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Both candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — are Zionist marionettes. I also thought that Donald Trump is the hope and the change. Until I had seen this:

USA is the colony of Israel as it is openly admitted by Zionists in the Zionist-owned “US” media. Israel is not the country, but the military base of the Council of 13 bankers in control of all Central Banks in the world, who are all of Russian blood, but of Khazar legacy. Khazars converted into Judaism from Islam in the 10th century AD, and constitute now 93%, some say – 98% of so-called world “Jewery”. These bankers are determined to build global empire, and transform all “non-Jews” into slaves. They believe that this is “God’s will”. They have the plan and fulfill it step by step. Their goal at the moment is Syria.

It is so not only because Syrian Central Bank is not under their control. And it is so not only because Syria is the route for gas and oil, now largely controlled by Israel in Iraq, and from Leviathan — the recently discovered huge Israeli deposit of gas. It is so mostly because Arameic is a Russian-Aryan language, and Levites are in fact “Alawites”, who converted into Judaism in the first century AD, in the times of Hellenism, when Romans eliminated the Negroid, true Judaism, destroyed the “Second Temple”, and killed Negroid, true Jews en masse — for human sacrifice and ideology of Nazism and Racism, which Romans strictly punished.

This is when Judaism became proselytic, meaning that, at that moment of total elimination of Jews by Romans, the remaining Negroid Jews accepted the conversion of people who are not of the Tribe of Judah by blood into Judaism. Syria is the major evidence that modern Judaism is fake not only in relation to Khazars, but also in relation to Mizrahim Jews of Palestine.

The other reason is that Jesus Christ was Syrian, was born in Syria in the Syrian / Samarrian city of Maaloula or Maʿlūlā (Маалюля / Маалула, معلولا‎, Maʕlūla, арам. ܡܥܠܐ maʕlā) and spoke Arameic — the Russian-Aryan language of Syria / Suria / Surya (the country of RA – “Su-RA” – “su”=”se”=”this” and “RA=Sun”). That is, Jesus Christ was NOT JEWISH. He was made into “Jewish” at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD by Alawite renegades who rejected their Russian-Aryan legacy, and converted into Tribal beliefs of the Negroid Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah of the Land of Set (Upper Egypt = North Sudan and Ethiopia).

If Jesus Christ was NOT A JEW, this means that Jews are NOT “THE ELDER BROTHERS” of Christians, and, indeed, Jesus Christ said that the Father of Jews is Satan, that is, – “Set, Sata” – the Negroid God of the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set from Africa. That is why the “synagogue” (Greek word) is “the House of Set” in Hebrew. Christ, himself, was from Samaria, that is, the Samarra culture in Syria, a swastika civilization dated earlier than Sumer = SAMARA in Iraq (e.g., famous Swastika “Samarra Plate”, found in North Syria, is dated 4,000 BC, now in Pergamon Museum, Berlin). So, Judaism cannot claim to have the dominant role in the three Abrahamic Religions.

Moreover, Christianity appears to be not even the “Abrahamic” religion of the Middle East. No wonder, the early, true Christians knew only one shape of Cross – SWASTIKA (Gammadion / Crux Quadrata, Square symmetrical cross which rejects hierarchy, slavery and nazism / racism of the caste society, and posits the holographic principe of equality, fraternity and freedom – “as above, as below”). And we need to take seriously Chirst’s ban on human sacrifice, which Jews and crypto-Jews in the Freemasonry Temples are intending to restore now in the restored Third Temple of Solomon.

Taken all this into consideration, one should understand what kind of extreme importance Syria plays at the moment. The destiny of Christianity, the destiny of us all, “non-Jews” is decided right now in Syria. The Council of Thirteen gives a damn about the internal US affairs and Trump’s demagogy about US and Americans. They care only about Trump’s role in their covert hybrid war against Arabs in the Middle East.

They took on Trump only because Trump rejects the 1947 UN Resolution on the TWO-STATE solution for Palestine. We can expect three things from Trump, for sure: (1) New major terrorist act in New York by pseudo-Muslims from Mossad — new micro Nuke explosion, or major chemical gas attack in New York subway; (2) micro nuke in Syria, and aggravation in Israel’s hybrid war for colonization of Arab lands from Nile to Euphrates, and, then, to Dniepr, and Oka; (3) major terrorist act in Moscow to pitch Russians against Muslims.