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For at least five years, I see the picture and video going around the web, which claim to show how Pope Francis kisses hands of Rothschild, Rockefeller and Kissinger. This is fake. In reality, he kissed hands of the Holocaust survivors. Why is this important?

Because Vatican is more wealthy and more significant than Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Kissingers — starting with self-proclaiming of the rogues and imposters as “Westen Roman Empire” in 800 AD, when in the true Roman Empire, the true Roman Empress Irene Caesar was reigning, and, after, proclaiming themselves as the only Roman Empire, and, then, destroying the true Roman Empire (the thousand-year Reich), and grabbing the Skifian / Roman gold on the island of Rodos, and, after substituting Tamerlan / Timur for the impostor (Vatican spy) in order to kill the ancient Silk Road and install the prototype of the future sea-fairing Ost-Indian and West-Indian pirates’ criminal cartel of slave and opium traders.

It is Vatican who was killing their brothers in Christ (Christian Orthodox) in Constantinople / Tzar-Grad in 1204, and now in Syria and Ukraine — in cold blood and simply for the sake of big money. The signature style of Tamerlan was the extreme, bestial cruelty — he was murdering the entire cities. I have just visited the North Caucasus in May 2022 — exactly where the ancient Skifian-Sak RAssian-Arian Silk Road was going through canyons.

And people remember Tamerlan’s bestial cruelty till now. Women who were hiding in caves while their husbands and brothers were fighting with Tamerlan’s army, were igniting their dresses with fire, and were jumping down the high cliffs when they saw the bestial cruelty of Tamerlan’s army.

And it was the SIGNATURE style of crusaders. When crusaders took the Christian Orthodox city of Constantinople in 1204, they staged such a blood bath that blood was up to knees on the streets. On the contrary, when the Ottoman Sultan, Mehmet II, a Muslim, took Constantinople in 1453, not a single hair fell from a head of a Christian.

Ghenghiz Khan (died in 1227) had churches of ALL major world religions in his major city Karakorum (present-day Mongolia). This testifies to the important truth that in the foundation of the world empire along the global trade route lies the tribal union of the equal, self-sufficient and sovereign tribes, and the union (council) of the equal, self-sufficient and sovereign religions — as brothers in the womb of the Mother.

The true Roman Empire, which lasted for thousand years, with its elective monarchy, free medical assistance, free education, and even free daily bread, was based exactly on these principles, so that Romans were inviting all local gods to join their pantheon of ancestral gods. Vatican, with its “crusaders” and its “pope” who is the substitute of god on earth, had violated all these principles.

It is Vatican who finances the ISIS of the pseudo-Muslim terrorists in Syria, who violate the eternal peace that prophet Muhammad had made with Christians.

It is Vatican who financed the genocide of the entire nations in the North and South America.

It is Vatican who now finances the Nazis with Israeli passports in the so-called Ukraine. Zionists are the fig leaf hiding the true monster.

When you see a Syrian Christian Orthodox girl raped and killed by Mossad dressed up as “jihadis” — with the bestial cruelty of crusaders and Tamerlan, a Vatican spy, so that a big wooden Christian cross is put into her throat down to her heart — know it is of the Vatican pope’s making.

If you see the Vatican Pope Francis meeting with wives of the Nazis from the Azov battalion, who were killing the unarmed Orthodox Christians in Ukraine for EIGHT years prior to 2022 with the extreme cruelty of Crusaders and Tamerlan, a Vatican spy, — know it is of the Pope Francis’ making and to his sick criminal advantage.