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Hillary Clinton is not working for the interests of the United States. Hillary Clinton betrayed the United States. Hillary Clinton betrayed CIA. Hillary Clinton betrayed NSA. Hillary Clinton betrayed Pentagon. Hillary Clinton betrayed American military and intelligence communities. Hillary Clinton betrayed American people. HILLARY CLINTON CROSSED THE LINE.

If Americans elect her as a President, they will sign the total failure of American nation. Hillary Clinton is a political dummy of Rothschilds and the City of London, so-called globalists, but, in reality, “Satanist-Zionist Alliance” of pedophiles, who taught American elite human sacrifice, drinking of infant blood and raping children. All these atrocities are the degenerative customs of the most wild tribes on the African continent copying the customs of animals on the way to the Planet of Apes.

In Libya, Hillary Clinton killed on purpose the US ambassador J. Christopher Stevens who was for the two-state solution in Palestine in opposition to Israel’s plan for the “Great Israel” from Nile to Euphrates. Together with ambassador Stevens, Hillary Clinton killed a few CIA operatives who tried to save him.

In her letter recently released by WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton acknowledged that it was she who organized “moderate terrorists” as Israel’s proxy army for colonizing Arab lands from Nile to Euphrates. Those “moderate terrorists” all joined DAISH / ISIS / ISIL / IS ever since. While Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of DAISH / ISIS / ISIL / IS, is, in reality, Simon Elliot, a Mossad agent, according to the report by French Intelligence.

As a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used the US Embassy in Libya for shipping cash, arms and drugs for the “moderate terrorists”, all totally illegal, all without approval by the US Congress and US Senate. Hillary Clinton, this serial murderer, who kills and lies and steals without a blink of an eye, transformed American Foreign Policy into Hooker’s House for getting dirty dividends from the foreign entity in the City of London and Hong Kong, which is the global organized crime syndicate of drug dealers.

Americans! Do you have any shame? Any pride? Any honor? Where is that honorable Land of the Free? Why do you allow CRIMINALS like Hillary Clinton go around unpunished and run the show?

CIA and NSA! Hillary Clinton killed your own! And had Satanists-Zionists prevailed, you would be the first to become biorobots with lobotomy via brain chips. Do you really want to become cyber slaves for the international organized crime group of drug dealers (self-code-named “Synagogue of Satan”)? Do you really want your children not even know what means to be a free man?