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Big thanks to Fermina Mukta Singh and Frank Huzur for publishing my article “AIRBORNE AIDS AND THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF APOCALYPSE” in the March issue of the “Socialist Factor” Magazine, published in 50,000 copies in Lucknow (capital of the Uttar Pradesh) and London, and distributed to 240 embassies.






February 26, 2020

PART ONE: Only 144,000 saved by the Water of Life

Since we deal with the Christian and Jewish fundamentalism in the present-day US administration, let us look at the text, which Trump and his followers consider to be their revelation. Both Christian and Jewish fundamentalists are eagerly waiting for the Apocalypse – the end of the world. Four horsemen of Apolacalypse are Epidemic, War, Starvation and Death, as it is revealed by John of Patmos in his Book of Revelation, the last book of the Christian Testament in the West. Remarkably, no original manuscript exists. And the Christian Orthodox Church does not include the reading of this Revelation in its service, since something is very wrong with this book. The book conclusively erases the border between Judaism and Christianity. And that is why this book is used as a plan for action by both the fundamental Jews and the fundamental Christians.

The Revelation speaks about Christ (the Lamb) not as a Son of God who came as a savior to every man on this planet notwithstanding race and nationality. Christ is spoken of as a Jew who works for the Jewish interests, and nothing else. Christ holds the Key of David; Christ is the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah” and “the root of David” (Chapter 5), “the root and line of David” (Chapter 22). The goal of Christ is to build the New Jerusalem for Jews only (Chapter 3). In order to build the New Jerusalem, Christ opens the seven seals that destroy the rest of humanity (Chapter 6). With breaking the seals, the four horseman of death along with global catastrophes emerge to destroy the non-Jews. These catastrophes are well described by Greta Thunberg, and can be summarized as the total collapse of biosphere, including the genetic, climate and geophysical collapse.

John of Patmos speaks not even of all Jews, but of the most Jewish of all Jews (“true Jews”): the 144,000 “Sealed”. Angel specifically says: “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees until we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads” (Chapter 7). The text speaks of the God of Abraham, David and Solomon, and of their bloodline. There is no mention of Goyim who are not of the bloodline of Abraham, David and Solomon. We need to emphasize that “the root and line of David” is the specific bloodline, and not simply the spiritual legacy to be shared with everybody else on the planet (Chapter 22). So, the Revelation of John is not a Christian book. It is skillfully camouflaged to pass for the Christian book, but it is aggressively against the global brotherhood preached by Christians. Christ (the Lamb) is standing on the Mount Zion, and with him the 144,000 who have his name and the name of his father (Jewish God) written on their foreheads (Chapter 14).

Only the sons of Israel are to be saved. Those 144,000 saved are chosen only from the tribes of Israel (Chapter 7), that is, from the specific bloodlines. So, the seals of life are unsealed only for the rest of humanity, meaning the rest of humanity is totally destroyed, tortured, poisoned, mutilated, stupefied, murdered, and eliminated. While the seals of life are sealed for the chosen 144,000 citizens of Israel. Monstrous locusts (very similar to drones) will kill one third of humanity, but will “not harm the grass of the earth or anything green or any tree, but only humans who do not have the seal of [Jewish] God on their foreheads” (Chapter 9). Christ is described as a Lamb who was killed in the blood sacrifice to redeem by his blood the sins of men before the Jewish God. In reality, Christ had banned blood sacrifice. Thus, the text was falsified much later than the times of Hellenism with the total ban on human sacrifice by Romans.

Chapter 21 confirms that the New Jerusalem is only for the twelve tribes of Israel. New Jerusalem has twelve gates, so that every tribe of Israel has its own gate, with the name of this Israeli tribe written on its gate. Twelve tribes of Israel are the twelve foundations of the New Jerusalem. Twelve apostles are each from their own Israeli tribe out of the twelve tribes of Israel. The New Jerusalem is described as dominating over other nations: “Kings of the earth will bring their glory and the honor of nations into New Jerusalem”, to be servants, nothing else above that.

Chapter 22 describes the powers of miraculous healing by the “River of Life”, flowing from the throne of Jewish God, and located in the New Jerusalem. With these powers of miraculous healing by the water of life, the Israelites will “reign for ever and ever”. Only Israelites will have access to the River of Life and the Tree of Life (Chapter 22). Only Israelites will write into the Book of Life. And only the citizens of Israel are written in the Book of Life (Chapter 21). In New Jerusalem, there will be no pain, no sadness, no death (Chapter 21). But prosperity for Jews is based on slavery imposed on all other nations.

In chapter 13, the Revelation speaks of the Beast which makes everybody, the rich and the poor, get a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one is able to buy or sell without having the mark – “the name of the beast or the number of his name”, which is the number of a human being: 666. But, contrary to the common place interpretation of John’s Revelation, both the Goyim and the Israelites are described as getting a mark on their forehead: the name of their God. Without this mark, no one is able to buy or sell. Though the 21st Chapter describes the New Jerusalem as the city made of precious stones and gold (“the streets of the city are pure gold”), the Book of John’s revelations does not describe the welfare society that provides for everybody. Kings of nations will bring the wealth of their nations to the City of Jerusalem (Chapter 21). And this will happen in the cashless way – via marks on the forehead (or the right hand). No doubt that the author of “St. John’s Revelations” speaks of “the mark on the forehead” as the brand received by a slave from his slave master. This brand (“seal”) was a mark made on slave’s forehead by the fire-heated scorching-red rod of cast iron. So, according to the text, both the Goyim and the “god chosen people” (“god’s elect”) are slaves of the Jewish slave-master.

Chapter 14 also says that the saved 144,000 citizens of Israel sing the “new song” on the Mount Zion: “And no one is able to learn the song except the 144,000, the ones purchased from the earth”. Interestingly, “those are men who have not been defiled with women, for they are virgins”. So, we deal with the radical misogyny, which emerged in the West after transition from the Bronze Age Matriarchy to the Patriarchy during the Hellenism of the Iron Age. And since Apostle Paul had argued that the priest could marry, this fact of radical misogyny is another proof that the text of the so-called “Revelation of St. John” is the late times forgery.

Chapter 15 specifically states that the destruction of humanity is produced by the team working at the Temple of Solomon in the heaven with “the tabernacle of testimony”. The New Jerusalem is described as not having a Temple, since God on its own is a Temple (Chapter 21). So, the text is produced after the destruction of the Second Temple by Romans for the propaganda of racism and Nazism by “the god’s elect nation chosen by blood”. And the text is produced by the person who cannot forgive this to Romans. The hater promises ulcers, pain, burns, and rivers and seas full with blood. No price is too big to pay for the prosperity of Israelites: mass genocide of the non-Jews, destruction of biosphere, rivers of tears and oceans of blood of non-Jews.

It is evident that the author of “St. John’s Revelations” had belonged to the Arian heresy (also called “Jewish Heresy”), which was condemned by the First Council of Nicaea (325 AD). This heresy insisted on the priority of Judaism over Christianity, the priority of the Jewish ritual over the Christian ritual, and the priority of Jewish God over Christian God. Inspired by the Roman Emperor Constantine (Serbian = RAssian), the First Council of Nicaea had accused Jews of murdering Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in full accordance with Gospels, where Christ calls Jews the sons of Satan. These words of Jesus Christ are simply the recognition of a historical truth: a Greek word “Synagogue” is “Bet ha Knesset” in Hebrew, meaning “the House of the Great Prince Set / Sata / Satan”, the god of death and desert of the Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah in the Land of Set / Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan).

Catholic and Protestant heretics had violated this Christian doctrine, established by the First Council of Nicaea. In 1965, the Second Vatican Council under the pontificate of Pope John XXIII had took the guilt of crucifying Christ off Jews (guilt for “deicide” – the murder of God). In 2011 Catholic Pope Benedict XVI had confirmed this in his book on Christ. The consequence of this violation of the true Christian doctrine is the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse who had started their ride in 2020.

PART TWO: First Horse of Apocalypse: Airborne AIDS

The new Chinese Coronavirus is the most dangerous virus ever existed. The new Chinese Coronavirus is artificial. And it was made by the people who consider “St. John’s Revelations” to be their inspiration. Indian researchers had discovered the artificial inserts of the HIV virus in the Wuhan Coronavirus. They have concluded that these are the artificial inserts by the fact that there are no mutations in the protein envelope of the virus that form during the natural mutation of the virus. The fact that Wuhan Coronavirus has artificial inserts of the HIV virus confirms fears that China was attacked with weapons of mass destruction – biological weapons. The goal of all Western bio-laboratories that secretly develop biological weapons is to develop a new form of the most dangerous viruses that will now be transmitted through the air, such as “Airborne Ebola”.

The Wuhan epidemic is a test of the HIV virus, which is now transmitted through the air – “AIRBORNE AIDS”. The testing is naturally not carried out by the Chinese themselves. Can you imagine the horror when somebody sneezes in the subway next to you, and you get AIDS from this? Airborne AIDS can be delivered by travelers during the incubation period, at any distance, and to the strategic nodes of the enemy’s infrastructure (like Wuhan). Wuhan and especially the South of China are teeming with foreigners. Thousands of Americans are living in Wuhan, while, in Guangdong, 200,000 Arabs and Africans are living. “Airborne AIDS” is the toughest attack on China out of all possible attacks that Donald Trump’s organized crime group could have made. After all, the goal of this attack is by no means the mortality as a result of a one-time pandemic. The goal is the break-down in the genetics of the huge masses of the Chinese population as a result of contracting AIDS transmitted by air.

The reason for this cruel assault on China by the “New Jerusalem” organized crime syndicate is not even the trade wars, because US exports from China are only 3% of the Chinese economy. The objective is to thwart Britain’s decision to give 5G in England to China, i.e., the Chinese company Huawei. It got to the point that, in January 2020, the US Senator Marco Rubio published his letter to the UK PM Boris Johnson pushing for the ban on the Huawei 5G, since giving the 5G networks in UK to Huawei will constitute for the UK the national threat of losing control over its strategic cyber infrastructure. Most importantly, there are only TWO global projects right now, and the tough competition between them: the Global “One Belt One Path” by China, and the Global New Jerusalem Project, also called “the Global Cyber Zion”. To know the tactics of winning the competition by the New Jerusalem, we only need to take a look at “St. John’s Revelations”.

CRISPR / Cas9 and analogous technologies for manipulating the viral and bacterial delivery of malicious genes does immediately produce both PATHOGEN and ANTIGEN (vaccine). And both are patented immediately and together. This is the reason for the seemingly reckless US attack on China by the HIV virus, which will spread through the air, and can reach the United States. Nonetheless, the creators of the synthetic genome biotechnology do not take into account the fact that genetic engineering leads to infertility of the species. Therefore, all 144,000 Jews of the New Jerusalem saved by Bill Gates’ “Water of Life” will be sterilized by his “DNA Medicine”.

Chinese Coronavirus pandemic is caused by the US assault by the binary biological weapon, based upon mosaicism between bacteria and virus (analogous to the Spanish Flu of 1918). That is why it is so dangerous – it is more the bacterial infection (plasmid-delivery of pathogenic genes), than the viral infection — the so-called “atypical pneumonia”, and its harm is far beyond any harm produced by viruses and bacteria, taken on their own, since it causes failure of transcription and translation in the long run. This bacterial / viral mosaicism was initially caused by the fact that both active Coronavirus proteins (causing infection / pathogens) and antigens are grown in E-coli bacterium. Analogously, the 2011 German E-Coli pandemic had revealed the presence of some “cryptic plasmids” in the E-Coli bacterium.

Artificial plasmids are used as vectors in molecular cloning. Alike plasmids, viruses are also used for gene transfer. The binary biological weapon runs on plasmids and viruses working together. While plasmids are used to encode, propagate, and manipulate genetic information, viruses are used for the delivery of this genetic information to cells (so-called “virus-mediated delivery”). Viruses facilitate the delivery of genetic information to hard-to-transfect mammalian cells, and, evermore, to specific cells or tissues (“viral pseudotyping”). If virus is combined with the other virus, then, such chimera no longer encodes for more virus, but instead encodes for a specific gene in the infected host. To produce viruses with alternate (non-virus-producing) genomes, naturally occurring viral genomes have been adapted into a plasmid-based technology, such that plasmids can be used to create viruses with specific genomes.

Like viruses, plasmid have a round shape. And it is said they have common origin. But plasmids do not have the protein coat, unlike viruses. Because plasmids do not have a protective coat, they are much easier absorbed by host’s cells, making virus much more virulent. In other words, instead of a virus infecting a host and giving rise to more virus (as happens in nature), researchers can introduce plasmids to a host to generate virus. Furthermore, these plasmids can be modified to give rise to viral genomes of choice. Thus, through standard plasmid cloning, viruses can be engineered to harbor a wide array of viral genomes, enabling researchers to direct a wide array of genetic functions in cells.

Plasmids are considered transferable genetic elements, or “replicons”, capable of autonomous replication within a suitable host. Plasmid host-to-host transfer requires direct, mechanical transfer by “conjugation” or changes in host gene expression allowing the intentional uptake of the genetic element by “transformation”. And this role is played by a virus in the plasmid-virus chimera.

Therefore, any recent pandemic was not aiming at the temporary disability of the enemy, but at the suppressing of the vital genes in enemy’s genome, and, first of all, the ability for child-birth. Also, certainly, the Coronavirus under consideration was not transmitted to humans from bats. It was transmitted from swine, since pigs have genome, most close to humans. That is why pigs are used to produce viruses to infect humans. (Thus, both SARS 2002 in China and MERS 2012 in Saudi Arabia were not transmitted from bats or camels, for certain, but from pigs, which makes MERS in Saudi Arabia a black joke of Mossad on Muslims). Only about two percent of those infected with the new Coronavirus have died. Thus, the current pandemic in China might be (1) only the first stage of producing a new, (most deadly) human-to-human transmitted Coronavirus for the global pandemic; (2) the change in tactics of Biowarfare. Now, instead of fast and mass death, the Biowarfare aims at slow and not so obvious weakening and destruction of enemy en masse.

In 2015, the Pirbright Institute in UK had received a patent for the weakened version of a Coronavirus virus in the same family as the new Wuhan virus. The Pirbright Institute claimed that this Coronavirus can be used as a “vaccine”. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forums and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The Event 201 was a simulation of the Coronavirus pandemic. Months before the Wuhan pandemic, experts in the US had issued warning that a Coronavirus pandemic can kill 65 million people. It was announced that the salvation will come from the vaccine (“DNA medicine”) that was created by the biotech company “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” ($93.8M cash / investments as of 9/30/19), funded by Bill Gates through the CEPI – “Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations”. Partners and collaborators of Innovio include DARPA and U.S. Military HIV Research Program.

On January 30, 2020, Inovio collaborates with Beijing Advaccine to advance INO-4800 Vaccine against new Coronavirus in China. On February 10, 2020, Inovio Pharmaceuticals receives authorization from the US FDA to begin clinical trial for INO-3107, a DNA medicine to treat a “rare disease” – recurrent RESPIRATORY Papyllomatosis (aka “RRP”). That is, we have now on our hands not only the AIRBORNE EBOLA and AIRBORNE HIV, but also the AIRBORNE HPV (Human Papillomavirus, known to cause cervical cancer). It is known that vaccines against HPV cause infertility. And Bill Gates openly accepts that his production of vaccines aims at cutting down the population growth. “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” works on the Zika, MERS, Lass Fever, and Ebola viruses too. So, we can expect the AIRBORNE ZIKA too… “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” works on the “DNA medicine” for HIV as such, without the Coronavirus delivery. So, we can expect the purer form of the AIRBORNE AIDS, for sure. Bill Gates develops his genocidal strategy together with the Dutch company Qiagen N.V. Dutch are known for taking on the most dirty blackops of the Five Eyes.

As it is claimed in the February 2020 presentation made by the “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” for investors, the “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” made a Coronavirus vaccine “within hours” (three hours, to be exact)… of seeing the viral sequence. While it is known that usually it takes up to a year to make a vaccine.

So, Bill Gates had hidden his war against humanity behind the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), with its headquarters in Norway. CEPI is being funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the governments of Norway, Germany, Japan and India. CEPI had invested $37.5 million in Austria-based Themis Bioscience and $56 million in US-based Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to develop vaccines against global pandemics (e.g., Lassa fever and MERS). CEPI had financed creating a vaccine for the 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus (nCoV-2019), developed by Moderna, Inc., Innovio, the University of Queensland and CureVac.

CureVac is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Tübingen, Germany, that develops therapies based on messenger RNA (mRNA). Moderna, Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company that is focused on drug discovery and drug development based on messenger RNA (mRNA). The company creates synthetic mRNA that can be injected into patients to help them create their own therapies.

The highlighted “DNA” technology by the “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” is “the designed plasmids” delivered through proprietary smart device “Cellectra”. “Cellectra” device makes injections of the designed plasmids, which are supposed to be “antigens”. Controlled milli-seconds electrical pulses are applied to the needle electrodes, which then form an electric field. The electrical field creates temporary openings in the cell membrane, allowing significantly greater amounts of the DNA vaccine to enter cells. In the lymph node, the interaction of antigen-presenting cells and other immune cells results in antibodies that can prevent future infections or killer T-cells that can clear already-infected cells. Antigen-presenting cells engulf the antigens and carry them to lymph node. The cell membrane reseals and the trapped DNA causes the cell to produce the antigen coded by the DNA.

It is clear that the device “Cellectra” with its electrodes and induced electrical field is analogous to electrophoresis, which is used for destroying DNA in the process of producing Genetically Modified Organisms (Genetically Modified Organisms are sterile).  When DNA bonds are broken, and DNA is unzipped into two separate strands, it is possible to form a chimera DNA via introducing the alien base pairs via base complimentarity (the lock-and-key principle). As the result of the electrophoresis effect of “Cellectra”, client’s double stranded DNA is unzipped (broken), and it is possible to make the editing of client’s Genome, with the resultant sterilization (infertility). And since the Wuhan Coronavirus is s single-stranded RNA virus, it is perfect for the malicious jamming of clients’s DNA via the destructive RNA interference.

This is in fact what is done also by the “messenger RNA” (mRNA) anti-Coronavirus vaccine by CureVac and Moderna, Inc. The synthetic genome that results from these manipulations cause RNA interference, which leads to infertility, serious degenerative diseases (as side-effects), and the inevitable shut-down of client’s genome, as was proven by the effect of RNA interference discovered by Craig Mello and Andrew Fire (Noble Prize 2009).

Wuhan was chosen as a test city for the full 5G network operation in China; and, on Halloween, it was turned on. It was reported that 5G causes flu-like symptoms, along with neurological damage. Flu-like symptoms, and neurological damage, along with other degenerative effects are caused by the destructive effect of 5G similar to electrophoresis. This makes me think that 5G is Bill Gates’ genocidal machine “Cellectra” scaled to provide the global genocide.

PART THREE: Craig Venter is a criminal guilty of death of hundreds of thousands

Man behind the SARS-2 (Covid-19) pandemic is the same as behind the Blue Plague in the Mexican Gulf. And his name is …. Craig Venter. The present pandemic is the result of the fallacious theory of computational biology, when the Wave Geometry / Wave Optics of DNA is written down by the binary computer code.

Novartis together with Craig Center are now creating the synthetic viruses and synthetic vaccines. He says the vaccine for the HIV virus is not possible due to the high rate of the HIV virus mutation. Venter assumes he can win the race with a mutating virus. But, instead, he released into the world the airborne HIV.

Our other hero of the computational biology is Dr. D.E.Shaw. I bet his project for the synthetic American super soldier had completely failed by now — soldiers as DNA computers.  He started at the same time as Craig Venter — both with the project of the “synthetic life”.  Ten years ago.

Alas, the lobby of Big Pharma desires to pull now the so-called “Biotech Revolution”, which, they hope, will be analogous to the Bill Gates and dot.com revolution in the 1990s — both making huge fortunes in a matter of two years or so.  For the prospect of this monetary gain, the Big Pharma and their lobbyists in DC had conspired to release the synthetic virus onto the global scene, killing people by thousands.

But this time, as with the Blue Plague in the Mexican Gulf, instead of monetary gain, they got the national and global catastrophe that would endanger the very survival of our species, if they will be allowed to continue.

So, you might say, the present COVID-19 pandemic, caused by SARS-2 (SARS-CoV-19) was announced by Craig Venter exactly ten years ago.  He directly said: I will produce synthetic viruses and synthetic vaccines.  Noticeably, he mentioned the HIV virus, as an example.  It is widely known by now that SARS-2 is an artificially-made virus with the HIV inserts.

At that moment, 10 years ago, Craig Venter’s computational biology became the Federal classified biotech program.  And the guy capitalized on killing tens of thousands of his fellow Americans by his false theory and erroneous technology.

Noticeably, Craig Venter openly hints in his speeches that depopulation is legit.

Before Feds in the US picked up on his research, Craig Venter was mostly sponsored by BP (British Petroleum) – the British anti-American colonial force.  That is why the present virus SARS-2 is patented by the British — the London-based Pirbright Institute.

British Petroleum had themselves exploded their rig in the Mexican Gulf in 2010 — in order to release Craig Venter’s synthetic bacteria Cynthia that eats now human flesh in the Mexican Gulf.  It was supposed that this artificial algae (that does not need sun light) will soften the huge deposits of crude oil on the bottom of the Mexican Gulf.  But in addition, the Cynthia is now eating the arms and leggs off the bodies of local folks.

The Mother Lodge / MI6 / British colonialists had now repeated the same crime.  They artificially released their man-made synthetic virus in order to profit from the global sales of their man-made synthetic vaccine.

The major problem with the flu vaccines lies in the issue of the flu virus high mutation rate, so that every new flu season makes the flu vaccine obsolete.

The US Feds hope that they will catch up with the flu virus mutation with the help of Craig Venter’s computational biology.  But, alas, their hopes are futile.  Since the synthetic vaccine by Dr. Craig Venter will sterilize them.

I think that, at least, Bill Gates deserves sterilization!

Bill Gates and Ray Kurzweil plan to obtain “the enhanced genetics” for the elites only.  “Gain of Function” Bill Gates and Ray Kurzweil hope that they and their families will escape death and suffering caused by the COVID-19 pandemics thanks to the GMO bioscience. But the “special” “for elite only” vaccine will not save, or enhance Bill Gates and Ray Kurzweil, since the GMO technology is wrong and destructive, and makes the genetically modified organisms sterile. “Genetic enhancement for elites” will sterilize the elites as effectively as the “weaponized sterilization Flu and SARS vaccine” for ghettos.

PS   Thus, Bill Gates and his children will be sterilized alongside with the millions of people whom he desires to sterilize.  Does he understand this?  If he does not understand, then, he is a fool, who should be eliminated from the public discussion.  If he does understand, then, he is a madman who should be confined to the mental institution.