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The only protection from the “Pseudo-Jewish Fascism” is the revival of the RASSIAN-ARYAN SCYTHIAN-SAK ANTEDILUVIAN QUANTUM LEAP CIVILIZATION. Pseudo-Judeo-Pseudo-Christianity starts its historical count from the Global Deluge, which was the result of the Global high-tech plasma, laser, nuclear and gravitational War between RAssian-Aryan blood brothers, all described in the Vedas. In 2015, so-called Jews counted the year of 5775, while RAssians counted the year of 7524. We need to say NO to the falsification of our history. We, RAssian-Aryan Scythian-SAK are DIRECT DISCENDENTS OF GIANTS OF THE MEGALITHIC ANTEDILUVIAN CIVILIZATION, and we are fully entitled to the Quantum Leap technologies of our ancestors and to their Antediluvian Matriarchal Socialism. Eternal shame on the United States for the act of vandalism by the Smithsonian Institute when their Jewish Nazi destroyed the Antediluvian skeletons of the giants – our ancestors. NO TO VATICAN! NO TO CHABAD! STOP CULTURAL GENOCIDE, YOU, NEANDERTHALS FROM VATICAN AND CHABAD! Nuremberg Tribunal to the apologetics of Darwinian pseudo-science going hand-by-hand with Satanists of Chabad and Vatican!

The Scythian Museum is proud to present its first lot for sale. The idea of the Scythian Museum is that the Great (and global) Scythia ( = RAssia) is an heir of the Antediluvian civilization of giants, and RAssians are not “Slavs”, but Scythians. Romanovs (Emperors / Vatican spies) changed the name of our people in the 17th century via rewriting our historical manuscripts, and dropping letter “k” in the name of our people as “SKLAVEN”, “SKOLOT” / “SAKOLOT”, “SAKALIBA” (in Arab sources) – from RAssian word “SAKol” for Falcon. We called ourselves “SAK”. We are the Tribe of the Fiery Falcon, Firebird, Phoenix, Griffon (Grif / Griffin). We are the same Sak, as Anglo-Sax and German Saxons. And Anglo-Sax and German Saxons are the same RAssians, since the falcon was called RAROG, from RA for the Absolute Light. Our major river Volga was called RA in the Ancient times. Ross is in fact simply RA, and “os” is just a suffix of the Hellenism.

Our Scythian-Sak RAssian-Aryan cities are in Latin America and North America as well, such as Florinopolis in Brazil, and Angelopolis in Mexico. Also in Brazil their imperial city is called Petropolis. It is in the mountains north of Rio de Janeiro.  These are actually “Florino-Pol'” and “Angelo-Pol'” and “Petro-Pol'”, the same as “Semfiro-Pol'” and “Sevasto-Pol'” in Crimea, and Stavro-Pol’ in RAssia. “IS” is a suffix of the Hellenism, which the Greeks added to our RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak words. This is, by the way, is a clear proof that the Greek culture came AFTER the Scythian. For example, we say “Aristotel'”, while Greeks say “Aristoteles”. Aristotel” means “Ary(an) Sto (hundred) tel (bodies) = an Aryan from a clan of hundred members.

All these are the Scythian cities, from RAssian word “POLYE” for the agricultural field – the culture of “POLYANYE” – The Global Tripoliye Culture, with three fields – one field for grain, second field for grass for cattle, and the third field resting. Tripoli near Voronezh in Kostenki, the ancient archeological site in RAssia dated officially 45,000 BC of the uninterrupted swastika culture, and Tripoli in Lebanon, and Tripoli in Libya are ONE AND THE SAME CULTURE of RAssian-Aryans, Scythian-Sak.

To make story short, I, as the Founder and Director of the Scythian Museum and the President of Wave Genome LLC, am specifically interested in the RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Antediluvian Quantum Leap technologies, which were preserved in RAssia and across Eurasia. The Antediluvian civilization of giants with its megalithic cities and pyramids was destroyed by the conflict between the RAssian-Aryan blood brothers in a high tech global war, with the use of the laser, plasma, nuclear and gravitational weapons, all described in the Vedas. The description of the Antediluvian devices are preserved only in RAssian legends, and nowhere else on this planet.

With our first lot, Scythian Museum starts selling the artifacts of the Antediluvian Quantum Leap technologies of our ancestors. For example, they used clothing embroidered with golden threads as a way of protecting themselves from psychic and psychotronic attacks. There was a case here in Russia when a small boy was able to escape hypnosis by a very strong and famous psychic named Messing, because the boy was wearing an ancient hat, with a spiral which was embroidered with golden threads on the top. Experiments have shown that if you put your cellular phone into the hat embroidered with golden threads, this does significantly reduce the harmful impact of the radiation.

Now, the silver threads are used in curtains and clothing (as well as metal grids on windows) as a way to protect oneself from psychotronic warfare. But the Scythian Museum got hold of the AUTHENTIC, ANCIENT clothing, hats and shoes, taking its origin in the high-tech Antediluvian civilization of our ancestors, all embroidered with GOLDEN THREADS, and all being authentic artifacts of the Museum quality. Please see attached. Both hat and the coat are from cotton velvet, embroidered by hand with golden threads. Price for the set is $1500. Please address your inquiries to mail@wavegenome.com

Kind regards,

Irene Caesar, Ph.D.
President & Founder, Wave Genome LLC
Director & Founder, Scythian Museum

PS  I am going to offer the entire line of clothes with GOLD (real gold) threads, protecting from psychotronic and genetic warfare, – with a pattern depicting teleportation portal, functional chromosome, fossil-fuel-free engines = SOLAR CROSS.