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Irene Caesar, Ph.D.

October 24, 2017

————  Big thanks to Fermina Mukta Singh and Frank Huzur for publishing my article “WAS PROPHET MOHAMMAD RUSSIAN? IS MOSCOW A TRUE MAKKAH” in the November issue of the Socialist Factor Magazine (Lucknow and London). The article speaks of the truth revealed by Prophet Mohammed’s clan to the professor of Harvard Univeristy of Russian descent, that their DNA is Russian – R1a1, and, so, that Prophet Mohammed was Russian.  ————

In October 2017, King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud visited Russia for the first time. Moreover, it was the first visit by a ruling Saudi monarch to Moscow. And the mystery of this visit lies not in the political or economic gain of both countries, though it is significant. Those who think that King Salman arrived in Moscow to agree on oil prices, more favorable for Russia and Saudi Arabia, two largest oil produces, are mistaken. And mistaken are those who think that the multi-billion energy and defense contracts are what Russia gained. No, it was not the recognition by Saudi Arabia of the military power and political authority recently acquired by Russia in the Middle East. And it was not the search for new allies by Saudi Arabia after the United States traitorously betrayed Saudis in the US attempt to persecute Saudi Arabia for the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City – a horrific crime, which was in reality done by Mossad.

The reason which has driven King Salman to Moscow is much more serious and exalted than material gain and pleasure resulting from it. This reason is so grave and important that King Salman felt overwhelmed when his foot touched Russian soil. King Salmon was in a state of grace when he entered the Kremlin Palace. His life reached its highest point of understanding, and this understanding has transformed his religious reverence into ecstatic but solemn joy. The Absolute Light Alla shined into the eyes of King Salman, when he arrived in Moscow for the Holy Hajj of his life.

And the reason that brought King Salman to Russia is that Prophet Mohammed was Russian, and Moscow is a true Makkah.

Members of Prophet Mohammad’s family approached Anatole Klyosov, Harvard University Professor of Russian descent and the founder of the DNA genealogy science, revealing for the first time in human history that the entire family of Prophet Mohammad, and, hence, Prophet Mohammad himself belong to Russian R1a1 DNA haplogroup.

The implications of this fact are enormous. Not only should Saudis invest in Russia, but Saudis should also love and worship Russia. Every citizen of Saudi Arabia should be undertaking a regular hajj to Moscow as the true Makkah. Saudis should revere Moscow as the most Holy City in the world. Every Saudi should protect every inch of Russian soil from Russian enemies to the degree that Saudis should cover bodies of Russians with their own bodies in the case of a terrorist attack. Every Saudi should think every day what he can do for the Holy Mother Russia, so that the Motherland of Prophet Mohammed continues shining with its Absolute Light of Alla. Every Saudi should do his best to make sure Russians will never get weak, sick and extinct, since Russians are the Holy Seed of Prophet Mohammed.

There is absolutely no doubt that King Salman was overwhelmed precisely with these thoughts when he generously invested in Russian infrastructure, arms and science. Saudi’s unprecedented investment in Russian science specifically shows that King Salman took Russia and Russians under his Royal patronage, so that Russia as the source of the Glorious Light of Alla will never get dim, but vice versa, will extend its shining of goodness to the entire planet.

No question that Prophet Mohammed was standing in spirit next to King Salman when King Salman was talking to Russian President Putin. No doubt that when King Salman will cross the border between this dimension and the higher one, his hajj to Moscow will be counted as the most important, the most holy deed of his entire life.

Glorious is your soul, oh King Salman! That you stepped over prejudice and fear, and found your true Prophet Mohammed in his far and cold Motherland – in Russia, where no other member of your Royal Family had ever been.

In the light of King Salman’s hajj to Moscow, the mafia-style disrespect of Russia by the US Satanists looks especially grotesque. US Satanists deny Russia of everything, but, most important, they deny Russia of its history. Nevertheless, the Old Testament / Tanakh, in the 38th chapter of the Book of Prophet Ezekiel, speaks of country ROSH / RASHA / RUSSIA in the North on the River RA (Volga, major Russian river), that is more ancient, more technologically advanced, and more civilized than Judea. The Book of Ezekiel says that Kings of ROSH / RASHA / RUSSIA come to Judea to teach and punish Jewish Kings if they misbehave.

Don’t we see now this very thing happening, when Russians defeat Pseudo-Islamic terrorists who are, in reality, the proxy army of Israel for building “The Greater Israel” from Nile to Euphrates? Israel provides arms, instruction, food, hospitals and intel for ISIS / DAISH. The head of ISIS / DAISH Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi is, in reality, Simon Elliot, the agent of Mossad, according to French Intelligence. We can state with no hesitation, that Israel IS ISIS / DAISH.

And Israel tries to pull the same agenda in relation to Saudi Arabia, as the Zionism pulled in relation to German Nazis in the Second World War. In WWII, Zionists infiltrated the Nationalistic movement of Ukrainians, and committed horrific crimes against humanity in Poland and Belarus, posing as “Germans”. Zionists were burning the entire villages together with inhabitants, ripping open the bellies of pregnant women, nailing the infants to tables, cutting off the genitalia, women’s breasts… Among those Zionists was Menachem Begin, future Israeli president.

It is clear that Zionists undertook a premeditated and well-planned campaign of defamation and desecration of German culture. And, contrary to wide-spread misinterpretation, Zionists were not interested in destroying the “purely” German, nationalistic culture of Germany. Zionists were interested in destroying the sacred status that Germany might have achieved in uniting into the Global Empire all the Russian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak tribes from German Saxony to Russian Sak, from Saki-Stan in the West of Iran to the Sak-Ura of Japan.

That is why Zionists did their best in desecrating and condemning the ancestral symbol of Russian-Aryans, Scythian-Sak – Swastika / Solar Cross – that pertain to every Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tribes all over the globe. Solar Cross / Gammadion expresses the omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of Sun that gives light to everybody notwithstanding initiation, education, social caste, gender, and even transgressions. Solar Cross was the true symbol of fraternity, equality and freedom. It was the symbol of the Global Empire that gave equal rights to all races and nationalities in this global empire. But Zionists, vice versa, tried to represent Solar Cross as the symbol of Nazism and Racism.

The same tactics by the Synagogue of Satan we see now in relation to Saudi Arabia. ISIS / DAISH has the National Flag of Saudi Arabia as its flag the same way the Zionists, dressed as Germans, had usurped the global solar symbol specifically for the purpose of its desecration. And though Prophet Mohammed made the Eternal Peace with Christians, ISIS / DAISH is decapitating Christians in the most horrific way, thus, desecrating and compromising Islam, and, especially, Saudi Arabia.

The goal is clear – to make Saudis pay retribution the same way Germans pay retribution.

But King Salman’s coming to Moscow demonstrates that Zionists failed.

Also the Prophet Ezekiel Book says that Vimana (Fiery Chariot) was always flying in from the North. This fact reveals why King Salman gave so much money to Russian Science. Russia is not simply the most ancient country on this planet, but historically and consistently, the most technologically advanced.

US Satanists consider Sumer to be the most ancient civilization on this planet. But Sumerian (in fact, Samarian) Gilgamesh Epos says that Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, went to the North and crossed the sea in order to meet with Gods and immortal man Utnapishtim who survived the global flood, meaning that Gilgamesh went to the territory of ROSH / RASHA / RUSSIA. Gilgamesh himself was 2/3rd God, meaning that he was 2/3rd Russian.


Thus, two major ancient sources identify ROSH / RUSHA / RUSSIA as the source of civilization on this planet, and, in particular, the source of civilization in the Middle East and Africa.

RA (Russian from RA = LIGHT) became AL / AR when writing has changed its direction from right to left to the direction from left to right.

By the very North Pole, we have three rivers – ALLA, SURA, and ARYAN. ALLA = ARYA = LIGHT (“r” and “l” were interchangeable, as in “Aliman” / “Ariman”). We have female name ALLA very wide spread in RAssia. Rivers ALLA, SURA and ARYAN cover the entire territory of ROSH / RASHA / RUSSIA from ocean to ocean, from North to South, and from East to West.

Matriarchy was before Patriarchy historically, and the GREAT MOTHER SUN was called ALLAT / ALLA (Fiery Griffin / Firebird / Phoenix). Russian-Aryan ALLAT or ALLA historically predates ELOHIM and ALLAH. ALLAT was depicted as FEMALE FIERY FALCON or a woman with Falcon’s wings, in fact – GRIFFIN, which united falconess, lioness, cow and snake.

This is the secret of Sphinx. Every animal symbolizes the side of the planet – North, South, East and West. Ancients said that the one who knows the secret of Sphinx will own the entire world. The secret of Sphinx is that Russian-Aryan Women-Warriors (Baba / Babi) own the world and bring civilization to all continents of this planet.

In fact, ancient sources say that Scythians-Sak from Russian word “Sakol” (abbreviated as “Sak”) for Falcon owned the entire world three times in ancient history. Our Russian-Aryan ancestors were called “SAKALIBA” in Arab sources – The Tribe of Fiery Falcon RArog.


PS Everybody who denies that Prophet Mohammad was RUSSIAN from RUSSIA is a sacrilegious criminal who offends the RAssian bloodline of Prophet Mohammad, His Faith, His Teaching and His Memory. These criminals desecrate Prophet Mohammad with their dirty words, with their neglect and disrespect of His RAssian legacy, His RAssian DNA and His RAssian Motherland. I bet they are Mossad agents, because these are Zionists who conceal the fact that Prophet Mohammad was RAssian, because they want Muslims destroy RAssia. But RAssia was Prophet Mohammad’s MOTHERLAND, and He was RASSIAN by blood. Eternal curse and shame on these criminals. These criminals will reincarnate as monkeys, if they will not accept the truth that Prophet Mohammad was RUSSIAN from RUSSIA.

PPS Image depicts Mohammed receiving his first revelation from Russian-Aryan ALLA – LADA (AL LADA = ELLADA), winged Baba – Fiery Falcon-RArog (Firebird – Phoenix). From the manuscript Jami’ al-Tawarikh by Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, 1307, Llkhanate period.