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Fomenko is a lackey of Vatican. His goal at the service of Vatican is to destroy the thousand-year true Roman Empire, founded by Serbians = RAssians (Serbia was called RASHKA in the ancient times). Constantine was Serbian, and he simply transferred Roman capital from Rome to his city Constantinople in Byzantium. Vatican was self-proclaimed by impostors, and did not exist at the moment of the Council in Nicaea, 325 AD.

Charlemagne self-proclaimed himself a Roman Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 800 AD with the help of a rogue Pope Leo III, while in the true Roman Empire, a true Roman Empress Irene was reigning. Charlemagne was an impostor and charlatan. Voltaire called the so-called fake “Holy Roman Empire” the “Pseudo-Holy Pseudo-Roman Pseudo-Empire”.

True Roman Empire was the most stable social system. It was SOCIALISM = free education, free medical assistance, and free daily bread. Also, it was the ELECTIVE MONARCHY, so that a simple soldier, swineherd (Justin, uncle of Justinian), a butcher, and simple peasant (Justinian, according to whose laws we are still living) were elected Roman Emperors. These SOCIALIST ELECTIVE DEMOCRACY was rejected by European Barbarians who were illiterate en masse.

When Anna of Kiev (1030 – 1075), Russian Princess, married Henry the First, the King of France, she was writing and reading in FIVE languages, while the King of France could not write and read, and was signing his documents with a cross. Templars are famous for being totally illiterate, and giving an oath of not washing themselves ever.

Fomenko rejects THE THOUSAND YEARS of our glorious legacy. The legacy of TRUE ROMAN EMPIRE was RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak legacy, since 20 emperors were so called “Slav”, but, in reality, SKLOVENE (now called “SKLAVINI”) = SKOLOTY = SAKALIBA = SAK, Scythians. Fomenko destroys this legacy. He is A CRIMINAL who is engaged in the cultural genocide of his own people. He is either totally corrupt, or he is an imbecile, intellectually and morally inferior. He is a DEGENERATE. BEWARE.