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Megalithic Pyramids in Crimea.

David Andrews: aloha Irene … was the grid of pyramids and other sacred sites built after the last global war to re stablize our planet?

Irene CaesarDavid Andrews, no, pyramids were built before the last global war to make rain. Planet was smaller, and so gravitation was smaller. That is why people were giants living in the megalithic cities. There was no water, no rivers, no oceans. If you cut out all continents and put them together, they all go into each other like a perfect puzzle. I did it when I was 20 something years old. And the shape was closer to an EGG. Our giant ancestors used pyramids to produce rain via amplification of the atmospheric pressure. Angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. Since a pyramid has angular sides, each wave is not reflected upon itself, but is reflected sideways, and is superimposed with itself. This increases its amplitude. So, pyramids are psychotronic weapons. That is why no birds, animals and insects are living in the pyramids. They are dangerous. A RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak BABA MA-RA / RA-MA / TA-RA (“ma”=mother; “RA”= Absolute Light, Heavenly RAssia; “Ta” = “this” in Sanskrit / RAssian) was modulating the increased wave amplitude to cause the rain. Then, the war happened between the Ruling Matriarchs = SAR-MAT (Tzar-Mothers) and emerging Patriarchs. The Patriarchs killed lots of Matriarchs, and the Mother of this World – MA-RA. This caused the collapse of the planet. The planet was blown from inside – by the sheer force of the megalithic pyramids. Rivers are the holes in the earthly crust, left after that explosion.

MA-RA was nullifying the increased wave amplitude in her metacentric chromosomes, so that the signal was reflected upon itself, and the peak the forward-going wave was nullified by the trough of the same wave when it was reflected upon itself. The male acrocentric chromosome is literally half of the female metachentric chromosome, and is the result of degeneration. Male cannot nullify the increased wave amplitude. Male cannot be a Priest in principle. God cannot be male. God is a woman.

When MA-RA was nullifying the external linear signal in her chromosomes, the scalar wave diffraction grating was emerging, with the Zero Center / Focus of the Wave Crystal. Precisely through this Zero Center, one can do practical magic – control biosystems, climate and geophysical processes remotely. That is why only a Woman can be a Priest.