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Dr. Irene Caesar gives a Speech at The 13th World Congress of REGENERATIVE MEDICINE & STEM CELL, on the First Day of Congress, in the one of the three sections presented on the first day of Congress, with the first section being the Leadership Summit; at the Assembly 3: “Disruptive and Innovative Hi-Tech Summit: Hottest Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Technologies and Innovations Generating Great Impacts on the Next Decade”, Chapter 15: “Top 10 Innovative Regenerative Medicine”, November 1, 2019, Dalian, China. The other speakers include Professor Bruce K. Young, New York University, USA; Dr. Jurgen Hescheller, Chairman of the German Society of Stem Cell Research; Dr. Larry F. Lemanski, Director of the Biomedical Institute for Regenerative Research, USA; Dr. Edmund And, Principal Scientist, Merck Pterosaur’s Ltd.;  Prof. DharaniHapangama, University of Liverpool, UK; Dr. Mats Sundgren, Director, AstraZeneca, Sweden; and others.

Title: Remote Management of Biosystems via the Digital Biohologram of the Stem Cell as the Wave Optics modulated by the Refraction Code in the Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating

Dr. Irene Caesar

President, Wave Genome LLC, USA


Universe is 93% energy, and 7% particles, as concentrated energy, including cells and molecules.  In living organisms, this energy exists as the crystal wave media (Wave Crystal), as the basis for regeneration in the liquid crystal media.  The Holographic Principle states that Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point. Implication of the Holographic Principle states that if the Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique. Thus, every Wave Matrix is both nonlocal and unique. If we have two copies of the same Wave Matrix, we can transmit information remotely and instantaneously between these two copies.  Reproduction and regeneration success depends on the properly focused Wave Optics of chromosome for receiving and transmitting the nonlocal unique Bioinformation from Quantum Biononlocality of the certain Biohologram. The same gene is expressed in the functional individuals by metacentric chromosome, and in dysfunctional individuals via acrocentric chromosome. Metacentric chromosome is analogous to a well-centered and focused eye crystal, while acrocentric chromosome is analogous to a myopic or farsighted eye. Chromosome is a lens with the Refraction Code, unique for a given individual. Totipotency of the Embryonic Stem Cells and their telomere regeneration instead of telomere shortening depend on the activity of the X chromosome which is metacentric. The Embryonic Stem Cell is a precisely calibrated Refraction Code toward the Zero Center / Focus of the Wave Crystal.  The process of cell differentiation is the process of modulating the scalar wave diffraction grating of the Embryonic Stem Cell Wave Matrix.  We can increase the regenerative and reproductive potency of the Embryonic Stem Cells, themselves, via applying the Holographic Signal. The Holographic Signal is the coherent, impulse signal, reflected upon itself within the resonator; and, then, refracted towards the Zero Center of the Wave Matrix. As the result, the Holographic Signal gets modulated via the Embryonic Stem Cell of a certain individual.  The Holographic Signal is nonlocal and instantaneous in the Quantum Biononlocality, and is the basis for the Remote Management of the Biosystems via the Refraction Code of the Embryonic Stem Cell Wave Matrix.  Wave Genome LLC was the first company in the world to create the Digital Biohologram of various kinds of Stem Cells for the Bioholographic Remote Stem Cell Therapy.


Irene Caesar, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of Wave Genome LLC, company producing bioelectronic devices and software for the distribution of bioelectronic drugs for rejuvenation only (founded 2010); Co-founder of “Matrix City” Consortium with the Institute for National Security in Moscow for building self-sufficient human settlements based upon the remote management of biosystems, climate and geophysical processes for the first time in the history of humankind (founded 2012), presented in the Honorary Lecture at the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University in September 2012; Co-founder of the Quantum Biointernet for the remote rejuvenation via distant laser signal, commercially offered for the first time in the history of humankind by Irene Caesar’s company Wave Genome in May 2013; Colonel of Irkutsk Cossack Military, awarded the Medal of Faith and Service to Russia (2014). Dr. Caesar received her doctoral degree from the Graduate Center of the City University in New York.