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This is the Mask of our Great Ancestral RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Mother-Dragon, griffon – Fiery Falcon = SAKol in RAssian. Dragon = Dragana = “Dorogaya” / “dear” in RAssian. Here from, we have “DRUG” / “friend” in RAssian and “DRUZHINA” – “regimen of warriors-friends” who are “dear” to each other. This is the Mongolian mask, which was presented to my mother, a famous professor of psychology in Saint-Petersburg, RAssia, almost 40 years ago, by her graduate student from Mongolia.

We see that our Ancestral Mother Gorgona / Garuda / Dragon has HUGE BLUE EYES. They are NOT “Mongoloid” in the sense of being South-Asian. This is the clear indication that the entire Continent of Asia down to Thailand was civilized by us — RAssian-Aryans from the Polar areas of RAssia. All Chinese, Thai, Korean, Mongolian, Vietnamese and Japanese tribes are simply the branches of our RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak Tribe.

Romanov-Koshkin, Vatican spies, have rewritten our historical manuscripts in the 17 century, and changed the name of our people, by dropping off the letter “K”. We are not SLAV” (SLAVE), we called ourselves SAK, SKLAVIN (SKLOVEN), SAKOLOVEN, SKOLOT, SAKALIBA in Arab Sources – from RAssian word for Falcon = SAKol. And we were called “SCYTH / SCYS” by foreigners. “IS” is a Hellenistic suffix, while vowels were not written, so that “SCYS” / “SCYTH” is simply “SAK”.

We are the same SAK, as Anglo-Sax, and German Saxons, and they are the same RAssian, since the Falcon was called RAROG, from RA for the Absolute Light. Our major river Volga was called RA in the Ancient Times. We are the Tribe of the Fiery Falcon, Firebird, Phoenix.

There was no such thing as MONGOLIA. In Ancient Greek, two “g” were pronounced as “NG”. So, it is MAHOLIA from the RAssian-Aryan word “MAHA” = “GREAT”.

Mixing with Chinese has started in the mid-3rd century BC, when RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Saks had civilized China via joining together all underdeveloped Chinese tribes under the rule of the First Emperor of China, who was a Rassian-Aryan Cossack / Kas-Sak / Scythian-Sak from Don River with HUGE BLUE eyes. The first Emperor from RAssia gave Chinese the unified system of measures, the Codex of Law, and the other foundations of the developed state. RAssians brought to Chinese the making of bronze and iron, making of paper, gun powder, silk and wool, carpets and their sacred patterns = SWASTIKA, and SACRED FIREBIRD.

RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak came to China from Altai, from the PAZYRYK CULTURE, which is well-represented in the Hermitage, major RAssian Museum, in Saint-Petersburg. This culture belonged to very tall, blue-eyed, and blonde people with huge chariots, made with no nail from wood, who invented bronze, iron, and tamed horses in the area of Urals.

PAZYRYK CULTURE is the same as TAGARIAN CULTURE on Don river (Tanais) in proper RAssia, and TOHARIAN CULTURE in the Uyghur North-Western areas of the present-day China.

Both TAGARIAN CULTURE on Don / Tanais River, and the TOHARIAN UYGHUR CULTURE are well-presented in the Hermitage. Both represent MASK culture of mummification, which our RAssian-Aryan ancestors brought to Egypt. Blonde and bright-red hair is clearly visible beneath the funerary masks.

Matriarchy was before Patriarchy. Women-Warriors restored the civilization after the last global war 14,000 BC. They tamed all animals, including horse, and invented bronze. For example, the entire so-called “Ancient Greek culture” was about the struggle of so-called “Greeks” and Amazon women, who were SAR-MAT = TZAR MOTHERS from RAssia.

When our Great Mothers were charging at the enemy, they were yelling ALA-LA. That is why they are depicted with their tongue between their teeth. ALA is the same as ARYA as in Ali-man = Ari-man (so-called “German”; “G”/”H” is not even a letter, it is an upper comma / apostrophe).