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Degenerate Emily Windsor Cragg, Daughter of King Edward VIII, claims British Throne via claiming Sephardic Jewish Blood

Take a DNA test, Emily Windsor Cragg! And do not compromise the Throne of England!

Take a DNA test, Emily Windsor Cragg! And do not compromise the Throne of England!

Daughter of King Edward VIII files Claim to UK Crown with Parliament, charges Elizabeth II Treason

I really pity this poor woman who claims the B’nai B’ritish throne via her claim to the Sephardic SEMITIC blood. What a fool! Go and take a DNA test! And you, Emily Windsor Cragg, will find out that you are not a Semite, and not a Sephardic Jew.

Moreover, Sephardic “Jews” themselves are as fake as Ashkenazi Jews, and have nothing in common both RACIALLY and HISTORICALLY with the true NEGROID Jews of the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set in the Land of Set (Seth) (Upper Egypt). Watch the lecture by Dr. Entine:

Jewish DNA – Genetic Research and The Origins of the Jewish People

Dr. Entine, himself a so-called self-proclaimed “Jew”, claims that (1) the maternal DNA of all so-called “Jews” is Russian haplogroup R!a and R1b, the most ancient samples of which being found in Siberia, Russia; and (2) the DNA of the Subsaharan TRUE Jews is NEGROID and is completely different from BOTH the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, while the DNA of the Mizrahi Jews is ARABIC.

For your information, the maternal DNA — the so-called mitochondrial DNA — does not change. Since Jews count their bloodline via their maternal blood (mitochondrial DNA), and their maternal DNA is Russian, they all are RUSSIAN. They are not “Jews”.

They do not have the right to the Abrahamic bloodline, only the Negroes from the Tribe of Seth / Tribe of Judah do.

They do not have the right to the “Jewish” Israel, only the Negroes from the Tribe of Seth / Tribe of Judah do.

They do not have the right to the “Zion”, only the Negroes from the Tribe of Seth / Tribe of Judah do.

They do not have the right to the Tanakh, only the Negroes from the Tribe of Seth / Tribe of Judah do.

If these fake Jews continue to claim that they are “Jews”, they need to seek the psychiatric help. Probably, Emily Windsor Cragg also does.

“Semite” means half-black-half-white — from the Greek word “hemi” = “half”, which became “semi” = “half” in Latin. Herefrom we have the name of Egypt as KHEMET, that is, the Land of Hemi / Semites, half-negroes. All Arabs, including Palestinians, are Semites. Being a Semite does not give one the right to the Throne of England. And if you, Emily Windsor Cragg, insist that it does, then, there are Semites out there with much more Negroid blood in their veins to make it a more densely Negroid King David’s bloodline.

The Solomonic dynasty belongs with Ethiopia, and both King David and King Solomon were Negroes from the Negroid Tribe of Seth / Tribe of Judah in the Land of Seth (Upper Egypt).

I hope you, Emily Windsor Cragg, are educated enough to know that the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan) is totally and completely NEGROID.

Do you know that “synagogue” is a Greek word, while in Hebrew it means “The House of Set” — the god of death and desert in the Upper NEGROID Egypt? Do you really claim that you are Negroid?

A straight-forward woman of the common law Emily Windsor Cragg drinking grap juice straigt for the bottle.

A straight-forward woman of the Common Law Emily Windsor Cragg drinking grape juice straight from the bottle. She is the QUEEN of the Global Zion and the Planetary PINDAR — in direct contact with the ET and the genetic coder YHWH. She is the ANUNNAKI herself, indeed.

I have no words! Look at your face in a mirror, Emily Windsor Cragg! You are Russian, since Scotland and England were civilized by Russian Cossacks / Kas-Saks / Kazaks / Scythians-Saks. Your ancestors wrote in your genealogies that their progenitor was a SCYTHIAN. Scythians called themselves SAK. That is why you are called SAX or SAXONS – Sak in plural.

Shame on you, British degenerates, for trying to go as SEMITES and NEGROES. If you look at the distribution map of the Semitic haplogroup J, you will see that it is represented ONLY by the Negroid berbers in the Beta Israel — the Land of Set / Seth and by Muslims in some very limited parts of Caucasus, and not in the Middle East almost AT ALL.

The Middle East was always Russian-Aryan. And the most ancient city of Israel is called Scythopolis — the CITY OF SCYTHIANS, that is, us, Russian-Aryan Saks / Kas-Saks / Kazaks / Cossacks. This city predates the Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian cultures.

Furthermore, Gilgamesh in a Sumerian Gilgamesh Epos goes to the territory of Russia — to the North — and crosses the Aral (Aryan) sea in order to meet with Gods and the immortal man Utnapishtim. who survived the world flood. He himself is 2/3rd a God, what means that he himself is 2/3rd Russian.

Gilgamesh, the king of Sumerian city of Uruk (Arak / Aryk), was a Semite, not purely Russian-Aryan. That is why, to claim that the Gods of Sumer were Semites of the “Sephardic” bloodline is to be at odds with the elementary logic, and at odds with the historical record.

Russian-Aryans were the Gods of Sumer. Our Vedas have the drawings of Vimanas and Vaitmanas, not the Tanakh, or any other “religious” lies. And Sumer is properly called SAMAR, since the vowels were not recorded, but the epicenter of the erroneously called “Sumerian” culture is the city of SAMARA in Iraq.

Shame on you, Emily Windsor Cragg, for not knowing your own history. Shame on you for lacking the elementary intellectual ability of research and understanding. You are the disgrace of the English people.

Thanks god, you are not a Queen of England! Even Prince William has already taken a DNA test to find out that he is a Russian-Aryan with R1a DNA, that is — A GOD OF SUMER / SAMAR.

We, Russian-Aryan HYKSOS / GIK-SAK / SCYTHIAN-SAKS-SAX / KAS-SAKS / KAZAKS brought culture to Egypt, Sumer/Samar and Greece — from the Russian rivers Ra (Volga), Euphrates (in Siberia near Tomsk), Sura as the tributary of River Ra / Volga (herefrom comes the name for the country Syria / Suria), and Samara as the tributary of River Ra / Volga.

We, Russian-Aryans, were moving South from the Russian North Pole as the teleportation portal, as was proven by the Brahman Bal Gangadhar Tilak in his monograph “The Arctic Home in the Vedas” (1903), and which is also proven by the Russian-Aryan Pyramids in the Cola Peninsula, Russia, near the Russian North Pole, which are, at least, twice older than the Egyptian Pyramids.

The outcome of the last global war was the Pole shift, resulting in the Ice Age. The North Pole has moved, and the entire territory of Europe, including Ireland, England, Scotland, and the entire Scandinavia, was under ice. This means that the territories under ice were divided from the territories without ice not horizontally – from North to South, but vertically — from West to East. The extreme North of Russia had the climate of the modern Greece. All Russian-Aryans were living on the territory of Russia, and spoke Russian.

This is confirmed by the Scandinavian Epos “Edda”, which says that Swedes (Svets — from Russian word for “light”) were living in Russia above the Aral (Aryan) Sea in “Great Sweden” (Svetia), and were taught wisdom by the elder Russian-Aryan tribes living there. Then, evidently after ice started to melt in the Northern Europe, they went to the North in order to found the “Small Sweden” with the territory of the modern Sweden.

FYI, it is impossible to make interstellar trips on “space” ships, since we are literally made up by the electromagnetic field of this planet. We came from Arya / Aryan (mistakenly called Orion), and the entire territory of Russia is covered by rivers with the names “Aryan”, “Arya”, “Ariya”, “Ariyka”, etc., given by our Russian-Aryan ancestors — ancient astranauts.

The Samarian culture is one and the same for the city of Samara as the epicenter of the Samar / Sumer culture of Iraq (in reality, Iraq is Al-Samaria); the Samarra culture of Syria (4,000 BC); Samaria in Pale-Stan of our Russian-Aryan Kas-Saks / Scythians-Saks / Kazaks (called as “Palestine” by such degenerates like you, Emily Windsor Cragg); the city of Samara in Russia, and the entire Samara culture of Russia, on the Russian river “Samara” (tributary of River Ra / Volga) and on the river “Samara” (tributary of Dniepr) in Malorossia (“Little Russia”, called now “Ukraine”).

The culture of the Russian city of Samara is incomparably OLDER than the culture of the Iraqi city Samara of the Samar / Sumer culture, since we, Russian-Aryans, were descending from the Russian North Pole to the South.

The Sumer / Samar culture in Iraq is dated 3,000 BC, while the Tripolskaya culture in Kostenki (near Voronezh, Russia) is dated already 60,000 BC, and excavations are still going deeper into the archeological layers that are still not excavated.

Zio-Nazi spread the lies about the “Tribe of Dan” in the attempt to link Danube and Vikings with Jews, since Khazars were pushed into Europe after their State of Khazaria was defeated and destroyed by Russian Prince Svyatoslav in 964 AD. But, too bad, “Danube” is pronounced “Dunai” (Dunay – Doonay) by Russian-Aryans.

Khazars (Ashkenazi – 93% of modern Jewry, Turks from Russian great mother) converted into Judaism in the 8th century for a short while, and then back to Islam. They converted finally into Judaism only in the 10th century, exactly when they were defeated by Russians. Thus, making Khazars into the Tribe of Dan is a gross falsification of history.

Khazars are the tribe of Khazareans in Afghanistan. In other words, Khazars are Afghani (one of the Kurdish tribes). That is, Rothschilds are Afghani. Rockefellers are Afghani. Kissinger is Afghani. Yes, it is maybe painful to fall down from the height of the all-powerful half-reptilian super-humans to the level of the most low-rank tribe in Afghanistan, but, alas, truth is truth.

In parenthesis: no evil can come to this dimension through the zero center in the holographic wave crystal of the teleportation portal, in principle. Thus, all the stories of the evil or predatory “reptilian” Anunnaki who come to this planet to enslave mankind are nonsense.

Meanwhile, Americans have made a movie about our Russian-Aryan ancient city of Arkaim (3,500 BC and earlier) in Southern Urals, Russia, in which the local residents report that they constantly see how the wave crystals of the teleportation portals open in their backyards, and humans get out of these portals.

Furthermore, in the WWII, during the decisive tank battle near the Russian city of Kursk, the German officers reported that UFOs were fighting on the side of Russians with plasma and laser weapons. This led to the eye opening in the Ahnenerbe and to the secret treaty between Stalin and Germany at the very end of the WWII, so that, between August 1946 and February 1947 in Antarctica, Russians and Germans were fighting already together against the Zio-Nazi fleet under Admiral Richard Byrd’s command (the US Operation “Highjump”).

So, the claims of the Zio-Nazi to the legacy of our ancestors — ancient astranauts — and our ancestral Quantum Leap technologies are laughable. By performing human sacrifices and drinking human blood, the Zio-Nazi cut themselves off forever from our advanced technologies.

Moreover, all the Quantum Leap technologies were pioneered in the 20th century by Russians, including Tesla, who is Serbian, while Serbia is “Silver Russia” (in the times of Scythians, Serbia was called “Rushka”, that is, Russia). German Nazi simply took the lead after killing Georges Lakhovsky (Russian) and Nicola Tesla (Russian “serb”) in New York. Even the wave pharmaceuticals tested in the German concentration camps had Russian origin in the research by Alexander Gurvitch. The space rockets were created by Russians too — by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in the mid 1890s.

Emily Windsor Cragg talks of the Eisenhower’s secret “Greada Treaty with Aliens”, which “makes the US the exclusive link between humans and superhuman aliens” as the most important news of the 20th century. But the Zio-Nazi “Greada Treaty with Aliens” is a LIE. This lie was created specifically to conceal the fact that our ancestors — “ancient astronauts” — were fighting on the Russian side in the WW2.

Futhermore, as reported by Wernher von Braun, the Zio-Nazi jerks created a project for the artificial production of the lookalikes of the superhuman aliens for the fake “alien invasion” as a push for the humankind towards the one world government (of the Zio-Nazi global domination).

Emily Windsor Cragg charges Queen Elizabeth with Satanism and its crimes of pedophilia and human sacrifice. But Satanism is the core in the Talmudic Judaism of the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, since YHWH is Seth, Set, Sata, Satan – the God of Death and Desert of the Negroid Upper Egypt. That is why Christ told Jews that their God is Satan (Devil). And that is why the Greek word “synagogue” in Hebrew is “The House of Set”, that is, the The House of Satan (literally, “the Synagogue of Satan”).

And yes, the Talmudic Satanism sanctions and participates in pedophilia and human sacrifice. Precisely for the horrific crime of human sacrifice, the so-called “Jews” were kicked out of every country in Europe, except for the Great Britain. And precisely the Talmud sanctions the sexual intercourse with children as little as 2 years old.

Here are my articles against pedophilia and human sacrifice of the Talmudic Satanism:

Irene Caesar against human sacrifice


Are Ashkenazi geniuses?


Raping children and Cannibalism is the Freedom that Lehaim Navalner calls for


We, Russian-Aryans, always had the elective monarchy — from the “Circle” (“Kon”) by the Scythian-Saks / Kas-Saks / Kazaks / Cossacks, where the Ataman is chosen (herefrom we have Arthur’s “Round Table” of Sax / Saxons / Scythian-Saks / Kas-Saks / Kazaks / Cossacks in England) to the elective Roman Emperors, among whom were a butcher, a soldier, a swineherd (Justin) and a poor peasant (Justinian, according to whose laws we are still living). That is why the hereditary tyranny of the British Empire is in complete contradiction with our Ancestral tradition.

Nevertheless, we can see now the reason for the existence of the British Empire. Via its complete submission to Zionism and Zionists, and via taking in the Zionists after the Zionists were kicked out of every European country for their human sacrifices and drinking the infant blood, the British Empire has bought for itself the time and resource for preserving its Russian-Aryan bloodline.

Zionists, via their Freemasonry proxy, have destroyed all the Russian-Aryan Empires in the world. Only the British Empire still stands. And now, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth have taken their genetic test in the Spring of 2014 to find out that they do not have even a drop of the Jewish blood.

Thus, the Zionism in the British Empire with its fake Covenant of the English Kings with the Jewish God of Negroes, its fake Zionist Freemasonry of Negroes for the Scythian Scotts, and its fake Negroid King David’s bloodline of the B’nai B’ritish Monarchy FAILS.

This failure of Zionism is now worldwide, since the DNA tests of the so-called Jews themselves have shown that their maternal DNA is RUSSIAN.

The reason and science have won.

Here is more information in my essays for you, Emily Windsor Cragg. LEARN! And do not compromise English monarchy by your vulgar IGNORANCE!

“Vedas and Yoga were created by Russians on Vimanas”:  https://irenecaesar.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/vedas-and-yoga-were-created-by-russians-веды-и-йогу-создали-русские/

“Freemasons and Knights Templar build the Temple to the negroid King Solomon”https://irenecaesar.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/freemasons-and-templars-build-the-temple-to-the-negroid-king-solomon/

“David Cameron is a Traitor of his Motherland”: https://irenecaesar.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/3885/

“Mother Russia or which culture is more ancient — Greek, Hebrew or Russian?”: https://irenecaesar.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/mother-russia-or-which-culture-is-more-ancient-greek-or-russian/

Emily Windsor Cragg’s site: