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Alex Jones is now sued by the Central Cocaine and Opium Agency for his denial of the Sandy Hook shooting (December 14, 2012). Alex Jones said nobody was shot, and all was staged by the CIA as a blackop to disarm Americans. I never considered Alex Jones with his Mossad wife to be very intelligent. But his Sandy Hook interpretation topples it all. Yes, Alex Jones, people were killed indeed in that shooting. And it was all premeditated and organised by the father of Adam Lanza, the alleged killer. And, Gosh, I lived with that bastard in the same town … of Stamford, CT.

Peter Lanza, Adam’s father, was a high ranking executive (VP of Taxes) at the GE Capital, which has about ten luxurious office buildings in Stamford. Peter Lanza was responsible for the money flow in and out. He was cutting secret classified deals with CIA and DARPA, and, for this, the GE Capital was getting tax breaks from the Feds. His wife was an aging prepper, who was collecting cans and water bottles for the approaching crash of the United States of Meth and Crack. Stamford executives have bad habits of divorcing at a certain age, and Peter Lanza had divorced his blue sock prepping wife Nancy, leaving behind also his son Adam (2009).

His ex-wife got a luxurious two-storey huge 3,100 square-foot mansion on 2.1 acre of land and $289,800 alimony in 2012, which was supposed to increase each year to reach $298,000 in 2015. And Peter Lanza moved out to a freaking small shed which he rented with his new young girlfriend, a librarian…. And that was it… He decided to get rid of his ex-wife (2012). He lived with his young librarian Shelley for already three years, and they just got married before the shooting. The new wife Cudiner was I bet very unhappy about paying the $300,000 alimony a year. That was the true and only reason, why the shooting happened in Sandy Hook school and not somewhere else, and why in that shooting Peter Lanza’s ex-wife was killed.

I bet the deals between CIA and the GE Capital were really hot if Peter Lanza’s pals had provided a newly single Peter Lanza with such an exquisite service. What can it be? Drug trafficking in the GE Capital containers, and psychotronics in the GE devices, related to distributed psychotronic frequencies imbedded in 60hz power grid? Something like that, for sure. Not simply the illegal weapons sales. But the cherry on the pie was that entire thing was staged as if Peter Lanza’s son Adam had killed his own mom. Gosh… those people are perverted, cruel and ruthless jerks. Did the CIA killer was paid four yearly alimony amounts that Peter Lanza was paying to his ex-wife?

But this is not the end of the story. Adam Lanza was used as a test subject for testing psychotronic weapon “Voice to Skull”. One should just look into his totally crazy eyes to grasp the bestiality of his father Peter Lanza who killed his own son. This happened I guess because his son took the side of his mother. And after all that the Central Meth Agency made a film about Peter Lanza the Grieving Father…. And back to Alex Jones… what an idiot…

Unlike Alex Jones, Adam Lanza had hacked into a government computer system in the ninth grade, making it to the second level of security on a government site. Great smarts of Adam and Nancy (ex-trader) were so impressive that the Central Orange Agency had demolished their house to the ground in 2015. The Central Crack Agency had removed a psychotronic generator from Adam’s room, but Adam and Nancy had I bet their own surveillance system in the house.

It was reported that Adam Lanza had a nervous breakdown during the Hurracaine “SANDY” (October 22, 2012 – November 2, 2012). It seems like somebody in the highest echelones of the Synagogue of Satan — who was responsible for planning it all — has a penchante for poetic rythm and rhyme. It looks like the hurracaine “Sandy” was named after the preplanned mass murder at “Sandy Hook”, which was so important that this guy named the hurracaine after the Sandy Hook. Hurracaine “Sandy” was the first large-scale application of the Climate Weapons by the Synagogue of Satan, and against the United States of America — against the Americans, against the unarmed civilians. Undoubtedly, the Hurracaine “Sandy” was a coverup for the first-in-the-history mass application of the HAARP psychotronic weapon against the United States of America — against the Americans, against the unarmed civilians. Precisely because Adam Lanza was a “targeted individual”, i.e., he was under constant psychotronic attack, that he reacted to the Psychotronic HAARP-Hurracaine “Sandy” in the way he did. In 2017, during our Donald The Trumpeteer super MAGA rule, the Synagogue of Satan had applied the DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) from Boeing airplanes in the Northern California — against the United States of America — against the Americans, against the unarmed civilians. The cities were burnt down and Americans were killed en masse in such a way, that tree trunks were cut in halves as if by a knife, and as if some flaming knife had made thin burning lines along the trunks vertically.

Yes, the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass murder was a false flag, but the picture that Alex Jones had depicted was not precise. And his imprecision was a coverup. GE Capital has cut a deal with the City of London that GE Capital will be responsible for building up the Industrial Sector of the so-called “Internet of things” (now, the “Internet of bodies”) — with the headquarters in …. London. And their major engineer started on this project in 2013. I have lived a couple of blocks away from that guy in Stamford. The project of course consisted not only in building the General AI for managing the statistical algorithms of markets via computational mathematics, but rather, in creating the global mind control system through the GE industrial and consumer products via the computational biology of the DNA computers (at that moment — via DE Shaw Group).

Alex Jones was not able to uncover through his investigative journalism the fact that the Sandy Hook shooting was the turning point in the history of the United States. It was the mechanism of how the City of London / the self-named Synagogue of Satan took the final control over the United States of America — over the US industry as the most important part of the economy. The shooting was conducted by the Mossad / MI6 affiliated agents within CIA. The immediate goal was to take control over the GE executives so that they eagerly betray their motherland. And we, indeed, see that, after the Sandy Hook shooting implicating the high-rank GE executive in 2012, the City of London takes full control over GE. GE gets hooked up to 4Com, the UK telecommunication as a global gate for the Internet of Things, and the project manager for the Internet of Things within the GE Capital becomes the guy installed by London.

The more trivial goal is to get machines working by subscription only. But truth remains the same — the subscription fee will go to the UK offshore zones. Nancy was killed by satanista not only as an alimony-sucker, but also as an American prepper.

Alas, the significance of the Sandy Hook shooting for the history of the United States can be formulated as follows: the suppression and take-over of the national US economy by the global organised crime with its headquarters in London via blackmail as the result of the most horrific crimes committed by the high-rank US corporate executives and DC politicians: pedophilia, cannibalism, corporate theft and murder. Subversion and take-over goes in stages. Stage one: UK Consulting companies like Deloitte, on the payroll of the Chinese Opium Triads, conduct economic and technological espionage on the US territory, and undertake buy-offs and penetration into the US industrial and telecommunication giants, like GE and Intel. In parallel, the organised crime (a syndicate of the Talmudic City of London banksters and Chinese Opium Triads) form their own global companies, like Google and Cisco, which has started as a small security company for the Chinese drug lord Khun Sa in the Golden Triangle. Stage two: 9/11 stage, when these companies conduct terrorism and gross moral and political subversion on the territory of the United States, literally annulling the Constitution of the United States. Those who do not agree get killed, like Steve Jobs, who was killed to get his browser Safari killed. Google becomes the UK offshore company. The control over the United States economy, politics and finances get totally relocated to the AI built and located in UK. GE loses half of its shares value. Stage three: Zombi Apocalypse in the US in order to bankrupt the country through force majeure, so that the US debts are never paid back and with the goal of forming another political entity with new currency. Poor Nancy the Prepper did not fit the picture.

Sandy Hook is a hook that had pierced the very heart of a great country. Sandy Hook is a symbol for mass murder of Americans by Satanists — via climate weapons, directed energy weapons, psychotronic weapons, binary biological weapons. These self-named Satanists are the global organized crime, nothing more and nothing less.

To conclude, Alex Jones is a useful idiot with a couple of years in a community college and difficulties with overpowering his animal instincts. He is easy to control and misguide. He is a controlled opposition, direct or indirect CIA / MI6 asset, like Assange, Snowden and Icke, who are all used for the real info war conducted by the Synagogue of Satan. They are the sewage to dump the fecalia of the Synagogue of Satan — about the “illuminati owls”, the “secret meetings of illuminati”, “tall blonde aliens”, “reptilians”, “flat earth”, “hollow earth”, etc., and the distortions of the real crimes, like the Sandy Hook murder, with 99% truth and 1% lies hiding the most important truth. Alex Jones’ rattle had misled the American public from getting aware of real criminals and real danger. His rattle that nobody was killed during the Sandy Hook event was beneficial for CIA / MI6 for some time, since it had hidden the true meaning of the event – the take-over of GE by the Synagogue of Satan. But, alas, now, the Satanists want to use that event for disarming Americans, finally… After that, the United States of America will cease to exist.