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Big thanks to Fermina Mukta Singh and Frank Huzur for publishing my article “ON THE MEANING OF AL-QUDS. FUNERAL SERVICE FOR QASSEM SOLEIMANI IN THE RA TEMPLE OF MATRIX CITY” in the February issue of the “Socialist Factor” Magazine, published in 50,000 copies in Lucknow (capital of the Uttar Pradesh) and London, and distributed to 240 embassies.







January 12, 2020




Radical Islam is the realization of Bertrand Russell’s SIS / MI6 strategy on falsifying, corrupting and compromising the true Islam. The genocide of Christians by ISIS / DAESH is violating the eternal peace that Prophet Muhammad had made with Christians. If Prophet Muhammad had required of his followers the eternal peace with Christians, then, what would he say about the brotherly war between Shia and Sunni Muslims? The war between Shia and Sunni is the sign of how far away the Radical Muslims are now from Prophet Muhammad.  The war between Shia and Sunni is the tool used by the enemies of Islam for destroying Islam and annihilating Muslims.  Shia and Sunni are at war with each other, while their true enemies are killing their brothers in Palestine on the daily basis. The eternal peace between Sunni and Shia is more desired by Prophet Muhammad than even the eternal peace between Islam and Christianity.

That is why I, as a Christian and the Founder of the Temple RA for all religions in the Matrix City, wrote for Sunnis the text of the meditation for the Funeral Service for the Shia Qassem Soleimani in the RA Temple of the Matrix City, to fulfill the wish of Prophet Muhammad for the eternal peace between religions. Matrix City is the alternative to the Totalitarian social networks like Facebook, and the Ecumenical project of Vatican, which is also totalitarian. We restore the true meaning to the concept of MATRIX, which is the Motherly concept opposite to alienation, suppression and exploitation:

“Welcome all to the temple service. Please, sit in the right meditation posture. Inhale deeply, and exhale and relax. Let us start with a prayer. Please repeat after me. There is only the Absolute Light RA of Motherly Love, Arya, Alla. We come to the earth to fight the darkness of evil, to tame fierce Neanderthals and raise them from darkness to the Absolute Light, to heal sick minds and cure rotten souls. U-RA!! Now let us pay tribute to our hero Qassem Soleimani, who was murdered at the order of Satanists who rape their children and drink their blood. Qassem Soleimani had sacrificed his life to stop the spread of Satanism – to resist the renewal of blood sacrifices in the Satanic Temples. He sacrificed his life to fulfill the international law – the UN resolution for the two-state Palestine. Qassem Soleimani had sacrificed his life to stop the extinction of humanity in the Posthumanist Global Cyber Zion. Qassem Soleimani will remain forever in our hearts. The fiery Falcon to lead us to the Absolute Light RA. Please again repeat after me. Absolute Light of RA ALLA, please, save our Iranian brothers and sisters from the genocide by the Satanic Neanderthals! Absolute Light of RA ALLA, protect every Iranian child! Now let’s close our eyes and start our meditation focused on our third eye by listening the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.”


“Om Try-Ambakam, Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pusstti-Vardhanam, Urvaarukam-Iva Bandhanaan, Mrtyor-Mukssiiya Maa-[A]mrtaat. Thank you for joining our temple service. Try to keep on the peace you gained in our meditation. May the Absolute Light of God shine through you always! God bless you all!”



Qassem Soleimani tried to defend his folk. But, in sad reality, he was used as an asset by The OTO – the “Ordo Templi Orientis” (The Order of the Oriental Templars) aka “Al-Quds” — the “Order of the Holiest Temple” (of Solomon), established in Iran by the Synagogue of Satan, analogously to the “Muslim Brotherhood”, “Isis” and “Al-Qaeda” — all the proxy military units of Mossad. ERGO: the only salvation for Iran is to reverse the radicalization that was forced upon Iran by the SIS / Mossad in line with Bertrand Russell’s strategy. In respecting and defending the legacy of Qassem Soleimani, we need to find the true Temple — AL QUDS; the true Jerusalem — AL QUDS; and the true Holy Teacher — AL QUDS.

Jerusalem is known as “Al-Quds”, the city of the Holy Temple. Zionists attribute the name to Hebrew, and claim that it refers to their Temple of Solomon. Palestinians attribute the name to Arabic, and claim that it refers to their Mosque Al-Aqsa. “Qudsi” is a wide-spread name from the Middle East to Kashmir, and means “The Holy One”. The name “Qudsi” is present in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, and Bangla. “Hadith Qudsi” are the sayings (“Hadith”) of Mohammed, who is called “Qudsi”. But Zionists claim that “their” temple was in Jerusalem prior to the Arabic invasion, and, so, prior to building the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and, so, “Al-Quds” is Jewish and Zionist.

Nonetheless, “Jews” came to Palestine as invaders, and destroyed the temples of people who lived in Palestine prior to their invasion. Those people were of the pan-Aryan unity in the Matriarchal global empire, living in tribes across the entire Eurasian continent, with no country borders (as Berbers still live in Africa). In the Hindi language, “Qudsi” is known as “kudasi” (कुदसी). In the Marathi language, “Qudsi” is also known as “qudasi” (क़ुडसी). And… its meaning is “GIRL”. So, we find the origin of “Qudsi” in the Matriarchy, which historically predated the Patriarchy. Therefore, the teachers in India are called “BABA” — which is the RAssian word for the Matriarch in the family. And the Gods in India are called “DEVI” — which is the RAssian word for a virgin.

And, in full accordance with our ancient pan-Aryan legacy, the architectural canon of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is the properly Matriarchal canon of The Mother Church, when the Church with its cupola ceilling reminds of a Mother’s womb. And the domes of the Church remind of Mother’s breasts. The architectural canon of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is much more ancient than the patriarchal canon of the so-called “Temple of Solomon”. The Al-Aqsa architectural canon of Matriarchy is shared by all our ancient Temples from the far North of RAssia to the Mosques of Samarkand, to the ashrams of India. Thus, we can conclude: precisely the Palestinians had inherited, preserved and sustained the ancient Matriarchal pan-Aryan law of the global fraternity, freedom and equality — THE AL-QUDS.

The Matriarchal Church did not simply look like Mother. It was the Mother. The Matriarchal law “to treat your neighbor as your brother” was not the empty saying in the institutionalized prayer. The pan-Aryan Matriarchal communes had the advanced socialist system of economy. They worked the land together. There was no private property of land, since the so-called “communal clan system” was the advanced system of agriculture — “TRIPOLIYE” (“TRIPOLI”), that is, based on the three (“tri”) agricultural fields (“polye”) – one field under grain; the second field – under grass for cattle, and the third field resting. The heart of the TRIPOLYE (TRIPOLI) civilization was in Kostenki, Voronezh, RAssia, and its cultural layers are dated 24,000 BC officially. Tripolye in Voronezh is identical to Tripoli, as the city in Lebanon, and Tripoli, as the capital of Libya. The commune was changing the location of their wooden-stone cities every 70-80 years due to the exhaustion of soil. That is why the private property on land would have been the sheer idiocy for the commune. But, though the commune worked the land together, this fact did not reject the private property as such. The commune consisted of the clans; and each clan was being ruled by the Matriarch — BABA. The archeologists did not find any property / caste division between the clans in the circular swastika cities of the Bronze Age Matriarchy (like the City of Arkaim in Southern Urals, RAssia, 3,500-4000 BC).

Returning to Qassem Soleimani and Iran… Iran was first to not only abandon the Matriarchy, but also to start wars with the Skythian Matriarchs of RAssia / Great Scythia, called also as Sarmateans, that is, Sar-Mat / Tzar-Mothers / Amazons. Our Russian-Aryan Amazon Sar-Mat Tamara (570—520 BC) (corrupted now as “Tomyris”, but, in reality, “TA (“this”) MA (“mother”) RA (the Absolute Light; our major river Volga was called “RA”) had defeated Cyrus of Persia, and cut off his head. In our folk songs, the bride is called “Sun”, and the groom is called “Crescent”. While Persians started depicting the Sun as male. Analogously, the early Muslim drawings depict a winged Holy Virgin Alla / Allat (Fiery Falconess) teaching truth to Muhammad. So, Allat (Kore / Kara / (Kh)ARA / Ara = Ala) is the true AL-QUDS.

Alas, we can attribute all the corruption of radical Islam, as well as all the corruption of radical Judaism, and all the corruption of radical Christianity to the loss of their Matriarchal origin — loss of the universal Motherly Love, which is SOCIALISM. It is precisely the hatred of Iranian Mullahs for Socialism that makes their notion of Al-Quds corrupt — pro-Zionist, pro-Masonic, and pro-Satanic, whatever they say about the “Great Satan”.

Qassem Soleimani was defending the so-called “Shia Crescent” – the transnational Shia community. But the Shia Crescent is simply the remnant of the Ancient pan-Aryan global community. Moreover, the ban on usury in Islam is also the remnant of the Ancient pan-Aryan communal clan economy, with its ban on alienation and exploitation. The Ancient pan-Aryan Matriarchy had maintained the ban on slavery. Even more, the Ancient pan-Aryan Matriarchy had established the strict ban on human sacrifice. Even Roman Empire (the thousand-year “Reich”) had continued the allegiance to this ban on usury and human sacrifice — for the thousand years. Precisely, the Matriarchy had created the TEN COMMANDMENTS – the ultimate moral law. The Ten Commandments are essentially the laws of the communal (non-caste) clan system of the Bronze Age RAssian-Aryan Skythian-Sak Matriarchs. The Ten Commandments express the legal system of the ancient pan-Aryan Socialism, in which the clans were equal to each other in rights. These equal rights, first of all, included the equal share in the communal property – the land, and means of production. With its transition to the radical Patriarchy in the mid Iron Age, the Ancient Persian Empire had accepted slavery and the caste system.

It is precisely the anti-Socialist stand of Qassem Soleimani that puts his “Quds” into the alignment with Satanism of the Third Temple of Solomon, with its human sacrifices and pedophilia, misogyny and slavery. The Third Temple of Solomon on Chabad (Zio-Nazi) terms is the ultimate destruction of the Matriarchal (read: Socialist) Law of the universal equality, freedom and fraternity. The Third Temple of Solomon on Chabad (Zio-Nazi) terms is the total collapse of the foundations of the human civilization, which was created as the pan-Matriarchal global Socialism of the Bronze Age. And, aligning with the Zio-Nazi Third Temple of Solomon agenda, Qassem Soleimani becomes the member of the “Ordo Templi Orientis”, that is, the member of the Templars (of the Third Temple) and the Masons (of the Third Temple). If we look at his Instagram, especially, at his “selfie” with the burning White House in the background, it becomes clear that Qassem Soleimani had subscribed full-heartedly to Donald Trump’s Talmudic genocidal Chabad-encouraged rhetoric. The will to defend one’s land and one’s nation is sacred. But the expression of hatred is inadmissible, and should be substituted by the real, and secret, work for getting the defense capabilities matching those of the enemy.

Thus, the figure of Qassem Soleimani is the contradictory figure. We treasure in Qassem Soleimani the precious remnants of our joint Ancient RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak legacy, and his resistance to the spread of the ever-more radical (read: Satanic) Patriarchy with its human sacrifice and pedophilia. But we ought to recognize the corruption in his ideology of radical Islam as opposed to Matriarchy, read: Socialism.