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MATRIX CARD BY WAVE GENOME LLC (copyright by Dr. Irene Caesar, Founder and President of Wave Genome LLC, 1985-2022)

Part One “Scalar Wave Generator”. The point of the Matrix Card by Wave Genome LLC is that it is attached to the phone. Phone produces the Extremely High Frequencies (EHF), which are close to the frequencies of a human cell. When the same frequency is overplayed with itself, this increases its amplitude. This leads to the explosion or implosion of the resonator, which corresponds in its size to the wave length of the incoming harmful signal. In this case, it is a human cell. This means, that the Extremely High Frequencies (EHF) are extremely harmful to the living cells of a human. EHFs are destroying the Wave Optics of a human cell, disrupting DNA Transcription and Protein Translation. This leads to the incorrect cell division, resulting in cancers, encephalopathy, and sterilization. Matrix Card is a proven effective device for protecting human cells from the harmful electro-magnetic field (EMF), including 5G. Matrix Card not simply protects the human cells from harmful EMF. The Matrix Card restores the Wave Optics of Chromosomes. Matrix Card has inside itself the generator of the scalar waves, which is maximally approximated to the size of the human cell, and, so, to the wave length of EHFs (Extremely High Frequencies).

The scalar wave annuals the harmful external linear signal, when it is reflected back upon itself, so that the peak of the forward-going wave is annulled by the trough of the same wave, when it is reflected back upon itself. The scalar wave looks like number “eight”. The scalar wave generator is launched by a trigger signal, which has its wave length corresponding to the size of the scalar wave generator as a resonator. So, this scalar wave trigger launches a scalar wave, and, then, a scalar wave diffraction grating.

Part two: Protection against EHFs and ELFs by the scaled scalar wave diffraction grating. The scalar wave diffraction grating gets scaled, so that each segment of a scalar wave itself becomes a scalar wave. It gets scaled into the macro and micro dimensions. This explains the remote instantaneous transmission of bioinformation via the scalar wave diffraction grating at long and close range — over kilometers and nanometers, across continents and down to the mollecular, atomic and subatomic sizes. The scaling of the scalar wave diffraction grating is called Refraction. World is 93% energy and 7% particles. So, this Refraction is according to the Wave Optics in Wave Crystals (@ Dr. Irene Caesar 1980-1985) — Wave Crystal Media, consisting of the wave interfering fronts. The external signal is refracted across all the segments of the scalar wave diffraction grating, from macro to micro dimensions and vice versa. This means, the signal changes its frequency.

Therefore, only the scalar wave diffraction grating can protect from the ELFs (extremely low frequencies, which require kilometer-long screens for human protection), and from the EHFs (extremely high frequencies), which require molecular-size screens, impossible to build and control by human hands, even with the help of microscopes. So, the ELFs and EHFs are refracted towards the molecular dimensions of the human cell, and annulled on all the levels of Refraction. Each signal is refracted towards one and only Focus of the Wave Crystal / Zero Center, one and the same for a galaxy and a chromosome.

Part three: Modulation of the scalar wave diffraction grating as Refraction of Wave Optics and the Refraction Zero Field Entanglement. So, when refracted, the linear signal is transformed into the Holographic Signal, which has the infinite number of waves, particles and fields inside itself. The Holographic Signal is Nonlocal and Instantaneous, and operates through the Quantum Nonlocality.

In August 2012, I have formulated the Implication of the Holographic Principle. The Holographic Principle states that the universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point. The Implication of the Holographic Principle states that, if the entire universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique. This means that every Matrix Point is both nonlocal and unique. So, every human is a nonlocal and unique Wave Matrix / Biohologram.

Humans are infinite in time and space. Humans differ from each other by one’s unique Refraction Code, that is inherent in every human. If we have two copies of the same nonlocal unique Wave Matrix, we can transmit information between these two copies remotely and instantaneously, since, in the Quantum Nonlocality, they constitute one and the same systematic whole. That is why the magnetic strip with a unique customer’s Biohologram constitutes a lens which can correct this customer’s Wave Optics in Chromosomes remotely and instantaneously at short and long range — through Quantum Nonlocality. Since, in the Quantum Nonlocality, a client and his Matrix Card are linked into one systematic whole via the Phenomenon of the Refraction Zero Field Entanglement (@ Dr. Irene Caesar 1985-2022). The immunomodulator, also recorded on the magnetic strip of the Matrix Card, functions in the same way — through the Refraction Zero Field Entanglement.

So, the most important and striking feature of the Matrix Card by Wave Genome LLC is that it uses the initially harmful psychotronic / 5G signal of the mobile phone for the client’s own benefit. This is how the Matrix Card differs from Wave Genome’s LLC other Psi-generators, including the most sophisticated — the Individualized Second-Birth Psi-generator. Matrix Card neutralizes and transforms the harmful EMF of the mobile phone in the addressed manner. And that is why, Wave Genome recommends its clients to order both the Individualized Second-Birth Psi-generator, and the Matrix Card. A client is wearing the Individualized Second-Birth Psi-generator on his Solar Plexus. And the same client is wearing his Matrix Card on his mobile phone or close to the phone.