and unique Wave Matrix has its own Refraction Code towards the one and only Zero Center / Focus of Quantum Nonlocality, one and the same for chromosome and galaxy. If we have two copies of the same Wave Matrix, we can transmit information remotely and instantaneously from one copy to another copy, since they constitute one and the same systematic whole in the Quantum Nonlocality. Wave Genome LLC (company founded by Dr. Irene Caesar in 2010) has developed Neurobioholographic devices to restore and modulate the Wave Optics of the brain, such as RA Helmet, and RA Sarcophagus.

Dr. Irene Caesar’s paper “Remote Bioholography for Restoring the Wave Optics of Chromosomes damaged by the SARS-CoV-2-caused Autoimmunity” published in the “Socialist Factor” Magazine.


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My Keynote speech at the Plenary Forum of the World Biological Science and Technology Conference, August 25, 2021, was published as an article in the “Socialist Factor” Magazine, one of the major Indian glossy magazines, where I am a monthly contributing editor for already five years. The picture shows all the Socialist Factor magazines, where my articles were published, including the cover stories on President Trump and President Putin, and there are many more issues:



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Dr. Robert Malone’s (inventor of mRNA reverse transcriptase gene delivery) Twitter account was permanently deleted, when he voiced protest against vaccinating children with his mRNA experimental genetic drug aka “COVID-19 vaccine” — that he, Dr. Robert Malone, had proudly created. The pride is all his, since Dr. Robert Malone repeats in his every interview that it was he, Dr. Robert Malone, who had created the genetic drug aka “mRNA vaccine” that now causes the organ failures all over the world and en masse. Let the psychiatrists decide what kind of psychiatric deviation is that.

Dr. Robert Malone also says in his every interview that he himself got brain fog after his “mRNA vaccine” was administered to him. (Now, THIS explains why Dr. Robert Malone says what he says). I would have felt sorry for him if not for horror I feel every time I recall that the US hospital has forced Dr. Robert Malone’s experimental genetic drug on my son — every time I see how people, “vaccinated” by Dr. Robert Malone, get convulsions when they drive, or when tennis stars, vaccinated by Dr. Robert Malone, are shattered from chest pain right during the tournament.

Dr Robert Malone’s interview with Joe Rogan is now the #1 podcast episode in America. The only thing I do not understand is: why Dr. Robert Malone calls himself “the inventor of mRNA vaccines”, and why, in all his interviews, he conceals that he invented, instead, the “gene therapy” technology, which is alike CRISPR/CAS9, and is nothing else, but the gene silencing and sterilization method, which ruins the Wave Optics in chromosomes and makes humans into GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or “transhumans” who will not be able to have children?

For example, in one of his most recent interviews, he denied that mRNA “vaccine” gets into nucleus, though it is already proven by the peer-reviewed journal on biology. Here is this very important recent article “SARS-CoV-2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro” – PubMed, proving that SARS-CoV-2, indeed, PENETRATES into nucleus, and, indeed, changes human DNA, what is denied by criminals in Russian and American State National Health Institutions:

My question to Dr. Robert Malone: do you, Dr. Robert Malone, seek to escape the coming criminal prosecution at the Nuremberg Trials #2 for your crime against humanity, which consists in the deliberate creation of the binary biological weapon for the sterilization of humanity, and, thus, committing the most horrific genocide of making humankind extinct?

Here are some thoughts of mine on Dr. Robert Malone’s Podcast Number One in the US.

The action of mRNA vaccines consists, besides other things, in inducing microRNAs for gene silencing. This is their TRUE meaning.

MicroRNA (micronome) interaction with the messenger RNA for gene silencing is how the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference manifests itself. Hence, Dr. Robert Malone lies to the public concealing he has invented the effective mechanism of gene silencing. In this sense, Dr. Robert Malone is a bigger criminal than Tony Faux-chi.

Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received a Noble Prize in 2006 for the discovery of the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference. They took RNA from a c.elegans worm, and gave it back to the worm, and the worm died.

The miRNA interaction with mRNA is based on complementarity of nucleotides. And since all proteins in SARS-CoV-2 are homologous to human proteins except for one, both the SARS-CoV-2 as the binary biological weapon by Dr. Ralph S. Baric and mRNA “vaccine” by Innovio’s Dr. Robert Malone are inducing the effective gene silencing.

Dr. Robert Malone is grossly mistaken on almost everything he reveals to the public. Again, he said that the SARS-CoV-2 and his “vaccine” does NOT enter the nucleus with the DNA packed in the nucleus, and, he said, does not downgrade the DNA transcription. At the moment he said this there was already a paper published in the peer-reviewed journal which has proven that both Dr. Baric’s SARS-CoV-2 and Dr. Malone’s gene-silencing drug aka “mRNA vaccine” do indeed enter the nucleus and effect the DNA replication and repair.

Also, Dr. Malone is unprofessionally mistaken on the safety of the adenovirus-vector “vaccines”.

The two clinical trials of the adenovirus-vector vaccine against HIV had demonstrated that if a patient has the prior immunity to adenovirus, the adenovirus-vector vaccine infects the patient with HIV instead of giving him immunity against HIV. That is why the adenovirus-vector based HIV “vaccines” technology was abandoned. Since Dr. Baric’s DURC SARS-CoV-2 is a mutated HIV, it is clear that Great Britain and Russia, which use this technology, are effectively infecting their population en masse with HIV, because the adenovirus is a very wide spread infection, and the adenovirus immunity is almost universal.

Hence, Dr. Robert Malone’s fixation on S-protein is either his criminal conspiracy or professional impotence of the deliberate or unprofessional attempt to hide the fact that the real result of his experimental genetic drug is gene silencing, which is the true reason for organ failures.

Dr. Robert Malone tries to conceal the devastating Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference by appealing to the peristalsis of the blood vessels caused by S-protein. So, we can define the pseudo-Samaritan public appearances of Dr. Malone as the criminal attempt to conceal the crucial scientific evidence from the humanity.

“Clamping down on blood vessels” is the best Dr. Malone can do in explaining organ failures.

Dr. Malone explains the risk of the brain fog, and prion disease in the “long Covid” cases also by the blood vessels clamping, again, hiding the real reason — the gene silencing by the miRNA Destructive Interference.

The entire public discussion of whether the SARS-CoV-2 was isolated or not, or whether S-protein is a toxin or not is meant to conceal the crime of the global gene silencing committed by Pentagon and DARPA officers anticipating to buck-in big time on the implantable Digital currency which will be based upon the programmable gene silencing, i.e., the AI protocols for the Global Gene Silencing with genes being turned-on or silenced by the long-range wireless and NFC networks and smart dust.

The same way Dr. Malone had erroneously denied that SARS-CoV-2 and his experimental gene-silencing drug aka “mRNA vaccine” goes into the nucleus (via reverse transcriptase), Dr. Malone denies that his genetic drug goes into ovaries causing sterilization. He argues that only the liposome envelope “goes” into ovaries causing harm.

In the same line, Dr. Malone explains the “Denmark data” on the Omicron infection and COVID in the fully vaccinated by the “risky behavior”. To conclude, we can characterize Dr. Malone’s “US number One podcast” as a gross psyop.

PS In his Joe Rogan’s interview, Dr. Robert Malone has also said that the “mRNA vaccine” of his concoction causes hallucinations in the “vaccinated” victims. I hope we will not be forced to contemplate how Dr. Robert Malone will be hallucinating.


As we say in Russia: to break is not to create.

My question is: snakes use poison to kill their enemies. A simple question is: can a human incorporate inside his body a snake’s poison to fight his viruses and bacteria? The answer is: EVIDENTLY NOT. Streptococcus pyogenes uses its own poison (so-called CAS9) to cut viruses in pieces and “kill” them. So, another simple question is: can a human incorporate inside his body a CAS9 protein in order to satisfy Jennifer Doudna and to successfully fight his viruses? The answer is: EVIDENTLY NOT. CAS9 is simply a very dangerous TOXIN, specific for Streptococcus pyogenes. And calling the very pathogenic bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes with a fancy word ‘CAS9’ does not change the matter at hand.

CAS9 used the way Jennifer Doudna offered is a biological weapon for silencing genes, and also with a high percentage of missing the mark. The third simple question is: does bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes itself use its toxin CAS9 to self-engineer itself genetically? The answer is also: NO. Bacterial-viral mosaicism (verbosely called by Jennifer Doudna as “Clustered regularly-interspaced short polindromic repeats” [CRISPR] evidently to obscure the matter) does not change functionality of Streptococcus pyogenes’ genome, and Streptococcus pyogenes does NOT produce a virus which it is killing with its CAS9 toxin.

ERGO: Streptococcus pyogenes is homogenous with CAS9, since CAS9 is its own component. But humans are evidently not the Streptococcus pyogenes, and CAS9 is NOT a human inherent component. The idea to apply the highly pathogenic Streptococcus pyogenes to “genetically enhance humans” could have come only to a sociopath… or to a criminal. It is the same as to say: “OK, pals, we are going to use the bacteria of Tuberculosis to “genetically enhance humans”, since the toxins of this bacterium will surely damage the human DNA!”

Criminal negligence demonstrated by Jennifer Doudna reminds me of George Church with his “xenotransplantation” of pig’s organs into humans. Looks like Dr. George Church is completely unaware of the structural difference between humans and pigs. And this was even before taking Dr. Robert Malone’s hallucinogenic jab. We can only guess what hallucinogenic heights will be taken on by Dr. George Church now, after the pig’s jab… It is I think also a psychiatric case that Dr. George Church cannot tell pigs from people. I only wish Jennifer Doudna eats only GMO, and all her own treatments are CRISPR/Cas9, while George Church will sooner or later receive pig’s heart! They deserve this, for sure!


The main problem with genetic modification (including through vaccines) is not genetic discrimination. The main problem is that genetically modified organisms are sterile. That is, genetic modification is a sterilization mechanism.

Thus, Robert Malone, Jennifer Doudna and George Church are CRIMINALS. There can be no second opinion on this. All three of them are completely identical to criminals in the 15th century Europe who, during the Great Black Plague, were throwing the infected clothes into the water wells. Also, all three of them demonstrate complete lunacy, because they are throwing the infected clothes into the water wells, while yelling loud that they benefit humanity in this way.

Jennifer Doudna said that this is not the genetic modification, if she uses client’s own genetic material for the modification. She does not evidently know of the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference (Noble Prize 2006). Again, Andrew Fire and Craig Mello took RNA from the c.elegans worm, and gave it back to the worm. And the worm died. This happened because any genetic modification (via addiing or subtracting) destroys the precisely calibrated Wave Optics in Chromosomes (© Dr. Irene Caesar 1985-2014).

George Church does not see any problem in introducing animal proteins directly into human blood stream. He does not evidently know of the Translational Spatial Symmetry Principle, which is the cause for the prion disease – infective proteins with the destroyed crystalline structure, i.e., with the structural damage, which cause the extreme case of encephalopathy (“mad cow disease” or “mad man disease”). Also, he is not aware of the Holographic Principle, which states that the whole is entirely in its every part. According to the Holographic Principle, human liver or human heart will be structurally different on the molecular (chromosomal), atomic, and subatomic levels from a pig’s liver and pig’s heart. If pig’s chromosomes have less structural coherence than human chromosomes, then, the introduction of pig’s genetic material straight into human blood stream will cause the degradation of structural coherence in human chromosomes, on the way to the prion disease. Indeed, the same gene gets expressed in the functional species and individuals by the metacentric chromosome, which is analogous to a well-centered and well-focused eye crystal. And the same gene gets expressed in the dysfunctional species and individuals by the acrocentric chromosome, which is analogous to a farsighted or a nearsighted eye, out of focus. For example, the same gene gets expressed in an ape via the acrocentric chromosome, and in a man via the metacentric chromosome. But George Church is unaware of this. Maybe, he is already structurally and intellectually on the level of an ape or a pig.