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Big thanks to Fermina Mukta Singh and Frank Huzur for publishing my article “IS TRUMP DEFENDING AMERICAN NATIONAL INTERESTS” as the cover story in the February issue of the SOCIALIST FACTOR Magazine (Lucknow and London). The first part “DOWN WITH THE FAKE JUDAISM” was published in the January issue, and then, the entire article was published in the February issue as the cover story. Here is the text:











President Trump exhibited gross Mafiosi behavior in violating the UN resolutions when he signed his Presidential executive order for the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But it is pointless to talk of the law in relation to criminals who violate major international agreements, and who remain untouched by the suffering of millions. Such criminals should be arrested and placed in prison, without parole.

I feel for Palestine so strongly, because Palestine reminds me of Donbass, my ancestral land. Palestine is in the same position as Ukraine. Ukraine is a crypto-colony of Israel, with all major politicians having Israeli citizenship. Zionists of the United States invested five billion dollars to tear “Ukraine” away from Russia and make it a colony of Israel. In reality, there is no such thing as “Ukraine”. It is the ancient Russian land, and Ukrainians and Russians are one and the same nation. And President Trump denied to me my ancestral graves. In December 2017, President Trump started supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine. Blood of my people is on Trump’s hands. In parallel, President Trump sanctioned the complete genocide of Palestinians via denying to the Palestinians their ancestral graves. In Syria, President Trump illegally occupied the piece of Syria to train a new terrorist army against the democratically elected Syrian president. This gangster army consists of the ISIS terrorists under the control of Mossad agents. And Israel is openly supplying ISIS with arms, food, intel, and medical assistance. President Trump is a major war criminal, a Zionist marionette, who is guilty of the crimes against humanity on global scale, and who is tramping over the national American interests.

We need to clearly realize that Trump is not defending American national interests, despite his “We will make America Great Again” rhetoric. The self-named Synagogue of Satan (so-called “Council of Thirteen” – major banking families in control of all central banks all over the world) — has the plan for achieving the global domination via the destruction of all large countries, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Spain, China and Russia through national separatism. These countries are historically multi-ethnical. So, when we see the leader who, like Trump, is calling for the national interests, but, in reality, defends only the interests of one group, or nationality, you can be sure that this leader is a Nazi, and he works for the Synagogue of Satan. Thus, Barack Obama is right when he says that Donald Trump brings the United States to Fascism. Yes, Donald Trump reminds me of Hitler, and if Donald Trump drops a nuclear bomb on North Korea, he will overdo Hitler himself.

The recent gesture of “good will” when President Trump warned Russians of the impending terrorist attack on the major Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg is sheer hypocrisy, since ISIS was created and armed by Americans. Trump’s appeal to Russians to support Americans in their pressure on North Korea is also sheer hypocrisy, since, in reality, Trump is asking of Russia to join the Synagogue of Satan against China. Synagogue of Satan has the plans to push Russia to war against China, since such a war would help the United States to overcome the crisis of overproduction, and the limit of markets the same way as the Second World War became the “good war” for Americans, while Russians paid for it with the thirty millions of Russian lives.

The Zionist plan to relocate Palestinians to the North Sinai is the same trap for Saudi Arabia, as the usage of the Saudi National Flag as the Flag of Isis. The commander of ISIS is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, who is in reality a Mossad agent Simon Elliot in the proxy war of Israel against Arabs for the Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates. For Israel, it is important to colonize the Gaza Marine gas field to become more financially independent from the United States, analogously to Israel’s proxy war against Syria via ISIS. If Israel succeeds in splitting Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey into smaller, insignificant pieces, and taking financial control over the oil and gas fields, Israel, then, can move on to the splitting of the United States themselves into smaller, insignificant parts. This would mean the end of the glorious United States of America themselves. We should always remember that there is no such country as Israel. Israel is a military base of the Synagogue of Satan. And the Synagogue of Satan is at war with all the other empires, including the United States and Great Britain. That is why George Soros wrote in his book “The Age of Fallibility”, that his major enemy is the United States of America. And David Rockefeller wrote in his Memoirs that his objective was to destroy the United States of America.

If Saudis would agree to relocate Palestinians to the North Sinai, they would sign the act of their own destruction. Saudis will lose their own land and their own ancestral graves the same way they now try to make Palestinians give up their land and their ancestral graves.

At this point, let me leave President Trump, and talk of the ancestral graves. I believe it is pointless to try to convince or change President Trump or his family, unlike President Obama, who changed his ways to the more noble ones when it became publicly known that he is the one and only heir of the one and only Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia. Again, President Trump is a criminal and under psychotronic control, and if he would desire to get connected to his ancestral graves at some point of his life, the ancestors would scare him away till he would not atone for his Karmic Crimes. The man who premeditates and commits Karmic Crimes, reincarnates as a monkey. Let me address my words on the ancestral graves to the keepers of ancestral memory in those large countries, which the Synagogue of Satan plans to destroy. Let them unite against the Synagogue of Satan, which is not a nationality, not a religion, nor some political creed, but an organized crime syndicate of criminals who lost their ancestral graves.

In 2008, London’s Hampstead Garden Suburb United Synagogue, the major Synagogue of London, and one of Britain’s biggest Synagogue, has forbidden the teaching of Tanya, the Ideological Manifesto of Chabad. The Tanya is an 18th-century religious commentary on Tanakh written by the founder of Lubavitch Chassidism, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. This is how far into history reaches the religeous belief system of President Trump and his Talmudic family. Tanya was forbidden by Britain’s biggest Synagogue for its Racism and Nazism. By this, the major Synagogue of British Empire has forbidden the Chabad ideology on the British soil. The Chabad ideology is precisely the ideology of Israel, as theocracy hiding behind pseudo-democracy.

This testifies to the fact that there is a major split in the Mother Lodge itself. We can put aside the issue of Khazars, who constitute 93% to 97% of the world so-called “Jewry”, and who are Kurds / Turks from Russian ancestral mother, according to “Jewish” own genetic research. We can simply take Levites, the highest caste in Israel, who are R1a1, that is, PURE RUSSIANS by blood. Thus, Rothschilds have the only choice: either to accept that they are Russians, or to become a laughing stock of the world. Since Rothschilds are Russians by blood, this is the only “Russian” interference in American political affairs that there is.

If Rothschilds would accept that they are Russians, they would have to reject the Nazism and Racism of Tanya the same way as the major Synagogue of Great Britain has rejected the Racism and Nazism of Tanya. Britain’s major Synagogue rejected Tanya out of noble aspirations, but maybe the considerations of genetics would be able to make Rothschilds and their likes come to their senses?

Out of pure common sense, Rothschilds should reject Zionism, since, according to Tanakh, one can be a Jew only by mother’s blood. And, since they are pure Russian, Rothschilds have nothing to do with the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set, which is a Negroid Tribe of the Upper Egypt. Out of sheer sanity, Rothschilds should denounce the status of Israel as theocracy, ruled by Chabad, since Chabad is a perversion of the true Jewish history of the Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah, which was converted into Orthodox Christianity by Christ, two millenia ago. Rothschilds should reject the “sacred nature” of the Zionist plan for the Greater Israel, as pure madness. And they should reject their plans for Judaism as the “ruling” and most “ancient” religion of the world, since the religion professing Nazism cannot be “ruling over the world” in principle.


Tanakh says there are twelve Tribes of Israel, and all of them are Jews. But it is clear that the name “Jew” is derived just from the name of one tribe – The Tribe of Judah. The Tribe of Judah, evidently, occupied a small piece of land in the ancient Palestine, called Judea. Among other pieces of ancient Palestine are Samaria and Galilee. It is doubtful that Samaria and Galilee were ever occupied by Jews, since their names point to Samarians and Galileans, RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Saks from RAssia. And the origin of the name “Samaria” is much more ancient than the emergence of Tanakh and ”Classical” Judaism, in general. The true historical attribution of Samaria clarifies the historical date of Gallia / Galilee, and the true origin of Jesus Christ who was from Galilee.

Samarians are from two rivers Samara in Russia. The first river Samara is taking its beginning in Urals and flowing into river RA (ancient name of river Volga, the major river in RAssia). In fact, Samara means in RAssian “sama / itself RA”. There is a RAssian city of Samara in the place of confluence of RA and Sama-RA in RAssia. The second river Samara is located in the present-day Ukraine, which is, in reality, Malorossiya, “small RAssia”, the ancient Russian land. The Sumer culture of Iraq is, in reality, the “Samara” culture, since in its epicenter is the Iraqi city of Samara. The ancient Iraqi Epos “Gilgamesh” states that, after the death of his Neanderthal friend Enkidu, Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, went to the North, and crossed the sea (Aral = Aryan Sea) to meet with the Gods of Sumer / Samar and immortal man Utnapishtim who survived the global flood. Gilgamesh went to the territory of RAssia to meet RAssians who were the Gods of Sumer / Samar. He himself was 2/3rd God, meaning that he was 2/3rd RAssian. In the Gospels, we read that Jesus Christ advices his disciples to avoid Samaria, since it is not Jewish, and Samarians do not have the sins of Jews. The major sins of Jews were human sacrifice and usury, both being parasitic Neanderthal practices.

Thus, Gospels are the evidence that Samaria was never Jewish, and was always controlled by RAssian-Aryans from the North, from the country ROSH / RAssia on river RA, and rivers Sama-RA, which is described in the 38th chapter of the Book of Ezekiel in Tanakh as the country more ancient, more civilized and more technologically advanced than Judea, and wherefrom the kings of ROSH are coming on fiery Vimanas to punish the Kings of Judea if they misbehave. They were those Elohim (plural) who civilized ancient Jews. Elohim were coming from rivers Alla that cover the entire territory of Russia from ocean to ocean, from North to South, and from East to West, including Polar areas. The word “Elohim” is derived from the RAssian word Alla / Arya (“r” and “l” were interchangeable as in Ariman / Aliman). Alla is represented by Allat (RAssian-Aryan Goddess of Syria / Surya), El-Lada, and Lada (RAssian-Aryan Goddess of RAssia) – all being a Fiery Falconess / Firebird / Phoenix / Vasilisa (Vasilisk = Basileus) / Dragana (“dear” in RAssian) = Dragon.

The other piece of Palestine was called Galilee and was occupied by Galileans. Galilee is the same as ancient RAssian city of Galich, the country Gallia (ancient France), and Galichina in the present-day Western Ukraine. Both Samaria and Galilee demonstrate Swastika culture that goes far beyond the emergence of Roman Empire, famous for its swastikas. In the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, there is a famous Samarra plate of the Samarian culture of Syria (“Samarra culture”), dated 4,000 BC, that is, as being more ancient than “Ancient Egypt”. This plate has a Swastika in the middle.

The most ancient city of Palestine is Scythopolis (Beit She’an), the City of RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak. The very name of Israel means “IZ (from) RA (RAssian / river RA) El / Al / Alla”. And the very name of Jerusalem is pronounced by locals as “Urusalim”, that is, the City of Urus (RAssian) Alim (teacher). Russians are called “Urus” by all Southern neighbors. URUS and ARAM is one and the same thing. UR as in Uruk in Iraq (Sumer = Samara), AR as in Aram, IR as in Iran are all the same thing, and refer to RA as the Absolute Light and RAssia as the country of the Absolute Light. RA became AR, when writing changed its direction from the direction from right to left to the direction from left to right. ARAM literally means AR (Aryan) MA (Mother).

All these facts make the Zionist claim to the Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates completely illegitimate. Moreover, the very notion of Israel makes sense only if its origin in RAssian-Aryan culture is recognized, and it is still in the area of influence of the country Rosh / RAssia, wherefrom Israel derives its culture.

But let us look at the origin of the Tribe of Judah itself. The origin of THE TRIBE OF JUDAH is RASSIAN-ARYAN. JUDAH is YADAV from India. Chabad IS Shabad of Sikhism. Rabbi is RAVI or RAVVIN (RAssian word for Rabbi), that is, SUN, SURYA, RA = RASSIAN. SURYA is literally “se” = “to” = “this” RA.

Indo-Stan is the STAN of RASSIAN-ARYAN SCYTHIAN-SAK KAS-SAK / COSSACK who came to the South from the Polar areas of RAssia. There are thirty rivers in the vicinity of Moscow that are identical to rivers in Mahabharata. Right near Polar Ocean in RAssia, on Kola Peninsula, we, RAssians, have three rivers – ARYAN, SURA and ALLA (Alla = Arya). No Negroid and Semitic tribes have ever reached the Polar areas of RAssia.

RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak came to India / Indo-Stan through all the STANs – with major Stan on DON river (Tanais), and then, Afghani-Stan, Paki-Stan, Kazak-Stan, Nuri-Stan, etc. “Stan” is a RAssian word, and RAssians even now use a diminutive form “STANITZA” for a city in the STAN as a country. Palestine is precisely Pale-STAN. “Pale” refers to RAssian word “Palyoniy”, meaning “burnt”.

The true TRIBE OF JUDAH are black Dravidians who inhabited Africa and India in the times when the first wave of RAssian-Aryans came to the South from the Polar areas of RAssia, approximately 7000 BC. This first wave were RAssian Matriarchs, and that is why, the Gods in Indo-Stan are called DEVI, the Russian word for Virgins. And that is why teachers in Indo-Stan are called BABA, the Russian word for a Matriarch. And that is why, the second name of Siva is MAKESH, which is the RAssian major Goddess-Matriarch-Ancestor MAKOSH.

RAssian Matriarchs taught Dravidians ALL-UNITY and ALL-LOVE of Matriarchy, expressed by Swastika, which literally means “SWA = SVET”, another Russian word for ABSOLUTE LIGHT = RA. RAssian Epos of Igor and his Army speaks of “Bird Mother Swa”.

There is a well-known Jewish family Baruch, and Baruch College in New York, named after this family, as patrons of this college. But is the name “BARUCH” even “Jewish”? The name of BARUCH is RASSIAN-ARYAN, and it is wide-spread in Indo-stan among Hindi. BARUCH is the same as BARAK, an African name. This is the proof that Dravidians in Indo-Stan were one and the same with Dravidians of the Tribe of Set in North Sudan and Ethiopia, which also called itself the Tribe of Judah.

BARAK or BARUCH means ‘BA RA”, “BABA RA”, the Matriach-Teacher of the Absolute Light = RA = RAssia.

The same way, RABBAI or RAVI / RAVVIN means RA-BA = BABA of RA, Matriarch-Teacher of Absolute Light.

BARAK / BARUCH (BA-RA) and RABBAI / REBBE (RA-BA) are one and the same thing, designating the Matriarch-Teacher of the Absolute Light RA. Both of these notions point out to the RAssian-Aryan legacy of the Dravidian Indostan and Africa.

I am a member of the RAVVINAT Temple in Arambol, North Goa. You will not find on Google any information about RAVVINAT Temples in India. It is totally suppressed in the West by the Synagogue of Satan of the Khazarian Pseudo-Jews, who converted into Judaism from Islam in the 8th century in the South of RAssia, and then converted back to Islam. Finally, Khazars have again converted into Judaism in the 10th century. I repeat, Khazars constitute 93%, some say, 97% of the world so-called “Jewry”. Unlike our Great Mothers who professed all-unity, when they married men from other nations and races, Khazars denounced their true ancestral graves, and accepted the history of another nation, in fact, another race, as their own, in detriment to their own true history and true legacy.

RAVVINAT Temple in Arambol is a Swastika Temple to Siva as Swa — Absolute Light (“Svet” in Russian) – RA or RAVI / Sun. In RAssia, a Rabbi is properly called “RAVVIN”. With no doubt, Jewish Ravvin has its origin in the RAVVINAT Temple of India.

That is why the true Jews of the Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah in Ethiopia and North Sudan are praying to Swastikas, which designate RA / SUN / SWA (“Svet” = Light), and which is a Solar Cross. And that is why Mr. Barack Obama, the one and only heir of the one and only Solomonic Dynasty of The Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set of Ethiopian legacy, put Swastikas on the chairs of the US Congress during his last State of the Union Address (annual presidential speech in the United States Congress).

The fact that both notions of BARAK and RABBI pertain to Matriarchy testifies to their more ancient origin, than the “Classical” Judaism, which is totally Patriarchal. Matriarchy was historically before Patriarchy. The fact that “Classical” Judaism is radically Patriarchal points out to the fact that it is very recent, and cannot have any claims to antiquity. We can clearly mark the origin of the “Classical” Judaism with the end of the Iron Age, and the emergence of “Hellenism” with its transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy. The entire “Hellenism” is defined by the war of “Hellenic” Patriarchs with the Amazon / Sarmatian women from RAssia. “Sarmat” is “SAR / TZAR-MAT” / “RULING MOTHER”. And “Hellenism” is a fake term, since “H”/”G” is not even a letter, but an apostrophe before our RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak words. We, Russians, still properly say: “Ellens from Ellada”. While fake Western history says “Hellens”. In reality, “Hellens” are Alans from Don river — RAssian-Aryan Scythian Sak. A lot of Alans are living now in England.

We can state with no doubt that so-called “Classical Judaism” of Hellenism is a forgery, and is a perversion of the solar nature of RAVVINAT. Sun RA gives light equally and globally to everybody, independently of race, nationality, caste, education, initiation, gender, and even transgressions. Swastika of true RAVVINS is the symbol of true equality, fraternity and freedom (“as above, as below”) in rejection of Racism and Nazism of “Classical Judaism”, which professes the status of being “god-chosen” by belonging to a certain blood-line.

Because “Classical Judaism” was fake in the first place, it gave birth to the Neanderthal teaching of Talmud, which professes Nazism and Racism, more radical than Hitler’s Nazism and Racism. And because the disparity between the true RAVVINAT and the fake RAVVINAT is so evident, the Nazis of the Talmudic fake Judaism in Israel are sterilizing true, Negroid Jews, and forbid them their two-millennia long rituals of true Judaism.

BARAK (or BARUCH) and RABBAI (or RAVI / RAVVIN) means the same as RA-MA or MA-RA, that is, Mother of RA, RAssia, RAssian. RAMA was a woman, not a man.

The same way, the first Buddha was TA-RA, literally “TA” = “this” RA. That is why all authentic Buddha statues in Thailand have such feminine looks, including female breasts. Tibetan “Buddhism” with its misogyny is a gross falsification of the true RAssian-Aryan Buddhism. Buddha is from the Scythian-Sak Tribe of Buddini on DON (Tanais) river in RAssia. That is why Buddha is called “Sakya-Muni”, that is, “Sak” “Muni=Man”. “Budini’ is from RAssian word “budit’ = to wake up. “Budini” are those who are awaken.

The word “ROSS” emerged in the times of Hellenism, when Hellens added “h” as prefix-apostrophe and suffix “os” to our RAssian-Aryan / Scythian-Sak words. ROSSIA or ROSS is simply RA, ABSOLUTE LIGHT, HEAVENLY RASSIA.

India is the same as ANADYR’ in the Polar area of RAssia, and as Andes, since RAssian-Aryan Matriarchy was a global empire, the empire of FIERY FALCONESSES, RASSIAN FIRE-BIRDS, GRIFFINS-SPHINXES, DRAGONS-GARUDAS, GORGONAS.

Monotheism was NOT created by Patriarchal Abrahamic religions, which are the perversions of the Motherly love, expressed in the Bronze Age Socialist Communes. Matriarchs rejected slavery, usury, and caste system. The world was a Loving Mother. On the contrary, the Abrahamic Patriarchal religions created religions with their intolerance, Racism and Nazism, with the most Racism and Nazism in the Talmud.

The Monotheism of Sikhism did NOT emerge in the 15th century AD, but existed in RAssian Aryan Stans from the times of RAssian Matriarchy, that is, it is ANTEDILUVIAN. RAssian Matriarchs won the last highly-technological global war, and restored civilization around 7,000 BC in the RAssian Polar areas of Anadyr’ during the interglacial period when the temperature there did not drop below winter temperatures of Greece. RAssian-Aryan descendants of the Antediluvian giants came out to the surface of the planet after the end of the Nuclear Winter approximately 10,000 BC, in the so-called “Stone Age”. Matriarchs were capable to preserve the Antediluvian humankind in the RAssian Polar areas due to the Quantum Effect of the Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating / Refraction Mechanism in the Wave Crystal of Noosphere / the Cupola-shaped Ionosphere of North Portal, and due to the Day of the Gods (6-month long light signal) in the RAssian Polar areas.

Set or Sata is RAssian word “sut’”, which means “essence”. Here from, we get “SUT-RA”, that is, the “essence of RA = Sun, RAssian”, and “SUT-YA”, a wide-spread name in Indo-Stan, which means “Ya”, RAssian word for “I”/”Me” am “essence” / “sut’”. Because our ancient mothers put their wisdom on their dresses as symbols of sacred geometry, the dress SARI (“se” / “this” RA) was also called SATI. Thus, the very name of the Tribe of Set and the very name of Set, the Negroid God of the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan), is of RAssian-Aryan origin.

Negroid Dravidians accepted the Solar worldview of RAssian Babi and Devi, and the Rule of RAssian Matriarchs. Negroid Dravidians intermarried with RAssian-Aryan Matriarchs both in Africa and in India. In this way, Egypt emerged as Khemet / “Semet” – “semi black, semi white” (half-black-half-white) (“Hemi” is “half” in Greek; and “Semi” is “half” in Latin).

Set, the very black-skinned African God of Night, Death and Desert, was serving The Mat’ / “Mother” from RAssia who was ruling in the Lower Egypt (Delta of the Nile River) and was also called “Isis” (the Egyptian word for “throne”). Mat’ / “Isis” was depicted as white-skinned Woman-Firebird / Falconess / Griffon / Sphinx / Gorgona (depicted by Scythians-Sak with her hair as snakes, arms as snakes, and legs as snakes). Snakes were the symbols of the ray of RA / Absolute Light. That is why snake was getting out of Pharaoh’s forehead. Firebird Mat’ is bringing Fiery Souls from RA / Absolute Light to this dimension.

“YADA” or “JUDAH” means “essence” / “sut’” embodied in a specific dimension. That is why, the Tribe of Set (“Sut’” = Essence) was also called The Tribe of Judah. Thus, the attempts of Satanists to pervert the meaning of SATI / SATA / SET, and transform it into Satan, as Devil, takes its origin in the initial war between Matriarchs and Patriarchs, when all Matriarchal notions were perverted. In the same way, RA-BA became “RAB” (“slave” in Russian). All these facts emphasize the truth that so-called “Classical” Judaism with its origin in the times of Hellenism cannot in any ways represent itself as the most “ancient” religion in the world. Consequently, the so-called “Classical” Judaism cannot in any ways take a leading role in the Global Church, which the Synagogue of Satan plans to build for its “One World Order”.


The attempt of the Synagogue of Satan to attribute the Scythian-Sak or Sarmatians to Persians fails, though Persians are originally RAssians themselves. The Scythian Amazon Tzarina / Sar-Mat (Sarmatian) / Tzar-Mother TA-MA-RA (“ta”=this Ma/Mother of Sun RA / RAssian) defeated the Persian King Cyrus in the 6th century, and cut his head off. This is when Jews were in slavery in Persia. River Amazar is in Siberia, and in Anatolia, pointing to the fact that RAssian Matriarchs Amazons owned both lands. Ancient Poland and the Western parts of the modern-day Russia were called Sarmatia, that is, were properly Matriarchal and RAssian-Aryan with the origin in the Polar areas of RAssia.

The attempt to represent Scythians-Saks as a small land near Black Sea fails as well. In Siberia, we, RAssians, have the river Euphrates, and the Neolithic and Bronze Age artifacts exhibit the Matriarchal depiction of the Female Phoenix / Firebird / Griffin. This brings us to the origin of the name “Sak” itself. Our ancestors were called “Scythians” by foreigners. Our ancestors called themselves “Sak”, “Skolot”, and “Skloven”; in Arab sources, they were called “Sakaliba” – from Russian word for Falcon = SAKol. We, RAssian-Aryans, belong to the Tribe of the Fiery Falcon Rarog. That is why Lada / Ellada, Allat and Isis (again, Isis is “throne” in Egyptian, but the true name is a Russian word for mother = MAT’), as well as Garuda in Thailand, are each depicted as a Fiery Falconess (female Falcon). That is why so many African countries, and countries in the Middle East and Asia have FALCON on their National Flags. This falcon is SAKol, and its origin is Scythian-Sak, RAssian-Aryan.

Romanov-Koshkin, the Vatican spies, have rewritten our RAssian history in the 17th century via rewriting our historical manuscripts. Romanovs have changed the name of our nation via dropping off the letter “k” in the word “Skloveni”. Thus, they transformed us from the most ancient and most civilized nation of the world into some “slavs” (“slaves”) who, as the Synagogue of Satan claims, emerged from the swamps in the 6th century AD.

So, Russians are the same SAK, as Anglo-Sax and German Saxons. And Anglo-Sax and German Saxons are the same RAssian, since the Falcon / SAKol was called RAROG, designating that it was the Fiery Falcon coming from the Absolute Light RA. Initially, it was the Female Falcon.

Scythians do not belong only to the times of Hellenism. And it is wrong to say that Sarmatians were historically after the times of Scythians. Again, the Matriarchs / Sar-Mat (Tzar-Mothers) have restored the civilization after the last highly-technological war approximately 7,000 AD, in the interglacial period in the Polar area of RAssia, after humanity came out to the surface of the planet after the end of the Nuclear Winter.

The attempt to represent Scythian-Saks as the Tribe of Israel, or as a Hellenistic phenomenon, fail, since the North Pole Ocean was called Scythian Ocean, and we see Scythian kurgans (earthly mounds) in China and all over the North America, some dated as early as the beginning of the Bronze Age. And the city of Florinopol’ in Brazil is clearly the Scythian city of Polyane of the Tripoliye culture (the culture of agricultural nation with three fields – one field under grain, the second field under grass for cattle, and the third field which was resting). Ancient culture of Tripoliye near Voronezh (city to the South of Moscow), which is dated officially 40,000 BC, Tripoli in Lebanon and Tripoli in Libya are one and the same Tripoliye culture of RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Sak.

All Arab countries have FALCON / SAKol on their flags, revealing that they are Scythian-Sak, RAssian-Aryan. RAssian-Aryans Scythian-Saks civilized Africa and Middle East, and the most ancient cities of Egypt are Allio-Pol’ and Iraklio-Pol’. “Pol’” designates the agricultural field “polye” in the Tripoli culture. Now these cities are called in the fake Hellenic manner “H”erakleopolis and “H”elliopolis.

Islam, not Judaism, is the heir of Matriarchy, and the notion of Allah is derived from the notion of Allat, the same way as Elohim is also derived from the RAssian-Aryan notion of RA = AR = Alla = Arya = Absolute Light. Islam rejects usury (landing money with exploitative interest rate), based precisely upon the Matriarchal Law of all-unity in opposition to the caste parasitism. Thus, if we are to determine who inherited the ancient Scythian-Sak RAssian-Aryan Matriarchal lands in the Middle East, we are obliged to accept Palestinian Arabs as true heirs, not the fake Khazarian Jews who rejected their own ancestors and spitted on their own ancestral graves in the 10th century AD.

ARABA (Ancient Arabian Kingdom) is the same thing as BARAK and BARUCH and also designates Aryan (ARA) Baba (BA), BA-RA – Ruling Matriarch, a teacher of the Absolute Light RA. With the transition to the Patriarchy, BABA became ABA, The Father.

I urge you to listen on the daily basis to the TRUE, SOLAR SHABAD of Sikhs!




Frank Huzur, publisher of the Socialist Factor Magazine, reading the February issue, with my cover story.


Frank Huzur, publisher of the Socialist Factor Magazine, with his son Marcos.


Frank Huzur and Fermina Mukta Singh with their son Marcos, publishers of the Socialist Factor Magazine, Lucknow