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Dr. Robert Malone’s (inventor of mRNA reverse transcriptase gene delivery) Twitter account was permanently deleted, when he voiced protest against vaccinating children with his mRNA experimental genetic drug aka “COVID-19 vaccine” — that he, Dr. Robert Malone, had proudly created. The pride is all his, since Dr. Robert Malone repeats in his every interview that it was he, Dr. Robert Malone, who had created the genetic drug aka “mRNA vaccine” that now causes the organ failures all over the world and en masse. Let the psychiatrists decide what kind of psychiatric deviation is that.

Dr. Robert Malone also says in his every interview that he himself got brain fog after his “mRNA vaccine” was administered to him. (Now, THIS explains why Dr. Robert Malone says what he says). I would have felt sorry for him if not for horror I feel every time I recall that the US hospital has forced Dr. Robert Malone’s experimental genetic drug on my son — every time I see how people, “vaccinated” by Dr. Robert Malone, get convulsions when they drive, or when tennis stars, vaccinated by Dr. Robert Malone, are shattered from chest pain right during the tournament.

Dr Robert Malone’s interview with Joe Rogan is now the #1 podcast episode in America. The only thing I do not understand is: why Dr. Robert Malone calls himself “the inventor of mRNA vaccines”, and why, in all his interviews, he conceals that he invented, instead, the “gene therapy” technology, which is alike CRISPR/CAS9, and is nothing else, but the gene silencing and sterilization method, which ruins the Wave Optics in chromosomes and makes humans into GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or “transhumans” who will not be able to have children?

For example, in one of his most recent interviews, he denied that mRNA “vaccine” gets into nucleus, though it is already proven by the peer-reviewed journal on biology. Here is this very important recent article “SARS-CoV-2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro” – PubMed, proving that SARS-CoV-2, indeed, PENETRATES into nucleus, and, indeed, changes human DNA, what is denied by criminals in Russian and American State National Health Institutions:


My question to Dr. Robert Malone: do you, Dr. Robert Malone, seek to escape the coming criminal prosecution at the Nuremberg Trials #2 for your crime against humanity, which consists in the deliberate creation of the binary biological weapon for the sterilization of humanity, and, thus, committing the most horrific genocide of making humankind extinct?

Here are some thoughts of mine on Dr. Robert Malone’s Podcast Number One in the US.

The action of mRNA vaccines consists, besides other things, in inducing microRNAs for gene silencing. This is their TRUE meaning.

MicroRNA (micronome) interaction with the messenger RNA for gene silencing is how the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference manifests itself. Hence, Dr. Robert Malone lies to the public concealing he has invented the effective mechanism of gene silencing. In this sense, Dr. Robert Malone is a bigger criminal than Tony Faux-chi.

Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received a Noble Prize in 2006 for the discovery of the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference. They took RNA from a c.elegans worm, and gave it back to the worm, and the worm died.

The miRNA interaction with mRNA is based on complementarity of nucleotides. And since all proteins in SARS-CoV-2 are homologous to human proteins except for one, both the SARS-CoV-2 as the binary biological weapon by Dr. Ralph S. Baric and mRNA “vaccine” by Innovio’s Dr. Robert Malone are inducing the effective gene silencing.

Dr. Robert Malone is grossly mistaken on almost everything he reveals to the public. Again, he said that the SARS-CoV-2 and his “vaccine” does NOT enter the nucleus with the DNA packed in the nucleus, and, he said, does not downgrade the DNA transcription. At the moment he said this there was already a paper published in the peer-reviewed journal which has proven that both Dr. Baric’s SARS-CoV-2 and Dr. Malone’s gene-silencing drug aka “mRNA vaccine” do indeed enter the nucleus and effect the DNA replication and repair.

Also, Dr. Malone is unprofessionally mistaken on the safety of the adenovirus-vector “vaccines”.

The two clinical trials of the adenovirus-vector vaccine against HIV had demonstrated that if a patient has the prior immunity to adenovirus, the adenovirus-vector vaccine infects the patient with HIV instead of giving him immunity against HIV. That is why the adenovirus-vector based HIV “vaccines” technology was abandoned. Since Dr. Baric’s DURC SARS-CoV-2 is a mutated HIV, it is clear that Great Britain and Russia, which use this technology, are effectively infecting their population en masse with HIV, because the adenovirus is a very wide spread infection, and the adenovirus immunity is almost universal.

Hence, Dr. Robert Malone’s fixation on S-protein is either his criminal conspiracy or professional impotence of the deliberate or unprofessional attempt to hide the fact that the real result of his experimental genetic drug is gene silencing, which is the true reason for organ failures.

Dr. Robert Malone tries to conceal the devastating Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference by appealing to the peristalsis of the blood vessels caused by S-protein. So, we can define the pseudo-Samaritan public appearances of Dr. Malone as the criminal attempt to conceal the crucial scientific evidence from the humanity.

“Clamping down on blood vessels” is the best Dr. Malone can do in explaining organ failures.

Dr. Malone explains the risk of the brain fog, and prion disease in the “long Covid” cases also by the blood vessels clamping, again, hiding the real reason — the gene silencing by the miRNA Destructive Interference.

The entire public discussion of whether the SARS-CoV-2 was isolated or not, or whether S-protein is a toxin or not is meant to conceal the crime of the global gene silencing committed by Pentagon and DARPA officers anticipating to buck-in big time on the implantable Digital currency which will be based upon the programmable gene silencing, i.e., the AI protocols for the Global Gene Silencing with genes being turned-on or silenced by the long-range wireless and NFC networks and smart dust.

The same way Dr. Malone had erroneously denied that SARS-CoV-2 and his experimental gene-silencing drug aka “mRNA vaccine” goes into the nucleus (via reverse transcriptase), Dr. Malone denies that his genetic drug goes into ovaries causing sterilization. He argues that only the liposome envelope “goes” into ovaries causing harm.

In the same line, Dr. Malone explains the “Denmark data” on the Omicron infection and COVID in the fully vaccinated by the “risky behavior”. To conclude, we can characterize Dr. Malone’s “US number One podcast” as a gross psyop.

PS In his Joe Rogan’s interview, Dr. Robert Malone has also said that the “mRNA vaccine” of his concoction causes hallucinations in the “vaccinated” victims. I hope we will not be forced to contemplate how Dr. Robert Malone will be hallucinating.


As we say in Russia: to break is not to create.

My question is: snakes use poison to kill their enemies. A simple question is: can a human incorporate inside his body a snake’s poison to fight his viruses and bacteria? The answer is: EVIDENTLY NOT. Streptococcus pyogenes uses its own poison (so-called CAS9) to cut viruses in pieces and “kill” them. So, another simple question is: can a human incorporate inside his body a CAS9 protein in order to satisfy Jennifer Doudna and to successfully fight his viruses? The answer is: EVIDENTLY NOT. CAS9 is simply a very dangerous TOXIN, specific for Streptococcus pyogenes. And calling the very pathogenic bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes with a fancy word ‘CAS9’ does not change the matter at hand.

CAS9 used the way Jennifer Doudna offered is a biological weapon for silencing genes, and also with a high percentage of missing the mark. The third simple question is: does bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes itself use its toxin CAS9 to self-engineer itself genetically? The answer is also: NO. Bacterial-viral mosaicism (verbosely called by Jennifer Doudna as “Clustered regularly-interspaced short polindromic repeats” [CRISPR] evidently to obscure the matter) does not change functionality of Streptococcus pyogenes’ genome, and Streptococcus pyogenes does NOT produce a virus which it is killing with its CAS9 toxin.

ERGO: Streptococcus pyogenes is homogenous with CAS9, since CAS9 is its own component. But humans are evidently not the Streptococcus pyogenes, and CAS9 is NOT a human inherent component. The idea to apply the highly pathogenic Streptococcus pyogenes to “genetically enhance humans” could have come only to a sociopath… or to a criminal. It is the same as to say: “OK, pals, we are going to use the bacteria of Tuberculosis to “genetically enhance humans”, since the toxins of this bacterium will surely damage the human DNA!”

Criminal negligence demonstrated by Jennifer Doudna reminds me of George Church with his “xenotransplantation” of pig’s organs into humans. Looks like Dr. George Church is completely unaware of the structural difference between humans and pigs. And this was even before taking Dr. Robert Malone’s hallucinogenic jab. We can only guess what hallucinogenic heights will be taken on by Dr. George Church now, after the pig’s jab… It is I think also a psychiatric case that Dr. George Church cannot tell pigs from people. I only wish Jennifer Doudna eats only GMO, and all her own treatments are CRISPR/Cas9, while George Church will sooner or later receive pig’s heart! They deserve this, for sure!


The main problem with genetic modification (including through vaccines) is not genetic discrimination. The main problem is that genetically modified organisms are sterile. That is, genetic modification is a sterilization mechanism.

Thus, Robert Malone, Jennifer Doudna and George Church are CRIMINALS. There can be no second opinion on this. All three of them are completely identical to criminals in the 15th century Europe who, during the Great Black Plague, were throwing the infected clothes into the water wells. Also, all three of them demonstrate complete lunacy, because they are throwing the infected clothes into the water wells, while yelling loud that they benefit humanity in this way.

Jennifer Doudna said that this is not the genetic modification, if she uses client’s own genetic material for the modification. She does not evidently know of the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference (Noble Prize 2006). Again, Andrew Fire and Craig Mello took RNA from the c.elegans worm, and gave it back to the worm. And the worm died. This happened because any genetic modification (via addiing or subtracting) destroys the precisely calibrated Wave Optics in Chromosomes (© Dr. Irene Caesar 1985-2014).

George Church does not see any problem in introducing animal proteins directly into human blood stream. He does not evidently know of the Translational Spatial Symmetry Principle, which is the cause for the prion disease – infective proteins with the destroyed crystalline structure, i.e., with the structural damage, which cause the extreme case of encephalopathy (“mad cow disease” or “mad man disease”). Also, he is not aware of the Holographic Principle, which states that the whole is entirely in its every part. According to the Holographic Principle, human liver or human heart will be structurally different on the molecular (chromosomal), atomic, and subatomic levels from a pig’s liver and pig’s heart. If pig’s chromosomes have less structural coherence than human chromosomes, then, the introduction of pig’s genetic material straight into human blood stream will cause the degradation of structural coherence in human chromosomes, on the way to the prion disease. Indeed, the same gene gets expressed in the functional species and individuals by the metacentric chromosome, which is analogous to a well-centered and well-focused eye crystal. And the same gene gets expressed in the dysfunctional species and individuals by the acrocentric chromosome, which is analogous to a farsighted or a nearsighted eye, out of focus. For example, the same gene gets expressed in an ape via the acrocentric chromosome, and in a man via the metacentric chromosome. But George Church is unaware of this. Maybe, he is already structurally and intellectually on the level of an ape or a pig.