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August 26, 2018

Published in small installments every month in the issues of the SOCIALIST FACTOR Magazine (Lucknow & London) from October 2018 to August 2019


In order to escape the World War Three, we need to find the Motherland of Hebrews.































There is a famous 12th century RAssian Christian Orthodox Church “Pokrova on Nerli” (the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin; Nerli is a river) near the Ancient City of Vladimir in RAssia. The stone carving of King David is above the door. King David is accompanied by two Falcons and two Lions.


Church Pokrova on Nerli, near the City of Vladimir, RAssia, 12th century AD.

Falcon is “SAKol” in RAssian, abbreviated as “SAK”. The depiction of Falcon / SAKol designates RAssia and the RAssian-Aryan Tribe of the Fiery Falcon RAROG, Firebird, Phoenix, who is flying down to the Earth from the Absolute Light RA – Heavenly RAssia. Firebird is the central symbol of RAssian culture. The major RAssian River Volga was called RA in the Ancient times. The symbol of the Rurik (Rurikid) Royal dynasty of RAssia was the Fiery Falcon RAROG. Sak / Falcon Tribe was also known as “Scythian” or “Scyth” / “Skif” (pronounced with letter “k”) / “Skolot” / “Skloven” (“Sklavin”), since vowels were not written, and as “Sakaliba” (in Arab sources). We are the Tribe of the Fiery Falcon / SAKol.


King David with two Falcons and two Lions, Church “Pokrova on Nerli”, near the City of Vladimir, RAssia, 12th century AD.

In the 17th century Romanov-Koshkin, the Vatican and British spies, had poisoned with mercury all the representatives of the Rurik dynasty in RAssia, had usurped the RAssian throne, and had rewritten our historical manuscripts, in order to change the name of our people and deprive us of our glorious ancestral legacy. They had dropped the letter “k” from the word “Sklavin”, transforming us into “SLAV” (“slave”). “Slavs”, they say, got out of nowhere, in the 6th century AD. But, in reality, we, RAssians, are the same SAK, as Anglo-Sax and German Saxons, and they are the same RAssian, since the Fiery Falcon was called RAROG.


Church “Pokrova on Nerli”, near the City of Vladimir, RAssia, 12th century AD.

Falcon was also depicted on the Ancient “Shekel” of Hebrews. RAssian word “SAKol” and Hebrew word “SHEKEL” are one and the same word. “Sh” and “s” were interchangeable as in Sumer / Shumer. British say “Sumer”; and, we, RAssians say “Shumer”. The history of Hebrews is as strange as the history of RAssians. They got out of nowhere, and after disappearing for almost two millennia, had resurfaced as the people of the other skin color. Shekel / SAKol / Falcon will help us find the Motherland of Hebrews.

Falcons by the side of King David symbolize the Lower Egypt (Delta of the Nile River), which was civilized by RAssian-Aryans Scythian-SAK from Mother RAssia. Precisely RAssians from the Country ROSH had brought the Cult of RA / Absolute Light to India and Egypt down the major RAssian river RA (Volga).

Lions by the side of King David symbolize the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan), which had conquered the Lower Egypt. King David was the result of two Parts of Egypt united – the White Lower Egypt and the Black Upper Egypt – in the country Khemet (hemi = semi = half-white-half-black). The most important thing that we need to remember about Ancient Egypt / Khemet is that the Blacks from the Upper Egypt had submitted to the Rule of the White RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Mother, who was ruling in the Lower Egypt. She is erroneously transliterated as “MAAT”, but, in reality, she was called by RAssian word “MAT’” (Mother). “ISIS” is the Egyptian word for “throne”, but the real name of “ISIS” is simply “MAT’”.

The RAssian Mother of Egypt was depicted as the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Fiery Falconess (Female Falcon) / Firebird / Phoenix, who is flying down to the Earth from the Absolute Light RA. Every word in RAssian language has gender. Firebird in RAssian language has female gender. No doubt, ISIS or MAT’ (Mother) of Egypt has RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak origin.


Isis / Maat, in reality, “MAT'” / the “Mother’ of Egypt, is a Fiery Falconess (female Falcon), who is flying to this dimension from RA = Absolute Light = Heavenly RAssia.

As we can see at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC, almost all black Pharaohs from the Upper Egypt had white RAssian wives. RAssian women are shown as the intellectual and moral authority for the black Pharaohs from the Upper Egypt.

There is also the Fiery Falconess ALLAT of Suria / Syria. “L” and “r” were interchangeable, so that “ALLA” and “ARYA” are one and the same thing. “RA” became “AR”, when writing had changed its direction from the direction from right to left, to the direction from left to right. On the Kola Peninsula, right by the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole, we, RAssians, have three rivers: ALLA, SURA and ARYAN. Rivers ALLA, SURA, and ARYAN cover the entire territory of RAssia. No doubt, ALLAT of Suria (Syria) has RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak origin. The Fiery Falconess ALLAT is the same as EL-LADA and LADA (RAssian goddess).


Allat is a Fiery Falconess of Suria (Syria) = Rusia.

These two RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Fiery Falconesses / Firebirds, Egyptian and Syrian, prove that Great Scythia / Mother RAssia (1) was the global empire; (2) and, being the Motherland of RA and of the Fiery Falcon RAROG, RAssia is older than Egypt, and older than Israel; (3) so, since RAssia / Great Scythia was the global Empire, we need to seek for the origins of Hebrews in Great Scythia / Mother RAssia.

In this light, it is clear that SAKols / Falcons and Lions by the side of King David not only designate the reunification of the Lower Egypt and the Upper Egypt. They designate the Global Scythian-Sak RAssian-Aryan Empire.

Falcon (SAKol) RAROG by the side of King David symbolizes RA / Absolute Light / Heavenly RAssia, and the country ROSH / RAssia in the North, on river RA (Volga), which is the earthly manifestation of the Absolute Light RA / Heavenly RAssia. Lion symbolizes Africa. King David symbolizes the Union between RAssia and Africa. In King David, RAssia and Africa become ONE COUNTRY – the GLOBAL EMPIRE – OF THE ABSOLUTE LIGHT RA.


Does “David” belong only to Judaism? David and Dravid (Dravidian) and Druid and my mother’s name “Zinaida” all belong to the Early Iron, Scythian Age, when RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak were civilizing Negroid Africa and India. “Id” is a suffix-marker for that period. Suffixes “Id” and “ad” were inter-changeable, as in “David” and “Shabad” / “Chabad”. The interchangeability of suffixes is due to the fact that vowels were not written, as you can see also in how the name DAVID is written upon the Church “Pokrova on Nerli”. The name “David” is written as “DVD”. The suffix “id” / “ad” allows us to determine the historical period and location of origin for both “David” and “Shabad / Chabad”.

The Orthodox Jewish Chabad Sect from the NYC Brooklyn ghetto claims that the word “Chabad” should be pronounced as “HABAD”, not as “SHABAD”, and that it is a Hebrew acronym for the three intellectual faculties of “chochmah” — wisdom, “binah” – comprehension, and “da’at” — knowledge. I claim that this explanation is the pitiable attempt of the Pseudo-Jewish Nazi of RAssian blood to hide that “CHABAD” is “SHABAD”, which has the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak origin.

The notion of “CHABAD” designates the core of the Jewish religious practice which is also called “SHABBAT” / “SABBAT”. “SABBAT” is “SUBBOTA”, RAssian word for Saturday — the time specifically given in the course of the week to the Jewish religious ritual. “Sh” and “s” were interchangeable, alike in pronouncing “Samuel” as “Shmuel”. “SHABAD”” is the other transliteration of “SHABAT”. And “CHABAD” is the other, and erroneous, transliteration of “SHABAD” / “SHABAT”/ “SABBAT” / “SUBBOTA”. “CHABAD” is not a Hebrew “acronym”, but simply is a word that means “SATURDAY” in RAssian language.

The notion of “SHABAD” is misleadingly transliterated as “Habad” by the Zio-Nazi Sect in order to conceal the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak origin of its name, since the RAssian-Aryan origin of SHABAD will not allow the Nazi sect of CHABAD any pretenses for intellectual superiority via racial superiority. But, according to the rules of Jewish transliteration, the sound “H” in Hebrew words is represented in French by the “SH” sound. This points to the fact that Sephardic Jews of France keep closer to their RAssian-Aryan origin, than Ashkenazi, who had converted into Judaism from Islam in the 10th century AD in RAssia.

Furthermore, one should just Google it to discover that the name “SHABAD” is widely spread among Jews. There was Zemach Shabad (1864–1935), Lithuanian Jewish doctor and political activist. There is Mark Shabad, Vice President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. I had also found the Gravestone of Myrtle and Theodore Shabad, Beloved and Only children of Henry and Fanny Shabad (in the proceedings of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society, Vol., 27, No. 1, Spring 2003), who died in 1903.

There is also the 17th century Jewish Pseudo-Moshiach Shabbetai Tzevi, who converted into Islam under the death threat. His name “SHABBETAI” was also spelled as “SABBATAI”. Clearly, the name SHABBETAI / “SABBATAI” is derived from the word “SHABBAT” / “SABBAT”, which originates in RAssian word “SUBBOTA” for Saturday. “SABBATAI” and “SUBBOTA” (RAssian word for Saturday) are one and the same thing. And it is clear that the name “SHABBETAI” is the same as “SHABAD”. In Wiki, we read that the name “Shabbetai” (also, “Shabtai”, “Shabbethai”, “Shabbatai”) is also transliterated as “Sabbatai” (also, Sabbathai), and is a Jewish name common in the Middle Ages for boys born on Shabbat, that is, on Saturday = “SUBBOTA” in RAssian. There are Aharon Shabtai (born 1939), Israeli poet; Benny Shabtai, Israeli American businessman; and Yaakov Shabtai (1934–81), Israeli novelist, among many others who have the name “SHABAD” / “SHABAT” and its derivatives.


Subbota Seba / Sabetha Sebi / Shabbetai Tzevi is a Pseudo Moshiach. “Subbota” is “Saturday” in RAssian.

There is the City of “SHAM SHABAD” right in the middle of India (in Ranga Reddy district of the Indian state of Telangana). In fact, entire India is covered with cities ending with the suffix “ad”. Even more, the entire Central Eurasia, the Ancient Cradle of the RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak, from Caucasus to Tajiki-Stan, Turkmeni-Stan, Kyrgyz-Stan, Afghani-Stan, Paki-Stan and India (Indo-Stan) is covered with cities that have suffix “ad” / “at”. “Stan” is a marker-root for the Scythian-Sak cities, from RAssian word “stat’” (“to stay”) to designate the place of stay. In fact, English word “to stay” is a derivative from this RAssian word. RAssian Cossak / Kas-Sak / Scythian-Sak in RAssia have preserved the notion “STAN” to the utmost degree, and even have the diminutive form for the “STAN” as “STANITZA” (small “STAN”).


“SHAM” in “SHAM-SHABAD” of India is analogous to the “HAMA” Province in Syria / Suria, in which the Jews never lived. RAssians pronounce the name of this province correctly, as “Hama”, while in the West, this name is corrupted as “Homs”. There is also the City of “HAMA” in the “HAMA” Province in Suria / Syria. Both the “HAMA” province in Suria / Syria, and the City of “SHAM” in India represent the same historical phenomenon of “HAM”, Noah’s son, in the Bible / Tanakh. And since the Bible refers to Egypt as the Land of Ham, this is the other proof that Egypt was civilized by the RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak from Suria / Syria (Samarra [Swastika] Culture, dated not later than 4,000 BC). These were the so-called “Hyksos”, but, in reality, “Gik-Sak” — “Mega Sak” or “Maha Sak” (“Maha” = “Great”) / “Kas-Sak” / Cossaks. They are also called SURA (Surian / Syrian) and ASURA / ASHURA (Assyrian), who are spoken of in the Vedas, describing the times of the Ancient Global RAssian-Aryan Empire that united all the continents, from Eurasia to Africa and Americas.

“HAM” in the Tanakh / Bible was the primitive attempt by the more recent, Jewish, culture, which was Patriarchal, to give its “take” on the much more ancient Global Empire of the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak, which was Matriachal.


The notion of “HAM” is impossible to explain via reference only to Judaism. The conventional interpretation of “HAM” goes, in contradictory manner, from “servant” to “Majesty” to “Khemet” (Egypt as Hemitic / Semitic, half-black-half-white country). But, in reality, “HAM” or “SHAM” is “AMA” (RAssian-Aryan / Sanskrit word for “Mother”), the Matriarchal culture of the Great RAssian Mother. “H” or “sh” is a prefix of the times of Hellenism. We, RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak say, correctly, “ELLENS” / “ELLENES” (ALANS) from “ELLADA”, while Pseudo-Greeks say “Hellenes”. “H” is not even a letter; it is an apostrophe that Pseudo-Greeks put in front of our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words (Greek: Ἕλλην = [H]Ellen; pl. Ἕλληνες = [H]Ellenes).

So, “HAM” is not a notion designating race and skin color. But because RAssian Amazon AMA / SAR-MAT (Tzar Mothers) had married the black Pharaohs of the Upper Egypt, the Racist Pseudo-Greeks had interpreted the “HAM” Culture of African Matriarchy with RAssian roots as culture based upon the intermixture of races and the mixed race.  Thus, the entire culture of the Great RAssian Mother in Africa as “Hemitic” [from RAssian-Aryan word “AMA” for Mother] was transformed by the Pseudo-Greeks in their history record into “Hemiic” / “Semitic”, as a racial marker.

This fact underlines the other fact: in the City of “HAMA”, in Samarra / Suria, there lived both the RAssian-Aryans from the Sura River by the Arctic ocean, who were white, and their relatives who were intermarried with the Blacks from Africa. But neither white, nor black of Syria / Suria had allowed for Racism of the Tanakh, as judged precisely by their intermarriages. Intermarriages were in fact the core RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tradition. Scythians were traditionally giving away their daughters to marry into the other Tribes. When they could not marry their daughters into the other tribe, the Scythians were practicing the Ritual of Blood Brotherhood. They were cutting the veins on their own arms and the veins on the arms of their counterparts in the other tribe, and were putting one open vein together with the other open vein with words: “We are now Blood Brothers, you and me!”

This tradition of Global Brotherhood was the major Falcon Tradition — Falcon was freely flying all over the world; and each Falcon had brothers Falcons all over the world, independently of skin color and eye shape. This Ancient Falcon Tradition is in fact Christianity, [“H”]Aryanity, which was initially Matriarchal, and which predates Judaism. “SHABAD” / “SUBBOTA” is precisely this tradition of all-unity and all-love of the RAssian Great Mother of the World.

The word “SHABAD” in Sanskrit means a Sacred Hymn. “SHABD” is a Sanskrit root that designates the Sound Principle of God. In Sikhism, “SHABAD” is a sacred song chosen from the Scriptures of the Sikhism of Guru Grant Sahib. These Sikh scriptures have nothing in common with the Nazi teaching of Tanya. During their religious worship, the Sikhs of India perform Kirtana or the singing of sacred Shabad.


Since Hindu civilization is more ancient than Judaism for no less than a millennium, it is obvious that the “SHABAD” / “CHABAD” of Judaism is derived from the RAssian-Aryan culture of India, while both originate in Mother RAssia.

There is also a very common Indian name “KHAN SHABAD”, especially spread in the Northern India. Here we have both “KHAN” and “CHABAD”, pointing out that both “KHAN” and “CHABAD” are of RAssian-Aryan origin. This name is distributed in India as much as the name “RAVI“ = SUN. Christ in the Gospels was called “RAVI”, meaning that Christ’s name originates in Sanskrit. “Rabbi” is transliterated in RAssia as “RAVVIN”. And, clearly, RAVVIN originates in “RAVI”, since Christ was called “RAVI”.  The religious community of RAVVINS in RAssia is called RAVVINAT. I know at least one Swastika “RAVI[L]NAT” Temple to Siva in Arambol, North Goa, India / Indo-STAN.


So, the notion of “SHABAD” / “CHABAD” does not exclusively belong to Judaism. And claims to exclusivity and antiquity by the Nazi Chabad Sect from the NYC Brooklyn ghetto are simply laughable.

There is also the City of Shahbid in Afghanistan. “SHAHBID” is the variation of “SHABAD”, and the other example that suffixes “id” and “ad” were interchangeable.


“Kush” in Africa and “Kush” (Hindu KUSH) in Afghanistan (the country of Ancient RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Sak) are ONE and the SAME thing. The Upper Egypt was in fact the Ancient Kingdom of KUSH. “KASHGAR” in Mongolia near Hindu Kush is also ONE and the SAME thing with “KUSH” in Africa and “KUSH” in Afghanistan. There is also the city “KASHGAR”, officially known as “KASHI” (Chinese: 喀什市, Uyghur: قەشقەر‎) in Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China.


The Kingdom of Kush in the Upper Egypt, Africa.


Hindu Kush in Afghanistan.

Lahore in present-day Pakistan is the SAME as Luxor in Egypt. This coincidence of names points to the fact that RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Empire was a Global Empire. And it was the Matriarchal Empire. “LUXOR” is pronounced as “LU-KHOR” / “LA-KHOR”. “LA-KHOR” is “ALA-[KH]”OR”(=”AR”), that is, “ALA” “ARA” (ARYAN). “Kh” / “h” is the prefix as an apostrophe (upper comma) that the Pseudo-Greeks had added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. “Khor” later became “Khorus” / “Horus”. “Us” is the suffix  that the Pseudo-Greeks had added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. In RAssian, we say “GOR”. So, “HORUS” is simply “AR” = “ARYAN”. “HORUS” means a RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak from Mother RAssia.


Luxor, in reality, “ALA[KH]OR/AR (ARYAN) in Egypt, the Kingdom of Kush.


Lahore, in reality, ALA[KH]OR/AR = ARYAN in Punjab, Pakistan.

The very name “Mongolia” is subversion by Pseudo-Greeks. In reality, “Mongolia” is “Maholia”, since two “g” were pronounced by the Pseudo-Greeks as “ng”. The notion of the “Mongoloid” “Mongolia” had emerged in the 3rd century BC, when the blonde blue-eyed RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak of the Pazyryk Culture of Altai had married Chinese wives after RAssians had conquered and civilized China giving to the Chinese the law, unified measurement, the first government, and the very foundations of culture.

KUSH and KASH-GAR originate from the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak notion of “KASHI”. In “GAR”, “G”/“h” is not a letter, but an apostrophe of Pseudo-Greeks in front of our Ancient RAssian-Aryan words. So, “GAR” is simply “AR” = “ARYAN”. In the same way, the name “Hercules” is in fact the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak name “Irakly”. “Es” is the suffix that the Pseudo-Greeks had added to our Ancient RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words.

“KASH” (“KUSH”) is the phenomenon of the Matriarchal civilization, and designated “kasha” or “var”. Matriarchs / Babas were traditionally feeding the entire tribe with “var” (“varit’” = “to cook” in RAssian language). Matriarchs were serving “kasha” — a traditional RAssian meal, which is cooked from grains. Communal meal was served right after the Ritual of RA / Absolute Light / Heavenly RAssia. In the same way, women are feeding the entire tribe with “KASH(A)” after the religious ritual in the Matriarchal temples of the present-day India.

“KASHA” is in plural “KASHI”. That is why, the city “KASHGAR” in Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China is officially known as “KASHI”. The City “KASHI” in Xinjiang irrefutably proves that “KASHGAR” does indeed designate the Matriarchal Ritual of feeding the tribe with RAssian meal of “KASHA”.


Kashi (Kashgar), Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China.

“KUSH” in Africa; “KUSH” in the area of present-day Afghanistan; “KUSH” in the present-day Mongolia; and “KASHI” in the present-day China belonged to the global MATRIARCHAL Kingdom of “KUSH”. GLOBAL “KUSH” included Matriarchal civilization in the City of Samar-Kand (Kand / the City of Sama-RA / “itself RA”) (present-day Uzbeki-Stan); the Matriarchal civilization in the City of Sama-RA in RAssia on the river Sama-RA, which is flowing from Urals into the river RA / Volga; the Matriarchal civilization of the Amazon women / Sar-Mat (Tzar Mothers) on the river Sama-RA (“itself RA”) in the present-day Ukraine; the Matriarchal civilization on river Somme / Sama-RA in (g)Allia (France); the Matriarchal civilization on river RA / Volga in RAssia; the Matriarchal civilization in the city of Sama-RA as the epicenter of the so-called “Ancient Sumer” (but, in reality, “Sama-RA” = itself RA, RAssia); and the Matriarchal civilization of the Sama-RA (so-called “Samarra”) in Suria / Syria (dated not later than 4,000 BC); and the Matriarchal culture of Sama-RA as “Samaria” in Palestine. Both “Samara” and “Samaria” have female gender in RAssian language.


Why it is so important to realize that the notion of “Mongoloid” as belonging to the South-Asian could have appeared only when the blonde blue-eyed RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak of the Pazyryk Culture of Altai had married Chinese wives after they had conquered and civilized China in the 3rd century BC, giving to the Chinese the foundations of civilization? Knowing this, and that “Mongolia” is, in reality, “MAHOLIA” (two “g” were pronounced in the “Ancient Greek Language” as “ng”) , the Land of “MAHA” = THE GREAT = RAssian-Aryans, we can determine the outreach of the so-called “Ancient Greek Culture”.

The Third Century BC is how far into Antiquity the Greek Historians are stretching. Anything earlier than that is the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak culture with a few shore cities of migrant traders and pirates who had chosen to forget that they are RAssian-Aryan. The entire claim of the so-called “Greek” culture to antiquity is fake. According to the Ancient Greek historians themselves, the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Saks were those who had invented all devices of labor and war. Scythian-Sak had taught Hercules archery, and only after that, Hercules had given the beginning to the noble families of so-called “Greece”. Archaic RAssian Scythian-Sak alphabet has 49 letters (so-called Orthodox alphabet of RAssia), while the so-called “Ancient Greek Language” has only 24 letters.

Since RAssians taught Greeks all the ways of labor and war, including archery, it is clear that Greeks had derived their 24 letters from our RAssian 49-letter alphabet. As I said, so called “Hercules” is, in reality, “Irakly”. “H” is not even a letter, but an apostrophe (upper comma) that the Pseudo-Greeks had added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. “Es” / “is” is the suffix that the Pseudo-Greeks had added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words.

In the similar way, there was a King of Ost[ro]-Goths in Crimea / Kimmerion by the name of Armanarik / Ermanarik (Ermanaric), whose name was corrupted by the Pseudo-Greeks as “Hermanaricus” (Gothic: *Aírmanareiks”; Latin: “Ermanaricus”; Old English: “Eormenric” in “Beowulf”; the alternative spelling “Eormanrīc” [ˈeormɑnriːtʃ] occurs in the poems “Deor” and “Widsith”; Old Norse: Jǫrmunrekr [ˈjɔrmunrekr]; Middle High German: “Ermenrîch”; died 376).


AR-MAN-AR / Armanarik / Ermanaric, RAssian-Aryan King of Ost[ro]-Goths in Kimmerion / Crimea is depicted with paradigmatic RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak / Kas-Sak / Cossack mustaches. Till now RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak / Kas-Sak / Cossack of RAssia, Paki-STAN and Indo-STAN are wearing such mustaches.

Each epoch was adding to words its own suffixes and prefixes. To understand the true meaning of words, we need to get rid of the garbage that the Pseudo-Greeks and Pseudo-Jews had dumped upon our culture – we need to subtract the Pseudo-Ellen prefixes and suffixes. The name “ARMANARIK” is a RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak name, since the suffix “ak” / “uk” / “ik” is the marker for the Scythians. “ARMANARIK” literally is “AR” (Aryan) “MAN” “AR” (Aryan). Our ancestors were repeating the most important roots in the word, as, for example, in “KAS-SAK”, where “KAS” is the word “SAK”, which is read in the opposite direction.

“Goth” is also a word, which was corrupted by the Pseudo-Greeks. “GOTH” is in reality “ATA”, which is “FATHER” in RAssian. “G” / “h” is the prefix as an apostrophe (upper comma) that the Pseudo-Greeks added to our RAssian-Aryan words. “ATA” is how the RAssian Cossak / Kas-Sak / Scythian-Sak call father in RAssia, and that is why the military leader of Cossaks is called “ATAMAN” = “ATA” “MAN”, that is, “the Father of the Tribe”. From the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak “ATA-MAN”, we have the notion of “AT-MAN” in India, which designates the Absolute Light (RA); and the notion of “ATON” in Egypt (later corrupted as “ATEN”), which designates the Absolute Light (RA) as well. “On” is a suffix-marker of the Middle Iron Age, when Matriarchy had transitioned into Patriarchy, and the Matriarchal suffix-marker “ONA” (“she” in RAssian) was changed into the Patriarchal suffix-marker “ON” (“he” in RAssian).

The entire history and culture of the so-called “Greeks” are defined by their wars with the RAssian-Aryan warrior women Amazons, called also as “Sarmatians” = Sar-Mat / Tzar-Mother (Ruling Matriarchs). In fact, Sarmatians and Scythians are one and the same people. Scythia is shown as a country occupying the entire continent of Eurasia up to the Arctic Ocean on the map of Eratosthenes (3rd century BC). And Sarmatia is shown as occupying the entire RAssia, including the Great RAssian Plain (to the West of Moscow), the entire Eastern Europe, including Poland, and the half of Scandinavia on the map “Sarmatia et Scythia, Russia et Tartaria Europae”, Cluver, Philipp,1694:  https://www.oldworldauctions.com/catalog/lot/130/566

Since, the “Old Edda” testifies that Swedes were originally living on the territory of RAssia, above the Aral Sea, in the “GREAT SWEDEN” (“Svetyod” from RAssian word “SVET” for the Light) before they went North-West to found the “SMALL SWEDEN”, we can judge that, originally, the entire Scandinavia was SARMATIAN.


Scythia up to the Arctic Ocean on the map of Eratosthenes (3rd century BC). Scythia goes across the entire Northern Europe.


“SARMATIA” goes across the borders from RAssia proper to Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, “Sarmatia et Scythia, Russia et Tartaria Europae”, Cluver, Philipp,1694. Barents Sea (part of the Arctic Ocean) is called “SARMATIAN SEA”.

This fact irrefutably proves that neither Sarmatians, nor Scythians were ever speaking Persian language “Farsi”, but they were speaking RAssian. RAssian is the most archaic form of Sanskrit, the most archaic language, according to the expertise of Durga Prasad Shastri, the most known Sanskritologist. At the same time, Farsi is the derivative from Sanskrit.

Not three hundred of Spartans had stopped Cyrus the Great, but the RAssian-Aryan / Scythian-Sak / Sar-Mat Amazon Empress TA-MA-RA. RAssian Empress Tamara had cut the head of Cyrus off in the 6th century BC, after he had freed Jews from captivity in Persia. The name of “TAMARA” was corrupted by Pseudo-Greeks as “Tomyris”. “Is” is the suffix of Pseudo-(H)Ellinism. “TA-MA-RA” literally means “TA” (“this” in Sanskrit and in RAssian) “MA” (mother) “RA” (RAssian / Divine / Absolute Light), the same as “TA RA”, and “MA-RA” (Mary, the Mother of God).


“Tomyris”, in reality, “TA-MA-RA” by Andrea del Castagno (Series “des Hommes et femmes illustres”), 15th century AD.

In their hatred of RAssian women, the Pseudo-Greeks had established the repugnant custom of pedophilia, which they learnt from the Neanderthal African tribes, who degenerated near the equator after the last High Tech global war. Near the equator, there exists the well-known phenomenon of the electro-magnetic anomaly, when the two electro-magnetic torsions from the South Pole and from the North Pole meet each other at the equator and nullify each other in the scalar wave.

Evidently, incapable of defeating the RAssian women-warriors Amazons, the Pseudo-Greeks did their best to corrupt the RAssian-Aryan culture via introducing radical Patriarchy with its war mongering and suppression of women. Suppression of women had brought upon the Pseudo-Greeks the impoverishment of language (alphabet), since women were those who were educating children. The Pseudo-Ellens tried hard to destroy the ancient RAssian-Aryan traditions of Matriarchy, which were forbidding pedophilia, human sacrifice, and slavery, as the most horrific Karmic Crimes.


A Battle between Amazons / Sar-Mat (Tzar Mothers) from RAssia and Pseudo-Greeks, on display at the Pio Clemento Museum in the Vatican.

And Pseudo-Greeks tried to create all kind of lies in order to steal the achievements of the RAssian Matriarchal culture, and sell them as their own. The pitiable attempts of Pseudo-Greeks to expropriate the RAssian intellectual property, of millennia-length, are as laughable, as the attempts of the Chabad Ghetto Sect to steal the RAssian legacy of “SUBBOTA” (Saturday).

Especially, we laugh at the pedophilic attempts by Pseudo-Greeks to force upon Serbians / RAssians the renaming of the Ancient RAssian land of Macedonia. The largest part of Greece, in fact, the Heartland of Greece, is called “MACEDONIA”. And the part of Serbia is also called “MACEDONIA”. Serbia was called “RAshka” in the Ancient times. And “MACEDONIA” both in the present-day Serbia and in the present-day Greece is irrefutably the ancient RAssian land. “MACEDONIA” is correctly pronounced by RAssians (including Serbians) as “MAKEDONIA”. “MAKEDONIA” means “MAKI” (poppy) of the Don River (so-called “Tanais”; “is” being the Pseudo-Ellenistic suffix). “MAKEDONIA” is literally “MAKI DONA”. The Army of Alexander the Great was infamous for chewing raw poppy.

By the way, both Alexander the Great and his father Philip did not speak the so-called “Greek”. They spoke Serbian, which is identical to RAssian language. RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak came to the Mediterranean from their major base in the area of the Don River (“Tanais”) and Crimea (“Kimmerion”, the first After-Diluvian civilization), after they descended from the Polar areas of RAssia. Don River is the world-known cradle of the RAssian-Aryan Cossack / Kas-Sak / Scythian-Sak.

Pseudo-Greeks do not even know what “MAKEDONIA” means. The same way, they do not know what “POLIS” means – the word they use to designate the city. “Is” is, as I said, a suffix of the Pseudo-Ellens. We need to subtract this suffix to find out what this word truly means. “POLIS” is, in reality, the RAssian word “POLYE”, the agricultural field, since our ancestors preserved the Antediluvian / Matriarchal agricultural civilization, and were building their cities near their agricultural fields. That is why they were also called “POLYANYE”. Their culture was called “TRIPOLIYE”. Now, shamefully, the name of the “TRIPOLIYE” culture is corrupted in the West as “Trypillian culture”.

The name of the “TRIPOLIYE” culture is corrupted by the pedophilic Pseudo-Greeks and their pedophilic followers and admirers in the Great Britain. Evidently, the name of the “TRIPOLIYE” culture is corrupted with the criminal intent to conceal that the most ancient civilization on this planet was the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak civilization of Mother RAssia, and in order to steal achievements of Mother RAssia.

“TRIPOLIYE” is literally “TRI” (three) “POLYE” (agricultural field) – one field was under grain; second field was under grass for cattle; and the third field was resting. That is why, many RAssian cities have an ending “POL’”: Sevasto-POL’, Semfiro-POL’ in Crimea / Kimmerion as part of RAssia, Niko-Pol’, Petro-Pol’, Stavro-Pol’ in RAssia, etc., Nea-Pol’ in Italy, Konstantino-Pol’ (so-called “Constantinople”) in the present-day Turkey, etc.

The center of the TRIPOLIYE culture is located near Voronezh, in the vicinity of Moscow, on the Great RAssian plain, in the village of KOSTENKI. The Archeologists uncovered uninterruptible cultural layers of the agricultural Swastika culture, which is officially dated 25,000 BC, and unofficially 45,000 BC, but goes 70,000 BC, and older, all the way without interruption to the Antediluvian Megalithic Civilization of the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Giants.

There is a Village of “MOSCOPOLE” in Southeastern Albania, once an important urban center of the Balkans. Clearly, “MOSCOPOLE” is the city of the RAssian-Aryan Global “TRIPOLIYE” Civilization. The city should be properly pronounced as MOSKO-POL’, analogously to other RAssian cities, like Semfiro-POL’, Seva-sto-POL’, Niko-POL’, Petro-POL’, Konstantino-POL’, Allio-POL’, Skifo-POL’, Akro-POL’, Nea-POL’, etc. “Mosco-POL'” is literally the City of MOSCOW. This means that the founding of the City of Moscow, the capital of RAssia, should be dated with the same historical period as the epicenter of the “TRI-POLIYE” Culture in Kostenki, near Voronezh, not far away from Moscow. This dating should be as following: the uninterrupted RAssian culture, as direct heir of the Antediluvian Megalithic Civilization of Giants. The City of MOSCO-POL’ in the present-day Albania is another proof that the entire Balkans belonged to Mother RAssia = Great Scythia.

And, now, the Pseudo-Greeks want Serbians to rename their RAssian / Serbian, true, Macedonia, in order to conceal the fact that the entire culture and land of the so-called “Greece”, including Macedonia as a part of Greece, is stolen from the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak. How about the names “REAL MAKEDONIA”, or “TRUE MAKEDONIA”, or “AUTHENTIC MAKEDONIA”? Let Greeks keep their part of Makedonia, but they need to acknowledge that they owe their culture to Mother RAssia, and that TRUE MACEDONIA belongs to Serbia / RAshka.

But, despite all the lies by Pseudo-Greeks about RAssian Scythian-Sak Amazons, we can be grateful to Pseudo-Greeks for one thing: they preserved the racial and ethnic type of RAssian Scythian-Sak Amazons. Thanks to Pseudo-Ellens, we know that RAssian Scythian-Sak Amazons were tall and beautiful women with big eyes, high foreheads, and straight noses. Amazons looked like Pseudo-Greeks themselves, and like women of the modern RAssia. Thus, all attempts by Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, to make TA-MA-RA (so-called “Tomyris”) into a woman who looks Chinese are not sustainable. Though, “Kyrgyz KAI-SAK” / “Chinese” became one of the Scythian-Sak tribes after the tall, blonde and blue-eyed RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Saks from the Pazyryk culture of Altai had civilized China and united the Chinese clans into the First Chinese Empire, in the mid 3rd century BC, giving to the Chinese the unified governance, written language, architecture, metallurgy and agriculture. As the Pseudo-Jews and the Pseudo-Greeks, Nursultan Nazarbayev should pay respects to his Mother – RAssia. Rejecting and abusing one’s mother is the hardest Karmic Crime.


Pseudo-Greeks claimed that they defeated “TITANS” / “GIANTS”. In the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, there is a frieze of the Athena Temple in Pergamon (2nd century BC). Pergamon was located in Anatolia (so-called “Asia Minor”), present-day Turkey, the Scythian-Sak land. In the “Historical, Geographical, and Chronological Atlas” by Ivan Akhmatov (published in the RAssian Empire in 1831), the first three After-Diluvian Kingdoms were Matriarchal, that is, the Kingdoms of Amazons / Amazon warrior-women. The First Kingdom of Amazons was on the Don River (“Tanais”) and in Kimmerion (Crimea), the Heartland of RAssia. The Second Kingdom of Amazons was in Parthia, also called “SAKI-STAN” — The Stan of the Scythian-Sak. Iranians said to me that the name of “SAKI-STAN” is now corrupted as “SI-STAN”. Analogously, the pedophilic Pseudo-Greeks and their pedophilic followers and admirers in the Great Britain had corrupted the very name of “SKYTHIANS” via pronouncing it now as “SYTHIANS”. Don’t we need to put an end to the filthy lies of the perverts?

The third After-Diluvian Amazon RAssian-Aryan Kingdom was in Anatolia, so-called “Asia Minor”.

Athena was called “Parthian Virgin” / “Deva” (in RAssian), meaning she was an Amazon warrior-girl from Parthia (Saki-Stan) who gave the Vow of Chastity. That is why her Temple was called “Parthenon”. It is precisely because she was a RAssian warrior-girl, an Amazon, that she was depicted always with the sword in her hand and wearing a RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak helmet on her head. So, the Capital of the so-called “Greece” is the city built by a RAssian Warrior-woman, a Scythian-Sak Amazon, a Sar-Mat (Tzar-Mather), and named after her.

The name “ATHENA” is in reality “APINA” and “ATENA” (“ATONA”), since “t” and “p” were interchangeable. “APA” was one of the names of our Great Mother RA, and was variation of “ABA” / “BABA”. “ABA” / “BABA” became male in gender, with the transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy. In RAssia, BABA still designates a female – a Matriarch in the family. I repeat, ABA / BABA had female gender in Matriarchy, while, in Patriarchy, “ABA” designates “father”, and “BABA” designates male teacher. The same is with “ATA”. In the Matriarchy, “ATA” was female, from Sanskrit / RAssian word “TA” (“this” in female gender). With the transition into Patriarchy, “ATA” became male, “Father”. So, “ATON” is the Patriarchal take on the Highest Principle. “On” is a suffix-marker of Patriarchy, designating “he”, “male” in RAssian. In Matriarchy, “ATON” (“ATEN”) was “ATONA” (“ATENA”). “Ona” is a suffix-marker of Matriarchy, designating “she”, “female” in RAssian.

Form of “ATHENA” as “ATENA” was preserved in Latin. In Italy, there is even the City of ATENA LUCANA (and Municipality in the Province of Salermo). The city has a megalithic wall, and it is clear that its name “ATENA”, with the cult of Great Mother RA / APA / ATA, predates the so-called “Ancient Greek Culture”.

It is easy to prove that Athena was a Sar-Mat, RAssian Amazon warrior-woman from the Matriarchal RAssian culture. She was always wearing the so-called “Medusa Gorgona” in gold on her chest — the Sun RA / Absolute Light, which was depicted as female face. That is to say that for RAssian-Aryans, Scythian-Sak, the Sun RA was female.


RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Amazon “ATHENA” / “ATENA” / “ATA” / “APA” / “ABA” / “BABA” is the Ruling Virgin-Mother SAR-MAT (Tzar-Mother). ATHENA / ATENA has the Great Mother RA (so-called “Medusa Gorgona”) on her chest, and snakes all over her body. The original Greek bust, dating from 450-400 B.C., is currently located in the Glyptothek Museum in Munich, Germany. The copy is located in the Hall of Architecture, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh.


Atena Farnese, Roman copy of a Greek origina from Phidias’ circle, c. 430 AD, Museo Archeologico, Naples. Atena Farenese has our Great Mother RA (so-called “Medusa Gorgona”) on her chest, and three winged creatures on her head. In the middle is the Female Fiery Falcon RAROG(A) — FIREBIRD, Phoenix, Dragon / DRAGANA (“dear” in RAssian). To the left and to the right are two winged Cows / Bulls. The entire body of ATENA FARNESE is full with snakes.

Our Great RAssian Mother RA / Sun is depicted as a female face surrounded by hair as the rays of Sun in the shape of snakes. Mother RA is also depicted as a woman with legs as snakes and her clothes as snakes, who is holding a sword in one hand, and a male head, which she cut off, in the other head. Because our RAssian Foremothers were using snake poison to cure illnesses, they considered snakes as benevolent creatures giving life and increasing energy.


That is why RAssian-Aryans depicted Sun-rays as snakes. But illiterate and underdeveloped Pseudo-Greeks had interpreted Mother RA as “REPTILIAN” — as “MEDUSA GORGONA”. Our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak ancestors were also placing the face of Mother RA in gold on their shields, so that, during the battle, she was blinding the enemies, when Sun RA was reflected by the Golden “MEDUSA GORGONA” on the shield in the direction of the enemy. That is why Pseudo-Greeks were saying that the glance of “MEDUSA GORGONA” was killing. Our ancestral Mothers were killing enemies with the rays of RA.


“ATENA LUCANA” is pronounced “LUCHANA”, and means “Light”. “LUCHANA” is derived from RAssian word “LUCH” for “the ray of light” (with “u” pronounced as in “put”). “LUCHANA” literally means “LUCH” (“ray of Light) “ONA” (“she” in RAssian), that is, ‘She is the Ray of Light”. In modern Italian, memory that “LUKE” / “LUCANA” means not simply “Light”, but, more precisely, the “Ray of Light”, is completely lost.  In Italy, this name was left by ETRUSCANS. “ET-RUS-KANS” literally mean “ETO RUS”, that is, “ETO” (“this” in RAssian) “RAssians”. “ETRUSCANS” are in RAssian “ETRUSKI” (plural), and “ETRUSK” (singular).  In Vatican, there is a map that shows “SMALL ETRURIA” on the territory of Tuscany, and “GREAT ETRURIA” on the territory of RAssia.

The images of Female Sun RA are found all over RAssia (1) as a female face with hair in the shape of sun-rays as snakes; or as a woman with multiple heads (Trinity); or as a woman with sword, and legs as snakes; (2) as sun-rays in the shape of Swastikas; and (3) as the Fiery Falcon / Firebird / Phoenix / Griffin / Sphinx / Garuda / DRAGON. The images of Female Sun RA as DRAGON / FIERY FALCON are found all over RAssia from ocean to ocean, from North to South, and from West to East: in the Far East of RAssia, in Siberia (for example, on Euphrates river and Ama-Zar river in Siberia); in Urals; in the vicinity of Moscow; in Crimea; on river RA (Volga); on river Sama-RA (“itself RA”); and around all the rivers with the names of Aryan, Sura and Alla which are densely covering the territory of RAssia from the very Arctic ocean down.



I am wearing the Yarga ([G]Orgona) / Firebird-Phoenix / Fiery Falcon-Griffin, a replica from the Bronze Artifact found by Archeologists in the Southern Urals, RAssia, near the Bronze Age City of Arkaim, 3,500 BC.

In Southern Urals, near our RAssian-Aryan Bronze Age Swastika City of Arkaim, the archeologists had found the burials of the Bronze Age. In these burials, they had unearthed the blonde RAssians with R1a1 haplogroup, who were extremely tall (taller than three meters high), and with the artificially elongated skulls. The height of our ancestors clearly indicates that they are the direct descendants of the Antediluvian Giants. Our Forefathers and Foremothers were always building their Bronze-Age cities by the half-destroyed Megalithic Pyramids of our direct ancestors – Antediluvian Giants.

So, on the Frieze of the Pergamon Temple to Athena, the Pseudo-Greeks had depicted the Titans / Giants of the Antediluvian Civilization and their RAssian descendents as REPTILIANS.


Frieze of the Altar at the Athena Temple in Pergamon (Anatolia / so-called “Asia Minor), depicting Battle between Humanoid “Olympic Gods” of “Greece” and the “Reptilian RAssian” “Giants” of Great Scythia / Mother RAssia (so-called “Gigantomachy”), 3rd-2nd century BC, Pergamon Museum, Berlin, Germany.

Yes, those “REPTILIAN GIANTS” on the Frieze of the Pergamon Temple to Athena are RAssians from Mother RAssia, the Scythian-Sak. Do we feel disgust about the idiotic stories that David Icke is spreading about “REPTILIANS”? What is more in the Idiot David Icke’s stories: the desire to desecrate the RAssian legacy, or the desire to steal it? Idiot David Icke is a true disciple of the pedophilic degenerates from the Pseudo-Greece.

By the attempt to corrupt and steal DRAGON / GORGONA from Mother RAssia, the pedophilic Pseudo-Greeks and their pedophilic followers and admirers in the Great Britain are trying to corrupt and steal the Antediluvian legacy of Mother RAssia. The major reason is that the Antediluvian civilization was much more developed than ours, and had possessed the Quantum Leap technologies. The last global war (between RAssian-Aryan brothers) was the high-tech war with the use of laser, plasma, nuclear, and psychotronic weapons, and with the use of the gravitational bomb.

“GORGONA” is (g)”ARKONA”. We need to subtract the apostrophe that the Pseudo-Greeks had put in front of our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak word. “ARKONA” is the same as “ARKAIM”, our Bronze Age Swastika City in the Southern Urals. (G)ORGONA is also the same as “ORGONON”, “ARAGON”, and “OREGON”. “On” was a suffix of the Middle Iron Age, and designates “HE” / Male (“ON” in RAssian), after the transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy. In the Matriarchy, the suffix-marker was “ONA” (she), as in PERSEPH-ONA. Pseudo-Greeks had corrupted this name as “PERSEPHONE”. To understand the true meaning of the word “GORGONA”, we need to also subtract the suffix “ONA”. What we get is “YARGA”, the RAssian name for SWASTIKA / SWA = “SVET” (“Light” in RAssian). “YARGA” and “ARGO”, the ship of so-called “ARGONAUTS” is one and the same thing.

Swastika “YARGA” was depicted on the funerary urns, as the pathway to RA. Swastika is characteristic of the early so-called “Greek” culture, which was, at that time, fully RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak (so-called “Geometrical” period of pottery, dated usually 8th century BC). “YARGA” is “YAR” (Aryan) “GA” (road) – the pathway to RA / AR (Arya). RAssians called Sun as “YAR-ilo”. “Yariy” is the quality of the very bright light, and a spiritual quality of being ecstatic. This is what “ARYAN” means.

Alas, the Pseudo-Greek pedophiles and their pedophilic followers and admirers in the Great Britain will in no way inherit the Antediluvian civilization of Giants with megalithic cities and megalithic pyramids, and with the Quantum Leap technologies, if they will not return with love to their Mother RAssia.


93% of the so-called Jews are Khazars = Kurds by the Forefather (Russian-Aryans) and RAssians by the Foremother. The higher castes of Levite and Cohen in the so-called Judaism have Haplogroup R1a1. They do not have a Semitic marker of Haplogroup J. They converted into Judaism on the territory of RAssia in the 10th century AD from Islam. Before that, they had converted for a very short time from Islam into Judaism in the 8th century AD. Then, they had converted back into Islam, till they had converted again into Judaism in the 10th century AD. Evidently, the curse of the Jewish Pseudo-Moshiach Shabbetai Tzevi, who had converted into Islam under the threat of death, is hovering over Ashkenazi. For how long should we wait again, till the absolute [Ashkenazi] majority of the present-day Israel will convert back into Islam … again?

It is clear that both genetically and historically, the Ashkenazi are not Jews. One can be a “JEW” only by Mother’s blood. This is what Torah says. And who are Ashkenazi to violate the Holy word of Torah?

It is clear as well that the word “LEVITE” is the derivative from the word “ALEVITE” of Suria / Syria, that is, “AL-LEVITE”; from the word “LIVAN” (RAssian word for “LEBANON”); and from the word “LEVANT” (the variation of “LIVAN”). “LEVANT” / “LIVAN” is the Ancient Phoenicia. Both the suffix “it” / “at” / “ad” and the suffix “an” (“ant”) / “on” (“he” / male) are the suffixes of the Middle Iron Age (middle of the first Millennia BC). To understand the true meaning of “LEVITE”, “ALEVITE” and “LIVAN” (“LEBANON”) / “LEVANT”, we need to subtract these suffixes. After subtraction, we get “LEV”, which is the RAssian word for “LION”. “ALEVITE”, who live in “LIVAN” (“LEBANON”) / “LEBANT” are the TRIBE OF THE LION (“LEV” in RAssian).

This brings us to the beginning of this article, which has an objective to find the Motherland of Hebrews. King David is carved from the white Lyme stone over the door of the RAssian Christian Orthodox Church “Pokrova on Nerli” with two Falcons (SAKol) and two Lions (LEV). “ALLAT”, the RAssian-Aryan Goddess of Suria / Syria, was depicted as woman with Falcon’s wings and Lion’s paws. “ALLAT” is the FIERY FALCON (“SAKol”) and FIERY LION (“LEV”) together. Or, in the other words, “ALLAT” is the Winged [FIERY] Lion, “DRAGON”.

It is clear that Jewish “LILITH” is the later rendering of the RAssian-Aryan Surian / Syrian Goddess “ALLAT”, in the same way, as Jewish Levites (Levi) are the later rendering of the Surian “ALEVITES”.

Egyptian Sphinx is in fact “ALLAT” – “SAKol” (Falcon) and “LEV” (Lion) together.

In the RAssian word “LEV” (lion), “ev” is a RAssian suffix. My father’s last name is “ESAREV”. “ESAR” is the Sanskrit root, which designates “TZAR” (Ruler), while “ev” is a suffix designating male gender. My last name is “ESAREVA”. So, in my last name, “ESAR” is the Sanskrit root, which designates “TZAR” (Ruler), while “EVA” is a suffix designating female gender. Initially, all names were Matriarchal. In Matriarchy, names were formed by added the suffix “EVA” to the root of the name. The Root of the name was the name of the Ruling Matriarch / BABA of the Clan, while the suffix “EVA” was the marker of the Matriarchy. “EVA” (later, “EVE”) / “EBA” / “YEBA” had designated the sexual act of union between man and woman. So, my last name is “ESAR” “EVA”, literally, a Ruling Mother, Amazon, SAR-MAT.

So, after we subtract suffix “EV” in the word “LEV”, we get “AL” / “ALLA” / “ARYA” = “RA”, the Absolute Light / Heavenly RAssia. Similarly, “ALEV” is a Turkish given name, which means “FLAME” = “ALLA” = “ARYA” = “RA”. Importantly, it is a female name. Clearly, RAssian notion of the “FIERY / HEAVENLY LION” (“LEV”) and Turkish “ALEV” is one and the same thing. Turks are RAssian-Aryans from the Second Kingdom of RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Amazons. For example, there is ALEV ALATLI, a Turkish female philosopher. The last name “ALATLI” is the variation of “ALLAT”.

“ALEF” (“ALIF” / “ALEPH”) is the first letter in the RAssian-Aryan “ARA-MAIC” language of “ARAMA” (“ARAMEA”). The country of “ARAMA” was inhabited by “ARI-MEN” (Aryan Men). “ARA-MAIC” language is by definition the ARYAN language – the language of the Aryan Men (“ARI-MAN”) in the Land of the Aryan Mother – “ARA MA”. “ARAMA” or “ARAMEA” (later, “ARAM”) is literally “ARA AMA” (Aryan Mother).

“ALEF” is the variation of ‘ALEV”, which, I repeat, is a Turkish given name, which means “FLAME” = “ALLA” / “ALLAT” = “ARYA” = “RA”. And I repeat: importantly, it is a female name. Without understanding that the letter “ALEF” is of RAssian-Aryan origin, and without understanding that it designates the female principle, and that it means “ALLA” = “ARYA” = Absolute Light = Heavenly RAssia, it is impossible to interpret the letter “ALEF”. So all pretences by the so-called “Kabbalah” of Chabad Lubavitch to decipher true meanings of words is simply laughable, since “Kabbalists” from Brooklyn Ghetto had denounced their true Foremothers, and spitted upon the graves of their true Forefathers — RAssians. “LEVI”, “LEVANT” / “LIVAN”, “ALEF”, “ALEV”, and “ALLAT” all refer to the RAssian “LEV” – the Heavenly [FIERY] LION (DRAGON).

The most ancient Sphinxes ALEF / ALLAT were female, with female breasts, with Lion’s paws and with Falcon wings. The most ancient Sphinxes are found in Great Scythia = Mother RAssia, including The First, The Second and The Third Kingdoms of Amazons (on the Don River and Crimea; in Parthia / Saki-Stan; in Anatolia (so-called “Asia Minor”), and over the entire territory of RAssia, including Urals, Siberia and Crimea. For example, the Symbol of SAMAR-KAND (the City [“Kand”] of Sama-RA [“itself RA”] is the FEMALE “LEV” (Lioness).

It is well-established that the two major symbols of RAssian-Aryans Scythia-Sak, besides “Deer”, were “Lion” and “Falcon”. It was always the FEMALE LION, since it was depicted without lion’s mane, and, thus, mistaken by modern interpreters for panther. I claim that FALCON was also female, since our ancestors were skillful hunters, and they used only female falcons for hunting. They, of course, knew also that it is a FEMALE LION who is hunting and, then, brings prey to her parter, a male lion.

“LEVI” is the variation of “L’VI”, the plural form of the word “LEV” (“lion”) in RAssian language.

Thus, the initial form of the “ROYAL LION” (LEV / L’VI) was female, and it was initially the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Lion, from Mother RAssia. It was not precisely the African Lion, or, rather, it was the African Lion, which was united with the Fiery Falcon RAROG by RAssians, and which became the Fiery Lion.

“The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah” is a later rendering of the RAssian-Aryan Royal Lion / Falcon (“LEV” plus “SAKol”), initially female. In India, the RAssian-Aryan woman-warrior, “AMAZON” / “SAR-MAT” (“TZAR-MOTHER”) is called “DURGA”, and is depicted as riding on a LION. During Matriarchy, Matriarchs had domesticated all animals that are domesticated so far. And it is established that horses were domesticated in Urals by the RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak. Evidently, our RAssian Foremothers tried to domesticate LION as well.

“DURGA” is the variation of “DRAGA / “DRAGANA” or “DOROGAYA” (“dear” in RAssian), of “DRUG” (“friend” in RAssian), and of “DRAGON”. So, “DRAGON” means “dear” and “friend”. Read more on DRAGA / DRAGON in the chapter of this article, specifically dedicated to “DRAGON”.

So, the Jewish “LEVI” / “LEVITE” is rooted in the more ancient RAssian-Aryan culture of the Middle East. And, initially, it is rooted in Mother RAssia — in the same way, as “CHABAD” of Brooklyn, NYC, is rooted in “SHABAD” of India, and, initially, in “SUBBOTA” (Saturday) of Mother RAssia.


Importantly, the “ARA-MAIC” language was shared by the Lebanese / Livanese (from the country “LIVAN” / “LEVANT” / “PHOENICIA”), by the Palestinian (from the country “PALYE” [burnt] “STAN”), and by the Syrians (from the country “SURYA” = “SUN”), while the country of “ARAMA” was to the North of the Middle East, in the North-East of Anatolia (so-called “Asia Minor”), in the Third Kingdom of Amazons. This fact stresses even more that the origin of civilization in the Middle East, and Africa is RAssian-Aryan; and that the entire Middle East and Asia Minor (Anatolia, the Third Kingdom of RAssian Amazons) were RAssian-Aryan.

It is clear that RAssian Amazons came to the Middle East only after they had already developed their previous Kingdoms: the First Kingdom on River Don (so-called “Tanais”) and in Kimmerion / Crimea; the Second Kingdom in Parthia / Saki-Stan; and the Third Kingdom in Anatolia (Asia Minor).

We know from the Torah that the Jews came to Levant (Syria, Palestine and Livan / Lebanon) and Arama as invaders. Thus, any attempts by Jews, even by the true, Negroid Jews of the Upper Egypt, to steal the Aramaic language are unsustainable. The very fact, that Jewish invaders are trying to attribute to themselves the language of the country that they tried to invade and destroy, testifies to the fact of their complete underdevelopment. They were so underdeveloped that they relied for their written language on the strangers, whom they attempted to exterminate.

Since “ARA-MAIC” is the Aryan language by definition, it is truly laughable when it is represented as “Semitic” language. Semites were the half-white-half-black children of the Union between RAssia and Africa, who shared culture of RAssian-Aryan Lower Egypt and Levant / Palestine. But, I repeat, the “ARA-MAIC” culture was “ARYAN” in virtue of definition.


We have already proven that “LEVANT” / “LIVAN” (“LEBANON”) was RAssian-Aryan. Now, let us take a look at Phoenicia, the part of Levant (taken in the broader sense). To understand who Phoenicians were, we need to look at the names of the cities in the Ancient Country of Phoenicia (pronounced in RAssian as “FINIKIA”). “Phoenicia” / “Finikia” has such cities as “Tripoli” and “Baalbek” (both on the territory of the present-day Lebanon / Livan).

It is irrefutable that the City of Tripoli in Phoenicia / Livan (Lebanon) / Levant belongs to the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak culture of “TRIPOLIYE”, most ancient [agricultural] culture on this planet [after Deluge]. The heart of the “TRIPOLIYE” Culture is located in Kostenki (the City of Voronezh) near Moscow. Tripoli in Livan (Lebanon) / Levant / Phoenicia (Middle East) and Tripoli in Libya (Africa) and Tripoli in Mother RAssia are one and the same Global RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Empire – Worldwide “TRI-POLIYE”.

And the most Ancient city in Israel is Scythopolis (now erroneously called “Beit She’an”) – the City of Scythian-Sak. The City of Scythopolis is simply SKIFO-POL’. “Is” is a suffix, which the Pseudo-Greeks were adding to our words. SKIFO-POL’ is a RAssian city, alike other cities of POLYANYE, for example, Sevasto-Pol’, Semfiro-Pol’, Constantino-Pol’, Stavro-Pol’, etc., in Mother RAssia. Polyane / Polovtzi (also: modern “Poles”) were called “Tzar Skif” (Imperial Scythian).

Let us now look at the second city of Phoenicia — “BAALBEK”. There is the toponym “BELBEK” in Crimea / Kimmerion. Crimea / Kimmerion belongs to the most ancient After-Diluvian Kingdom – the First Kingdom of Amazons. Evidently, “BELBEK” in Crimea and “BAALBEK” in Phoenicia are one and the same thing. Knowledge that the RAssian-Aryan civilization of Crimea is more ancient than the RAssian-Aryan civilization in Phoenicia allows us to determine the origin of BAALBEK in Phoenicia.

“BELBEK” is the River in Crimea, which is the most full-watered river. Thus, the name “BELBEK” is not accidental, but very important as the name of the major Crimean river. Belbek River takes its beginning from the confluence of two smaller rivers, which are flowing from the Ai-Petri Mountain over the City of Yalta. And the Belbek river ends its flow near the City of Seva-sto-POL’.

Since the First After-Diluvian Kingdom was in Crimea / Kimmerion, we can state with assurance that “BELBEK” in Crimea / Kimmerion predates the City of “BAALBEK” in Phoenicia (Finikia) / Livan (Lebanon) / Levant. The culture in the City of “BAALBEK” in Phoenicia, and the entire Middle East, originates in Mother RAssia, in the Culture of “TRI-POLIYE”.

By the way, the name of the City of Sevastopol’ literally means “SEVA” (“SWA” = “SWASTIKA” = “SVET” = “SAVAOTH” = Light) “STO” (hundred) “POL’” (“POLYE” – agricultural field), that is, the City of Hundred Fertile Fields of the Light RA / “SVET” / “SWA” (Swastika).

In the name of the “BELBEK” (River in Crimea) and “BAALBEK” (Phoenician city), the suffix “EK” / “AK” is the marker of Scythians. After we subtract it, we get “BEL” (“white” in RAssian) “BA” / “BABA” (Matriarch in RAssian), that is, the “White BABA” (woman, Matriarch).

“BEL” itself consists of two roots: “BA” and “AL”. “BEL” is literally “BA” / “BABA” (Matriarch) “ALLA”, that is, “Aryan Matriarch”. Here from, we also get the RAssian-Aryan female name “BELLA”, which also means “BABA” “ALLA”, that is, “Aryan Matriarch”. And “BABA” is specifically a white woman, since “bel” means “white” in RAssian.

So, “BEL” and “BA’AL” is one and the same thing. The feminine form of “BA’AL” is “BA’ALAH” = “BABA ALLAT” (“Baba Allah”) = “Aryan Matriarch”, Teacher of the Absolute Light “ALLA” / “ARYA”.

The early Hebrews used name ‘BAAL” («BA’AL») in reference to their God Yahweh (Frassetto, Michael, ed. (2006), Britannica Encyclopedia of World Religions, New York: Encyclopædia Britannica, ISBN 978-1-59339-491-2). This fact indicates the secondary nature of Judaism in relation to the RAssian-Aryan Aramaic culture of the Palestine (“PALYE” [burnt] “STAN”).

«BEL» was the major Surian / Syrian God of Palmyra, whose Temple was on the Hill. «BEL» was the God of the Absolute Light ALLA = ARYA = RA, and was depicted with Sun Rays around his head, analogously to Apollo, and to [«Medusa»] «[G]Orgona». «BEL» was accompanied by the God of Sun and the God of Moon to constitute Trinity. «BEL» was depicted with FALCON RA, which is erroneously interpreted as Eagle.

The City of “BAALBEK” in “LIVAN” (Lebanon) / “LEVANT” is also known as “BAALAT”. “BAALAT” is literally “BA” (“BABA” / “ABA” / “APA” = Matriarch) “ALAT” (the Syrian Goddess “ALLAT”). “BAALAT” is identical to “BA’ALAH”, the feminine form of “BA’AL”. This points to the fact that “BA’AL” and “BEL” were initially female. The Global “TRI-POLIYE” Civilization was Matriarchal.

In the Bible, the Global “TRI-POLIYE” Civilization is referred to as the Civilization of “ABEL”. When the Bible speaks of how “Abel” was killed by “Cain”, the Bible describes the transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy. “ABEL” is precisely the same very thing as “BA’AL”, “BAALAT”, “BA’ALAH”, “BAALBEK”, “BELBEK”, and “BEL”, and designates “BABA ALA” (Matriarch of Light RA / ARYA / ALLA).

There is also the City of “BIBL” (called as the City of “BIBLION” by the Pseudo-Greeks) near the City of BAALBEK and near the City of Tripoli in Livan / Lebanon. “BIBL” is a variation of “BABA ALA”, literally, “The Aryan Matriarch”. The City of “BIBL” literally means “the City of Aryan Matriarch”, an Amazon Ruler / Sar-Mat / Tzar-Mother from Mother RAssia.

Clearly, the word “BIBLE” is derived from the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak word “BIBL”. “BIBLE” and “BIBL” designate one and the same thing – “The Holy Book” (“The Holy Scripture”).

And, clearly, the very notion of the “BIBLE” (“The Holy Scripture”) is not created by the Pseudo-Greeks and the Negroid Jews of Tanakh, but was created by the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Amazons BABA-ALA, who founded the City of “BIBL”. The City of “BIBL” designates the city, where the The Holy Book is kept.

Since RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Amazons came to the Middle East from Kimmerion / Crimea and the Don (“Tanais”) River in Mother RAssia, we can make conclusion that the Holy Book was created in BELBEK in Kimmerion / Crimea, before it was taken down to the City of “BIBL” in Livan (Lebanon).

“BIBL” is precisely the same very thing as “BA’AL”, “BAALAT”, “BA’ALAH”, “BAALBEK”, “BELBEK”, and “BEL”.

The City of “BABYLON” on the Euphrates River means the same thing as “BIBLION” / “BIBL”. It was another city of RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Saks where the “Holy Book” was kept after it was brought South from Mother RAssia / Great Scythia. Thus, the attempts at desecrating the City of Babylon via spreading the lies about “The Whore of Babylon” are simply the psychological war against the RAssian-Aryan / Scythian-Sak Matriarchy by the underdeveloped Pseudo-Greeks and Pseudo-Jews in the times of Hellenism. The degenerates had stolen our Holy Book from us, RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Matriarchs / BABI (pl. from “BABA”), and then, had spread the lies about the male World-Greator and the male Messiah. They had stolen the Holy Book from us. And, after that, they called us “whores”…

The name for City of “BABYLON” on the Euphrates River is also known as “BABEL” / “BABIL” (pronounced also as “BAWEL” in Syriac). “ON” is a suffix that was added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words with the transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy in the Mid Iron Age. Suffix “ON” designates “male” (“ON” means “male” in RAssian), and is a marker of Patriarchy. Pseudo-Greeks had separated from us, RAssian-Aryans Scythian-SAKs in this period. After subtraction of the suffix “ON”, we get the Ancient, the Matriarchal name of this city.

“BABEL” is literally “BABA ALA”, who creates the Holy Scripture “BIBL” (“The Book”).

“BAB-EL” derives its culture from the Global TRI-POLIYE civilization of RAssian Amazons, the same way as the City of Tripoli, the City of Baalat, and the City of Bibl. The more Ancient version of “BAB-IL” is preserved in the Old Persian as “BABIRU”, which is literally “BABI” “RU”, that is, “the City of RAssian BABI”. “BABI” is plural from RAssian word “BABA”, which designates a Matriarch in the family.

Later, the city of “BAALBEK” / “BAALAT” in Livan (Lebanon) was called “HELIOPOLIS”. “HELIO-POLIS” is the City (“Polis”) of Sun (“Helios”). I have already explicated the meaning and origin of the world “POLIS”. Now, we need to understand wherefrom the word “HELIOS” is derived. To understand what “HELIOS” means, we need to subtract the linguistic garbage of Pseudo-Greeks — their suffix “OS”, and their prefix “H”, which is, in reality, an apostrophe (upper comma) — after and in front of our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. After subtracting the Pseudo-Greek linguistic garbage in the word “HELIOS”, we get “ALLA”. So “HELIOPOLIS” is in reality the Scythian-Sak city of ALLIO-POL’ – the City of the Absolute Light / ALLA / RA. “ALLIO-POL” means precisely the same thing as the other RAssian-Aryan name of this city — “BAALAT” = BA’ALAH” = “BABA ALLAT”, the City of the RAssian-Aryan Matriarch who keeps and teaches the Holy Book about the Absolute Light ALLA / ARYA / RA. She herself is the manifested Absolute Light RA. That is why she is called “RAssian”.

Again, BA’AL is originally female. “BA” (“BABA” / Matriarch) is the ancient marker for Matriarchy. So, “BA’AL” is Mother RA / ALLA / ARYA = Female Sun as the Absolute Light of the RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Saks. Both the Greek “Helios” and the Jewish “Yahweh” (called originally as “BA’AL”) originate in the Female Absolute Light RA, the Mother of Everything and Everybody, Heavenly RAssia, who gives Her Light unconditionally and completely to everybody notwithstanding the race, nationality, religion, social caste, initiation, education, gender, and even transgressions.


COHEN / “KOHEN” (“Kohanim”) is literally “KOHANIY”, which means “beloved” (“dear”) in RAssian language. A part of the Scythians-Saks had accepted Judaism in the 10th century AD, and had eventually made the 93% of the present-day world Jewry. But the similarities between everything Hebrew and everything RAssian are too big to start counting from the 10th century AD. It is evident that the interaction between Hebrews and Mother RAssia has started much earlier than the Middle Ages.

In RAssia, “COHAN” is transformed into “KAGAN” / “KOGAN”. “KAGAN” / “KOGAN” is a much closer approximation to “KOHANIM” and “KOHANIY”, than “COHEN”. Also, “KOHANIY” (“dear” in RAssian) had transformed into “KHAN”, while “KHAN” relates to Hindi and Islam, and not to Judaism. But all these three notions – “COHEN”, “KAGAN“ and “KHAN” are of the RAssian-Aryan origin.

So, Ethiopian Jewish religious leaders of the authentic, Negroid, Jews of the Tanakh, are called “KAHEN”. Speaking of the Upper Egypt… I have bought a chess-figure of King RA from Kenya, on the 5th Avenue in New York from an authentic African street vendor. The Kenyan King RA is depicted as the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak in a paradigmatic, tall, pointed Scythian-Sak hat; with very long Scythian beard, down to his waist-line; with a paradigmatic Schythian hair-style of long hair, covering ears, and cut in a straight line around the head; in a “Kaftan” (paradigmatic Scythian coat); and with RAssian face features. Only RAssia presents this full set of the Scythian-Sak features, and much more, and no other country in the world.

Furthermore, the Torah refers to all priests, whether Jewish or not, with the name of “KOHANIM” (“Priests”). For example, the Torah calls the Priests of Baal (2 Kings 10:19) as “KOHANIM” / “KAHAN” / “COHEN”. This is another proof that “KOHANIM” is NOT of Jewish origin. It is evident that Jews encountered this RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak word “KOHANIY” (“dear”, “beloved”), when they tried to invade the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East. This happened after they escaped the arid Upper Egypt via crossing the very narrow Bab Al-Mandab Strait from Africa to Sinai, Middle East. Their forty-years long wandering in the desert was precisely the wandering in the Arabic desert of the Southern Sinai, because they simply did not have enough resources to attack Palestine.

Here lies their fate. As invaders, they came to Palestine for the first time. They were Negroid that time. And, as invaders, they came to Palestine for the second time in 1948. But this time, they were white RAssians, with zero Semitic Haplogroup J. They rejected and forgot their true Forefathers and Foremothers for the first time, after they listened to the tales of some guy who literally came from nowhere, out of the gutter, and was a foundling. And they rejected and forgot their true Forefathers and Foremothers for the second time, when they listened to the next Motherless and Fatherless foundling. And they spitted on their ancestral graves for the second time, and for the third time, when they had converted from Judaism back to Islam, and, then, again back from Islam to Judaism. The curse of the False Jewish Moshiach, Sabbetai Tzevi or Menachem Mendel Schneerson, both RAssian by blood, is defining the integrity of Jews from the very beginning of Judaism.


It is clear that the “JEWS” or “YUDA” are the “YADAVA” of India, who are Hindi. “YADAVA” have their “SHABAD” / “SABBAT”.

In India, there was Mysore Yadava Kingdom. In RAssian language, all words have gender. Female gender of words is marked by the ending “a”. So, “YADAVA” has the female gender, while “YADAV” has the male gender. “YADAVA” is the notion during the Matriarchy. And “YADAV” is the notion during the Patriarchy. Matriarchy was before Patriarchy. “YADAVA” is literally “YA” (“I” / “me” in RAssian) “DEVA” (girl-virgin in RAssian), that is, “I am Deva” (female virgin). “YA-DEVA” had designated Gods in Ancient Matriarchy, who were called “DEVI” (the plural from “DEVA” in RAssian).

The Tribe of Judah had also called itself the Tribe of Set / Sata of the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan). Their Ancestral God was “SET”, Negroid God of Desert and Death (Underworld), depicted as a very black African with the head of Jackal. “Synagogue” (Greek word) is “the House of Great King Set” in Hebrew. Set is Sata / Satan / Shaitan.

Because the Synagogue is the House of Set, and Set is the Negroid God of the Upper Egypt, we need to look for the origin of Judaism in the Negroid areas of Africa and India. One can belong to the Tribe of Judah / the Tribe of Set only by Mother’s blood, says Torah. The fact that neither “Sephardic Jews”, nor even “Mizrahi Jews”, and, of course, no Ashkenazi Pseudo-Jews” have genetic markers of the Sub-Saharan Jews clearly testifies that they all are the product of the later Jewish Proselytism, caused by the destruction of the First and the Second Temples of Solomon. Proselytism is the conversion into Judaism of those who are not born by the Jewish Mother within the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set in the Sub-Saharan Africa. Proselytism is directly forbidden by Torah. And, when proselytism was accepted by the Jewish Kohanim (Priests), this was illogical, and even criminal, from the viewpoint of Torah.

The recent attempts by the NYC Ashkenazi Pseudo-Jews to claim that the Sub-Saharan Jews got completely dissolved in the “local”, Negroid, population are laughable, since precisely the Sub-Saharan Jews have the Ark of Covenant; the Royal Solomonic Dynasty (that is, the King David’s bloodline); the two-Millennia authentic rituals of true Judaism; and the Ge-ez language, which is the language of those Jewish Holy Scriptures, which are the only authentic scriptures of Jews. While neither Sephardic, nor Mizrahi, nor Ashkenazi have anything looking older than the Middle Ages and the 18th century.

But, notwithstanding the initially Racist and Nazi nature of their Holy Scriptures, the true, Authentic Sub-Saharan Jews had changed. And they had changed under the influence of the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak. Ge-ez language is very similar to the Old RAssian Scythian-Sak language. The so-called Paleo-Hebrew is identical to all forms of the Ancient RAssian-Aryan Runic Language (German Runes, RAssian Runes, Celtic Runes), and has Swastika as one of its letters.

And, finally, the Sub-Saharan Jews were the first to convert to the true, RAssian Orthodox Christianity. As the result, the Coptic Alphabet is absolutely identical to the RAssian alphabet, and has hissing letters that are present ONLY in the RAssian alphabet and the Coptic alphabet, and nowhere else. Sub-Saharan Jews are preying to RAssian-Aryan Swastikas. And that is why, Barack Obama, the King Set, the one and only heir of the one and only Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia, had put the Ethiopian, RAssian-Aryan and Jewish Swastikas on the chairs of the United States Congress during his last Presidential address.

The origin of this deep bond between the true, Negroid, Jews of the Tanakh and present-day RAssia, lies in the Ancient bond between RAssia and Africa. Precisely this ancient bond is depicted above the door of the 12th century RAssian Christian Orthodox Church “Pokrova on Nerli”, with which I have started this article. Kind David is depicted with two Falcons / SAKols which symbolize RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak (abbreviated from the RAssian word for Falcon – “SAKol”), and with two Lions, which symbolize Africa.

Ethiopia, the Land of the Authentic Jews, demonstrates its allegiance to the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak culture by the huge stone swastikas of the thirteen 12th century Christian Orthodox Churches of Lalibela. Both architectural sites – the Lalibela Churches and the Church of “Pokrova on Nerli” are built in the 12th century. Thus, the 12th century was the time of the complete maturity of the spiritual bond between RAssia and Ethiopia.

Ethiopians, true Jews, need to protect their Coptic Church. This is the most important thing for Ethiopia, and the entire world. Ethiopia with its most ancient RAssian-Aryan Christian Orthodox Church is most vulnerable, and is a TARGET NUMBER ONE for the Satanic Jesuits of Vatican and the Synagogue of Satan who are determined to destroy both RAssia and Ethiopia, as RAssian offspring.


I claim that Hebrew are the Kimmerians who descended to Africa from the Polar areas of RAssia called ANADYR’ (here from we have Andes, and Indes) through Kimmerion / Crimea. In Cameroon (Africa), there are the Mountains VANDALA (MANDARA). VANDAL TRIBE is a Scythian-Sak RAssian-Aryan tribe with haplogroup R1b1. So, in Cameroon, the percentage of R1b1, RAssian DNA, reaches 80%.

“VANDAL” tribe is the same as “VENED” people, since vowels were not written. “VANDAL” or “VENED” tribe had civilized the entire Europe. The Baltic Sea was called the “Vened Sea”. The dominant haplogroup in Europe is R1b1. It reaches the same 80% as in Cameroon, Africa.

Cameroon is another pronunciation for KIMMERION (Crimea) and SAMARA (“k” and “s” / “sh” were interchangeable). So, Cameroon was a link between RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak Kimmerians and Africa.

It is known that the first After-Deluvian civilization was KIMMERIAN. If we look at the toponyms of KIMMERION and SAMARA, we see them all over the globe: RAssian City of Samara (on river Sama-RA in its confluence with River RA / Volga) and RAssian City of Kemerovo (in Siberia); RAssian Village “Kumara” on the Amur River, in the Far East of RAssia; RAssian City of KIMRI near Moscow, the Capital of RAssia; RAssian Village “KUMAReyka” near the City of Irkutsk, Siberia; RAssian Village “KUMARyinskoye” in the Southern Urals, near the City of Sverdlovsk; RAssian Village SHUMERlya near Moscow, similar to how RAssians call Sumer as “SHUMER”; the City of Kumar in India; the City of Kemer in Anatolia (present-day Turkey); the City of “KUMER-TAU” in the present-day Bashkirto-STAN, RAssia; the KHMER nation in Cambodia; the Cities of SUMA-T-RA and SAMARinda in Indonesia, etc. On all ancient maps, the seas are called with the RAssian Scythian-Sak word “MARE” / “MORE” (down to the 16th century). So, RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak were those “Nation of the Sea” which came on their ships “LAD-YA” with the head of SWAN – LADA on the tip of the ship to civilize the world. The Kimmerian / Samarian civilization of the RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak was global.

I know an Ethiopian man with the last name “Gebru”. This name is a name of a true Jew, true HEBREW. To understand what the word “HEBREW” means, we need to subtract the linguistic garbage of (h)Ellenism.

The meaning of the word “HEBREW” is understandable only in the RAssian language, because the word “HEBREW” had emerged precisely in Russia among the RAssian-Aryan Scythians-Saks. I repeat: the Pseudo-Greeks say incorrectly “Hellenes” and “Hellenism”, while we, RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak, say correctly “ELLENS” from “ELLADA”, and “Ellenism”. The Pseudo-Greeks had corrupted our words via adding to them their suffix “OS” / “ES” and their prefix “H”, which is not even a letter, but an apostrophe. This is quite base, since, at the beginning, they did not have courage to change the word, but simply added an apostrophe (upper comma) to our words.

In reality, ELLEN is ALAN from RUSKO-LAN (also: “RUKSO-LAN”; “RUKSA” is “light” in Sanskrit, the same as “RUS”). A lot of Alans, Scythian-Saks, are living now in the Great Britain. “King Arthur” is a RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Cossack “YAR-TUR”. “YAR” means “YARILO” (Sun in Ancient RAssian) = “ARYA”. “TUR” is “TURANIAN”, which, in Avestan, means “TO” (this) “ARYAN”. “TUR” is a RAssian word for “bull”. “TUR” is transliterated as “TAURIAN” and “TAURUS” (Bull). “TAURIAN’ was another name for Kimmerians in Kimmerion / Crimea. “TUR” is the same as “THOR” (“TOR”) of the Vikings. “THOR” is God of the Vikings, the Bull. That is why Vikings are wearing helmets with Bull’s horns, so that, they are “TAURIANS” / “TURANIAN”. According to their Old Edda, Swedes / Vikings were living in RAssia above the Aral (Aryan) Sea, in the Great Sweden (Svetyod – from RAssian word “SVET” [light]), before they went to the North to found a Small Sweden.

In order to understand what the word “HEBREW” means, we need to subtract the prefix / apostrophe “h”. After subtraction, we get “IBRU”. So, the true “HEBREW” are IBERIANS, known also as Celts (from the country of Iberia = Spain), and AVARIANS (from the Country of Avaria in Caucasus); and IVERIANS (from the country of Iveria – the present-day Georgia). All of them are the well-known Scythian-Sak RAssian-Aryan Tribes. All of them have SWASTIKA as their Ancestral symbol.


Ancestral Swastika Symbol on the Flag of the Avarian Khaghanate, Caucasus (Georgia and Dage-Stan), as testified by Georgian historian Vakhushti Bagrationi, 16th century AD.

“EBRU” are the RAssian-ARYANS who originated in the Great Scythia = Mother RAssia. The word “AVAR” / “IVER” / “IBER” is the same as “EBRU”, since vowels were not written, and since “v” and “b” were interchangeable. The word “AVAR” / “IVER” / “EBRU” is based upon the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak root “ABA” / “EVA” (“EVE”) = “BABA” = MATRIARCH. Matriarchy was before the Patriarchy. “ABA” / “EVA” comes from the RAssian word “YOBA”, which denotes the sexual act of coition between a woman and a man. (H)”EBRU” is literally “ABA” (BABA / Matriarch) “RA” (RAssian), that is, the RAssian Mother.

We, RAssians still use the correct name of “HEBREWS” as ‘”EBRU” — “YEVREY”. The fact that in RAssia, we use the correct name of the ‘”EBRU” testifies to the fact that the culture of RAssia / ROSH / RA is older than Judaism, and much older than (H)Ellenism.

The Avarian Kaghanate occupied almost the entire Eastern Europe from the 6th century to the 9th century AD, after the migration of peoples. “Khan” of a Kaghanate has nothing to do with the so-called “Mongoloid Khan”, and refers to the RAssian-Aryan Khans of Afghani-Stan, Paki-Stan and (H)Indu-Stan (from the North India to the very South of India) and other STANS.

The city of LUXOR in Egypt is identical to the city of LUXOR in Pakistan. RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak were moving from North to South, from the North Pole region of ANADYR of the country RA / ROSH / RAssia to the town of ANDRA in India – down the RAssian river RA (the ancient name of the Volga River, the major river in Russia), and RAssian river Sama-RA (itself “RA”); coming to Samarra of Surya / Syria and Samaria of Palestine; bringing the Cult of RA = ARYA = ALLA = ALLAT = ELLADA = HEAVENLY RASSIA, the Cult of the Fiery Falconess (female “SAKol”) of the Scythian-Sak Matriarchs / Amazon / Sar-Mat (Tzar-Mothers) to Egypt and India and to the Iraqi city of Sama-RA (itself “RA”).

I repeat, the word Scythian (pronounced with “K”) / “Skif” / “Sak” comes from the RAssian word SAKol for Falcon, Firebird, “Finist Yasna (Bright) Sokol”, Phoenix.

Iraqi city of SAMA-RA is the epicenter of the so-called “Sumer”. Thus, the Ancient culture of Iraq is not “Sumer”, but is the ‘SAMARA” (“Sama-RA” = itself “RA”) culture, identical to the RA / Sama-RA culture in RAssia; Sama-RA culture of Surya / Syria (“Samarra” culture); the City of Samar-kand of the Second Amazon Kingdom in Parthia (Saki-Stan in the West of Iran, and the present-day Uzbeki-STAN); Samarra culture on river Somme, called Sama-RA in the Ancient times, in the North of the present-day France; and Sama-RA culture (Samaria) of Palestine.

According to the Epos of Gilgamesh (older than “Tanakh” / “Torah”), Gilgamesh (the King of Uruk) went to the North and crossed the sea (Aral = Aryan Sea) to meet with the Gods of Sumer / Samar / Sama-RA and the immortal man Utnapishtim who survived the Global Flood. Gilgamesh went to the territory of RAssia. He himself was for two-thirds a God, meaning he was for two-thirds a RAssian. Thus, the Epos of Gilgamesh had directly referred to RAssians as the Gods of Sumer, and to RAssian civilization as the origin of the Sumer civilization in Iraq.

When RAssians came to Africa, they taught the Absolute Light RA to the African Tribe of Judah / the Tribe of Set. In this way, the Tribe of Judah had acquired the (H)IBRU vision of the Absolute Light RA, symbolized by Swastika. Magen David is a variation of the Swastika / “Swa” / “Svet” (light).


To find the true meaning of the word “DAVID”, we need to subtract the Iron Age suffix “id” (as in Shabad, Zina-ida). After subtraction, we get “DEVI”.

In India, Teachers are called “BABA”, and Gods are called “DEVI” – with Russian words. “BABA” in RAssian means the Matriarch of the Clan. “DEVA” in RAssian means a virgin girl. “DEVI” is the plural form of “DEVA”. RAssians had preserved the femininity of “BABA” and “DEVA”. But in India, “DEVI” and “BABA” are either all male, or both female and male.

Also, in India, Sun is depicted with mustaches, as male. At the same time, in RAssia, the femininity of the Sun is preserved. Mother RA / Sun is female. A bride is called the “Sun”, and Groom is called the “Moon” in the Wedding songs. The femininity of the Sun is the major marker of the Matriarchy, and the major proof of the most ancient status. The fact that the Russians retained the Matriarchal meaning of the words “DEVI” and “BABA”, and the feminine essence of the Sun RA indicates the primacy of Russian culture over the Indian culture, and its more ancient status than the Indian culture. And, indeed, in the Moscow region (the capital of RAssia), in the heart of RAssia, in the area of the Oka River, thirty rivers are identical to the rivers in the Mahabharata. RAssia has Matriarchy uncorrupted precisely because RAssia had created Matriarchy.

Since even the Patriarchal RAssian-Aryan culture of India is older than Judaism for, at least, a millennium, we can safely claim that “DAVID” originates from the Indian, male version, of the word “DEVI”.

Hindu God Shiva is pronounced as “SHIVA” in Hindi, and as “SIVA” in Sanskrit. “SIVA” is Seva / Savaoth (God Father), which means in RAssian the Absolute Light = Sva = Swastika = RA. The second name of SHIVA / SIVA is MAKHESH, from the RAssian-Aryan word “MAHA” – “great”.

This second name of Shiva / Siva is Identical to the name of our major RAssian Goddess MAKOSH. MAKOSH is MAKUSHKA in RAssian, designating the top of the head, the Crown Chakra.

The word “DAVID” is consonant to the word “DRAVID” (Dravidians) and to the word “DRUID”, and had emerged in the same epoch – Iron Age, with its transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy. “ID” is the suffix of the middle of the Iron Age, similar to my mother’s name “ZINAIDA”. But, in fact, my mother’s name is ZINA. Similarly, the name of David is “DEVI”. As I have already argued, each epoch had added its suffix (and its prefix). The word “DEVI” belongs to the Bronze Age, to the era of Matriarchy. The name “DAVID” belongs to the Iron Age, the era of the Patriarchy. With the change from Matriarchy to the Patriarchy, there was a change in the words due to the addition of the suffix (and prefix). As the result, the true meaning of the words was lost.

In this way, the RAssian-Aryan “DEVI” (Virgin) — the Goddess of the Bronze Age — became the Jewish King “DEVI-D”.

Athena / Apina / APA (ABA / BABA) / Amazon / Sar-Matka (Tzar-Mother) was precisely called the Parthian (Pure) Virgin – “DEVA”. Athena / Atena was called “Parthian”, and her Temple was called “Parthenon”, because she had originated in Parthia (the Second Kingdom of Amazons), where there was the tradition of Religious Chastity. Again, Parthia was called “Saki-Stan” – the Land of the Sak, the Scythians.

The Chastity was based upon the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tradition of the intentional infliction of hardship in order to become stronger.

There is also a widespread name in India – BARUH. All the Baruchs of India are not Jewish. They are Hindi. At the same time, in New York, there is the Baruch College, built for the city by the most famous Jewish family of Baruchs, who are richer and more important than the Rothschilds. It is quite clear that, like Chabad originates in the SHABAD of India and the SABBAT / SUBBOTA of RAssia, so the name of Baruch originates in India, and, earlier, in the heart of Eurasia = the Great Scythia = RAssia / the country of ROSH,

RAssia is spoken of in the Chapter 38 of the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, as a country “ROSH” (on the River RA / Volga), which is more ancient, more civilized, and more developed than Judea, and from where the Tzar of ROSH / RAssia flies South on his Fiery Vimana to punish the King of Judea if the King of Judea misbehaves. So the King of ROSH and his RAssian warriors were those ELOHIM who civilized Judea.

That is why the true Jews of the Tribe of Judah (the Royal House of David of Ethiopia) accepted the Christianity / (H) Aryan Faith from the RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Sak, and pray to the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Swastikas.

Let these words of mine be delivered to Netanyahu. Either he admits the naked facts of genetics and history, or Israel will be destroyed by its own patrons.

Ronald S. Lauder has already made an announcement (on August 13, 2018, in the New York Times):, in his article “Israel, This is Not Who We Are”) that he will not tolerate the Nazism and Racism of Chabad. So let Berl Lazar pray hard to his RAssian Foremothers and his Russian Forefathers.

Lauder is one of America’s richest Jews, President of the World Jewish Congress.


We won. Jews had themselves rejected the Fascism of Tanya (the Nazi Manifesto of Chabad Lubavitch).

U-RA !

(Note that in the West, the RAssian word “URA” was transformed by Pseudo-Greeks into “HOORAY”; RAssians still yell “URA !” “URA” means “U” (near) “RA” (Absolute Light / Heavenly RAssia).

Hebrews and Greeks should finally realize their RAssian origin, and return to Mother RAssia.


DURGA is the same as RAssian word «PO-DRUGA» (girlfriend) / «DRUG» (friend). Vowels were not written, and this allowed for the variaton of «DURGA» and «DRUG». Also, DURGA is the same as the RAssian / Serbian word «DRAGANA» / «DOROGAYA» (dear), whicn has the connotation of «DRUG» (friend). I repeat: Serbia in the Ancient times was called Rashka; and Serbian language is identical to Rassian language. Furthermore, DURGA is the same as «DRAGON». So, «DRAGON» means «dear», and «friend». Thus, David Icke’s interpretaiton of the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak dragons as «cold and alien» reptilians is sheer idiocy.

RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak / Serbian word «DRAGANA» (dear) is the more ancient word than «DRAGON». The word «DRAGANA» (dear) has the suffix-marker of the Matriarchy – «ONA» (she), while the word «DRAGON» (dear) has the suffix-marker of the Patriarchy – «ON» (he). Matriarchy was before Patriarchy.

In the same way, we have the Matriarchal name «[G]AR[G]-ONA», and the Patriarchal name SOL-ON. «SOL-ON» is the Man of the Sun. The other word for the Sun in RAssian is «SOLntze». So, the Pseudo-Greeks do not even know that «SOLON» is the «Man of the Sun» («Sol»), and that «SOL-ON» is the same as «SOLOM-ON» / SULEI-MAN / SAL-MAN / SOL-MAN / «Sol Invictus» — all derived from the Rassian world for the Sun as «SOLntze». While the woman of the Sun is SALOMEA (SALOME). But both the male name of Solomon = Sol-Man («the Man of Sol» / Sun) and the female name of Salome («the Woman of «Sol» / Sun) have Rassian-Aryan Scythian-Sak origin.

The battle between Durga and Mahishasur is the battle between the Ancient, Antediluvian Matriarchy and the emerging After-Diluvian Patriarchy.


MAHISHASUR = «MAHA («great» in Sanskrit) [SH/H] ASUR» = «HAZAREAN». «H»/»SH» is the Hellenistic prefix as an apostrophe. In the word «AS-UR», «AS» means «I» / «me» in the Ancient Scythian-Sak early RAssian language; and «’UR» means «Aryan». So, «AS-UR» means «I am Aryan», the representiatve of the Patriarchal second wave of Aryans coming to the Middle East and India in the Middle of the Iron Age (mid first millenia BC).

I repeat, “HAZAR” is, literally, (H) “AS” (“I”, “me”) “AR” (Aryan) = “I am ARYAN”.


The Old Believers revealed the secret to me: as soon as Judeo-Christianity had come to Russia, we, the Russian-Aryan Scythians-Sak / Kas-Sak / Cossacks had established the WORLD CHURCH — in the village of OL’H, in the swamps near Vladimir, close to the Church of “Pokrova on Nerli”. The Universal Church of RAssians had united the Christianity and the Islam, and all other world religions. This is the mission of RAssia as the Third Rome.

This was done because we remembered always that we are the FIERY FALCONS (SAKols, abbreviated as “Sak”, Skolot / Sklaven / Sakaliba) RAROG. We are “Finist Yasna Sokol” (“Phoenix Pure Falcons”), Firebirds who fly in from the Absolute Light RA = Heavenly Russia. This was our ancient Antediluvian faith = (H) ARIANISM. Word “Christians” is pronounced in RAssian as “HRISTIANIYE”, identically to the RAssian word “KRESTIANIYE” — peasants of the Global TRI-POLIYE Culture (erroneously transliterated in the West as “Trypillian” Culture).  This Global TRI-POLIYE civilization had the same structure in Tripoliye in Kostenki, RAssia; in Tripoli in Lebanon; and in Tripoli in Lybia: three (“tri”) agricultural fields (“poliye”), so that one field was under the grain; the second field was under the grass for cattle; and the third field was resting.

I repeat: the Global “TRIPOLIYE” civilization was Matriarchal. In Matriarchy, God was female. God was MOTHER. The world was not created. The world was BORN. That is why Great Mother RA viewed all living creatures as her children, with an eye of the loving mother. This is precisely what the “EYE OF HORUS” means. It is known that the “Eye of the [“H”] “OR”/”AR” [“us”] is his Mother’s Eye (Eye of “MAAT”, in reality, “MAT'”). That is why, the RAssian Matriarchs were a success in building the Global Empire. Since, at the present time, only RAssia had preserved the most remnants of Matriarchy, only RAssia is still capable of founding the Global Church and the Global Empire.

It was we, RAssians, who always had the UNIVERSAL FAITH, the UNIVERSAL CHURCH, and were the creators of true Christianity = (H) Arianism.

Genghis Khan knew about this Church in the village of OL’H near the City of Vladimir, and about the Great Miracle of the Unification of all the Falcons = SAkols of Light in this Church, and never robbed and burnt down this church and the land around it.

To understand the true meaning of “HRISTOS” (“Christ”), we need to subtract all the linguistic garbage of (H)Ellenism. Pseudo-Greeks were adding prefix “H” and suffix “OS” / “ES” to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. So, we say, correctly, “Aristotel” – “ARI” (Aryan) “STO” (hundred) “TEL” (bodies) – an Aryan from the clan of a hundred souls. Pseudo-Greeks say incorrectly “Aristoteles”. Aristotle was a RAssian / Serbian philosopher. Serbia was called “RAshka”. And Makedonia is and will always be the part of Serbia = RAshka = RAssia.

(H) is not even a letter, but an apostrophe that the Pseudo-Greeks put in front of our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. The Pseudo-Greeks say “Hellenes” and “Hellenism”. But we, RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak. say “Ellenes” from “Ellada” = that is, Alans from Ruskolan’. And, so, we should call “Hristos” not in the fake, Pseudo-Greek manner, but by His true name.

After subtraction, we get “RA/ARI” “ST”. Vowels were not written. So, “HRISTOS” (“Christ”) is simply “”ARI” (Aryan) “STO”  (hundred), that is, an Aryan from the clan of one hundred souls, that is, of the indestructible clan. Such clans became indestructible, because they could protect all the members of their clan and feed them.

The same way, “Aristocrat” is “ARI” (Aryan) “STO” (hundred) “KRAT” (times), that is, also, an Aryan from the clan of hundred members.

Analogously, Krishna is identical in its meaning to “Christ”, “Aristotle” and “Aristocrat”. In “Hari Krishna, Krishna Hari”, “Hari” is “ARI” (Aryan). So, the Hymn directly says: “Aryan Krishna, Krishna Aryan”. In the name “KRISHNA”, “K” / “H” is the [“H”]Ellenic prefix. “SH” and “ST” are interchangeable. So, “KRISHNA” is literally s “ARI ST/STO (“hundred”) NA/ONA”. “ONA” means “she”; “she” is the marker of Matriarchy,

So, “Christ” and “Aristotle” and “Aristocrat” and “Krishna” designate one and the same thing – “Aryan Hundred Times” – RAssian-Aryan from the clan of hundred members who possesses RAssian / Aryan qualities to the extreme degree — “hundred (“STO”) times”.


Battle between Amazons / Sar-Mat from RAssia and Pseudo-Greeks, Section of Marble Frieze from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, attributed to Pytheos, c. 350 BCE; in the British Museum, London.


Word “HRISTOS” (Christ) is in reality a Pseudo-Greek word “HARISTOS” and “HARISTO”. “HARISTOS” / “KARISTOS” (“KARYSTOS”) is a small coastal town on the Greek island of Euboea. In the word “HARISTOS”, “H” is an apostrophe (upper comma) that the Pseudo-Greeks added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. And “OS” is the suffix that the Pseudo-Greeks added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. After subtraction of the linguistic garbage, we get “ARI” (“Aryan”) “STO’ (“hundred”). Word “HARISTOS” makes it more clear that “HRISTOS” means “Aryan hundred times”.

In Makedonia (erroneously transliterated as “Ma[S]edonia”), there is a word “HARISTO”, which means “thank you”. “HARISTO” is literally “HARI STO”, that is “ARYAN” (“ARI”) “HUNDRED TIMES” (“STO”). Word “HARI-STO” makes it even more clear that “HRISTOS” means “Aryan hundred times”. Clearly, the Pseudo-Greek word “efcharistó” (ευχαριστώ) is derived from RAssian word “HARISTO”. The Macedonian language is transliterated as “AROMANIAN”, but in reality it is called “RA-MAN”, “AR-MAN”, and “ARO-MAN” / “ARA-MAN” (Aromanian: Rrãmãnj, Armãnj; Romanian: Aromâni), that is, “ARYAN MAN”, ‘RA MAN” (“RAssian Man”).

“HARISTOS” is the derivative from “HARITES”. “HARISTOS” is “HARITES” “hundred times”.

“HARITES” (Χάριτες pl. from χάρις / Χάριτ, Harit; English: “Charites” / “Kharites”) are three Sacred RAssian Virgins, who are accompanying “ATHENA” / “APINA”. “HARITES” is plural from “HARIT”. “H” is an apostrophe (upper comma) that the Pseudo-Greeks added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak word. After subtraction, we get “ARIT”. “IT” is a suffix of the middle Iron Age, like in “Alevit” (erroneously, pronounced as “Alevite”), or “Semit” (erroneously pronounced as “Semite”). Suffix “IT” is the variation of the suffix “ID”. The meaning of suffix “IT” is clear only in the context of Matriarchy. “ARIT” should be “ARITA” in Matriarchy, that is, “ARI” (Aryan) “TA” (“this” in Sanskrit and RAssian; “TA” has female gender). After subtraction of the suffix “IT”, we get ARI” / “ARYAN”.

Three “HARITES” are symbolizing joy, shining and blossoming, which are the three aspects of true ecstasy. True ecstasy is sublime, that is, disinterested (altruistic). Three RAssian Virgins symbolize the quality of Light as ARYAN, “YARY”, that is, “extremely bright”.  They designate the Absolute Light RA / Heavenly RAssia.

“HARISTOS” = “ARI STO” designates the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak who possesses the RAssian-Aryan nature of “HARITES” “hundred (“STO”) times” — to the perfection. The RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak character is defined by the true ecstasy = RA / ARYA, the Absolute Light, hundred times. The true ecstasy is called “sublime” and “disinterested”, because it is “compassionate”. Compassion of Matriarchy is so important that ARYAN / RAssian man should have it “hundred times”. Possession or lack of this quality determines whether man can return to RA, Absolute Light, after death. This energy (“energeia”) of disinterested (altruistic) compassion is precisely what the Three Virgins “HARITES” had symbolized. True, RAssian Orthodox Christianity is the remnant of Matriarchy in the modern civilization, and is the most ancient system of beliefs, much older than Abrahamic religions, which are totally Patriarchal. Patriarchy in religion is characterized by the lack of compassion and inflicting suffering on other humans, in the form of human sacrifice, pedophilia and slavery. “CHRIST”, “HRISTOS”, or “HARISTOS” literally means one hundred (“STO”) Sacred [RAssian] Virgins “HARITES” in the legacy of a clan.

“HARITES” became “CARITAS” (“KARITAS”) in Latin, which means “mercy” and “disinterested and self-sacrificial love”.

The word “HARITES” is derived from the more ancient RAssian word “HARA” / “KARA”.

When Pseudo-Greeks were depicting RAssian Amazons, they imagined them as defeated or wounded. But, in reality, RAssian Amazons had beaten Pseudo-Greeks, and did not allow them into Black Sea (called as “Scythian Sea” [by Pseudo-Greeks themselves] and as “RAssian” Sea, proven for the 6th century AD).

We can see how the Pseudo-Greeks were trying to exterminate RAssian Amazons on the Marble Frieze from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, attributed to Pytheos, c. 350 BC, now in the British Museum, London.

“Halicarnassus” is the city in Karia, Anatolia (so-called “Asia Minor”). In reality, “Halicarnassus”  is “ALI-KARNA”. “H” is the prefix as apostrophe, and “US” is the suffix, which the Pseudo-Greeks added to our Rassian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. “ALI-KARNA” means the City of “ALA / ARYA KARA”, the Goddess of the Underworld — the Sacred RAssian Virgin KARA. “KARNA” is literally “KARA ONA”. “ONA” is “she” in RAssian; and is the suffix-marker of Matriarchy. “KARIA” where the city is located is also called after the Sacred RAssian Virgin KARA.

“HALICARNASSUS” was, first, the City of “ALA KARA”. Then, it became the City of “ALI-KARNAS”, with the transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy. “AS” (“AK”) is a Scythian suffix-marker of the mid Iron Age. Compare: “APANAS” (male name in RAssia = Scythia). And, finally, the Pseudo-Greeks had added their linguistic garbage (the suffix “US” and the prefix / apostrophe “H”), transforming the name of the city into “Halicarnassus”.

“KARA” is literally “K-ARA”, which means “K” (“to”) “RA” / Absolute Light / Heavenly RAssia. “KARA” is corrupted as “KORE” (virgin) by the Pseudo-Greeks. Persephone, the Goddess of the  Underworld, was called “KORE”. “K” in word “KARA” is also pronounced as “H”, to make it “HARA”. Also, there is a word  “xᾰ́ρᾱ” in Greek, which means head or top of anything, and is pronounced as “HARA”. “HARA” and “KORE” / “KARA” is one and the same thing, denoting the RULING Sacred Virgin, as the path to RA / Absolute Light / Heavenly RAssia.

To understand what KARA / HARA means, we need to subtract letter “H”, which is in reality the prefix / apostrophe “H” that the Pseudo-Greeks had added to our RAssian words. To add to the confusion, and to better hide the secondary nature of their culture, the Pseudo-Greeks had sometimes changed an apostrophe / upper comma, designating “H”, into letter “H”. After subtraction, we get “ARA”.

[“H”]”ARA” is the Fiery Falconess, who is bringing the Fiery Souls from the Absolute Light RA / Heavenly RAssia to this dimension; and, after death, takes them back to the Absolute Light / RA / Heavenly RAssia. [“H”]ARA is judging the souls of the dead. She is determining how heavy the soul is, and whether the soul is able to rise as the Fiery Falcon to the Absolute Light RA. The lightness of the soul is determined by the weight of the sins committed by the dead man. The soul is expected to be as light as Falcon’s feather to be able to rise to RA / Heavenly RAssia. That is why, we, RAssians, have the word “KARA”, which designates “the punishment for the guilt or the crime”.

[“H”]”ARA” (both: “head / top” and “virgin”) is literally “ARYAN”. [“H”] “ARA” is an Amazon / Reigning Virgin-Mother / Tzar Mother / SAR MAT.

All locations devoted to the Virgin [H]ARA (“KARA”), the Fiery Falconess / Firebird, are the funerary sites of the Megalithic Pyramids.

In RAssian language, there is a word “Harya” to designate “head” / “face”, and it is clear that Pseudo-Greeks took their word “xᾰ́ρᾱ” from RAssian language. The same way as “ATHENA” / “APINA” takes its origin in the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak word “APA” / “BABA” for Great Mother RA, the word “HARA” / “KARA” takes its origin in the culture of Mother RAssia = Great Scythia.

Analogously, in “Hari Krisha, Krishna Hari”, the word “HARI” means both “ARI” / “ARYAN” and “Sacred Virgin” (“DEVA” in RAssian). So, “Hari Krisha, Krishna Hari” stands for “Deva (“female virgin”) Krishna, Krishna Deva (“female virgin”)”. That is, Krishna was a Sacred [RAssian] Virgin [“H”]”ARA”.

There are variations of “ARA” / “ARYAN” in “Ancient” Greek language. According to Plato, “ERATE” / “ERATES” (ἐρατή” [“eratē”] / ἐρατός) means “grace” and “beloved”.  There is also the word “ARETE” (“aretē” – ἀρετή), designating “virtue” Clearly, “ERATE” and “ARETE” are one and the same thing, and they both mean “ARA” / “ARYAN”. “ERATE” (“grace” and “beloved”) and “ARETE” (“virtue”) explain what the RAssian / ARYAN quality of the Absolute Light RA is.

“ERATE” and “ARETE” literally are “ERA-TE” and “ARE-TE”. “TE” is the suffix in RAssian language, which means “THIS” in neutral gender. “TA” (“this”) has female gender; and “TOT” (“this”) has male gender. In Matriarchy, both words should have had the female suffix “TA”, and should have been “ERATA” and “ARETA”. To understand the meaning of “ERATE” and “ARETE”, we need to subtract suffix “TE” / “TA”. After subtraction, we get “ARA” / “ARYAN”.

“ERATE” and “ARETE” had both become “HARIT” (pl. “HARITES”), Sacred Virgin, with the addition of the prefix “H”. It is evident that Pseudo-Greeks had added the prefix “H” to the word designating the Sacred Virgin in order to conceal that the notions of “virtue” and “grace” (“beloved”) were referring to RAssian Amazons, and were created by RAssian Amazons. “ERATE” and “ARETE” were the greatest achievements of Matriarchy. And Pseudo-Greeks with their Karmic crimes of pedophilia, human sacrifice and slavery had little to do with grace and virtue.

“HRISTOS” / “HARISTOS” means the ecstatic (“hundred times”) or Aryan / RAssian degree of “ERATE” (“grace” and “beloved”) and “ARETE” (“virtue”), all Matriarchal. And it is so, since, as I said, “HRISTOS” / “HARISTOS” has the RAssian root “STO” (“hundred”) added to the word. Nonetheless, the meaning of the root “STO”, which designates “hundred times”, is lost in the Pseudo-Ellenic language to make the difference between “HARITES” and “HARISTOS” impossible to be explained. It is possible to explain this difference only in RAssian / Serbian language. Pseudo-Greek language is concealing the true meaning of “HARISTOS” as “Aryan from the Clan of hundred RAssian Virgins”, who has all the Aryan qualities hundred times — to the ecstatic degree. As I said, “ARYAN” or “YARY” means in Russian language the extreme quality of the Absolute Light RA.

Thus, the name of Christ / “Hristos” / “Haristos” / “Haristo” had initially belonged to a Sacred Virgin, Firebird [“H”]”ARA” who flies down to this dimension from the Absolute Light RA [ARYA] / Heavenly RAssia. “HARISTOS” is the same as “HARIZMA” (“Charisma”). “HARIZMA” is literally [“H”] “ARI” (Aryan) “MA” (Mother).

Even more, the Christian Trinity has its origin in Three Sacred RAssian Virgins – “HARITES”. “CARITAS” (Latin) as “mercy” is derived precisely from the notion of the “Three-Faced” or “Three-in-One” Sacred RAssian Virgin [“H”]ARA.

In RAssian, the singular form is [“H”]ARA, while the plural form is [“H”]ARI. So, the word “χάρις” has preserved its initial plural form as it appears in RAssian language. Three ARYAN VIRGINS were “Three-in-One” to designate the all-encompassing nature of Matriarchy., and, at the same time, the unity of all-living creatures in the Eye of the Mother. Mother RA was the Mother of the entire world. Not the God Father, but the God Mother had created the World.

“One-in-Three” Virgins designated three generations of Matriarchs in the family: Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter. In a life-time, each family-member had only three generations of Mothers.

In the Pseudo-Greek culture, Three Aryan Virgins [“H”]ARI became female servants similar in their meaning to “Muses”. They had completely lost their Sacred / Aryan nature. Pseudo-Greeks made [“H”]”ARI” into three courtesans at the service of predatory males. Usually, such girls were  playing music to males who were reclining during their feasts (banquets), before or after the acts of pederasty with underage boys. In Latin, Three-Headed RAssian-Aryan Sacred Virgin, one-in-three, became “Three Graces”. Thus, the so-called “Ancient Greek” culture had perverted our Sacred traditions, and had destroyed our women, transforming them into prostitutes, and had destroyed our men, transforming then into pedophiles.

As a result of this Karmic Crime, Greece is now destroyed, sold out, and in heavy debt slavery.


Three [“H”]”ARI” (so-called “Three Graces”), Roman, 2nd century AD, Marble, Metropolitan Museum, New York.


Pseudo-Greeks had deprived the Sacred Virgins [“H”]”ARI” of their Ruling Power, and of their ability to fight. Incapable of defeating RAssian Amazons, the Pseudo-Greeks took revenge upon their one women. Pseudo-Greeks had separated the warrior quality of the Sacred Virgins [“H”]”ARI” into the separate personas of “ERINIS” (English: “Erinyes”; sing. “Erinys”; Greek: Ἐρῑνύες, pl. of Ἐρῑνύς), also known as the Furies – the  Goddesses of Vengeance and Retribution. “ERINIS” designate the same very thing, as the RAssian word “KARA” — punishment for the sin and the crime.

Erinyes copy

Detail of two Erinyes (Furies) from a painting depicting the Underworld, Apulian Red Figure Krater, ca 340 BC, Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe, Germany.

The two “ERINIS” (“Erinyes”) on the Red Figure Krater in the Badisches Landesmuseum  are dressed PRECISELY as RAssian AMAZONS — huntresses with knee-length skirts and hunting boots. Moreover, they are each depicted as [“G”]ORGONA: their hair is depicted as snakes, the very same way as [“G”]ORGONA is always depicted by the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Amazons. For RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Sak Amazons, hair depicted as snakes symbolized the rays of the Sun RA.  Thus, “ERINIS” have undoubtably RAssian origin. “ERINIS” are RAssian Amazons from Mother RAssia.

Moreover, “ERINIS” are not simply Amazons from RAssia. They are the embodiments of “MEDUSA” [“G”]”ORGONA”. They are the SACRED VIRGINS [“H”]ARA (“KARA”), who judge human souls, including the souls of the Pseudo-Greeks. This is so, because they are not wearing the “MEDUSA GORGONA” on their chest, but are themselves each depicted as “MEDUSA GORGONA”.  In comparison, The “Greek” Goddess “ATHENA” / “ATENA” is the RAssian Amazon, and High Priestess of “GORGONA”, because she is wearing the face of “GORGONA” on her chest, but her own face is not surrounded by snakes. “Greek” Goddess “ATHENA” is not depicted as “GORGONA” herself, though her arms and chest are entwined with snakes. “ATHENA” is already stripped by the Pseudo-Greeks of her ruling power and ability to defend herself and her children from pedophiles.

Even more, one of the two “ERINIS” is depicted with wings. “ERINIS” were depicted with wings, because each one of them was a FIERY FALCON, FIREBIRD, PHOENIX. So, for the Pseudo-Greek pedophiles, only “ERINIS” had preserved the RAssian-Aryan nature of FIREBIRDS flying into this dimension from RA / HEAVENLY RAssia. But the Psesudo-Greek pedophiles had placed them into the Hell, instead of the Heavens.

My name “IRINA” is in fact  one and the same thing as “ERINIS”. To find out the true meaning of ‘ERINIS”, we need to subtract the linguistic garbage of Pseudo-Greeks — the suffixes “IS”/ “US” that they added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. After subtraction, we get “ERIN” = “ARIN” or “ARYAN”, since “A”, “I” and “E” were interchangeable, as in “IRAN”, “ARYA” and “ERMANARIK” / “ARMANARIK”. “IRINA” does not mean “peace”, as the Pseudo-Greeks claim. “IRINA” means “ARYAN”. And “IRINA” means the vengeance of a RAssian Amazon (“ERINI”) on the Pseudo-Greek pedophiles and their pedophilic admirers and followers in the Great Britain.

“ARINI” / “ERINI” is a plural form of a word “ARINA” in RAssian language. So-called “Ancient Greek” language demonstrates gross confusion over the formation of plural forms of words. Pseudo-Greek language uses suffix (ending) “S” (as in English), which they add to our RAssian suffix (ending) “I” to form the plural form of a word. For example, “HARITES” is plural from “HARIT” (Χάριτες pl. from χάρις / Χάριτ). But, as I said, “HARIT” is already a plural form, since it is “HARI” / “ARI” from RAssian-Aryan singular “ARA”. That is, Pseudo-Greeks add their own plural suffix to our RAssian plural suffix, which is more ancient, and, thus, in the word “HARITES”, Pseudo-Greeks have the marker of plural form twice.

Moreover, in some words, the Pseudo-Greek plural suffix “S” is added to words which have singular form. This shows that the Pseudo-Greek culture did not have any continuity and tradition, but was chaotic as much as it was fake and deceptive. For example, “ERINIS” / “ERINYS” (Ἐρῑνύς) is the singular form of the word; while “ERINYES” (Ἐρῑνύες) is the plural form of the word. In both words, we see suffix “S”, which designates the plural form of a word. Both the singular form and the plural form of this word is formed from our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak word “ERINI” / “ARINI”. “ERINI” / “ARINI” is a plural form of “ERINA” / “IRINA” / “ARINA”. Both “IRINA” and “ARINA” are female names that are very wide spread in Russia.

Thus, first of all, the Pseudo-Greek words “ERINIS” / “ERINYS” (Ἐρῑνύς) (singular ) and “ERINYES” (Ἐρῑνύες) (plural) are both formed from the plural form of our RAssian word. This shows that Pseudo-Greeks had known only generally and remotely the foundations of our culture, which they used to create their own fake and delusional culture of pedophiles.  Secondly, these Pseudo-Greek words are formed via adding the suffix “S”. This created great confusion in the structure of language (grammar) and the meaning of language (etymology) for the Pseudo-Greek pedophiles.

Moreover, we see that the Pseudo-Greeks use suffix “ES” also in words that have clearly the singular form, for example, in the word “ARISTOTELES”. This demonstrates the degenerative nature of the so-called “Ancient Greek” language, after so-called “Greeks” had broken the Matriarchy, and forbid women to teach children. I repeat, this had caused the catastrophic impoverishment of the “Pseudo-Ellenic” culture, and degradation to the Neanderthal level of pedophilia, slavery and human sacrifice.

Pseudo-Greek suffixes “US” and “IS” were interchangeable. And it is precisely because, in RAssian language, letter “u” is pronounced as the letter “i” in the English word “stick”.

Nonetheless, the Pseudo-Greeks did not break the Matriarchy of RAssia, and were in awe of RAssian Amazons. The Pseudo-Ellenistic notion of “IRINI” / “ERINIS” symbolized Greek fear of RAssian Amazons. “IRINA” (“IRINI”) designated female deities of vengeance, from Hell, in the “Pseudo-Ellenic” Mythology. Pseudo-Greeks were fearing RAssian Amazons to such a degree that they did not even have enough audacity to add their prefix / apostrophe “H” to the word “IRINA”.

Even more, the notion of the Sacred Virgin [“H”]”ARA” / “ARINA” / “IRINA” demonstrates great confusion of the Pseudo-Greeks that they were not able to overcome till now. “ERINIS” (Ἐρῑνύες, pl. of Ἐρῑνύς) are horrific Furies. At the same time, the name “IRINA” is also transliterated by the Pseudo-Greeks as “EIRENE” (Ancient Greek: Εἰρήνη), the Goddess of Peace. It is clear that “ERINI” and “EIRINI” is one and the same thing, designating “IRINA” / “ARINA” / “ARYAN”. So, the same very word, “IRINA” / “ERINA” / “ARINA” / “ARYAN” is interpreted by the Pseudo-Greek as designating “FURY” and “PEACE” simultaneously. These two notions are completely contradictory to each other. So, the Pseudo-Greeks demonstrate the schizophrenic split between two contradictory notions describing the Sacred Aryan Virgin.

The name “HERA”, the wife of Zeus, means precisely the Sacred Aryan Virgin [“H”]”ARA”. “HERA” is written in Greek as Ἥρᾱ [Hērā]; Ἥρη [Hērē] in Ionic and Homeric Greek. “H” is a capital letter “ETA”. Thus, “H” in Pseudo-Greek is not the same, as”H” in English, and is pronounced as “E” as in English word “pen”. In Mycenaean Greek, “HERA” is written in the Linear B syllabic script as ‘E-RA, with apostrophe (upper comma), as it is appearing on tablets found in Pylos and Thebes. (“The Linear B word e-ra”. Palaeolexicon. Word study tool of Ancient languages. Raymoure, K.A. “e-ra”. Minoan Linear A & Mycenaean Linear B. Deaditerranean.) To know the true name of “HERA”, we need to subtract the Pseudo-Greek linguistic garbage. After subtraction, we get “ERA” / “ARA”.

With their apostrophe, Pseudo-Greeks now pronounce our RAssian-Aryan word as “HERA”. And, as a result, Greek letter “H” / “ETA” is confused by the British with the English letter “H”. This means that the British culture is the continuation and propagation of the Pseudo-Greek fake culture, confused and deceptive.

“HERA” for the Pseudo-Greeks is a Goddess of Female submission to Males in a Patriarchal family. She is a sterilized Aryan, not RAssian any more. “HERA the Wife of Zeus; “HARITES” (“Three Graces”); and even “ERINIS” all have lost their connection to RA / Heavenly RAssia, forgot of their Motherland Great Scythia, and became white trash.

The name of “HERA”, Sacred Virgins “HARITES”, and “ERINIS” were initially linked to the notion of “HEROS” (hērōs, ἥρως), designating “Hero”. Thus, all these three notions refer to RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Warrior-Woman AMAZONS. To know the true meaning of the word “HEROS” (ἥρως), “hero”, we need to subtract the Pseudo-Greek linguistic garbage – the prefix “H” as the apostrophe (upper comma), and the suffix “OS”, which Pseudo-Greeks added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. After subtraction, we get “ERA” / “AR” / “ARYAN”. Hero literally means “RAssian” / “ARYAN”. And vice versa, “RAssian” / “ARYAN” means “HERO”.

With their Neanderthal pedophilia, slavery and human sacrifice, the Pseudo-Greeks attempted the complete destruction of the Heroic RAssian-Aryan spirit. Pseudo-Greeks had transformed the ARYAN HERO / HEROIC ARYAN (ἥρως / [h]ērōs) — “HEROS” — into the effeminate “EROS”, the Pseudo-God of LUST (sexual desire) for pedophiles.

Pseudo-Greeks tried to kill the Firebird, Phoenix, the Fiery Falcon (“SAKol” in RAssian). They were fighting to exterminate Mother RAssia / Great Scythia, and to enslave the RAssian-Aryan / Scythian-Sak. They failed. And I approve the removal of the Parthenon frieze from Greece to London, since British Saks are closer to their RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak ancestors than the Pseudo-Greeks, notwithstanding all the pedophilic corruption by Pseudo-Greeks.


“KRISHNA” is the most ancient form of “HRIST” / “HRISTOS” / “HARISTO”, since this name preserved suffix-marker “ONA” (“she”) of Matriarchy. “KRISHNA” has female gender in RAssian language. I repeat, Matriarchy was before Patriarchy. Therefore, the claims of Bartholomew, the Patriarch of Constantinople for the intellectual property and the ruling position in the Christian Orthodoxy is laughable. Christianity came not from the West to the East, but, vice versa, from the East to the West. Christianity came not from Greece to RAssia, but from RAssia / Great Scythia to Greece. I repeat, Christianity / “Aryanity” predates Abrahamic religions, and is rooted in Matriarchy. I applaud the separation of the Pseudo-Christian Churches of Constantinople and Rome from the Christian Orthodox Church of RAssia, which is happening this very moment.

Christian Orthodox Churches in Europe of the early Middle Ages are not built in the so-called “Roman” style (“Romanesque”). They are built according in the RAssian / ARYAN style, according to the ARYAN / RAssian Sacred Geometry, which symbolizes Mother’s womb (Cupola ceilings) and Mother’s breasts (Cupolas). We see this style in all RAssian / ARYAN churches across Eurasia from Mosques to Hindi Temples to RAssian-Orthodox Christian Churches. These Temples were built before the birth of Abraham and Moses. And the attempt to subordinate these ARYAN / RAssian Churches to the followers of Abraham and Moses is pitiable and criminal. In RAssia / Great Scythia, these ARYAN / RAssian churches were built and rebuilt from wood, with multiple wooden Cupolas.

Constantinople is a RAssian city of the RAssian Global Tripoliye culture of the Bronze Age, literally KONTANTIN-o-POL’. All nations of the world pronounce the name of the city in RAssian manner as “KONTANTIN-o-POL”, and not in the Pseudo-Greek, fake manner, as “Constantinopol-IS”. KONTANTIN-o-POL’ literally means the “POLIYE” (agricultural field) of “KONSTANTIN”. The Roman Emperor Constantine, who have founded the City of Constantinople, was Serbian, from Serbia / RAshka. Word “KONSTANTIN” is an important name for RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak, since it has two most important Scythian-Sak roots: “STAN’ and “KON”. “STAN” is a place of staying for the tribe, since, as I said, our ancestors were using land for 70 to 80 years, till it got exhausted, and, then, they were moving to a new place of staying – “STAN”.

The Bronze-Age TRIPOLIYE Migration of RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tribes was through the entire continent of Eurasia – through all the STANS, like Kazak-STAN, Nuri-STAN, Raja-STAN, Tajiki-STAN, Saki-STAN. “STAN” is preserved also in the English name “STAN”, and English word “STAY”. “KON” is the Circle (analogous to “Parliament” or “Duma” or “Rada”) of Atamans of the Clans, where they decide the pressing problems of the Tribe. “Round Table” of King Arthur was literally the Scythain-Sak / Kas-Sak / Cossack “KON” (“Circle”); and King Arthur was the RAssian Cossack YAR-TUR from the Don river, who had migrated from RAssia to the British Isles. “KON” is still practiced by the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak / Kas-Sak / Cossacks of the Don River in RAssia, the Cradle of the RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Saks. “KON-STAN-TIN” literally means the place (“STAN”) of the “KON” for all the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Tribes.

Bartholomew, the Patriarch of Constantinople, is a fool who was educated by criminal Jesuits. Jesuits have only one goal: the destruction of the RAssian-Aryan Orthodoxy, and, thus, of the true history. And their reason is mundane: to provide for their fake Popes, who are the self-proclaimed impostors and charlatans of the Fake Pseudo-Holy Pseudo-Roman Pseudo-Empire (in words by Voltaire) of Charlemagne, who self-proclaimed himself a Holy Roman Emperor, when in the true Roman Empire (with Constantinople as capital), the true Roman Empress Irene of the true Roman Empire was reigning.

Thus, Bartholomew, the Patriarch of Constantinople, who has submitted to the enemy, is a traitor of his Motherland, of his people, and of all TRUE Christian / Aryan world. In 1204, the Crusaders had destroyed Constantinople in search for gold, and had drowned the city in blood. Fake Pseudo-Crusaders were killing their own “brothers in Christ”. This had led to the final demise of the true Roman Empire, and to its occupation by Muslims in 1453. Now, Bartholomew, the Patriarch of Constantinople, had joined Crusaders who were killing his people, with the only goal – to destroy TRUE ROME, to ruin KONTANTIN-o-POL’.

It is clear that the War in Ukraine and War in Syria is one and the same War. It is the Religious War that Vatican is waging against true and original Christianity – RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Orthodoxy. Vatican approves and finances the mass murders of Christians in Ukraine and Syria. Vatican approves and finances the bloody land-grab and annexation of the Christian Orthodox Churches in Ukraine and Syria.

Bartholomew is a fake Patriarch. Bartholomew has nothing to do with Christian Orthodoxy. Bartholomew is a fake Christian. Such people as Bartholomew had caused the complete destruction of the TRUE ROME and TRUE CHRISTIANITY in the West. Curse on you, Bartholomew! You will reincarnate as a monkey.


We must put an end to the false claims of the Greeks and Jews to the Crimea.

The Zionist Yuri Polyakov wrote a book “Keep me, my Talisman” about the ring, given as a gift by Countess Vorontsova (wife of the Governor of Crimea and Krasnodar Area in the RAssian Empire) to Alexander Pushkin (the most famous RAssian poet of Ethiopian origin). Countess Vorontsova brought this ring from Chufut-Kale, the City of Karaites (“KARAIM” singular; “KARAIMI” plural). The local Karaites adopted Judaism in the 10th century AD. So, Polyakov wrote that the Karaites of Crimea belong to the Tribe of Judah. The book was published with the help of the government grant for the development of Karaites. In response to a Zionist Polyakov, the Karaites of Crimea had burned the entire edition of his book. The Karaites of Crimea did not forget that they are the descendants of the Ancient Aryans, some of whom are called “Khazars”. Now, this branch of the Aryans is called “Türks”. On the Ancestral carpets of the Turko-man (Turkmen), we see Swastikas. And “Turan” in Avestan language is literally “TO” (“this”) “ARYAN”. The Crimean Karaites said that this memory saved their lives in the Second World War, and will save them again.

This is a very interesting turn of events due to the fact that Israel intends to annex Crimea on the grounds of this conversion by Caraites into Judaism in the 10th century AD. Zionist Vladimir Solovyov, the “anchorman” from the First (State) TV Channel of RAssia, goes even further. In 2014, during the crypto colonization of Ukraine by Israel, he said on air that “Jews” came to the territory of RAssia in the Second Century AD, while RAssians came to the territory of RAssia in the sixth century, and, so, they are “guests” in RAssia (see the video of this show on YouTube).

Not many people in the West understand that the Anti-Constitutional Coup d’Etat in Ukraine in 2014 (“Maidan”); the Civil War between the Ukro-Nazi with Israeli citizenship, on one side, and RAssians of Donbass and Lugansk areas (always RAssian territories), on the other side; and the return of Crimea to Russia are all caused by the covert Israeli invasion into Ukraine.

But, in reality, the coming of Jews to Crimea coincides with the Arab invasion and the emergence of Islam. That is why, let us start with Greeks, whose appearance in Crimea predates Jewish appearance in Crimea for many centuries.

Academic science claims that Crimea was inhabited by the wild Taurians. Then, the enlightened Greeks came to Crimea, and founded their colonies on the coast, bringing the light of civilization to the local savages.

It is alleged, for example, that the City of Kerch, the Capital of the Bosporan Kingdom, was founded by the colonists from Miletus, the Greek City-Polis in Anatolia / Antalya (present-day Turkey).

Nonetheless, the Crimean Cities of Kerch, Korsun’ (Hersones), the Town of Koreiz (the part of the City of Yalta), and the very “KRIM” / Crimea as a whole are all founded by RAssian-Aryans BABAs (Matriarchs) from the Polar Areas of RAssia (Hyperborea) and are all devoted to the Sacred Virgin [H]ARA (“KARA”).

The very name “TAURIAN” literally means “TA” (“this” in Sanskrit / RAssian) “ARYAN”. Since RAssian Babas had domesticated cow, and this allowed them to travel for long distances away from their STANS (settlements), the Symbol and Reverence of the Cow was so important. That is why Varangians / Varyags / Vikings were wearing helmets with Bull’s horns. And their God “THOR” or “TOR” is the same as “TAURIAN”. This is confirmed by the Old Edda, which says that Swedes had lived above the Aral Sea in the “Great Sweden” (“Svetyod” from the RAssian word “SVET” for Light), and, after ice melted in Europe, they went to Scandinavia and founded there the “Small Sweden” (“Svetyod”).

“TAURIAN” is pronounced and written in RAssian as “TAVR”. “TA” (“this”) has female gender in RAssian language. This is the clear indication that, initially, instead of THOR / TOR, the Ruler was a woman TA-RA (“this RAssian Mother”). And the Ancient Aryans had worshiped a Cow, not a Bull. “TA-RA” is another manifestation of [H]ARA, the Sacred RAssian Virgin.

The major location of the Megalithic Funerary Pyramids to the Virgin [H]ARA on this planet is in the Town of KOREIZ, the part of the City of Yalta, in Crimea / Kimmerion.  There we see the plain of the Funerary Pyramids, which stretches from Livadia to Alupka, as parts of the City of Yalta, with epicenter in KOREIZ. KOREIZ is located right beneath the peak of the Ai-Petri Mountain. RAssian Emperor Nicolas the Second had called the Ai-Petri peak “The Crown of the RAssian Empire”. In KOREIZ, we see the uninterrupted tradition going from the Antediluvian RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Funerary Megalithic Pyramids to the Bronze Age RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Pyramids.

To understand the true meaning of “KOREIZ”, we need to subtract the linguistic garbage of the Pseudo-Greeks. “IZ” (“ES”) is the suffix that the Pseudo-Greeks added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. After subtraction, we get “KARA”, pronounced also as “KHARA” and “HARA”. “H” is the prefix as apostrophe (upper comma), which Pseudo-Greeks added to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. After its subtraction, we get “ARA”. Thus, KOREIZ is, in reality, the City of “KARA” / [H]ARA. “KOREIZ” literally means “ARYAN”; and the City of “KOREIZ” is the Aryan city.

Indeed, there is the “KARA” River and the Village of “KARA” in the Yamalo-Nenets Region of the Polar Urals, RAssia, right near the Arctic Ocean. It is obvious that no “Greeks” had reached the Polar latitudes of RAssia / Great Scythia to call rivers and villages there with the name of “KARA” / “HARA” / “ARA”.

It is clear that the Town of KOREIZ was founded by RAssian-Aryans from the Polar Areas of RAssia, where we can see the KARA River and the KARA Village. The Polar Areas of RAssia were called “HYPERBOREA”. And that is why Apollo was called “HYPERBOREAN”, since Apollo was RAssian-Aryan from Mother RAssia.

“KARA” is the same as “KURA”, since vowels were variable, because they were not written. Also, “KARA” is the same as “SURA” / “SARA”, since “K” and “S” were interchange. Both “KARA” and “SURA” / “SARA” refer to RA, Absolute Light, Heavenly RAssia. “SURA” is literally “SE” (“TO” – “this” in RAssian / Sanskrit) “RA” (Absolute Light, Heavenly RAssia). “SURYA” means the Sun in Sanskrit. Syria is pronounced by locals as “SURIA”. This testifies to the fact that the civilization in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East was founded by the RAssian-Aryans from Mother RAssia.

Indeed, on the Kola Peninsula in RAssia, right by the Arctic Ocean, there are three rivers – SURA, ARYAN, and ALLA. And the rivers SURA, ARYAN, and ALLA are covering the entire territory of RAssia from ocean to ocean from North to South, and from East to West. “ALLA” is “ARYA”, since the “R” and “L” were interchangeable, as in “ARI-MAN” (“Ahriman” = “[G]Erman”) and “ALI-MAN” (as French call Germans).

Thus, we can firmly establish the Hyperborean origin of the After-Deluvian civilization.

“ARA” / “HARA” / “KARA” / “SURA” / “SARA” mean the City of the Sun, the Great Mother RA. “RA” became “AR”, when writing had changed its direction from the direction from right to left to the direction from left to right.

Each RAssian-Arayn Scythian-Sak warrior, both woman and man, was wearing the Face of our Great Mother RA on his or her chest. We portrayed Great Mother RA / The Sun in the form of a female face, surrounded by Serpents as the rays of the Sun. That is why this place on the chest is called “SOLAR PLEXUS”. “Plexus” means the network or system of the branching and interwoven pathways; in RAssian: a “clew”. “SOLAR PLEXUS” is literally the clew of the Serpents as rays of the Sun around the face of Great Mother RA on the chest of a RAssian-Aryan / Scythian-Sak  Athena Pallada was wearing the Face of our Great Mother RA (“Medusa Gorgona”) on her chest, and this clearly identifies her as a Crimean woman from Koreiz.

Pseudo-Greeks called our Great Mother RA as “Medusa Gorgona”, a Reptilian, a repulsive monster. That is, Pseudo-Greeks had desecrated the core of our Ancestral Aryan traditions via defiling our most important symbol.

And, now, Pseudo-Greeks have audacity to usurp the Ancient Aryan legacy. Pseudo-Greeks exhibit our RAssian Scythian-Sak artifacts with Swastikas of the “Archaic” (“Geometrical”) Period as their own. Pseudo-Greeks call ATHENA their own, though ATHENA is wearing “Medusa Gorgona” on her chest. What is this? Imbecility? Or moral degradation?

Moreover, for us, true Aryans, the Swastika is the symbol of the Universal Motherly Love, notwithstanding of race, caste, gender and initiation. And for the Pseudo-Greeks, Swastika is the Nazi symbol of their racial superiority.

Since, Crimea / KIMMERION was the first After-Diluvian Kingdom, and the Town of KOREIZ is the epicenter of the largest and most dense plain of Pyramids from the Antediluvian times to the Bronze Age, we can deduce that Koreiz is the oldest and most important town in the world, in the After-Diluvian Times.

The other city in Crimea / KIMMERION which is devoted to the Sacred RAssian Virgin [H]ARA is the City of KERCH. KERCH is one of the major cities in Crimea / Krim / Kimmerion. It was also called as Panticapaeum = Panticapea, when it was the Capital of the Bosporan Kingdom. As I said, the Academic history believes that the Greek “Polis” Miletus had founded KERCH as its Colony. But it is evident that “KERCH” has the same origin as “KOREIZ”, and designates one and the same thing. After subtraction of the suffix “CH”, we get “KER[A]”, which is the same as “KAR[A]”, since “E” and “A” were interchangeable, as in [“H”]”ARA” and “HERA”.  Thus, “KERCH” is, in reality, the City of “KARA” / [H]ARA. “KERCH” literally means “ARYAN”, and the City of “KERCH” is the Aryan city.

It is clear that the Town of KERCH was founded by RAssian-Aryans from the Polar Areas of RAssia, where we can see the KARA River and the KARA Village.

Now, let us look at “MILETUS”. RAssians say correctly “MILET”. Pseudo-Greeks added their suffix “US” to our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. Miletus is located in KARIA (“Caria”), in the South-Western Anatolia / Antalya. Clearly, “KARIA” in Antalya / Anatolia was founded by RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak who had descended to the South from the KARA River and the Village of KARA in the Yamalo-Nenets Region of the Polar Urals, RAssia. I repeat, no “Greeks” had ever reached the Polar latitudes of RAssia / the Great Scythia in order to establish KARIA there on the KARA River.

Since the Scythians were descending from the Polar KARA / KARIA South, it is obvious that KARIA in Crimea, in Koreiz, was founded earlier than KARIA in Antalya / Anatolia. And this is, in fact, testified by Hesiod who says that Scythians had created all devices of war and labor, and taught archery to Hercules. Because Matriarchy was before Patriarchy, it is clear that precisely RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Matriarchs / Sar-Mat / Amazons had created all these devices of war and labor. That is why words “KARA” and “KARIA” have female gender.

So, we can state with no doubt that KERCH was not a Colony of Greeks from MILETUS, which is located in KARIA, Anatolia. Vice versa, MILETUS was the Colony of RAssians from KERCH and KOREIZ, and, initially, from the Polar KARIA in Mother RAssia.

“MILET” is in reality “AMA-ALLAT”. There is the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak male name “UMALAT” in Chechnya and Ingushetia, in Caucasus, which was evidently female during Matriarchy.

The entire Kimmerion / Crimea was founded by RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Saks from Hyperborea / Polar RAssia, from the Polar River “KARA”.

[“H”]ARA / KARA in the Polar areas of RAssia is the origin for the Three Kingdoms of Amazons: the First Kingdom of the Amazons on the Don and in the Crimea; the second kingdom of the Amazons in Parthia of Athena Pallada / the Parthian Virgin; and the Third Kingdom of the Amazons in Antalya / Anatolia (today’s Turkey).

The name of Antalya / Anatolia has its origin in the name of the Scythian Tribe of the “ANTI” (plural) from the Don River. “ANT” (singular) is literally “ONA TA”, that is, the general designation of the Female in the Clan, the BABA, the Matriarch, SAR-MAT (“Tzar Mother”).

The very name “KRIM” (“Crimea” in English) is KARAIM, since vowels were not written. Those who live in “KRIM” / “KARAIM” are called “KARAIM” (singular) / “KARAIMI” (plural) (called “Karaites” in English).

“IM” is the suffix of the Bronze Age, the Age of Matriarchy, and is deciphered as “AMA”, “Mother” in Sanskrit. This is a purely RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak suffix. So we have ARKA-IM in the Southern Urals — the Swastika City of the Bronze Age next to our Antediluvian Pyramids, half-ruined by the war between blood brothers, our direct ancestors – the Giants of the Megalithic Civilization. In Arkaim, archeologists have found only RAssians in the graves of the Bronze Age — with a haplogroup R1a1, with blonde hair, Swastikas, and with Crimean Griffin. The Crimean Griffin, found in Arkaim, is more ancient that the  founding date of the Ancient Egypt and Sumer / “Samara”. The Crimean Griffin found in Urals is another proof that the “KARAIMI” (“Karaites”) came from the Polar areas of RAssia to Crimea through the Southern Urals.

“KRIM” (Crimea) or “KARAIM” is simply “KARIA”, the land of the Sacred Virgin [“H”]”ARA” / “KARA”, Firebird from the Absolute Light RA.

Name “KARAIM” must have had a female ending during Matriarchy, and, thus, must have been “KARAIMA” or, more correctly, “KARA-AMA” / “KARI-AMA”. “AMA” is “Mother” in Sanskrit / RAssian. “KARA-AMA” is literally “Mother KARA” / [“H”]ARA = Mother SUN RA = Absolute Light = Heavenly Russia. “KARA-AMA” is abbreviated as “KARA” and “KARIA”.

So, “Karia”, “Krim”, “Karaim”, “Koreiz”, “Kerch” are all in reality “KARA-AMA” = Mother [“H”]”ARA” / “KARA” = Mother SUN RA = Absolute Light = Heavenly RAssia.

“KARA-AMA” is analogous to the name “SURINAM” = “SIRIN-AMA” = Mother Sirin = Fiery Falconess. The Country of Surinam is the Land of the Firebird, the Bird of the Sun (“SURYA”), “SIRIN”.

We, RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak, have “SIRIN” as a Sacred Bird, which is flying to this dimension from RA / Heavenly RAssia. “SIRIN” literally means “S” (“from”) “IRI” (“ARYA” / Absolute Light) “ON” (“he” in RAssian). Because of “male” suffix, “SIRIN” has male gender. Evidently, the male form of “SIRIN” is the corruption of the major Matriarchal notion of “Mother Bird Swa” (from “SVET” = “light” in RAssian) / Firebird / Phoenix, which was done by Patriarchy. In Matriarchy, “SIRIN” should have been “SIRINA” / “SIRENA”.

And, indeed, Greeks have female “SIRENS” in their Mythology (Σειρήν Seirēn; plural: Σειρῆνες Seirēnes). “SIREN” was a women with wings, like MAT’ (so-called “MAAT” / “ISIS”) and “ALLAT”. Pseudo-Greeks had believed that SIRENS lured “Greek” sailors with their enchanting singing to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their shore. So, Pseudo-Greeks had transformed our Heavenly Bird into the singing hooker by the shore. Pseudo-Greeks had turned the Bird of the Absolute Light into the dangerous monster. The Pseudo-Greek corruption of “SIRIN” is as base as their corruption of “Medusa Gorgona”.

Importantly, we, RAssians, are using the word “SIRENA”, not “SIREN”, in relation to a woman who is luring sailors by her singing. Even in the publication of the so-called “Greek” Myths, we, RAssians, are using the word “SIRENA”, while the Pseudo-Greeks are using the word “SIREN” in their texts in relation to a woman who is luring sailors by her singing. In RAssian language, “SIRENA” has female gender, while “SIREN” (“SIRIN”) has male gender. This fact indicates that the RAssian notion of “SIRENA” had emerged in the times of Matriarchy, while the “Greek” notion of “SIRENA” had emerged in the times of Patriarchy. And since Matriarchy was before Patriarchy, the Pseudo-Greek corruption of our RAssian notion of “SIRENA” indicates, on its own, that the Pseudo-Greek culture is very recent, and cannot make any claims to antiquity. Also, this fact indicates that the Pseudo-Greeks had stolen the notion of “SIRENA” from RAssians.

Karaites (“KARAIM”) have little to do with Greeks and with Jews, though some Karaites have converted into Judaism in the 10th century AD, from Islam. To be precise, Karaites had converted into Judaism from Islam in the 8th century AD, and then, had converted back to Islam till, again, they had converted into Judaism in the 10th century AD. The denial by Karaites that they are truly Jewish during the Second World War was in essence their denial of Judiasm. The fact that Karaites had burnt Polyakov’s book was the confirmation of their denial of Judaism. This conversion pattern testifies, on its own, of the fact that no firm blood affiliation had existed between Karaites and the Tribe of Judah. Orthodox Judaism rejects Proselytism, based upon the Tribal allegiance to one Patriarchal Ancestor whose name is “SET”, a very dark Negro from the Negroid Tribe of Judah in the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan). Either the conversion by some Karaites into Judaism was the first stage of the Reformed Judaism, or else it was forgery and criminal impersonification.

The major conclusions of this article are as following. “Greek” and “Jewish” cultures are the recent diversions of the RAssian civilization. “Greek” and “Jewish” cultures owe their most precious cultural achievements to Mother RAssia. They owe their very language to Mother RAssia. But both of these cultures had lost connection with their Mother — RAssia. This had caused gross deviations and Karmic Crimes. They need to return to their Mother, RAssia.

Initial Christ was a girl from Crimea.



Согласно академической истории, Греческий полис Милет основал Керчь, как свою колонию. Так вот, Милет находится в Карии, в Анатолии / Анталии. И я нашла реку Кара и селение с этим названием в Ненено-Ямальском округе, в полярном Урале. Совершенно очевидно, что никакие «Греки» не поднимались в полярные широты России = Великой Скифии, чтобы основывать там Карию на Реке Кара. Ясно, что Кара – это то же, что и «Сара» («к» и «с») были взаимозаменяемы. «Сара» – это «Се (то/это) РА», то же, что и Сура / Сурья = Солнце, которое было девицей, невестой, а жених, витязь, был Луной в древне-русских свадебных песнях. Так вот Сура и Кура – это так же одно и тоже. На Кольском полуострове, прямо у Ледовитого океана, есть три реки – Сура, Арьян и Алла (Алла = Арья, так как «р» и «л» было взаимозаменяемым, как в Ариман ([г] Ерманец) = Алиман (немец).

Крым основали именно переселенцы из Гипербореи, из Полярного Урала, с реки Кара.

Кореиз – это древнейший город земли. «Из» – это окончание псевдо-греков. Так мы, Русо-Арии Скифы-Саки / Кас-Саки / Казаки говорим «Аристотель» (Арий Сто Тел = Арий из рода в сто душ, аналогично «Аристократ» = Арий Сто Крат), а псевдо-греки говорят «Аристотелес».

Так что, настоящее название Кореизе = КАРА (или СУРА / САРА), Город Солнца, Великой Матери РА, которую псевдоним-греки называли «Медузой Горгоной», и которую изображали как Солнце в виде женского лика, в окружении змей как лучей Солнца. Каждый Скиф-воин, и женщина, и мужчина, носили Лик Великой Матери РА на своей груди. Как, например, Афина  Паллада, что четко идентифицирует ее как Крымчанку из Кореизе.

Согласно Гесиоду, именно Скифы создали все орудия труда и войны. То есть, именно Скифы создали цивилизацию на территории Греции, а не наоборот, «просвещенные греки@ цивилизовали Крым. Скифы научили Геракла (Ираклия) стрелять из лука, и только потом, он дал начало аристократическим подам Греции.

Так как Скифы спускались из Карии в приполярном Урале на юг, чтобы основать Карию в Анталии (земле Антов с Дона), то очевидно, что Кария в Крыму, в Кореизе, была основана раньше, чем Кария в Анталии.

Об этом же говорят и древние источники. Матриархат был ДО Патриархата. И Первое Царство Амазонок было на Дону и в Крыму. Второе Царство Амазонок было в Парфии (отсюда Афина Паллада – это Парфянская Дева). А Третье Царство Амазонок было в Анталии (сегодняшняя Турция).

Само название «Крым» – это КАРАИМ, так как гласные не писались. Караимы не имеют никакого отношения к Иудаизму, как Племенной вере в одного предка у Племени Иуды.

«Им» – это суффикс эпохи Матриархата и расшифровывается как «АМА», «мать» на Санскрите. Это – чисто Русо-Арийский Скифский-Сакский суффикс. Так мы имеем Арка-им на Южном Урале, Свастичный Город Бронзового Века рядом с нашими допотопными пирамидами, полуразрушенными войной между кровными братьями – нашими прямыми предками – допотопными гигантами мегалитической цивилизации. В Аркаиме, в могилах лежат только Русичи – с гаплогруппой R1a1, с русыми волосами, увешанные свастиками и Крымскими Грифонами. Крымский Грифон, найденный в Аркаиме, датируется древнее, чем основание Древнего Египта и Древнего Шумера (Сумера Ф= Самары), и есть ещё одно доказательство, что Караимы пришли из полярного Урала в Крым через Южный Урал.

Так вот, КАРАИМ – это КАРА-АМА = Мать КАРА / СУРА / САРА = Мать Солнце РА = Абсолютный Свет = Небесная Россия.

Так что, Крым или Караим – это просто КАРИЯ. Название «КАРИЯ» есть одно и то же, что и Караим. Причём название Караим должно было при Матриархате иметь женское окончание, и быть «КАРАИМА» или, правильнее, «КАРА-АМА» / «КАРИ-АМА», сокращённо – КАРИЯ. Аналогично названию «СУРИНАМ» = СИРИН-АМА (Мать / Ама Огненная Соколиха / Сирин).