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Jason of Jason Society asked me today whether Mossad is good or bad, and can we trust Mossad. Here is my answer.

Levites are pure Russian-Aryan r1a1. The rest of so-called “Jews” are 93% Khazars, who are Kurds (Russian-Aryans) from Russian Ancestral mother, according to their own genetic research (Khazars converted into Jidaism from Islam in the 10th century). In essence, their rule over Western world and partially over Russia – is a rule of Russian-Aryans over the world. They came to the South from Russia, which is spoken of in the 38th chapter of the Book of Prophet Ezekiel in Tanakh, as of country ROSH (RAssia) in the North, which is more ancient, more civilized and more technologically advanced than Judea, and wherefrom Russian-Aryan Elohim were (and still are) flying in, from the North to the South, on Vimanas – fiery chariots.

Russian-Aryans brought civilization to Negroid tribes of Upper Egypt – Ethiopia and North Sudan who worshipped their tribal / ancestral god Set / Sata / Satan. Set was depicted as a very black negro with Jackal’s head.

The Prophet Mohamed bloodline is also R1a1. That is, he is also Russian-Aryan.

If Mossad would accept that they are Russian-Aryan, my brothers and sisters, and that Russia is their true and only Motherland, and will fight for Russia and their true (Russian-Aryan) ancestors till death, then they will be saved from total genetic collapse which awaits them if they continue rejecting their Russian-Aryan Ancestral Mother.

Rejecting one’s Ancestral Mother is the greatest Karmic sin.

If they realize that true Jerusalem is Urus-Alim, the City of Russian (Urus) Alim (teacher), as the locals continue calling this city even now, then, Mossad would gain the psychic powers of their true (Russian-Aryan) ancestors.

But right now, by rejecting plain and unequivocal pure R1a1 results of their own genetic tests, Mossad and Levites, in general, demonstrate intellectual inferiority, and posit themselves as laughing stock to the world.

Instead of cherishing their privileged position of belonging to the most ancient, most civilized, and most technologically advanced civilization in the world, Mossad goes around destroying the artifacts of their true ancestors.

Instead of enjoying the connection to the psychic force field of their brothers and sisters in RAssian-Aryan / Scythian-Sak / Skolot / Sakoloven / Sakaliba (In Arab sources) Tribe of Fiery Falcon RArog (Falcon is “Sokol” in Russian), Mossad goes around killing the best RAssian-Aryans, thus diminishing the joint RAssian-Aryan psychic field, bringing civilization on this planet down, and diminishing their own psychic powers.

The first wave of Russian-Aryans to the South was Matriarchal. Matriarchy was before Patriarchy. That is why we can date with precision the writing of Tanakh, as the artifact of Patriarchal culture. Gods in India are called “Devi” – Russian word for virgin, and teachers are called “Baba” – Russian word for woman.

Second name of Siva is Makesh (Mahesh), which is the name of major Russian goddess – a woman – MAKOSH. “Maha” or “great” comes from Russian word “Makovka” (cupola on the church) / “Makushka” (top, including the top of the head). The very name “Siva” is “Sva” or “Svet” – light – in Russian. The same with “Sva-Stika”, which is simply the symbol of Light. Light is also called RA, that is “Sun”, “RAssia”, “RAssian”. Solomon is “Sol-Man” – “Man of Sun”, “Man of RA”, that is, Russian. Sun in Russian is “Sol-ntze”.

The teacher of light is RA-BA = Baba / Teacher of RA / Light / Sun / RAssia. By the way, Volga, the major river of RAssia, was called RA in ancient times. RA-BA is also pronounced as “RAVI”. Ravi is Sun and teacher of Sun RA (in India). Christ, for example, was called “Ravi” in Gospels. There are Temples of RAVINAT in India. I became a member of such Temple in North Goa in the place called ARAM-Bal in March of this year.

The RAVINAT is the exact word of how the community of so called “Jewish” Ravvins (in Russian) or Rabbis is called in RAssia.

RAVInat Temple is devoted to God Siva. The name is pronounced “Shiva” in Hindi, and “Siva” in Sanskrit. Siva is Sva or Svet, Light, as I said, and has nothing to do with darkness of chaos, war and destruction, with suffering and genocide.

Our ancestors were not “pagans” who worshipped many gods as idols. Our ancestors worshipped SVA – Light. That is why the truly monotheistic religion of Sikhs in the North of India is NOT “recent”, 16th century or such. The proof is that Russian-Aryan Sikhs sing sacred songs called “SHABAD”, devoted to RA = LIGHT = RAssia.

Baruch is a very wide spread last name in India. BA-RU-Kh or BA-RA-k (like our venerable Barak Obama = the one and only heir of the one and only Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia) literally means BA / BABA (teacher) of RA, Light / SOL (Sun), RAssian.

Russian-Aryans came to Upper Egypt twice. The first comers, Russian-Aryan Matriarchs, married Negroes, and gave birth to Khemet – joint Russian-Aryan (Lower = Nile delta) and Negroid (Upper = Ethiopia and North Sudan) Egypt / Khemet (“khemi” is “half”, and later became “semi” for “half” in Latin).

These Russian-Aryan Matriarchs were depicted as Falconesses / Lionesses – half woman half falcon. The name of the falcon was RA or RArog, RAssian Firebird, FINIST / Phoenix. They gave to Negroes the “Sut'” which is the Russian word for “essence”, “truth”. And Negroes of the Upper Egypt were totally obedient to Great RAssian Mother.

Word “Set” / “Sata” is derived from RAssian word “Sut’. From RAssian word “Sut'” are derived also such words as “Sut-RA” (“essence of RA”), and “Sut-ya” (“ya” = “I” am “essence”). According to the expertise of Durga Prasad Shastri, the leading Indian Sanskritologist, RAssian is the most archaic form of Sanskrit.

The Ancestral RAssian Mother was called in Egypt with the RAssian word “Mat'” for mother. Teaching of RAssian Great Mother in Egypt was very similar to the true teaching of Jesus Christ. We come from RA and return to RA – LIGHT. We, children of RA, have RA completely in us (holographic principle of Quantum Physics = true Christianity), and, that is why, we need to take care of each member of our people, since we are ONE with them, and cannot hide behind the wall from an orphan sobbing from despair. Information waves go through the walls. That is why Great RAssian-Aryan Mother took care of those suffering. Ayn Rand’s ideology of egoism is the perfect expression of the Neanderthal psychology of parasitism, degeneration and destruction of civilization.

The name of Jew / Judah and the Tribe of Judah, which also calls itself the Tribe of Set (true, Negroid Jews of the Tanakh), derives its name from Sanskrit word “Yada”, meaning the essence manifested in time and space. The antagonism started with the second wave of RAssian-Aryans to the South, which was Patriarchal. It was the emergence of Polytheism.

By the way, the Coptic alphabet of the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set is absolutely identical to RAssian alphabet. These alphabets have hissing letters absent from any other alphabet. And the Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set is worshipping RAssian-Aryan SWASTIKAS.

So, we have RAssian-Aryan BARUCH / BARAK singing SHABAD in RAVINAT temples to SVA / RA / MAKOSH to comprehend SUT’.


The Ethiopian Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah are the true, authentic Jews, who were taught by Russian-Aryans to worship Light / Sva / Swastika, “Svet” in Russian.