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Anglo-Sax are Russian. Scotts write “Scythian” as first ancestor. Scythians called themselves “Sak”.

“Sak” is derived from Russian word for Falcon — “Sakol” / “Sokol”.

This Falcon is the Fiery Bird = Phoenix = “Finist Yasna Sakol” (in RAssian legends).

The name of this falcon was RArog, from RA for Light.

Our river Volga, main Russian river, was called RA in the Ancient times. And RAssia is, literally, the country of Light, and of Light people.

We, Sak, brought the cult of RA to Egypt and India.

So, Falcon Tribe is RAssian. And to be Sak or Falcon is the same as to be RAssian, since Falcon / “Sakol” is the symbol of Sun / Light, that is, of RA, RAssia. And that is why, Falcon is called RArog.

The 38th chapter of the Book of Prophet Ezekiel in the Tanakh / Old Testament speaks of country ROSH in the North, on river RA, as of more ancient, more civilized, and more technologically advanced than Judea. Precisely from ROSH / RASHA / RUSSIA, Elohim were flying in, from the North to the South, on Vimanas = Fiery Chariots.

Rivers ALLA, SURA, and ARYAN are located on Cola Peninsula right near the North (Sak) Ocean, as well as rivers Gang and Ganesh.

And thirty rivers near Moscow have IDENTICAL names to the names of rivers in Mahabharata.

Here we see the table of rivers’ names in Mahabharata and Moscow region.


Jerusalem is called “Urusalim” by locals. Urusalim = Urus (Russian) + Alim (teacher).
All Southern nations call Russians “Urus”.North and South Amerika is ARYA ZONE (Arya Zona):
https://irenecaesar.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/аризона-это-арья-зона/South and North America is all covered with Scythian / Sak ancient cities and swastikas. We left in 13th century, and Mongoloids never entered our ancient cities. Navaho call us “Ancestor – Enemy” – “Anasazi”.

So all so-called “Pueblo” settlements are our RAssian / Sak settlements. And when Anglo-Sax came to the North America, they in a way came HOME.

There is a huge cluster of our RAssian cities in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, and SCYTHIAN-SAK KURGANS (earthly mounds) all over the US.

RAssian-Aryan Scythians-Sak were building their after-deluvian settlements near antediluvian destroyed megalithic pyramids of Anunnaki, our direct ancestor-giants.

Bronx botanical gardens in NYC, so-called Stone Walk in Newport, RI are our destroyed megalithic antediluvian cities.

We see there megalithic structures which were destroyed by gravitational bomb and plasma weapon, so that megaliths melted and were squeezed and deformed, and the top of the megalithic building was melted.



Moreover, Newport has a scythican building right on the central square.


But in Hampi, there was less of plasma weapon, and more of the gravitational bomb. That is why the megalithic blocks are not that deformed.

URALS IS THE SACRED HEART. ARKONA. Arkaim = Arkona (Arkona is the “Sacred place”).
And cities were called SAMARA, going from major river – RA. SAMARA means “itself (sama) RA (Light, RAssian)”.

From Samara in Urals to Samara in present day Ukraine, to Samara in Syria, to Samara in Palestine, to Samara as the epicenter of the so-called Sumer, but in reality, Samara in Iraq, since there is the city Samarra in the epicenter of the Sumer culture. These are all swastika cultures.

New York was Arkona too. Blocks in Brighton Beach are from the destroyed megalithic city. The major pyramid was in the Bronx Botanical Garden.

If the idiots destroy New York, they will be punished by the ancestors.

Great Ancestors, “Enemy-Ancestors” ANASAZI, are the same as ANASTASIA.

American Indians are our brothers and sisters, they have our blood.

The US “Eagle” was not EAGLE. That was FALCON.

My dream is to restore Falcon hunts (hunting with the help of Falcon) = our RAssian-Aryan / Scythian-Sak ancestral symbol. SAKOL RAROG.

We have so many cities called with the name of SAKOL / SOKOL (falcon) in RAssia.