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Dear Wang,

Do I correctly understand you that you are asking me about how, in my opinion, the government and the military of China should address the threat of the coming Psychotronic War?

As I wrote, the Spectrum Convergence Warfare or the Full Spectrum Dominance Warfare combines the illicit and simultaneous use of the biological, climate, cyber, and psychotronic weapons. No nation will be able to protect itself from the Spectrum Convergence Warfare, if this nation fails in only one component of this kind of war.


Task number one is to create the stock of the fertile Chinese women with healthy DNA.

This is the most important, the most urgent task for the State of China. If Chinese fail this task, there will be no China in fifty years from now.

The reason for this is the approaching sterilization of the Chinese population due to the mass application of the COVID-19 vaccines.

All the COVID-19 vaccines are injecting people with the homologous nucleotides. All proteins in SARS-CoV-2 virus are homologous to human proteins, except for one. Homologous nucleotides are the compatible nucleotides, which go inside each other, like a key goes into a keyhole. This causes the structural damage in chromosomes — the destruction of chromosomes’ geometrical structure, which is, essentially, the destruction of the precisely calibrated Wave Optics of Chromosomes. Structural damage of chromosomes due to the COVID-19 vaccines causes sterilization and encephalopathy, all the way to the prion disease (aka «Zombi Apocalypse»). Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received the Nobel Prize in 2006 for the Discovery of the Destructive RNA Interference. They took RNA from the c.elegance worm, and gave it back to the worm. And the worm died.

These fertile Chinese women should be never subjected to the genetically modifying drugs, such as mRNA and AD5-virus-vector vaccines; to the genetically-modified food (GMOs); and to the 5G EHF (Extremely High Frequency) radiation, which is analogous to electrophoresis destroying the DNA for the purpose of creating GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), which are STERILE.

Cartagena Protocol (2000) is the hidden goal of mRNA vaccines. mRNA vaccines modify human DNA, making humans into the Genetically Modified Organisms. mRNA “vaccines” are not vaccines at all — they are the genetically modifying drugs. GMOs constitute danger for other living organisms, especially if the genetic modification becomes contagious via respiratory infection. GMOs are sterile. And if a given Genetically Modified human Organism infects the normal human being with prions and makes him or her sick with encephalopathy and sterile, then, this constitutes danger to “biodiversity”. The Cartagena Protocol clearly demonstrates that the COVID-19 culprits had perfectly known what they have done, and what are the consequences. They planned to, first, ban any criticism of mRNA pseudo-vaccines, so that they give their deadly shots to as many people as possible, transforming them into the “GMOs” – “genetically modified organisms”. Then, they planned to eventually allow any criticism of mRNA “vaccines”, as if conscience had awoken in them, but, in reality, in order to deliver to people the horror of what had happened to them, with a sinister back thought. This is what we are seeing now. As of a sudden, YouTube got transformed from the platform banning even a mention of the mRNA drugs aka “vaccines”, as genetically modifying drugs, into the platform for the total and complete exposure of mRNA drugs aka “vaccines” as the genetically modifying drugs. This sinister back thought was of the Cartagena Protocol. The third stage will come with the implementation of the Cartagena Protocol. The “vaccinated” GMOs will be announced (1) non-human; (2) property of the genomic companies holding patents to their artificial DNA sequences; (3) danger to the “biodiversity”. As the result, millions of people will be outlawed and constrained in the concentrated camps. They will not be allowed not only to travel abroad, but even to go to the park, since they are danger to any normal biological specimen, and to all and every species, in general.

The best place to hide these fertile Chinese women is in the Chinese-controlled Himalayas due to the presence of the underground megalithic pyramids there with the sarcophagi of the mummies of ancestors with the superior DNA.

China will get reborn like Phoenix from the fertile eggs of these women. These women are the Ancient Ancestral Phoenix, which is depicted on the Chinese embroideries.


Chinese government should create the human settlements, which are completely free from all the genetic modification, including the so-called «COVID-19 vaccines», GMO food, and 5G EHF radiation. Such settlements should be located in the territories where the transgenic contamination (via cross pollination, animal manure, and river waters) is impossible.

These human settlements should have architecture, food and water conducive to the elimination of the structural damage in chromosomes. Houses should be built as Generators of the Form, with dome ceilings.

This territory should be a no-fly zone for the foreign airplanes and satellites.

Task number one and Task number two include the spiritual practices, promoting the Theta brainwave states, essential for the elimination of the structural damage in chromosomes.

Also, both Task number one and Task number two require the elimination of all other human activities, causing the Destructive RNA Interference, and, so, the structural damage in chromosomes: (1) the elimination of pork consumption (since pork has nucleotides, which are very close to human nucleotides); (2) the elimination of cannibalism (consumption of human flesh and human blood in the form of fetuses and fetal blood, including in cremes); (3) strict ban on homosexuality (causing HIV); (4) restriction on casual sex (also causing the Destructive RNA Interference); (5) restriction on blood transfusion and organ transplants.


Task number three is the building of the Defense System capable of taking down the Starlink and OneWeb satellites.

The first and most important component of this Defense System is to build territories that are the no-fly zones for the Starlink satellites in the first place.

Kind regards,

Irene Caesar, Ph.D.


Wave Genome LLC