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Big thanks to Fermina Mukta Singh and Frank Huzur for publishing my article “YALTA WORLD ORDER: DO YOU KNOW WHAT NWO MEANS & WHY IT IS CALLED LIKE THIS?” in the June and July 2018 issues of the SOCIALIST FACTOR Magazine (Lucknow and London).


By Dr. Irene Caesar





Three Palm trees side by side are growing right in front of the major entrance to Joseph Stalin’s Summer Residence in Koreiz, the City of Yalta, Crimea (Kimmerion), Russia, the former Palace of Russian Prince Yusupov. Yusupov was the wealthiest man in Russian Empire. Stalin’s summer residence in Koreiz was where Stalin negotiated with Churchill and Roosevelt the Post-War World Order, which was signed as an Agreement in the Imperial Palace of Russian Tzars in Livadia, another part of Yalta. So, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin had planted these three Palm Trees (see the picture) to commemorate the Yalta World Order. The Yalta World Order was established by the three allies who had broken the Nazism – the Neanderthal ideology of racial superiority. Russians paid 30 millions of Russian lives for this victory. On the other hand, Americans and British had opened their own front against the Nazi (the so-called “Second Front”) only after Russians had already entered Germany.

There is NO “New World Order”, there is ONLY the YALTA WORLD ORDER.

The Anglo-Sax with their “New World Order” are trying now to annul the Yalta Agreement. This is both immoral and against the Law. According to the Yalta Agreement, Crimea undoubtedly belongs to Russia.

In the White Dining Room of Stalin’s summer residence in Crimea, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt had breakfast before they planted those three Palm Trees. In that room, see the picture, the British, American and Russian government officials and intelligence had negotiations about the YALTA WORLD ORDER.

There is a famous picture of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt during the dinner in Stalin’s Summer Residence (Prince Yusupov’s Palace in Koreiz, Yalta, Crimea, Russia) after Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt had negotiated and agreed on the YALTA WORLD ORDER – the Post WW2 division in the areas of influence and the attribution of territories.

There was also a secret agreement signed between Stalin, on one side, and Churchill and Roosevelt, on the other side. In this secret agreement, Stalin had promised to Churchill and Roosevelt Russian / USSR support in the British and American War against Japan. Russia was given Port Arthur / Dalian and Kuril Islands, and other areas in the Far East in exchange for Russian support.

So, now, British and Americans are not only disputing the presence of Russia in the far East, they are disputing the presence of Russia in Crimea, where the very agreement between the WW2 allies was signed. How can we characterize such behavior? This kind of behavior is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, since it disregards 30 millions of only Russians who were killed by the war. And such behavior of the present British and American administration is the ILLEGAL VIOLATION OF THE YALTA AGREEMENT which has the status of the LAW FOR GREAT BRITAIN AND UNITED STATES.



Gregory Goodman, Son of Gina Haspel, is heavily implicated in helping Bandera Nazis in Ukraine. Bandera Ukranian Nazi openly profess allegiance to Hitler’s course and openly call themselves Hitler’s supporters. Gina Haspel’s son was helping Hitler’s Nazi in creating secret prisons in Ukraine, with the use of illegal interrogation techniques which are totally identical to Hitler’s techniques in the Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust of Russians and Jews during the WW2. Hitler’s interrogation techniques and Hitler’s treatment of war prisoners, in general, were prosecuted as War Crimes at the Nuremberg Tribunal (1945-1946).

But I claim that Gregory Goodman, the Son of Gina Haspel, was preparing the Black Operation for the detonation of one of the major Ukrainian Nuclear Plants to blame (frame) Russians in a catastrophe.

The Black Op with the downing of the Boeing MH17 by the joint forces of CIA / Mossad / Secret Service of Ukraine in July 2014 was chosen over the detonation of the nuclear plant. But the plan with blowing up the nuclear plant in Ukraine still holds.

Brennan’s operatives, including Gregory Goodman, son of Gina Haspel. were caught in a truck carrying the material for the Nuclear Plant and software for the operation of the Nuclear Plant. The US nuclear material does not fit the Russian / Soviet technology of the Nuclear plant. And the CIA taking care of the software can mean only one thing – one of the major Ukrainian Nuclear Plants was doomed to be detonated by CIA. John Brennan came to Donbass (Russian territory illegally given to a newly made artificial state of Ukraine by Lenin in 1923) in order to pay ransom for the captive Gregory Goodman, son of Gina Haspel.

Detonation of the Ukrainian Nuclear Plant was also considered as a means of terrifying the Europeans, and is the brand-name terror technique of the CIA.

Thus, Gina Haspel does not simply symbolize the use of Hitler’s illegal interrogation techniques that are the War Crimes. Gina Haspel symbolizes the use of State Terrorism by CIA.

CIA uses its illegal techniques of State Terrorism for its global opium and cocaine trafficking and illegal arms sales. These illegal and covert arms sales not approved by the US Senate and Congress include the Nukes sold by CIA / Mossad to North Korea through Ukraine with pay off by the illegal dollar printing press established by CIA in North Korea. So, the “sale” was in fact CIA’s transfer of Nukes to North Korea in order that the US Military Industrial Complex puts anti-rocket systems with attacking capabilities in South Korea for the impending attack on China and Russia. The Nukes were transferred with the help of Mossad agents, many of whom have dual Russian-Israeli citizenship, and are even allowed when crossing Russian border to carry guns.

Thus, Gina Haspel, who was always an operation officer, is a symbol of the Global CIA Opium Empire run by Hitler-style torture and ISIS style State Terrorism and non-stop Neanderthal wars.






I have sent the information on MI6 Kemerovo Terrorist Act to a couple of friends in Moscow via Whatsup and Skype. And… Guy Eames has deleted me as a “friend” on Facebook the very next day. So, he has read my messages the very day I have sent them. This is to show how fast MI6 is working in Russia. Guy Eames! Go home! There is nothing for you in Moscow any longer! With the terrorist act in Kemerovo, which was organized by MI6 and CIA, you, as an MI6 Resident in Moscow, have crossed the red line. We cannot forgive you the death of innocent children.

Ruth Addison and Guy Eames of MI6 had organized a terrorist act in Kemerovo when people, total 64, among them 41 children, were burnt alive in the Shopping Mall. Arson was done by MI6 agents via nano thermite explosive.

The protests in Kemerovo that followed the tragedy had demonstrated such a level of organization that in no way the tragedy itself could have been an accident. The same way in 2010, when the US attacked Russia with the climate weapon, and Moscow was stifled with horrible heat and smoke from the burning forests around Moscow, all Western Embassies had received the instructions on exactly the same scenario beforehand.

MI6 and British, in general, like their rules and traditions. At the beginning of the 20th century, the British intelligence was running an alcohol-free pub called “London” across the street from the Russian Secret Police, literally waiting on Russian secret agents. Spiridon Putin, President’s Putin grandpa, who was a dual Russian / British secret agent, was working as a cook there, and, with little effort, poisoned Rasputin, Lenin and Stalin. Now in 2018, the British intelligence is running a similar scheme under the modest name “Cafe-Bakery” right across the Russian Ministry of Justice.

British Intelligence has demonstrated the same liking of behavioral patterns in its Kemerovo State Terrorism Act. Arson conducted by Five Eyes was successful in forcing the change of government in Romania in 2015 as a result of protests following the fire in the night club, with 58 dead and 160 wounded.

Five Eyes (transnational Anglo-Sax intelligence aka “Global Cyber Zion”) is applying the same strategy of intimidation on the American soil as well. All or almost all shootings in the US schools were organized by the Five Eyes with the help of its shills in CIA for the purpose of disarming Americans, as it was done to Australians before – to make them easy prey.

It is clear that before the MI6 Kemerovo State Terrorist Act, Guy Eames had demanded from his boss in London that Skripal would be taken down, since Skripal knew him in person and knew who he was. Living in a communal room two meters by meter and a half does clearly characterize Guy Eames as a coward who is very afraid for his life, and would have hidden even into a rat hole, had his hindside fitted in.

So, Skripal and his poor daughter were poisoned with the military-grade poison that surprisingly did not kill anybody what so ever.

Also, it is clear that MI6 Kemerovo arson was a mass human sacrifice of … Russian children … by the Mother Lodge for the Pedophiles of Solomon.

So all these attempts of manipulating reality by Five Eyes go straight from farce to horror movie, and demonstrate that British elites had chosen delusions over reality, calling their psychosis as the low-key “virtual reality”. In this psychotic state, the Five Eyes are testing psychotronic weapons on unarmed civilians worldwide in order to drive the world population nuts and make it forget the YALTA WORLD ORDER, when Russians had treated the Satanic psychosis of the Brits who dream of global domination via global depopulation.

Take notice: Five Eyes are specifically targeting the spiritual teachers and sects to make them apologists, promoters and soldiers of the “virtual reality” for cyber slaves, e.g., so-called Sadhguru.




Congratulations with the Victory Day over the Neanderthal ideology of Racial Supremacy! Russians paid 30 millions lives for this victory. We need to clearly realize that (1) Hitler was sponsored by the Wall Street, and, so, the United States are guilty in starting the WW2 to overcome the Great Dipression and make dollar the world currency; (2) the entire Europe did not make any resistance to Hitler, and, so, Hitler’s attack on Russia was the attack of the joint Europe on Russia; and their goal was to instill slavery in the world via breaking the resistance that Russians had generated against slavery; (3) the Wall Street was guarded by the Mother Lodge. The British had the secret agreement with Hitler; and, as a result, the gold of the Third Reich, Hitler’s submarine fleet, Nazi genocidal scientists, and Hitler himself escaped thanks to the British – and escaped to the British banks and British areas of influence.

Thus, the British were the major instigator of the WW2, and those immoral rogues who benefited from the death of hundreds of millions. British “moral” theory of utilitarianism is in reality the ideology of robbers and killers – of the organized crime. Now, the Anglo-Sax have no shame to claim that they are who won the WW2. Though Americans and British had opened the second front (their own front against the Nazi) only after Russians had entered Germany. Shame on you, Neanderthals from the British Isles! Only Neanderthals have no shame, no conscience, no compassion – who consider all means suitable for getting utility, even the most immoral and repulsive!

I want President Trump and Queen Elizabeth look at the faces of these Russian people who live in Crimea, and who have chosen at their all-national Referendum to return to Russia. Crimea was transferred to Ukraine illegally by Nikita Khrushchev in 1954. The legality of transfer did not hold even at the moment of 1954. But the 2014 Referendum in Crimea with vote 96.77% for returning to Russia annuls that illegal transfer anyways.

I want President Trump and Queen Elizabeth realize that Crimea would always be Russian / Scythian, and was Russian / Scythian Kimmerion from the Antediluvian times. These Russian people are fully mobilized. They dress their minor children and even toddlers in the military uniform.

If President Trump and Queen Elizabeth deny to the Crimean population their 96.77% vote for returning to their Motherland = Russia, then, President Trump and Queen Elizabeth violate their right for national self-determination, which is the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. In this case, President Trump and Queen Elizabeth are both guilty in the gross case of GENOCIDE.

The right of people to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law (commonly regarded as a jus cogens rule), binding, as such, on the United Nations as authoritative interpretation of the Charter’s norms, says Wiki. It states that a people, based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity, have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no interference.

The concept was first expressed in the 1860s, and spread rapidly thereafter. During and after World War I, the principle was encouraged by both Vladimir Lenin and United States President Woodrow Wilson. Having announced his Fourteen Points on 8 January 1918, on 11 February 1918 Wilson stated: “National aspirations must be respected; people may now be dominated and governed only by their own consent. ‘Self determination’ is not a mere phrase; it is an imperative principle of action.”

During World War II, the principle was included in the Atlantic Charter, signed on 14 August 1941, by Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States, and Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who pledged The Eight Principal points of the Charter. It was recognized as an international legal right after it was explicitly listed as a right in the UN Charter.”



Dr. Irene Caesar with the June issue of the SOCIALIST FACTOR Magazine with her article “YALTA WORLD ORDER: Do you know what NWO Means & why it is called like this?”