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Dear 华玲,

NATO is testing the psychotronic weapons on the unarmed civilians worldwide.

They plan to gain the global domination through the psychotronic war, since their nuclear weapons are outdated, and they do not have supersonic weapons.

Thus, they intend to use the low-cost psychotronic, cyber and biological warfare, which constitute ONE system of war, called “the convergence” warfare, or “the spectrum convergence”, or the “full spectrum domination”.

The “spectrum convergence” means the FULL control of the enemy, which is the control over the mind of the enemy, i.e., “Mind Control”.

When you control the mind of your enemy, you do not have to use missiles.

The present period is the Second Psychotronic War or Type B psychotronic warfare. It is the partial convergence and partial dominance.

The first psychotronic war (let’s call it “Type A”) was in Iraq (2003), when Americans used large-size psychotronic generators on their military trucks. Iraqis were completely paralyzed, and could not resist. That is why Americans had marched to Baghdad across the entire Iraq in a matter of few days.

But the use of these psychotronic generators had a side effect for Americans themselves, since the American soldiers were subjected to the harmful frequencies themselves. In fact, American soldiers were disabled. They were transformed into vegetables. Therefore, Americans abandoned this technology, since they paid big money to the American families for each disabled American soldier.

That is why, Americans had created the “Type B” psychotronic warfare, which is going on at the moment. The Type B psychotronic war is characterized by the following features:

(1) The attacking enemy is conducting the psychotronic attack via the national telecommunications infrastructure of the country, which is being attacked. For this, the attacking enemy (NATO) takes control over main telecommunications company of the attacked country. For example, Russian State does not control Russian major telecommunications company: Russian State has less than 50% shares. Also, the attacking enemy is placing a Trojan Horse inside the main telecommunications company of the attacked country. In the case of Russia, it is the Dutch company “Mobitel”, which owns about 13% shares, but controls the software — the AI, which controls the entire telecommunications system of the attacked country (in this case, Russia). In case of China, the major Chinese telecommunications company Huawei is controlled by NATO via Andrew Williamson, the Vice President Global Government Affairs and Economic Adviser at Huawei. Andrew Williamson is a high-rank MI6 secret agent, working for NATO. It is easy to verify that Huawei is integrated into NATO’s psychotronic warfare infrastructure. Huawei is integrated into all new Apple computers operating systems.

(2) The NATO’s choice is made for the extremely high frequencies (EHF), which are close to the frequency of human cells. When the same frequency is overlaid with itself, this increases its amplitude, so that a resonator (in this case, a human cell) is exploded from inside. The EHFs are extremely destructive for humans, destroying the Wave Optics of Chromosomes. This results in failure of the DNA transcription and protein translation processes, so that the cell cannot divide properly, leading to sterilization and encephalopathy. The attacked civilians are sterilized, and lose control over their minds.

(3) Because NATO’s choice is made for the extremely high frequencies, the attacking enemy uses the elaborate system of retransmitters, since EHFs have extremely short wave lengths. Thus, the attacked country is lured into building the “Smart Cities”, in which every electrical device is made into an electronic device serving as a psychotronic weapon — a retransmitter of EHF. In the so-called “Smart City”, every “Smart Device” is a retransmitter, from the apartment of every citizen to every street of the “Smart City”. The major component of the psychotronic warfare in the Smart City is the network of the Smart Street Lamps.

(4) The Smart Devices of the Smart City constitute the so-called “Internet of Things” or the “Internet of Everything”. It is controlled by the system of satellites on low orbits (Starlink of Elon Musk or OneWeb of UK). These satellites can (a) take control over the national telecommunications system of the attacked country; (b) they can destroy it; (c) they can directly take control over the Smart Devices bypassing the national telecommunications system of the attacked country — all of them, a few of them selectively, or just one of them for the addressed psychotronic attack. This system of the low-orbit satellites is controlled by one AI (Artificial Intellect). This AI is analogous to the Skynet in the “Terminator” movie. The present-day war in Ukraine is the first war controlled by the Skynet. Or, in other words, the Skynet went live in Ukraine. Russia and US have entered into the war of two Skynets.

(5) Biological war is the essential part of the psychotronic warfare Type B. In fact, the EHFs are analogous to electrophoresis used for destroying DNA for the sake of creating the genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are STERILE. The use of graphene and ferritin in vaccines increase the conductivity of living cells, making them more susceptible to the DNA-destroying electrophoresis under the disguise of 5G. Viruses are used for the virus-vector delivery of ferritin to the genes which the enemy plans to attack and destroy. So, the psychotronic war via the 5G Internet of Things is the effective mechanism for gene silencing. To conclude: the Type B psychotronic war is inseparable from the binary biological war. The Smart Cities under the control of ONE Global AI provide the enemy an opportunity to kill the population of the entire country by one click on the keyboard, and / or kill one man via an addressed attack in such a way that this man’s selected genes are silenced.

(6) Full spectrum dominance includes the use of Smart Dust in the atmosphere, so that the psychotronic war is also the climate / weather war (causing the climate and weather anomalies), geophysical war (causing the controlled earthquakes), and the cyber war, ultimately, with the use of the electromagnetic bomb.

The psychotronic war Type B has started with the massive use of HAARP against unarmed civilians in the US in December 2012 during the artificially HAARP-created hurricane “Sandy”. It was the climate war attack and the psychotronic war attack at the same time.

The psychotronic war Type C (the third psychotronic war) is now in preparation by the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is a cover for the NATO. NATO is a military-industrial complex of the so-called “Five Eyes” under the control of the Global Organized Crime Group which is engaged in illegal drug sales, illegal arms sales, organ trafficking, human trafficking, illegal information harvesting and trafficking. This Global Organized Crime Group is hiding under the disguise of banking, consulting and analytical activities. It has called itself “the Synagogue of Satan”.

The psychotronic war Type C is characterized by the transformation of the Internet of Things into the Internet of Bodies. In the Internet of Bodies, each man has access to the StarLink or OneWeb directly — bypassing the Internet router, provided by the national telecommunications system. Man becomes himself the telecommunication network of implanted microchips with a major implanted chip behind his neck.

Thus, the Neuralink by Elon Musk and the Starlink of Elon Musk become one and the same thing.

The goal of the self-named “Synagogue of Satan” is to create the Neural Money as the stimulation of the pain center in the brain and the pleasure center in the brain.

Jose Delgado, the Yale professor of the Spanish descent, had inserted a radio transmitter into the brain of a bull, so that he was able to stop the bull when the bull was charging at a toreador during Corrida.

The Internet of Bodies or “Neuralink” means the total and final enslavement of humankind, the total and final control over cyber slaves, their total and final sterilization and the creation of the two-caste society, consisting of sterilized humanoid cyber slaves incapable of child-birth and fully-human slave-owners capable of child-birth.

The cyber slaves or cyborgs will own nothing. They will not have houses, apartments, land, cars in their property. They will not have children, family — mother and father, relatives. They will not even have gender. So, the World Economic Forum had formulated the major idea of the Internet of Bodies for the cyber slaves in the following way: “You will own nothing, and be happy”.

Kind regards,

Irene Caesar, Ph.D.


Wave Genome LLC


Dear Madam, How do you do? It’s a great honor for me to reply. I’m trying to focus on reading websites and videos on the Internet, but there aren’t many hours in the day to focus. And I just want to ask you, with your knowledge and experience, can you tell me what groups or institutions are experimenting with, exactly, what they’re trying to do and how long they’re experimenting with people?🙂 I am a friend from China (I’m currently suspended from school), and I also want to know how many other people in China need your help as soon as possible. Thank you very much!