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I was asked by Jason Hill (of Jason Society) whether the Freemasonry Lodge in New Zealand can join Wave Genome (www.wavegenome.com), my company, in making Quantum Leap.

Jason writes to me: “The meeting went well. This was to gain access to the Grand Master of the Lodge. He has agreed to meet me for a discussion in person at the lodge on the weekend. These are the people who will be pivotal in securing support and getting the contracts signed to WG. The guy was similar age to me and seemed warmed and impressed by the short chat we had.”

He continues: “I was with them all day meeting and knowing the lands. I also have another meeting with The Grand Master…. I think they understand The lodge is in a powerful position to open the doors for WG, and they know the craft is dying out. The older boys would be willing to understand the true RA light and true history of who we are.”



Below is my answer to Jason.

All Masonic lodges are reporting to Mother Lodge in London. Freemasonry is a totally totalitarian hierarchical structure with no freedom, equality and fraternity. It is a mockery of freedom, equality and fraternity. Every lower level does not know what the higher level is up to, and is used and abused in the dark.

These people in NZ Lodge cannot do anything without the order of Mother Lodge in London. And if any freemason in NZ Lodge disagrees, he is given a poison by his NZ Grand Master. And if NZ Grand Master disagrees, he himself is given a poison by the London Mother Lodge Grand Master.

Freemasonry is the ANIMAL FARM OF GEORGE ORWELL. George Orwell wrote a parody not on the Soviet Union, but the parody on Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a voluntary concentration camp, where members denounce their inalienable right to be free and equal.

Freemasonry is controlled by the Synagogue of Satan who commit the most horrible crime on this planet by doing human sacrifice two times a year in the Masonic Lodge in Denver, Colorado, under the guidance of Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel.

The party starts with raping drugged adolescents, both boys and girls. Some boys are castrated, and afterwards, made into sex slaves. Then, at midnight, these criminals kill the infant.

Most of them if not all in high ranks are pedophiles.  Alfred Charles Kinsey, employed by Satanists to promote pedophilia, collected data from serial pedophiles. These pedophiles were raping children, including infants. Children were yelling out for help, and then collapsed in convulsions, with their eyeballs rolling under the brow, and with their tongues out. Kinsey classified these convulsions as orgasm.

Kinsey classified more than 1000 kinds of orgasm in infants. At the moment, every Freemasonry Lodge around the globe is involved in legitimization of pedophilia and human sacrifice.

Talmud, which is carried around by the Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, allows raping children and infants. And the goal of Freemasonry is the restoration of the Temple of Solomon with the restoration of human sacrifice in the Temple (“Third Temple”).

The same concerns so-called “Templars” – they are Templars of the Temple of Solomon, and protect the Satanist license for pedophilia and human sacrifice.

All these people are CRIMINALS. Satanists are CRIMINALS who committed and continue committing the most horrible crime — the crime against defenseless innocent children. And this crime does not have the statute of limitation.

In essence, these criminals copy the behavior of animals, and do not have the right to be called human.  Satanists do not deserve prisons and mental institutions. Their place is in the Zoo, among gorillas. But even wild animals do not know such a degree of baseness and cruelty.

Our ancestors – the Tribe of the Fiery Falcon RA – were killing such people on a spot. Every Sak (from Russian word for Falcon – “SAKol”) / Fiery Falcon who saw a child sexually abused, or the act of homosexuality, was obliged to kill the criminal.  Pedophilia was and is considered to be the highest treason of the nation, and the most horrible crime by us, the Sak Tribe of the Fiery Falcon RArog.

Homosexuality in Freemasonry Lodges plays the same role as homosexuality in prison. The raped man is humiliated and submitted to his raper. Pedophilia breaks children. No child abused sexually by his tribe, will defend his nation as an adult. No nation ruled by homosexuals and pedophiles can survive.

In the history of human civilization, we clearly see that every nation, where the percentage of pederasts and pedophiles exceeded the percentage of normal heterosexual men, was destroyed.

Freemasonry was created by Satanists to break down the moral law of our RA tribe, after so-called self-named “Jews” were thrown out of every European country for killing our infants. In our 1000-year Roman Empire human sacrifice was forbidden. Romans were distinguishing between civilized nations and “barbarian” nations by the criterion whether the nation commits human sacrifice.

This true Roman Empire was Russian. It was founded by Konstantine, a Serbian. And Serbia was called “RAshka” in ancient times, and Serbians speak RAssian, and write with RAssian alphabet. 20 Emperors (Basilisk / Vasilisk) were RAssian Sak / Scythians.

RAssian land rejected slavery, human sacrifice, homosexuality and pedophilia from times immemorial – as features of animals and most primitive tribes of Africa.

ERGO; Freemasonry should be outlawed. Every Freemason, who at least one time engaged in the act of pedophilia, should get CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. The leaders of Satanists should be brought to a new Nuremberg Trial for Crimes against Humanity.