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Article by Dr. Irene Caesar for the large Indian glossy magazine “Socialist Factor” on the danger of contracting AIDS through SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered that SARS-CoV-2 can insert its genes into the human genome.

By Irene Caesar

January 5, 2021

Thus, it has been proven that SARS-CoV-2, presented as a vaccine into the bloodstream, will cause AIDS (autoimmunity) when the immune system attacks itself. These findings are in response to virologists who classify SARS-CoV-2 as a common coronavirus and not as a “pseudotyped (chimeric) retrovirus”.

Based on the classical classification of coronaviruses, they say that SARS-CoV-2 is not a retrovirus and cannot be incorporated into the human genome. But SARS-CoV-2 is called a “pseudotyped retrovirus” because HIV receptors have been incorporated into its surface spike protein receptors (S-protein).

This is exactly what the virologist is talking about in “The Bourne Legacy” 2012 movie. The virologist says: “The virus is a kind of suitcase that delivers the right genes to chromosomes.” “The Bourne Legacy” movie simply explains to the general public that the current so-called pandemic is not a pandemic per se, but an attempt to change the genetics of target nations, making them dysfunctional and sterile.

The insertion of HIV into the spikes (surface protein) of the coronavirus allowed the coronavirus (1) to cross the interspecies barrier between animals and humans; (2) make the coronavirus much more infectious (the surface protein hemaglutinin is also present in the influenza A virus derived from the Spanish Flu 1918 virus preserved by the Rockefellers); (3) make the coronavirus much more harmful.

Adding the four inserts of the HIV virus to the spikes of the coronavirus is exactly the “map” of the attachment of the virus receptors to the human receptors, which allows one to deliver, like a “suitcase”, harmful genes to destroy the genetics of an entire nation. This viral “suitcase” is called a “viral vector”.

Only products of my company Wave Genome LLC allow to restore Wave Optics in chromosomes in the case of autoimmune diseases. Please, read below.

All products by my company Wave Genome LLC work for restoring the Wave Optics of Chromosomes as proven for decades of usage, first, in the military hospitals, and, then, in the civilian hospitals. Price increases with effectiveness: the complexity / density of the scalar wave diffraction grating (the scalar wave interference grid) and the complexity of wave modulation. Wave Genome LLC provides the protocol for restoring the Wave Optics of Chromosomes in the case of vaccine damage.

DNA is a liquid crystal media, since we are 95% water. You can see on YouTube videos on how water gets structured by waves. Universe is 93% energy and only 7% particles. So, our DNA is the liquid crystal media for 7%; and our DNA is the wave crystal media for the 93%. That is why water is so responsive to the waves.

The same gene gets expressed in the functional species and individuals via the metacentric chromosome, which is analogous to the well-centered and well-focused eye. And the same very gene gets expressed in the dysfunctional species and individuals via the acrocentric chromosome, which is analogous to the farsighted or nearsighted eye out of focus.

Between cell division cycles, chromatin is not crystallized. During the cell division cycle, the chromatin gets literally crystallized, forming two chromatids, which, in turn, form a chromosome. The Geometical Wave Optics of the chromosome is the basis of the successful cell division.

Cancer and other degenerative processes are caused by the structural damage in chromosomes, that is, the destruction of chromosome’s shape — deletions, translocations, duplications, inversions, etc.

This structural damage of chromosome is in fact the destruction in coherence of the scalar wave diffraction grating in chromosome. Chromosome is a scalar wave during the cell division. Moreover, the DNA as such is a scalar wave: the first strain has its signal going in one way, and the second strain has its signal in the opposite way.

That is why DNA is inherently protected from mutations, since the scalar wave annuls any external linear signal, when the forward-wave is annulled by the trough of the same wave, when this wave is reflected back upon itself.

To the contrary, RNA is a one-strain induction coil spiral antenna, which receives and transmits linear external signal. RNA is renewed on the constant basis to provide that its Wave Optics corresponds to client’s Wave Optics of DNA.

If DNA has mutations as the result of the structural damage of chromosomes, only the scalar wave modulated by the unique Refraction Code of client’s Wave Optics of Chromosomes can restore client’s DNA to its initial state.

(© Dr. Irene Caesar, Founder & President of Wave Genome LLC).