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 February 25, 2018



The First Part is published in the March Issue of the Socialist Factor Magazine (Lucknow & London). And the Second Part is published in the April Issue.





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United States Biodefense Strategy was never the program of defense, but the offence program, starting with the vast use of biological weapons in the Korean War, which resulted in 1953 in the murder by the CIA itself of its own major bioweapons scientist Frank Olson, who was working with biological weapons, including Anthrax, at the Camp Detrick (now Fort Detrick) in Maryland. On 22 February 1952, the North Korean Foreign Ministry made a formal accusation that American planes had been dropping infected insects onto North Korea, spreading meningitis, smallpox, cholera and plague. The accusation was supported by eye-witness accounts by the Australian reporter Wilfred Burchett and others. In February 1953, China and North Korea produced two captured U.S. Marine Corps pilots to support the accusations. Colonel Frank H. Schwable had stated that the objective was to introduce bacteriological warfare into regular combat operations. Other captured Americans such as Colonel Walker Mahurin had confirmed this statement, as well as four American Korean War prisoners. Remarkably, the 2018 US National Defense Strategy makes the use of the binary biological weapons the pivot of its war for the US global domination. It is reported that the US has already started its binary biological war against EU and Russia, via spreading the LYME pandemics. The broken bottles with LYME-infected ticks are regularly found in the major Moscow park Sokolniki.

US Sanctions are not a punishment for Russian businessmen. This is a ban on Americans to deal with Russia. So that at a time when the US will seize international exchange reserves of Russia and cut off SWIFT, Russia could not compensate for this by arresting American assets in Russia. According to the US aggressive Defense Strategy, and their illicit hybrid binary biological war against EU and Russia, everything goes to war. And this war will start with a terrible epidemic. Americans are feverishly preparing for the more aggressive use of the binary biological weapons on the entire territory of Eurasia.

The influenza virus will be used as a method of delivering a particularly deadly and incurable bacterium (such as Lyme). During the Spanish flu of 1918, more people died than in all the wars of the 20th century. And they died not from a virus, but from a bacterial infection. Bacterial infection was not a secondary infection, but it was a genetic insertion into the genome of the virus (mosaicism between the genomes of bacteria and viruses).

Moreover, both the virus and the bacterium were mutated. And the Rockefeller Foundation did it. Rockefellers produced vaccines by infecting the same person with different viruses and bacteria simultaneously. And since man is a kind of organic laser, this fact accelerated the recording of the bacterial genome upon the genome of the virus. But that is not all…

The Americans invented a new genetic weapon, called CRISPR / Cas9. It is a system of genetic engineering, where the bacterium of streptococcus is the means for the delivery of the genetic weapon. The streptococcus protein cuts a double helix, and the harmful genes introduced by the bacterium are built into the genome of the infected person. So we are talking about the ability to block structural genes, and even do it almost unnoticed. And what’s more, make this gene blocking hereditary. In the new model of the American binary biological weapons, the mutated streptococcus bacterium will be delivered massively by the influenza virus.

The virus is used because it is carried through the air, and therefore has a much greater potential for rapid infection of a huge number of people. Moreover, this virus is specifically tailored for humans, by transferring it from infected birds to infected pigs, and, further, to humans. And the streptococcus bacterium itself will be an instrument of RNA delivery for the purpose of RNA interference, which will jam the work of DNA (via jamming messenger RNA). And not just jam, but deliver hostile genes. That’s why the Americans bought the Russian RNA. RNA, as part of the CRISPR system, delivers a binary biological weapon via complimentarity specifically to those genes that are designated for destruction.

The Zionazi organized crime syndicate is preparing for the next delivery of blankets, infected with small pox, for the local Indians to eliminate hundreds of millions on vast territories, similar to how they were giving blankets infected with smallpox to Indians in the North America, and eliminated 140 million of them. The relative ease and cheapness of CRISPR makes it into the preferred model of the RNA interference as the binary biological weapon.


Phillip Sharp, MIT Professor, 1993 Noble Prize Laureate for the RNA Splicing, was the man who moved the US biological binary warfare to the new level, when he became the creator of the Artificial Cancer as the mutated Adenovirus Binary Bioweapon, which killed, for example, Hugo Chávez, and made sick with cancer other Latin American political leaders who were against the US-driven global genocide. Adenovirus, which causes cancer, is now used in transgenic engineering, and is continued to be used for political murders.

In 1998, Sharp’s graduate student at MIT, Andrew Fire had created, with Craig Mello, another binary biological weapon through RNA interference (Noble Prize 2006). They found out that if с.Elegans worm is fed with its own genetic material, the worm dies. Especially effective is the short double-stranded RNA given to the worm. This is to further explain, why Americans bought Russian RNA in 2017. Likewise, this is to the question of why all the Satanists who drink human blood exhibit such mental deterioration. And why the Jews, who consume dry human blood in matzah, have so many genetic diseases. And why Peter Thiel who injects himself with human blood of a teenager is doomed for degeneration.

But for the purposes of the hybrid war of the Satanists, it is important to preserve human herd for the cultivation of organs and slaves. Therefore, instead of destroying Russians (and the rest of the world’s population), their sterilization and mutation into semi-beasts-semi-humans is planned. For these purposes, a two-helical micro RNA is the ideal binary biological weapon that does not just extinguish genes, but also delivers alien genes to the human genome. It looks like that MIT will develop the global delivery of bi-helical micro RNA via COCA-COLA.


So, CRISPR and other systems of RNA interference are the binary biological weapons that can destroy both DNA and RNA. This transgenic system can also deliver the silicone nanotubes, fused with organic matter, for the approaching psychotronic war, when people will become the live TVs for showing the Satanic movie on the fake alien invasion.

In parallel, the self-named Synagogue of Satan is preparing the global cyber strike from Google’s floating servers in neutral waters. Did you watch the movie “Blade Runner 2049” (2017)? It shows not simply the world destroyed by nuclear weapons. It shows the world destroyed by a global cyber strike, which erased ALL digital information on all devices, “clouds” and digital storage.

And this cyber strike will be a PSYCHOTRONIC and BIOELECTRONIC strike. Smartphones are the ideal psychotronic weapon, because they combine high and low frequencies. Even more, the flu epidemic can be produced by the bioelectronic transfer of the influenza wave matrix through the telecommunications infrastructure, including wireless networks. Undoubtedly, this will be an integral component of the impending epidemic. This danger demands from all national States to have their own hardware and software, independent from Google, Apple, Cisco, Intel, and the likes, for any “digital economy” and “telemedicine”.


But ironically, the binary biological war is already waged by the so-called “Deep State” aka “Shadow Government” against the Americans themselves.

Mossad is preparing for a major bio weapon strike in Palestine, and … on American soil. Flights Logs show a SINGLE Israeli plane secretly flew out of Atlanta during Airport blackout, which was intentional, on December 20th 2017. DHS plans Biological Weapons drill in January, just to begin with. Conveniently, the weapon itself is moved from the CDC Biolab of the Emory University in Atlanta to the Israeli Institute for Biological Research. The plane picked up other deadly components for the binary biological weapons like AIREBOLA and AIRLYME CRISPR-engineered “gained-in-function” bacteria-virus binary biological weapons in Belgium and Cyprus on the way to Israel. The freight was delivered to the plane in armored vehicles.

The initial AIREBOLA bioweapon was created at the Wisconsin University Biolab and spread in Liberia, a US crypto colony. The variation of the binary biological weapon was tested in Ukraine via Baxter Flu vaccines in 2013. In this light, the fit thrown by Joseph Moshe in 2009 is simply a cover-up that Mossad did to take attention from its major role in the coming zombie apocalypse in the US. Otherwise, Joseph Moshe would have been just shot in his car, taking into consideration the accusation of “making threats” to the White House, and the shooting habits of the US police. But he was not… Ergo, Dr. Joseph Moshe is live and well. Hello Dr. Moshe!

In the coming zombie apocalypse in the United States, Mossad will play the same role it played in the 9/11 black op. Well, the Karma gets back on the Anglo-Sax who were giving the pandemic blankets, infected with smallpox, to the American Indians, and killed eventually the 140 mln. of Indians in the North America. First, the LYME was engineered by the Paper-Clip operation German Nazi Dr. Erich Traub in Lab 257 of the Naval Research Institute on the Plum Island in less than 10 miles from Connecticut… which was using infected animals in open cages outside… (see the book by Michael Christopher Carroll). Now, in 2015, Tulane Lab of the University of Louisiana and … the Agricultural Faculty … released the most deadly bacteria, which causes melioidosis, again putting the infected animals out of the level THREE bio-safe laboratory (!) to the open cages on the spaces as large as football field. Evidently, to make the spread of bacteria more efficient.

But this is not all. The Lab 257 on the Plum Island was using the transgenic technology for much longer time than the glorious media career of Dr. Craig Venter (the author of the Blue Plague in the Mexican Gulf) and of Dr. Jennifer Doudna (the author of the coming zombie Apocalypse in the US). Strange mutant animals were washed ashore near the lab. Evidently, X-Men as half-humans half-animals were the major task of the Naval Research Biolab on Plum Island, and in all secret Biolabs in the US. Again, mosaicism of virus and bacteria (bacterial genes inside the virus, and vice versa) makes it possible to deliver bacteria via flu (viral) pandemic, which is airborne, and, thus, infects exponentially more people than bacterial infection can ever do. But bacteria carried inside the virus can have its plasmids infected with the other viruses that are more deadly than the flu virus itself. Or the RNA of the host (infected man) added to the transgenic virus+bacteria will shut his RNA via the RNA interference, which is totally the wave interference, increased by the electroporation. Dr. George Church of the Harvard University openly plans to add the genes of a PIG to human genes… Evidently, CRISPR plus “electroporation” via the smart-dust-based HAARP makes the dream of X-MAN quite feasible.


We see an unprecedented case of Austin Bennett, a candidate for the United States Senate from the Republican Party in California, who is voicing passionate protest against the poisoning of water and air, and especially, against chemtrails and vaccines. It looks like Americans woke up, if even the representatives of the US political elites are openly going against the Synagogue of Satan.

The “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” is not some “Cabal” or “Globalists”. Americans, get a life! The DEEP STATE is Chabad, which is in control of the thirty transnational banking families in control of the central banks all over the world, and in control of Israel as their military base. These are not the representatives of any race, nationality, and religion. This is the GLOBAL ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE. And this organized crime syndicate is fighting now for the global domination via destroying all large and strong national states, first of all, the United States and Great Britain. George Soros, their puppet, states in his book “The Age of Fallibility” that his goal is to destroy the United States. And David Rockefeller, their other puppet, stated in his memoirs that the only goal of his life was to destroy the United States. And now…. the pseudo-Jewish Nazi are DESTROYING THE UNITED STATES.

The ultimate goal of the Synagogue of Satan is to sterilize the global population and create the inferior caste of slaves. This is what is the major plot of the “Blade Runner 2049”. Those humans who are sterilized and synthesized are considered to be the Untermensch untouchables. They are exploited and used as walking organ farms. According to the Russian biologist Irina V. Ermakova, if a female rat is fed with GMO soy, her third generation offspring becomes sterile. If both a female and a male rats are fed with GMO soy, their second generation offspring becomes sterile. GMO constitutes up to 80% of the US food supply. But the RNA interference through Coca-Cola and McDonald’s can sterilize global humankind much faster. In parallel, we see George Church of Harvard and Jennifer Dounda of Berkeley starting their race to patent a synthetic embryo.

We demand a Nuremberg Tribunal for George Church and Jennifer Doudna!


Due to the popularity of the issue, the SOCIALIST FACTOR MAGAZINE has published the extra edition of the March issue:



Frank Huzur, Editor of the SOCIALIST FACTOR MAGAZINE with the March Issue.