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JASON: I can say finally I tracked down the True Solomon Gold.  So another question to you, should the temple to Solomon be built? If we were in possession of it do you know what its purpose is?

IRENE CAESAR: Solomon = Salman = Suleiman is derived from two words “Sol” as in “Sol Invictus” and “Man”. “Sol” is from Russian word “Sol-ntze” for Sun. Ancients did not write down vowels, and Salman, Solomon and Suleiman are the same. Also Solon and Solomon are the same. “Man” in the word “Salman” / “Solomon” stands for a “human”, “Manu”. In Russian, “on” is “he”, and “ona” is “she”. Matriarchy used “Ona” / “Ani” / “Anunnaki” as the major marker. And the Patriarchy used “on” as a major marker.

Matriarchy was before Pattiarchy, and the shift from Matriarchy to Patriarchy started happening with the Second Ryssian-Aryan global domination 1,500 BC. This is when our Russian words acquired a Russian-Aryan Scythian-San suffix “on” as in “Solon”. But in reality “Solon” is simply “Sol” as “Sol-ntze”, “Sun”. Similarly, Brits say “Plato”, and we Russians say “Platon”.

Also, with the transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy, the direction of writing has changed from the direction from right to left to the direction from left to right, so that “RA” became “AR”. And the country Rosh / RAsha, which is spoken of in the 38th chapter of the Book o Ezekiel as country more ancient, more civilized and technologically advanced than Judea, was also called ARYA. RA stands for the Absolute Light – ULTIMATE SUN (Sol Invictus), the same as ARYA. In Russian, Sun RA, Sol-ntze is also called YARILO, and YARY is the same as ARY – the extreme degree of light, as spiritual quality.

That is why, the name of our major RAssian river RA / Volga was more ancient than the names of rivers “Aryan” covering the entire territory of RAssia from Arctic Ocean to Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The Sun RA was a woman – MA-RA and RA-MA, and she was depicted as Firebird with Falcon wings, Lion paws, the body of a Cow, and the tail of a snake = a Griffon / Phoenix, Fiery / Fa-YARY Falcon RArog, (G)Argona / Arkona – eternal, uncreated and indestructible, reborn from ashes = Snake and Bird together, Garuda.

See RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak Sun-Snake bracelets.

“G”/”h” is a Greek apostrophe of the times of Hellenism – not even a letter before our RAssian-Aryan, Scythian-Sak words. So, Medusa-Gorgona is Orgona (as on Orgonon) / Arkona (as in Arkaim) / Arkana (as in Tarot = “TA [“this”] RA”). Greeks call thenselves “Hellens”, and we, RAssian-Aryans still call them with their true name – ELLENS / ALANS (as the Scythian-Sak name “Alan” in Great Britain, which was civilized by us – RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak. “Alan” is literally “ALLA ON”, “He-Sun”.

“L” and “R” were interchangeable, so that Arya is the same as Alla. We, Russian-Aryan Scythian-Saks, have three rivers by the RAssian North Pole, on Cola Peninsula – Aryan, Alla and Sura.

Greeks rejected Matriarchy and enslaved women and the weak. They demonized us, RAssians, and depicted us, Titans, the previous to them civilization of antediluvian giants, as REPTILIANS. See the frieze of the Athena Temple in Pergamon (now in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin).

Greeks called our SUN Reptilian, since we, RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Sak, depicted SUN as a female face with hair as Sun rays in the form of snakes. Also we, RAssian-Aryans / Scythian-Saks, depicted Sun RA as a woman with her arms as snakes, her legs as snakes, her clothes as snakes. So, Greeks called RA – “Medusa”, “Medusa Gorgona”.

Athena has Medusa Gorgona always on her chest – in gold. Our ancestors were putting RA / (g)Orgona on their shields – in gold, so that Mother RA, Great RAssian Mother will blind enemy during battle, like Sun in the skies does.

Also RA was depicted as Swastika – Solar Cross, symbolizing Quantum Nonlocality and Holographic Principle – that Universe is entirely in its every point, so that there should be no hierarchy and slavery. The more freemen we get, the better for all of us.

Chinese “Lion” and “Dragon” is in fact RA, our RAssian-Aryan Firebird, Phoenix, Fiery / FA-YARY Falcon RArog / Griffon / Sphynx = Fa-Yary Falconess / Cow / Lioness / Snake, (g)Orgona with the same tongue sticking out of Great RAssian Mother’s mouth.

(G)Orgona / Ra / Fiery Griffon / Firebird / Phoenix was depicted with her tongue sticking out, because our Great Mothers-Warriors / Amazons / Tzar-Mat (Ruling Mothers) / Sarmat-Sarmatians were yelling ALLA-LA when they were attacking their enemies, thus, sticking their tongue out between their teeth.

You will find (G)Orgona with her tongue sticking out and her fiery hair from RAssian Polar regions across RAssia to Tibet, Mongolia, China, Japan, Thailand, India, both Americas, and Africa — since we, RAssian-Aryan Tzar-Mothers owned the world in antiquity, and civilized it.

What does all this mean? All this means that the Temple o Solomon – the MAN OF SUN – is The Temple to the Sun, not as physical Sun, but as Absolute Light – Light that does not cast a shadow. Sol Invictus. And this Sun cannot be symbolized by Magen David.

Salamander, the other version of Vasilisk and Medusa, i.e., of “the Reptilian” is, in reality, – SOL-AMA / Mother (ND) RA = Vasilisk / Vasilisa (major heroine of RAssian legends / Basileus) = Medusa Gorgona = Garuda = Saxon-Sak RAssian Griffon = Firebird = Falcon RArog = Solomon = Salame = Sol Ama.

Patriarchal suffix “ND” is the variation of Matriarchal suffix “ONA” = “she”, so that “Andr” (man, husband) is derived from “ONA”, as in Anadyr (city in the extreme North-East of RAssia). See also “Andes”.

The very word “man” for male, is derived from ‘AMAN”, that is, “AMA-ONA”, “She-Ama” (Mother), which got transformed during Patriarchy into “AMAN” = “AMA-ON”, “He-Ama” (Father). Analogously, “ABA”, father, was initially “BABA”, woman in Russian. Variation is “APA” in some RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak tribes.

So, Gammadion / Swastika / Crux Quadrata of Jesus Christ was ABA-ABA in the sense of RAssian BABA-BABA.

Magen David is inferior to Swastika / Solar Cross / Crux Quadrata, because Magen David depicts two pyramids, and (1) pyramid is a symbol of hierarchy; and (2) pyramid represents the mechanism of resonance and amplification, according to the laws of physics. That is why no bird, insect or animal can survive in the pyramid. Pyramid functions as the natural psychotronic weapon. The frequency is amplified and then it blows apart the source of frequency.

That is why pyramids were used in the initiation riots. The heart frequency of the man was amplified by the pyramid. Then, the heart was going into resonance with the amplified frequency, so that, the amplitude of heart frequency was also greatly amplified, till man’s heart was torn apart. Soviets had psychotronic weapon like this. Only the man, who can nullify the frequency in his scalar wave inside the Kozyrev Mirror of his skull, bones and chromosomes, could have endured the “initiation” in the Pyramid. The scalar wave emerges when the signal gets reflected upon itself, so that the peak of the forward-going wave is nullified by the trough of the same wave when it is reflected upon itself, and backward-going.

Thus, Magen David is the symbol of negation and agitation, the symbol of total unrest – as below, as above. Only Swastika – from RAssian word “Svet” / “Sva” = Light / Crux Quadrata provides the symbol of creation, not destruction; of freedom, equality and fraternity, not hierarchy and slavery – as above, as below.

So the Solomon Temple should be SWASTIKA Temple. That is why the Dynasty of Solomon from the Tribe of Set / Sata / Satan (of Ethiopia = Eritrea = “ARA-TA[this]-RA) prays to Swastika. Satan has nothing to do with Lucifer and Devil of patriarchy in Medieval Europe.

Solomon Temple should be the Temple to FEMALE RA.

Solomon Temple should be the monument to RA, RAssia and RAssians, as the most ancient, most civilized and more technologically advanced civilization on this planet.

JASON: How much money do we need so I have a ball park figure to request.

IRENE CAESAR: I do not know how much money we need. In fact, we do not need any. We need to establish unlimited access to energy. And then money will become irrelevant. As in family. Family members do not charge each other for food and shelter.