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By Dr. Irene Caesar

August 11, 2019


Big thanks to Fermina Mukta Singh and Frank Huzur for publishing my “MANIFESTO OF THE MATRIX CITY RA AND LAW OF THE TEMPLE RA” in the November issue of the Socialist Factor Magazine. On November 16, 2019, I am launching, with Andreas Walther, my German business partner and distributor in Paraguay, the mega project “Matrix City”. It is the alternative to Smart Cities, Ocean Cities, Charter Cities, and Facebook in opposition to Transhumanism and Posthumanism. The site is a social network for the inventors and researchers in our field of Bioholography and Bioelectronics. Scientists and inventors will be able to establish their houses, share ideas, publish papers, and sell their products. Socialist Factor Magazine is one of the major glossy magazines of India, printed in 50,000 copies and distributed in Lucknow and London, as well as to 240 foreign Embassies in Lucknow.




Posthumanists reject humankind, as “weak” and “imperfect”, and want to destroy it. Elon Musk says that humans have feline brains, and are inferior to machines. As the result, humankind is approaching the genetic collapse, caused by the Posthumanists with feline brains. 80% of food in the US is GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms which are sterile. People, who eat GMO, become sterile in the second generation. One human generation is twenty-five years. GMO had started in the US about twenty-five years ago, and, so, there will be no United States of America in fifteen to twenty years from now.

Posthumanism is simply the impotent science incapable of understanding the Quantum Physics. Posthumanists are mistaken on all their points, and are the suicidal freaks. It is time for us, humans, to push back against Posthumanists, before it is not too late. Matrix City is the Noah’s Ark to save humankind. Posthumanists tried to falsify the Matrix as cyber slavery — a neurolink of the biohacked cyborgs under the control of the Global Artificial Intellect. But the word “Matrix” comes from the word “Mater” (“Mother”). Posthumanism is the final expression of the Patriarchy with its alienation and aggression. Male Gender Chromosome is Acrocentric. Female Gender Chromosome is Metacentric. Acrocentric Chromosomes are dysfunctional. Only Metacentric Chromosomes are functional. That is why woman is capable of giving birth. The ultimate goal of Trunshumanists is to sterilize the humankind and to destroy a woman as such. The major goal of the Matrix City is to give humans means for protection against biohacking, and for avoiding the sterilization.

Matrix City is the revival of the Antediluvian Matriarchy, which was not simply technologically superior to our civilization, but was created by the superhumans in possession of psychic abilities (called later as “Cossack Charakternik” by the RAssian Scythian-Sak). Our ancestors were capable of remotely managing the biosystems, climate and geophysical processes. And it is only because the Antediluvian Megalithic Civilization of Giants taught to treat neighbor as one’s brother. Quantum Leap is impossible without Social Leap. We, humans, need to return to the Law of the Antediluvian Matriarchy in order to make the Quantum Leap in our technology, and to escape our extinction.

Matrix City is the grain of the new human community, or, rather, the human community as it should ever be. Matrix City is the womb of the Mother, the family, the brotherhood. Everyone fights for all, and all fight for everyone. Matrix City is real liberty, fraternity and equality — as the union of the self-sufficient individuals, and federation of the sovereign nations, who have full and equal access to resources and power. Thus, the goal is not simply the survival. The goal is the enhancement and regaining of the superhuman abilities of our ancestors.

Matrix City is the portal to RA — the Absolute Light, the light that does not cast the shadow. The Absolute Light RA is the Quantum Nonlocality, infinite in time and space. Universe is 93% energy, and only 7% particles, which are simply the concentrated energy. Every human being is the Light Being – a Fiery Falcon, Phoenix, Firebird, as our ancestors, RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Sak, called it. A human, as a Firebird, comes from the RA, the Heavenly RAssia, to this dimension, and returns back to the RA, when he or she dies in this dimension.

The Holographic Principle states that Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point. The Implication of the Holographic Principle states that, if the Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique (© Dr. Irene Caesar, 2012). Every Wave Matrix is both unique and nonlocal. Every human is a Matrix Point – the unique Quantum Biononlocality. The Absolute Light RA is manifesting in its entirety in every human being. Every human being is the uncreated and non-destructible Biohologram / Wave Matrix / Eidos / Monad or Soul. And every human has full unconditional access to the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent RA.

Human Wave Matrix is the modulation or refraction code of RA according to the laws of Wave Optics (© Dr. Irene Caesar, 1985). Every human exists in his or her own infinite and eternal dimension parallel to the other human being. Because every human being has the element that is not created, and, thus, not destructible, every human is superior to the machine, which is created, and, thus, destructible. The same gene gets expressed in the functional species and individuals via the Metacentric Chromosome, which is analogous to the well-seeing eye, properly focused according to Wave Optics. And the same gene gets expressed in the dysfunctional species and individuals via the Acrocentric Chromosomes which is analogous to the farsighted and nearsighted eye. Regeneration and enhancement is possible only via centering and focusing chromosomes as Wave Crystals during cell division. Matrix City offers the virtual space where you can focus your Wave Matrix to see RA – The Absolute Light.



By Dr. Irene Caesar

September 11, 2019

There is only RA – the Absolute Light that does not cast the shadow. Let there be the Temple of RA for the family of the world religions, so that brothers will not fight and kill each other. Let there be the family of equal and unique churches, alike the family of equal and unique brothers. Brother is not to dominate brother.

The Absolute Light RA is indestructible and uncreated, infinite in time and space, indivisible, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. The Absolute Light RA is present in its entirely in its every Matrix Point (Holographic Principle). That is why hierarchy, alienation and initiation are against the Law of RA. RA gives its light to everybody and in full independently of race, nation, social caste, education, initiation, gender, and even transgression. Rejection of one World Church by the other World Church is the act of cultural genocide.

Because RA (Quantum Nonlocality) is present in its entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique. Thus, every Matrix Point is both nonlocal and unique (© Irene Caesar, 2012, Implication of the Holographic Principle). And each Energy Matrix has its own unique Refraction Code of its Wave Optics towards the one and only Universal Focus (Zero Center) – the Eye of RA. Zero Center is one for the Chromosome, Planet, Solar System, Galaxy, and the entire Universe So, the Absolute Light RA is present in its entirety in every World Church, and only to the degree of its uniqueness.

That is why the Universal Church RA should be Confederation of Sovereign, Self-sufficient and Unique Churches, and not the totalitarian rule of one Church over the other Churches. Every decision of the Universal Church RA should be made at the Council of the World Churches, where every Church should have status equal to other Churches. There should be no Governing person or institution over the Universal Church, only the Messenger. Every World Church should elect its Messenger, and there will be the rotation of The Messenger, who will preside over the Council of the Universal Church.

The Temple of RA is the place where all the World Churches meet as Brothers in the Womb of their Mother. The Temple of RA does not represent any Church, or Sect.   The Temple of RA gives its Absolute Light to everybody independently of race, nation, religion, education, initiation, social caste, gender, and even transgression.

Everyone is welcome to enter and share his or her Refraction of RA – the Absolute Light, and to help those whose Light became dim.

There is only RA – the Absolute Light of Motherly Love that does not cast the shadow.