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 September 25, 2017

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After publishing my article “CYBER WORLD WAR VIA GLOBAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLECT” in the October 2017 issue of the Socialist Factor magazine, my ability to write and read messages and comments on Facebook was blocked — for a day. It appears that it became evident even to Facebook managers themselves that such anti-democratic suppression of freedom of speech is totally unacceptable, since it is the gross violation of US constitution, and the block was lifted (Irene Caesar, October 6, 2017).



Does Russia support the independence of Catalonia, Scotland and Kurdistan? The answer is NO.

The division of Spain into parts is the destruction of the indigenous people of Spain, consisting of several ethnic groups. This is the plan of the Organized Crime Syndicate aka the pseudo-globalist alliance of 13 Satanist banking families. Then, the territories of indigenous peoples will be inhabited by immigrants (this has already begun in Europe) to erase the national identity, since it is easier to manage the disfranchised and disunited idiots.

Then, the patchwork of the world will be merged into pseudo-unions – the European Union, the North American Union, the Eurasian Union, and then the larger ones – the Transatlantic Union, the Pacific Union, to impose upon formerly national states the genocidal will of transnational corporations in the style of cyber Neocolonialism.

We, Russians, do not support the separation of Scotland and Catalonia the same way we do not support the separation of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan from Russia. We will not allow to erase the word “Russia” from our ancestral territories and write the word “Eurasia”. Hold on, Spain! Stay whole and strong! You banished Jews for human sacrifices! For that, the Satanic pseudo-globalist Organized Crime Syndicate is taking its revenge on Spain. ¡No pasarán!



Political Separatism of pseudo-sovereignty goes together with another attempts to destroy the traditional State. First, the functions of the State are privatized, and then, substituted for the functions of the Global Organized Crime with its agenda of global genocide and cyber slavery. The major target of the Global Organized Crime is the financial system. Bitcoin is hailed as open decentralized database which easily goes over borders, while ensuring safety of transactions by its blockchain. “Blockchain”, we are said, preserves the history of all transactions in each “block”, thus making this history “indestructible”.

But, in reality, Bitcoin is a CYBER WEAPON for the global cyber attack by the self-named Synagogue of Satan from Google’s floating servers in the international waters – through the Cyber Trojan Horse positioned in so-called “Ukraine” (“Malo-Rossiya = “Little Russia”).

The fact that information is saved entirely on every computer is NOT the guarantee of its survival in the global cyber attack by the Synagogue of Satan, but, vice versa, the way of how Satanists can make their global cyber strike the most destructive, since every computer will have the entire Trojan Horse.

The complete integration of information in each block would guarantee that (1) all the information will be destroyed; (2) on every computer; (3) and only by one act of finger pressing on a button. Moreover, “blockchain” is not simply the principle of cryptocurrency. “Blockchain” is the major principle of cyber war, and in relation to all other computer applications. In fact, “Blockchain” is such a complete integration of ALL computer applications in one block that the cyber hit aiming only at one application will destroy all the other applications as well.

Even more, in a “smart city”, the cyber hit will destroy all the information not only on all smart phones, tablets, and computers, linked together, including the “Cloud”, but also on ALL other “smart” devices, such as, for example, kitchen appliances. And even more, it can in principle destroy the very kitchen appliances, and other home devices. Why does NATO need tanks and rockets, if NATO can attack via an electrical stove burning the house down?

Blockchain Trojan Horse means that if the Synagogue of Satan decides to eliminate you, it will be enough just to press a button once, and all your record will be gone forever – from all computers in the world at once, from all databases, all applications, all digital libraries, all digital cameras, all hard drives, all property records, all school records, all police records, all medical histories, even funerary records. Or if the Synagogue of Satan decides that the Holocaust numbers should again be doubled, and Germany should pay more, or if the Synagogue of Satan decides that the history of some country should be completely rewritten – all this can be implemented immediately and instantaneously by pressing only ONE BUTTON.

So called “Smart Technology” and “Smart City” is the recipe for national collapse and genocide.

Facebook is not a user-friendly social network. Facebook is a software program for rolling out the visual identification of people around the world for Global Artificial Intellect. The Synagogue of Satan plans to spread the system of total slavery and terror, which it had already established in Afghanistan, shooting down the entire families at weddings from drones – ONTO THE WHOLE WORLD. Their plan is for flying robots to hunt people down, searching for them and shooting them in the streets while fat pedophiles drink the blood of a next kosher-stabbed Goyim infant in front of the screen of the global control panel.

So, Goyim, post your photos! The Facebook carefully collects and sorts them. When the Synagogue of Satan will make its global cyber strike, the visual identification of people would allow that person’s images could be erased even when they are not signed.

But after all, not only for “Face Identification” your photos will come in handy. The United States have already forcibly collected DNA samples from its population. And Peter Thiel has already bought medical data of the Americans. DNA samples plus photos are the platform for the global ADDRESSED use of psychotropic weapons – from floating Google servers in neutral waters.

Soon you, the Goyim, will bitterly envy the Muslim women in paranja and burqa who hide their faces – when any “SMART” device in your home will be connected to the Global Artificial Intellect (the “Eye”), starting from your car to your coffee maker and mobile phone, and will be controlled by this external hostile force from the outside, and, most importantly, will be used as a psychotronic weapon.

When the degree of integration of electronic devices around the world reaches the desired degree, Google will make its global cyber strike from neutral waters. No, not the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and Soros, not the Queen of England, but the four bastards – Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and Google’s scum from Brighton Beach – decided to become Demigods on obsolete Soviet technologies.



(Satana is SS-18 – one of the largest Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles)

Perth, Australia, is the symmetrical antipode of Bermuda, where Google sends its billions to the 666 (WTF) mailbox. Perth itself is a huge underground city built by RAssian-Aryans, with an extensive network of tunnels, and now the base of the secret submarine fleet of the Five Eyes for the Global Artificial Intellect of the Anglo-Saxon Zionists.

It was to Perth, and then to Bermuda where the gold of the Third Reich had migrated by the secret Agreement of Britain with the German Nazis, along with the Führer submarines, which is the main dirtiest secret of England.

Indeed, after England financed Führer, England simply took its gold back with interest. Unsurprisingly, Anglo-Sax did not take both France and Germany into the Global Artificial Intellect, and were preparing the complete destruction of Germany and France through the Trans-Atlantic Union, mass immigration to Europe from Africa and Middle East, and via GMO genocide, along with A NEW CURRENCY which is the destruction of the Dollar and the Euro.

In fact, at the moment, there are NO either the US or the EU. The main global centers of the Global Artificial Intellect of the Anglo-Saxon Zionists (aka “Internet of Everything” or “Internet of Things”) are Groningen in the Netherlands = global information streams under full censorship of Pedophiles-Satanists who are raping children with Down syndrome (Netherlands intends to exit the EU); England – the industrial sector of a Global Artificial Intellect (England is exiting the EU), and Switzerland (Lake Lugano and Lucerne / Lucerne – “Lucifer”) – the Financial Center of the Global Artificial Intellect under the name of “666” (Switzerland never was in the EU).

Global Artificial Intellect of Five Eyes is the Crypto State with Crypto currency that has only one goal – the CRYPT, i.e., “grave”, of all other national states worldwide.

Now they are raping children with Down syndrome, but their goal is TO RAPE YOUR CHILD.


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