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Big thanks to Fermina Mukta Singh and Frank Huzur for publishing my article “YELLOW VEST BAIL-IN” in the December issue of the Socialist Factor Magazine (Lucknow & London), published in 50,000 copies and distributed to 240 Embassies in Lucknow.







November 24, 2019






The global financial crisis 2020 is approaching, already announced by the Rothschilds in their official mouthpiece, the magazine “Economist” (as is customary between them – announcing in advance). This will be a bail-in crisis, in contrast to the 2008 bail-out crisis, when the Fed Reserve simply printed money out of thin air, providing it with American bonds (government debt), bought up by Russia, Japan and China. Now, the global expropriation of savings of citizens from savings bank accounts is planned. The self-named Synagogue of Satan needs digital money for world domination. To do this, Satanists have to expropriate cash – primarily from citizens’ savings accounts in banks.

When savings are taken away from people around the world, this will cause an unprecedented social explosion, including in Russia, which is controlled by the Rothschilds and Co. through their Central Bank in Moscow. Yellow Vests in France is an operation for testing the suppression of mass popular protests. The use of DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) – powerful emitters from satellites and planes — and the use of smart meters in Northern California to set fire to and destroy houses and entire cities – this is the mastering of tactics for cleansing up the entire cities from rebellious population. The massive global testing of psychotronic weapons on unarmed civilians, undertaken by all intelligence agencies in the world, is the preparation for the massive suppression of popular protests by psychotronic weapons from cell towers under the guise of introducing 5G (high-speed Internet).

GMO and 5G will lead to rapid and massive sterilization of the population. Therefore, there will be a rapid outflow of elites from megacities, including Moscow, to island enclaves such as New Zealand, where the expropriation of automatic firearms from the population is being provoked, and to yachts. A critical moment will come when the army and intelligence officers will have to take control of psychotronic weapons, or the officers themselves will be sterilized and destroyed by psychotronic radiation on an equal footing with the starving unarmed civilians.




Along with the Notre Damme Cathedral, the fire was set on the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount, which the Zionists crave to squeeze from the Muslims to build their Third Temple of Solomon. Notre Damme was set on fire in order to divert attention from the arson of Al-Aqsa, the third most important shrine of Islam. Notre Damme is not even close in status and importance to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. And Al-Aqsa was built according to our ancient RAssian-Aryan Skythian-Sak Canon of the Matriarchy – like the domed womb of the mother. This canon is the oldest and most common for all our shrines, which have preserved continuity from our common tree – from the domed Orthodox Churches of the extreme Russian North to the domed Mosques of Samarkand to the domed Ashrams of India – all covered with swastikas, including the Mosques of Samarkand. The radical Patriarchy of the Zio-Nazi Judaism of the Chabad is recent and not rooted in the millennial tradition, since Matriarchy was before the Patriarchy. That is why, the Zio-Nazi experience such malice towards the ancient sanctuaries of the Matriarchy = Antediluvian Socialism (the so-called “communal clan system”).

The Notre Damme Cathedral is a medieval monument, when our tribes were already divided, and the Universal Law of our RAssian-Aryan Skythian-Sak ancestors was already lost in the West. Therefore, for the Western Europeans, Al-Aqsa’s arson went unnoticed. And the pro-Zionist propagandists in the West had deliberately ignored it.

What is the ancient Matriarchal Law of our RAssian-Aryan Skythian-Sak ancestors? It consists in freedom, equality and fraternity of all people on this planet, which is expressed in our most important principle: treat your neighbor as your brother. Each person is an uncreated and indestructible soul, which, like the Firebird, the Fiery Falcon – SAKol RAROG – flies into this dimension from the Absolute Light RA = Heavenly RAssia. That is, all the people in this dimension are RAssians: Africans, Chinese, and all the others.  RAssian-Aryan Skyhian-Sak Matriarchs had the global empire.

Now, did Vatican set the Notre Damme on fire? No! False Saints operate via the hands of others. The Vatican wants to soar over the slaughterhouse, from the terrible fruits of which it wants to profit. The Vatican is for the unification of all Churches in the single Ecumenical religion, and cannot allow itself to get smeared with inciting hatred between Muslims and Christians. For this, the Vatican has their jackals in Mossad. The Vatican plans to crush Israel as well, proclaiming the Jews as “the elder brothers”, while, at the same time, setting Israel on fire from four sides. That is, Notre Damme was burnt by Mossad.

Although the benefits of the Vatican are direct, since in Europe they plan to destroy all the ancient, RAssian-Aryan Skythian-Sak Orthodox Churches (called the “Romanesque”) – they are all covered with Swastikas (Gammadion – Square Cross, Crux Quadrata), and are evidence that the Vatican is a self-proclaimed deception of impostors who never knew our sacred canons.

So, how did the Mossad = CIA set fire to Notre Damme? The fire began at the spire, at the great height. I believe that the beam / laser weapon from the American / Israeli satellite – DEW (direct energy weapon) – was used. The same laser gun recently burned cities in the Northern California – the most kosher land in the United States, without GMO – and in such a way that the houses were burned to the ground, and the metal melted, while the trees between the houses remained green.

This type of weapon was developed by Israel under the code name “Iron Ray” along with Boeing. Israel’s goal? Israel is not a state. This is the military base of the self-named  “Synagogue of Satan” – a global organized crime group of drug dealers. And their goal is slavery.

Alas, the Five Eyes are feverishly preparing for the Laser “Star Wars”, developed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and tested by Boeing on its own planes. 2019 is a landmark year, when the Five Eyes as the proxy of the Synagogue of Satan had started a covert war on the unarmed civilians worldwide, now not only downing airplanes, but burning the entire cities down via laser weapons (North California), churches and mosques worldwide (Notre-Damme and Al-Aqsa Mosque), rainforests (Brazil), and Siberian “taiga” forests (Russia).




Meet Patrick M. Shanahan, Boeing’s top manager, who was appointed for a brief period of time the new Secretary of Defense of the United States. The appointment could not last long due to the nature of Mr. Shanahan’s business. Mr. Shanahan was responsible at Boeing for the development of laser space weapons, and for testing it on Boeing’s own aircrafts, killing hundreds of people. The number of innocently killed includes Russian people on a plane flying to Leningrad and shut down by Patrick Shenahan by the laser weapon over Sinai on December 14, 2015. On July 17, 2014, a Malaysian plane MH17 was also shut down over Donbass by Patrick Shenahan by the laser weapon from the American satellite. The appointment of Patrick Shanahan as the US Secretary of Defense had demonstrated that the tests were successful. Now the Pentagon is ready to deploy combat lasers in space. This “space” will still be atmosphere, since lasers do not work in the outer space (cosmos). This is the reason of why Boeing with its airplanes became a clue member in the laser weapon testing blackop. The Pentagon’s new gigantic budget should cover Boeing’s cover-up losses when the latest Boeing model was grounded after accident in Ethiopia on March 10 2019, where Russian people were also killed at the hands of Patrick Shanahan.  Welcome to the “BETTER AMERICA” (this is the name of Pentagon’s new strategy). The whole story with faulty software was just a cover operation. The “better Americans” didn’t simply have time to load the bomb on board to cover up the traces of their laser weapon attack.

I wrote a text about the Boeing true goals on Facebook on March 3rd 2019. I stated that the Boeing (the cornerstone company of the Synagogue of Satan), together with the CIA and MI6, had tested Israel’s new laser weapon “Iron Beam” on its own aircrafts. The airplanes were then exploded to hide the truth. Everything was attributed either to international terrorism – ISIS, or to military operations – in Donbass, or to crazy pilots, as was the case with the German Wings Boeing, which Israel / Synagogue of Satan had shot down by the laser weapon from the American satellite over the Alps on March 24, 2015. The effect of my text had exceeded all my expectations. My access to Facebook was almost closed to me. I could enter the site, but I saw blank pages. And Facebook launched slowdown to prevent the spread of my text.

I saw the same slowdown on Facebook when I declassified in 2009 the main secret of Darpa / Pentagon to create the Super Soldier / Superman as a DNA computer, implemented by a key American company under the guise of hedge fund — DE Shaw Group, belonging to David E. Shaw, the Columbia University professor of computational biology. David Shaw at that time was the head of Obama’s Science Council – that is, the ringleader of America’s technocratic elite. I then just got my doctorate degree in New York, and was looking for work, because my company could not function due to the 2008 crisis. I saw on the website of The Chronicles of the Higher Education an announcement that DE Shaw Group was looking for outstanding people of any specialty – artists, poets, etc. It seemed extremely strange to me. My friend was working as a trader, and I well knew the specifics of the work in financial organizations. And since I was invited to America on the rare Visa O for extraordinary abilities, the announcement was just for me.

It took me half an hour to realize that the DE Shaw Group was taking the blood of its “extraordinary” employees for DNA computers to create a super-human. I was invited to an interview with DE Show Group. And I, out of sheer hooliganism, sent them an email in which I wrote that I admire their Super-Man program, and the fact that they use their workers as blood donors for DNA computers. It is a miracle that they did not kill me. But Anna Chapman owes her Order of Lenin to me, because the shame of the grand failure by the CIA due to the unexpected disclosure of America’s most important strategic secret by a humble Russian woman was so unbearable to them that the CIA grabbed Chapman to make amends for it.

Then (Fall 2009) Facebook = Cambridge Analitica included me in an elite group of literally ten or so people, alongside David Icke, Will Smith, Alex Jones, etc., that is, well-known or celebrity truth-seekers. The owner of that page was “EMAN ON”, which was the opposite reading of the words “NO NAME”. This digital entity later became the “ANONYMOUS” hacker group. On this page, this “EMAN ON” published information from some obscure website half a year later that the Pentagon is creating a super-soldier as a DNA computer. That is, MI6 / CIA / Darpa itself = Five Eyes had declassified their top secret project, since I had already declassified it half a year earlier. Only insiders would have known of this website.  And that website was one of many proxy sites where the 5 Eyes dump information when needed, including for psyops.

“EMAN ON” was not careful enough and had put his location as Nottingham, UK. That is, everything pointed to MI6 as the source and employer of Anonymous, David Icke, Alex Jones and Julian Assange. Everything pointed to England as the inspirer and champion of CYBER-NAZISM, and the GOLEM – the cyber slave.  At the beginning of 2019, this “EMAN ON” (“NO NAME”) again contacted me on Facebook, but now he was dressed up in the clothes of an Islamic terrorist. Remarkably, this “EMAN ON” uses the same avatar – a man without a head in a black business suit. Ten years have passed since 2009, but the British love old habits. Oh, how the British love their Shakespearean theatre – to dress up in order to kill, steal and hide. After all, the entire command structure of the ISIS terrorists consists of MI6 agents.

In the winter of 2010, the propaganda of the Internet of Things / Internet of Everything began. I lived then in Stamford, State of Connecticut, two blocks from the chief engineer of the GE Capital, which had its base in Stamford, about ten huge buildings in different parts of the city. And it was announced that the GE Capital will place the industrial sector of the Internet of Everything in England. That is, 2009/2010 was the year when England began to build the GLOBAL CYBER ZION. The exit out of the European Union is the beginning of England’s new Hundred Years War for the new world domination.

In the Fall of 2009, after I had declassified the DNA computer project of the DE Shaw Group, I had a chat with my American friend on Facebook about the artificial intellect and cyborgs. As a joke, I suggested that we write a script together for a film about the creation of the two-caste society – lords-supermen and slaves who are genetically destroyed. After our conversation on Facebook, I had observed the slowdown and freezing on Facebook. And my friend’s profile was deleted by Facebook. With my story on Boeing, I had observed the same story.

It looks like that Assange was taken into custody not simply in order to hide the fact that Cambridge Analitica is in fact the Anonymous. Assange was taken down because the British Cyber Zion prepares the global cyber attacks under the guise of the Anonymous / EMAN ON. Global sterilization of humans, and the erasing of all information, especially historical, along with legal acts, including property bills and contracts, are the major goals. Assange is a high-profile MI6 agent, and his lawyer Amal Clooney is a high-profile CIA agent. And Amal’s mother Baria Alamuddin is a crypto-Jew and a Mossad agent, alike Rita Katz from Iraq (responsible for the ISIS creation and promotion). And I have a question… When NSA will take its agent Snowden out of Russia, who was sent to Russia with the laughable mission of promoting the fake Alien invasion? I am tired of laughing…

After the failed attempt to penetrate the Russian Cyber Military Command via Judah Snowden, CIA undertakes another attempt via its Blackop called “Huawei”, curated by Andrew Wiliamson, Vice President Strategy at Huawei. Evidently, “Huawei” will be used by CIA not only for hacking the Russian Cyber Military Command, but also for the Psychotronic War against Russians, called by CIA as Biohacking.