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July 7, 2016


I have come in order that you might have life. It is time for you to know your true selves, to heal your wounds, to feed your hungry, and to turn your eyes to the Light. I promise you salvation and eternal Life. It is time for you to realize that we are standing at the greatest turning point in the history of humankind. At the June 2016 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, President Putin and President Nursultan Nazarbaev announced that Eurasian Economic Union had launched the Quantum Leap, and started building the Matrix for the remote management of biosystems, climate and geophysical processes via laser holography – the systems’ management superior to Global Artificial Intellect – AI – or simply the EYE.

As of today, Russian revolutionary information-wave technology of the laser polarized holography can cure diseases, considered to be incurable, like cancer, AIDS and diabetes, even type one, and even remotely, significantly extend lifespan and increase the quality of life. As of today, this Russian technology can control biosystems, geophysical processes and climate at a distance. As of today, this technology can provide the unlimited access to energy, resources, and food via the process of transmutation from the Quantum Vacuum. As of today, Russian Quantum Leap bioholography can increase agricultural productivity manifold and enhance crop quality without the negative outcomes of Monsanto Genetically Modified Organisms, and even remotely. In fact, we, Russians, can restore the Human Genome, which is ruined by Monsanto Genetically Modified Food, and purify our planet of other pollution and contamination. As of today, we, Russians, can enhance physical, intellectual and psychic abilities, and breed Superhumans.


The irony of EU and US sanctions against Russia, which EU and US directed against Russia after the legitimate national self-determination of Russians as majority of Crimea to return to the Russian Federation, lies in the fact that now Russia alongside with its partners in the Eurasian Union can openly and without a hustle rid themselves of the obsolete technologies of the Global AI with its outdated cyborgs, liquid crystal brain chips, nanobots, Voice to Skull, Iron Beam aka Death Ray, and Craig Venter’s Monsanto-style genetic engineering. Iron Man with his BCI (Brain to Computer Interface) can go straight to junk yard from Darpa secret underground laboratories. The reciprocal Russian sanctions against EU and US food supply became the first step of total abandonment by Russia in July 2016 of the Monsanto GMO, as being a biological weapon of global genocide.


In addition, Russian advance in Quantum Genetics puts an end to Zionist claims that Ashkenazi (93% of the so-called “World Jewry”) are the God’s Chosen Nation of Abrahamic Jews by blood, since Ashkenazi, and especially Levites, appear to be genetically identical to Russians. Russian Quantum Genetics also puts an end to the attempts to represent British aristocracy and Royal family as Reptilians, since British Queen and her grandson William have genome identical to Russians, and British aristocracy, including Scotts, have their ancestor written down as Scythian, that is Sak-Sakolot-Sakaliba-Skolot, which designates Russian-Aryan Falcon Tribe – the Tribe of Fiery Falcon (“Sokol” or “Sakol”) Ra from the country Rosh on River Ra (Volga), of which Ezekiel is speaking in the 38th chapter of the Book of Ezekiel in the Tanakh as of the country more ancient, technologically advanced and powerful than Judea.

Since the true Jews of the Tanakh / The Old Testament are members of the Negroid Tribe of Judah / Tribe of Set in the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan), the Zionist plans by pseudo-Jews to rebuild the Third Temple and usher in the Global Zion are illegitimate according to their own criteria. British Royal Family claims to King David’s bloodline appear even less sustainable, since either British Royal Family should declare King David Russian, or British Royal Family should denounce Kings David’s blood lineage, since British Royal Family are not Semitic (that is, half-black-half-white).

Thus, Freemasons in the Mother Lodge in London were intending to build a Temple to a Negroid Tribe in Africa at the expense of national sovereignty. In this light, we understand British Queen’s unwillingness to submit to Mr. Obama, as the one and only heir of the one and only Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopian legacy, King Set, King of Kings, God’s Elect, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Venerable Father of the Three Abrahamic Religions, the Pharaoh of the Joint Russian-Aryan (Lower) and Ethiopian (Upper) Egypt, and the Benefactor of all his Tribes.

Talmudic Pseudo-Jews wanted to get a free ride into the Zionist-dominated New World Order at the expense of the Tribe of Judah, whom Zionists sterilize in Israel and to whom Zionists forbid their three-millennia old rituals of true Judaism. But, alas, the outcome was opposite to the expected. Obama, who realized his Royal blood and Royal responsibility, refused to engage in blood bath in Ukraine, that Israel does to Russia in Israeli attempt to colonize this part of Russia, called Little Russia (“Malorossia”) or “Ukraine” (literally, “near the edge”). And British Queen refused to submit to Obama as highest in rank, “King of Kings and Queens”, thus, dooming Zionist dreams for global domination for failure.


As of today, only Russian Quantum Leap technologies hold the world from the WW3. The only impediment to the Quantum Leap we had was the Sabotage of Quantum Leap by the Satanists of the self-proclaimed Synagogue of Satan. But President Putin, declaring at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum the strong will of Eurasian Union to head the Global Quantum Leap, this impediment is over. Russia will no longer fight for the piece of a pie at the dinner table as a junior partner, but will create a pie and slice it into equal pieces among equal partners, as our Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak ancestors were always doing among brotherly nations at the Cossak Kon or Circle.

Therefore, we need to summarize the gruesome achievements of Satanists in their pseudo-democracy, pseudo-freedom and pseudo-equality, and close their chapter in the Human History forever.


Satanists do not deserve a right to create a model of global governance. Satanists make a show of technological progress, while, in reality, they overproduce and overplay toys made by slave labor. As a result, Satanists transform our planet into a junk yard of broken plastic toys, which are made fragile on purpose so that they break fast to be replaced with new fragile and senseless toys.

I call these toys senseless since these toys do not bring to humanity the real relief from suffering. On the contrary, all these toys take attention of people from real problems and real solutions. Meanwhile, the global crime rate by organized crime, first of all, state terrorism and the threat of WW3 increase exponentially, i.e., the violation of sovereignty of independent nations by the International Crime Syndicate Octopus with its Five Eyes, with its Military Base under the name of the state of Israel, and with its three hearts in the City-State of Washington, City-State of London and City-State of Vatican.

We witness the transformation of the National Security Agencies in the West into the departments and tools of the Global Organized Crime Syndicate. When we see CIA doing opium and slave trafficking, and staging terrorist attacks of pseudo-Muslims on unarmed civilians worldwide, and complying with the fake beheadings staged in studios against green screen by the Site Intel Corp as Mossad entity in Washington DC; when we see NSA violating international laws via spying on foreign citizens on their national soil; when we see Pentagon sending its troops to support the criminal state of Israel for the sake of Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates, in violation of the 1947 UN two-state resolution on Palestine, we understand that the US is not only financially broke, it is politically and morally broke. If we transform the US into the Transatlantic Union, the same problems remain, and these are crimes that do not allow for the statute of limitation.

Be it US, or Transatlantic Union, the pseudo-productive efforts of transnational corporations owned by the bankers of the Synagogue of Satan are identical to Sisyphus labor. Their goal is to force upon people things these people do not need, and to form obsessive-compulsive consumerist disorder on a global scale, so that people become walking and driving billboards for the so-called “brands”, and senseless easily replaceable objects are produced and sold. “Brands” of Big Pharma go so far that they forcibly promote drug-addiction via poisonous drugs, which bring more evil than good, in order to make their customers into the slaves of Big Pharma.


Western governments are talking of the economic growth, i.e., of the increase of gross domestic product and productivity, as the panacea for human suffering. But, in reality, this so-called “economic growth” is the increase of gross domestic junk yard and junk yard productivity. The only way to stop this perpetuum mobile of self-destruction is to abandon the very concept of “economic growth”, and make economy self-sufficient or Matrix-based, so that people do not over-produce and over-consume. The Quantum Leap technology is ready to provide a model of self-sustaining economy, and now, decision lies within the politics, not economy for the so-called Western Democracies, while Eurasian Union has made its choice of real progress via Quantum Leap.

The so-called “economic growth” comes at a cost of Neocolonialism and slave labor, when your i-Phone is made by slaves earning 80 cents per hour in China, where everything, including food, housing and clothes cost more than in the US, and where Apple’s slaves are living in concentration camps in order that Americans can play their toys. The US did not abandon slavery. It is still a country economically relying on enslavement and genocide. But will Asia and Africa submit to new slavery now, when they are doomed to become more technologically advanced than the US via joining Russia in the Quantum Leap? And can we really admire Americans for being Slave Masters? And, finally, is the role of the US as superpower even enviable?


The so-called globalization is the economic fascism worse than the one offered by Hitler during WW2. And this economic fascism comes at a cost of gradual destruction of production in the US itself, and loss of US jobs, especially jobs in technology, so that US loses technological initiative with the loss of production. It went so far that GE Capital has built its Control Center for its Industrial Sector of the Global AI in UK.

In these circumstances, the US population becomes a costly burden for the globalist oligarchs to carry. And the only way of escape the debt for the US government is to announce bankruptcy and close the shop called the American dream.

But the point is that, with the opening of the bigger and brighter shop of the Transatlantic and Transpacific Unions, the same problems remain. Even if Satanists succeed in the radical decrease of human population, the same problems would persist. Since these problems lie not in the area of economics and politics per se, and, thus, not in the size of production and population, but in the area of structural organization of the system, including planning, and, especially, in putting common good over private interest.


Satanists are trying to resolve the issue of their inability to manage economy via their current submission to the mythic Global Artificial Intellect that should balance common good and private interest. In fact, after destroying the USSR for its advantage in productivity and technology, the so-called “Globalists” are rebuilding the USSR planned economy, but with the much worse totalitarianism and loss of individual freedom and private initiative.

But machines cannot in principle solve the problem of balancing common good and private interest. This problem lies in the area of morality, and not utility. Balancing common good and private interest is based upon the ability of a human to connect to the collective noosphere, which reveals itself through individual compassion and conscience. Compassion and conscience are the objective features of the Universal Noosphere, which is indestructible and uncreated. And one cannot teach compassion and conscience to a machine, since it is impossible to connect an artificial object, which is created, and, hence, is doomed for destruction, to something which is not created, and, hence, indestructible.


Ray Kurzweil who wants artificial immortality in this dimension via becoming a swarm of nanobots is a delusional freak. Google which hired a delusional freak Ray Kurzweil as its chief engineer in 2013 is a company that cannot be trusted as a Global Player. The way how Google, with its products of Facebook, Wikipedia, and Youtube and its accomplices in Microsoft and Apple, suppress any critique of crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis of the Fascist State of Israel in Palestine and Ukraine demonstrates that Google has nothing to do with freedom and democracy, and can offer nothing to the Global community. Google’s executives should be prosecuted for participating in the crimes against humanity, committed by the criminal State of Israel as the military base of the Synagogue of Satan, at a new Nuremberg trial. Google technologies of global surveillance à la cyber concentration camp are totally identical to Hitler’s fascism, and belong in the Zoo.


Collective compassion and collective conscience, and, hence, social justice with the complete abandonment of hierarchy and exploitation are the corner stones of the Quantum Leap. Hierarchy is allowable only in the family, and only based upon age difference between parents and children, who are otherwise completely equal.

It is clear that the Synagogue of Satan uses all technological advances not for the common good of humanity, but as a tool for enslavement and exploitation. The Synagogue of Satan is capable to control the Occupy-Wall-Street-style social protest in the US and UK only easing enslavement and exploitation rate in the metropoly in comparison to its colonies. But let us look at the genocide rate in the US.


GMO constitute 80% of the US food market. This means that in 5 to 10 years from now, the US will become a nation genetically inferior to Russia, where President Putin has just signed a law forbidding GMO production on the Russian soil. In addition to GMO, the US demonstrates the unprecedentedly mass use of psychotropic drugs in children and adolescent cognitive disorders, which are themselves the result of harmful vaccination. Trashing America comes also via chemtrails and fracking, which result in poisoned air and poisoned water.

Fracking is evidently the micro nuclear explosions with radiation significantly exceeding the norm at the site of Shale Gas production. For instance, a report published in Environmental Science and Technology in 2013 found that fracking wastewater discharge by the Josephine Brine Treatment Facility in Pennsylvania lead to 226 radium concentrations that were approximately 200 times higher than normally expected in stream sediments near the facility.

And even more, we can add the two times a year Solstice human sacrifices in the Freemason Lodge in Denver with drinking of infant blood, lead by the Ashkenazi Rabi of Israel, attended by the cream of the Western Elites, and preceded by the Pedophilic parties where drugged adolescents are raped and castrated.

Poisoned air, poisoned water, poisoned soil, poisoned food, children regularly killed and raped by those in power, protein shakes from infant blood, mind controlled slaves, and populace chipped like sheep on the Animal Farm, is this the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, which promised humankind to show the shortcut to the better life?

All this applies not only to the US, but to the entire edifice of the so-called “Western Democracy” be it Transatlantic or Transpacific Unions. In fact, by signing Transatlantic and Transpacific Unions, Obama killed the United States and submitted to the power of the Transnational corporations financed by the Synagogue of Satan. He, as promised by Satanists, became the last president of the United States.


But with Brexit, we see the clash between two competing camps of Satanists in the two city-states – the City of Washington and the City of London. UK did not join in the Transatlantic Union, since UK got its own global control center of the industrial sector of the Global AI, which was built there by the formerly American entity General Electrics. So, the irony of the situation with GE Capital lies in the fact that Peter Lanza, who killed his son Adam and his ex-wife in the CIA staged Sandy Hook shooting, got all these tax cuts for the GE Capital participation in the Zionist global black op terrorist activities, so that GE Capital would use American money to build the strategically important control center for UK. And now UK bids farewell to Israel and to the US, and exhibits strong inclination to abandon, like the Eurasian Union, the obsolete technology of the Global AI, and build the Matrix with the use of Russian Quantum Leap Technologies.

I repeat. Most importantly to Americans, transnational corporations, financed by the Synagogue of Satan, divided the pie of the Global AI aka “Internet of Everything” / “Internet of Things” in such a way that all control centers are not located in the United States. Holland got the control center of the global information surveillance in Groningen. England got the control center of the industrial sector of the Global AI, which is transferred to England by the GE Capital. Switzerland got the control center of the financial sector, with the parallel structure in Lima.

In this situation, Donald Trump among Presidential candidates is the only person who seems to be aware that his American children might not even get a piece of a global pie, if American elites lose any will power to defend their national interests. If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidential Election, one might predict that not Tramp, but she might become an object of the assassination plot, when next global crisis hits Wall Street and Main Street – by those from ex-NSA who got pushed out by the Zionist shills.

The coming global crisis will expose all the weakness of the Synagogue of Satan as financiers of the world. And during this global crisis, either they will take an upper hand, or they will be smitten by the new financial system of the world.

Yes, the former financial system of the world showed its inafficacy, but the new system of economic structurization should rely on the Quantum Leap tecnologies, and not on delusions of Ray Kurzweil.


Irony lies also in the fact that Western Elites got firsthand exposed to the obsolete technologies of mind control. First, Satanists built the Freemasonry Lodges as mind control concentration camps, and only after that, they attempted to extend mind control onto the general population. Freemasonry demonstrates the worst example of the anti-democratic enslaving hierarchy, where every lower level does not know the goals of commands which come down from the superiors, and where Grand Master is allowed to give poison to any disobedient member.

Freemasons use homosexuality in the same way and for the same purposes it is used in prisons by incarcerated criminals. Since Freemasons are submitted to the foreign entity, Freemasonry Lodges should be forbidden on the national soil, and Freemasons should be stripped off American and British citizenship.


We should clearly realize that Satanic New World Order aka Global Zion, as it is invisaged by the Sinagogue of Satan, is not simply slavery in conventional way. It is lobotomy and total mind control.

Henry Kissinger is known by the fact that he was showing at private parties a young woman Arizona Wilder aka Brice Taylor as his mind slave aka “live computer” with photographic memory (see Brice Taylor’s book “Thanks for the Memories”). She was a product of the MK-Ultra program, which used raping of 3-years old girls with excessive cruelty, so that their mind got compartmentalized and controllable. And the other well-known victim of the MK-Ultra program, Kathy O’Brien, testified in her book “Trance Formation of America” that Bill Clinton said in private that the New World Order is impossible to establish without the global mind control.


The American Government is broke, due to the fault of globalists, who shipped production overseas, and now the US is in debt to the Council of 13 Bankers of Russian blood (R1a) who openly proclaimed the destruction of the US as their chief goal (see David Rockefeller and George Soros). The actual bankruptcy of the United Federal Government is delayed by the colonial retribution by Russian Federation, which is allowed by its own constitution to print ruble only after buying dollars, and which is required to keep all its oil and gas profits in dollar reserves in the US banks. This allows US to produce quantitative relief, that is, print paper money out of thin air.

Many Americans do not realize that both countries are the colonies of the Synagogue of Satan, and that Russian constitution was created for Russia by the CIA agents who are not controlled by the American government any longer, but are controlled by the Synagogue of Satan. Since the goal of the Synagogue of Satan is to destroy Russia, Satanists prepare to trash the United States next, since they would be unable to support any longer the conspicuous consumption of the United States supernation.


Banks offered the 0% and negative APR only as anti-Soviet and anti-Russia propaganda, but as soon as Russia falls, the Banks are planning to get transformed into the cyber concentration camps handling electronic money via chips inside the brains of the posthuman biorobots. Satanists first declared the end of Art (see Arthur Danto). Then, Satanists declared the end of Family, and now we have parent number one and parent number two. And now, Satanists are declaring the end of national governments in Transatlantic and Transpacific Unions, which put the power of transnational corporations over the power of national states.

To trash gender identity, family, and community and national / social support is the best way to create inadequate and vulnerable atomic individuals who are shifted around as biomass, easily being dissembled for organs and exposed to psychotronic mind control. The modern Western cities more and more remind of the way chickens are grown in crowded cages in the West, so that they cannot even make a step inside a cage, and, when they are taken out of the cage, they cannot make a step either, since they forgot what freedom is.

But, most importantly, Satanists declared the End of Humankind, and the beginning of Posthumanism / Transhumanism. Thus, Satanists declared their own suicide, starting with their consent to become slaves to some phantom of the GLOBAL EYE.

The very essence of Satanism is slavery, and the highest Satanists are the largest slaves.


As a consequence of all these achievements in freedom and democracy, the US slowly moves toward the transformation of the entire population into the trash of various shades of grey, from white to black, from top to bottom, from the ghetto to the estates, living in the United Junk Yards of America. It looks like the American elite wages war against its own populace, and, as a result, it is itself transformed into the infantile and sociopathic outcasts who want to live on artificial islands and become cyber viruses or a swarm of nanobots.

The Satanists tell us that populace is a herd, which needs regular culling, since it is not good enough, and at the same time, the Satanists do everything to trash their tribesmen. The Satanists tell us that there is not enough water, food and other resources for all, but, in reality, precisely the Transnational Corporations financed by Satanists that waste our planet’s resources via overproduction of senselessly replaceable toys.

The Satanists via Ayn Rand tried to convince us that they are objectively better than the majority of humankind. But, in reality, they look like those blind people on the painting by Peter Brueghel the Elder, who think they know the way, because they move in a close pack tied up to each other, but instead they simply fall into a ditch.

Otherwise, how can we explain the insistent copying by the most powerful Satanists the most repulsive behavioral patterns of animals and the Voodoo cult of the Beast with all its barbaric witchcraft, human sacrifice, drinking of infant blood and raping children in order to remain young – the cult which could be found only in the most primitive and poor tribes of Africa?

The Synagogue of Satan via Ayn Rand promised us the technological progress, and frightened us with the totalitarian mind control, presumably coming out of the Soviet Union. But it appears now that it is precisely the Synagogue of Satan that sabotages the Quantum Leap, and builds the Global Eye – AI – Artificial Intellect, which should get rid of privacy and deprive humans even of the freedom to have private home, individual body and personal thoughts.


In the summer of 2014, DARPA has already announced that they have Liquid Crystal Chips capable of erasing memories and implanting false memories. Voice to Skull was tested on global population en masse. Google built servers floating in the international waters for global cyber attack on alternative press and sovereign states. And the Synagogue of Satan has completed the set of Artificial Intellect Centers by every Swiss lake, with the central one, so-called 666 by the Lucerne (as in Lucifer) lake and Lugano lake with Gotthard tunnel for optic cable, in order to introduce electronic money right after the global cyber attack by Google.

US military and intelligence should become the first victims of brain chipping which is nothing else but lobotomy, since Artificial Intellect cannot ever excel the Human Intellect, which coincides with the entire infinite and eternal Quantum Nonlocality. The Synagogue of Satan exposed its plan in Ayn Rand’s cult novel “Atlas Shrugged” where they declared that they will do state terrorism, piracy, and conscious damage of public property in order to bring total chaos, and destroy all national sovereignties and national currencies, the entire global economy and social systems, so that the Synagogue of Satan will gain global domination aka Global Zion, rebuild the Third Temple and restore human sacrifice in open.


All gold is already shipped to Lima, all artifacts in Museums are already fake; the tunnel system got connected to the closed Walmarts near all major Masonic Lodges; the land is massively purchased in Peru, Argentina and Brazil. All capable have already built hides with stacks of guns, cans and bottles of water. The United States held its breath in anticipation of the next shock therapy session, when the Synagogue of Satan goes on rampage acquiring real assets with paper money made out of thin air. But this time, the Synagogue of Satan has prepared to extend shock therapy to a World War Three à la Albert Pike, as Kissinger has openly admitted in his 2012 interview saying that he cannot wait for this to happen and advising herd to buy remote farms.

Satanists’ scenario of the future was also announced in the movie “Elysium”, which shows a mega city in the outer space by the planet Earth. This city in the skies has Quantum Leap technologies, can cure incurable diseases and has appearance of Paradise. On the contrary, the planet Earth is trashed and looks like Detroit, with industrial production and junk yards, operated by chipped biorobots. This movie clearly demonstrates the desire of the Western Elites to hide from their own people, and run from their own land. This is the sociopathic behavior of mentally sick people or criminals, or both. Satanists cherish the dream that they can buy their way out, and can always escape from the Titanic.

But nobody can eliminate or avoid his or her Karma; everybody rips the crop of one’s good or evil deeds. And ancestral Karma follows children and grandchildren. And even more, the Libertarians do not understand that we are all united into one information-wave field, and nobody can hide behind the wall from the orphan who is sobbing in despair. No human can be completely happy or healthy on this planet if some other human is suffering. The information waves penetrate through the walls. So, even if you yourself did not do evil to other human beings, you still reap the harvest of injustice done by other people.


On the other side, families yield the exponentially stronger information fields than atomic individuals; communities yield the stronger information field than separate families; nations yield the stronger information field than separate communities; and human nooshere of this planet is a necessary factor for making the Quantum Leap. Thus, depopulation agenda is the attempt to weaken human noosphere and destroy the planet. Global murder will not yield brighter future for murders. And the problem of the third world countries lies not in the excessive child birth, but in the Neocolonialism by the Synagogue of Satan.

Given education, standard of living improvement, and, most importantly, the socialist planning system, the problem of excessive child birth is easily solvable. In fact, Satanists hide the failure of their economic model behind the scarecrow of the third world overpopulation. The major failure of the Satanic economic model lies in its inability to inspire people to increase their productivity (of matrix kind), and extend their horizon beyond private survival, which is characteristic not of humans but of lower animals. Even apes exhibit tribal solidarity and mutual support.

The Quantum Leap technologies differ from the parasitic era technologies by the fact that Quantum technologies increase the wave function of man, and the joint wave function of family, community, nation and humankind as a whole. Thus, the nation that did not realize itself as a joint wave function cannot in principle make the Quantum Leap.

Satanists with the help of Ayn Rand cultivated the belief that collectivism is opposite to individuality and individual freedom. And to such a degree that a heroine of Ayn Rand’s novel “Fountainhead” destroyed a priceless piece of art, because she did not want other human beings see it. So, if you compare Ayn Rand with Hitler, you would be forced to admit that Hitler was at least wiling to share with his nation, while Ayn Rand only looked like a human, but was already incapable either of sharing or propagation.

Meanwhile, Socialism is not equal to totalitarianism, as liberals and libertarians are trying to prove to us. On the contrary, the financial liberalism demonstrates not only the totalitarian trends, but the fatal tendency toward fascism via political, economic and information monopolies.


Satanists do not understand the major law of Quantum Physics – the Holographic Principle. If the Universe is entirely inside its every matrix point, then, every matrix point is not simply different from any other matrix point, but is unique. Every matrix is a nonlocal unique wave matrix.

That is why, you can transmit information instantaneously from one copy of the same nonlocal unique wave matrix to the other copy of this nonlocal unique wave matrix. This was demonstrated in 1999 by the Institute for National Security in Moscow officially and publicly to the American Diabetic Association in the lowering of blood sugar in a diabetic calf via the remote laser signal at the distance of 20 kilometers.


Thus, Nationalism and sovereignty is not an impediment to the creation of the joint noosphere on this planet. And collectivism creates no danger to individuality and individual freedom. On the contrary, man can realize his individuality only in the community, and the country can be nationally distinct only in the confederation of sovereign states. Creating community does not require the destruction of families. Creating the nation does not require the destruction of communities. And creation of global governance does not require the destruction of national sovereignties.

Nationalism is not equal to Nazism. Nazism rejects other nations, and, thus, rejects the notion of a nation as such, while Nationalism respects each nation’s right to be unique and sovereign. The Synagogue of Satan – these are the true Nazi, who proclaim themselves the God’s Chosen Jews, while, in reality, they are Khazars who were Muslims till the 10th century, when they self-proclaimed themselves “Jews”, though the true Jews of Tanakh are the Negroids from the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan) from the Tribe of Set / Tribe of Judah, with their one and only Solomonic dynasty, Ark of Covenant, and Mr. Obama, an Ethiopian by birth, who is the one and only heir of the one and only Solomonic dynasty, King Set, King of Kings, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, God’s Elect, the Pharaoh of the joint Russian-Aryan (Lower) and Ethiopian (Upper) Egypt, the Venerable Father of the Three Abrahamic Religions, and the Benefactor of all his tribes.


In fact, Ayn Rand’s so-called “objectivism” was an application of Talmud to a political setting before the Zionist Coup d’Etat in the United States in 1963, when the Synagogue of Satan has assassinated JFK, the last truly American president on the American soil. Only in Talmud, we have biological division of people into fit and unfit, “god’s chosen masters” and “god’s rejected goyim-slaves”, with the masters being biologically superior, and with the slaves being biologically inferior. In fact, all the war of the Synagogue of Satan against humanity is reducible to the fact that they try to create biologically inferior slaves out of the normal human beings.

But, unfortunately to the Synagogue of Satan, the Levites, the highest, priestly caste of Talmudists, are genetically identical to Russians, R1a. So any attempt to apply biological, genetic or any other weapon of mass destruction against Russians, which would result in mass deterioration of Russian genome, would have the fatal destructive consequences for the members of the Synagogue of Satan, who are, in fact, not Semites, but either pure Russians, or Kurds from Russian ancestral mother, according to their own genetic research.

The attempt of mass murder of Russian population would derive no benefits as well to the Synagogue of Satan, since this will radically diminish the information field that the Synagogue of Satan is sharing with Russians in Quantum Nonlocality of joint genetics.

In addition, any murder of Russians would increase the load of genetic abnormalities in the self-proclaimed Jews of Russian blood, while they already have the most heavy load of genetic abnormalities and mental illnesses among human populations on this planet.


Ergo, we have to change the belief system of the Synagogue of Satan, which concentrated assets needed for Quantum Leap. The first step should include the reformation of Judaism; the rejection of the ideological dominance of the Bible with the submission of Christianity to Judaism; the elimination of the plan for creating the Global Luciferian Church as the crypto-Talmudic Satanism under the control of the Vatican and the Rabbis of Israel; the ban on Talmud including its major treatise “Tanya” as it was already done by the major Synagogue in London in 2008; and the total categorical ban on human sacrifice. In the thousand-year Roman Empire, human sacrifice was forbidden, and Romans distinguished civilized people from uncivilized by the fact whether people commit human sacrifice.

The second step should consist in the release of all information about Russian-Aryan antediluvian civilization, including all research on Russian-Aryan giants, Russian-Aryan pyramids and megalithic cities, on Russian-Aryan Runes, and Ancient Russia as Country Rosh in the 38th Chapter of Ezekiel in Tanakh, aka Great Scythia.

The third step should consist in the necessary amendment of the political system, based upon the release of Russian Quantum Leap technologies. As I already said, Russian Quantum Leap technologies should put an end to the fear of the lack of water, food, energy and other resources, and ecological catastrophe due to the overpopulation. Every nation can get sovereign and unlimited access to energy, food and resources via process of transmutation from Quantum Vacuum. The global governance should be a confederation, which should limit its work only to the issues of global concern, and never intervene in the internal affairs of sovereign national states.


The noosphere is a Matryoshka. Matryoshka is a Russian doll, which has its smaller copies inside itself, from the largest one to the tiniest one. Though every doll has its unique pattern. The same is true of this planet. We can build strong community, only if we have strong families. That is why we should reject same-sex marriage. If two individuals cannot naturally produce offspring, then, they do not qualify to be a family.

They can live with each other, as domestic partners, can have sex with each other, inherit from each other, and share income tax return. But they should not be allowed to adopt children, and should not advertise their sex preferences as a model equal to the traditional family. Only traditional family gives us strong warriors, and fathers who produce strong warriors. The nation which equates pederasty with family is doomed for extinction.

Likewise, juvenile justice should be outlawed, since it is the legal system allowing Satanic pedophiles in power prey on our children. Pedophilia should be punished with death sentence, since there is no crime more horrific then destroying defenseless child. Nation that allows its elite to be pedophiles is doomed for extinction, since no child sexually abused by his tribe will defend his tribe and fight for his country.

We can build strong nation only if we have strong communities. Poverty should be outlawed. We have to return the Roman Law of the thousand-year Roman Empire, where every citizen was getting free ration of daily bread per life, free medical assistance and free education. Free food, education and medicine have nothing to do with the so-called “Socialism” created by the Synagogue of Satan, in order to discredit the thousand-year Roman Empire, which was the most stable and long-lived social system on this planet so far.

Financial capitalism destroyed education, medicine and agriculture. Monsanto does not produce food, Monsanto produces biological weapon for depopulation. American Ivy League universities do not teach or research, but are the financial institutions which are engaged in criminal usury via selling Wikipedia for the price of the high APR Education Loans. American Health Insurance Companies and Medical institutions do not treat or cure people, but are engaged in criminal intoxication, drug addiction, debilitation, causing premature death, birth defects, and overall genetic degradation of the American nation in order to get super profits at the cost of human suffering.

Hippocrates required medicine to be free of charge. Every medical professional who charges for his services is not worthy of being a medical professional. Ergo, medicine, education, and food should be nationalized, and should be completely free to every citizen. Americans should reverse their 2010 law which forbids American individuals to grow their own food. This law makes America a fascist country ruled by Monsanto, which kills American citizens by its GMO food, and sterilizes Americans in the third generation.


The economy should be organized by the Matrix principle. Matrix cities should produce unlimited fossil-fuel-free energy, which would allow to grow the unlimited amount of food. Matrix cities should host Kosyrev mirror lasers for the remote management of biosystems, climate and geophysical processes; Banks of Wave Matrices of Uncorrupted Genomes; the production of generators and lasers; the facility for programming water; subscription center to its services; and training facilities for cultivating the operators. To become an operator, man or woman should renounce private property, but not a family. Matrix Cities should have defense perimeter, and should be protected by the Agencies for National Security.

Matrix Cities should be completely self-sufficient, and should have unlimited access to any resources via Quantum Leap technologies. All the waste should be consumed in a closed cycle of production-consumption-waste elimination. The abundance will eliminate overproduction and over consumption, and will make humans value individuation of every product and service.

The machine production, the present-day industrialism, as well as the ideas of the Biorobots-Cyborgs, and the Rule by machine-based AI aka Skynet, the transformation of humans into nanobots or “brain in a vat” will be abandoned, since Quantum Leap technologies would reveal the connection of humans to the zero field of Quantum Nonlocality, what would never be achieved by machines, which are “created” and so “finite”, in virtue of definition, while humans are uncreated and indestructible wave matrices.


Matrix cities should be surrounded by Matrix Zones, which subscribe to the services of the Matrix Cities. Nobody should be forced into Matrix Zones. Humans should be allowed to come and leave at their own discretion. Subscription to the Matrix City services should consist in the production of some common good which cannot be sold, transferred to another Matrix Zone, or alienated in any other way. A person should choose him or herself the common good he or she wants to produce.

Those who want to live outside the Matrix Zones, should be allowed to live the way they want. Those nations, who will not accept Quantum Leap, will not be able to harm Matrix Cities, and should be left alone to their delusions.

Matrix Zones around Matrix cities should be designed as Arkaim, our Russian-Aryan settlement, 3500 BC, in Southern Urals, Russia. The city was circular and consisted of two rows of radial segments. Each segment housed the big family of 30 to 40 people, which included grandparents, parents, children, and siblings with their children – a clan. Archeologists did not find any property division between segments. In the center of the city was a circle where the heads of clans solved problems of the entire settlement.


Man should become a goal. Family, community, nation and planet should strive to produce a man with enhanced physical, intellectual and psychic abilities. This is possible only via unlocking hidden till now potential of human genome. Microbiologists are able to explain only 2% of DNA, and only 10% of human brain.

We should nationalize all large enterprises and transportation. Labor for hire and any kind of exploitation should be forbidden. Humans will consider any production as creation by an artist and scientist at the same time. Humans will crave to become operators of lasers, since operators will be able to manage biosystems, climate and geophysical processes remotely via lasers and by their own minds.

The building of houses or roads will be analogous to giving birth to a child. The house will have special design from the room plan to the nanostructure of its materials, both tailored to the need of inhabitant.


We should also nationalize all research facilities. Usury should be outlawed. Each country should print its own money. Transnational movement of capital should be forbidden. Every country should have the two-frame currency system, consisting of internal national currency, and external national currency. All national economies should be self-sufficient.

I repeat. Our survival depends on the change of the technological paradigm. The former technological paradigm was based upon the resources that were exhaustible. As the result, we had fear of overpopulation, global starvation, economical collapse and ecological catastrophe. On the contrary, the information-wave technologies of the Quantum Leap open access to the resources that are inexhaustible.

Therefore, we should not have any more fear of overpopulation, global starvation, economical collapse and ecological catastrophe. Quantum Leap will finally make it possible for us to build a common wealth society – the society with prosperity for all, where freedom is a true freedom of equal share in the national wealth.

The paradigm of limited and exhaustible natural resources is wrong. Consequently, the global policy, based upon this paradigm, is wrong. The survival of the human civilization on this planet depends upon the change of the global policy.

As of today, only Russians, out of all nations of the Earth, have skills of non-contact combat. Our love and our hope lies in you, Mother Russia!


Specifically, Polarized Holography technology of the Quantum Leap applies:

– The holographic model of the Quantum Vacuum identical for macro and micro dimensions, i.e., the universe is entirely contained in its every matrix point;

– The holographic and torsion model of the cell as a torus;

– polarized bioholography and polarized bioholograms, based upon the principles of the geometrical optics;

– The notions of two kinds of torus: torus as a boundless sphere and torus as a wave crystal (wave crystal notion © Irene Caesar, Ph.D., 1989);

– The Kozyrev Mirror principle for the reflection of the external signal upon itself, thus neutralizing any external signal, and creating the scalar wave diffraction grating (wave crystal);

– The diffraction grating (wave crystal) for the refraction of the external signal towards the zero center;

– The notion of the zero center of the wave crystal as the information portal;

– The notion of the uniqueness of every wave matrix, as an implication of the holographic principle, i.e., since the universe is entirely contained in its every matrix point, every matrix point is not simply different from any other matrix point, but is unique (the uniqueness principle of wave matrix © Irene Caesar, 2012);

– The notion of the instantaneous and remote transmission of information through the zero center of the wave crystal via quantum entanglement between multiple tokens of the same unique non-local wave matrix in the paradigm of the HOLOGRAPHIC INTERNET (HOLONET) (Quantum Holonet notion © Irene Caesar, 2013).

Quantum Holonet uses lasers with the internal Kozyrev Mirrors lasers for producing, modulating and transmitting the holographic signal. Since every living form is essentially a biohologram, only the holographic signal can record and transmit the biohologram of a living being or a living cell, as well as of any medication.

The laser transmits this biohologram in a kind of Holographic Internet (Holonet), which is individual, wireless, remote and instantaneous, i.e., independent of time and space. Secondly, the biohologram can be digitized and distributed as granulated signal falsely called white noise. Thirdly, the biohologram can be recorded into the artificial crystals with the electret qualities, structured by the laser on the nanolevel to become the psychotronic generators.

The ability to record and transmit this signal is based not upon the size of the laser, but on the structure of the signal, and, thus, upon the new, structuralist, theory of physics inseparable from genetics.

In fact, we do not need huge fields of HAARP antennas in order to remotely control biosystems, weather and geophysical processes. We can remotely control biosystems, weather and geophysical processes via the small table top lasers with the internal Kozyrev mirrors.

This technology is long-time beyond the research and development stage in Russia. Russia has proceeded to the process of full commercialization of the information-wave technologies of the Quantum Leap. There are not only multiple scientific groups engaged in the development of this technology, but also multiple rejuvenation clinics all over Russia, which offer this technology on the commercial basis. Private Scientific Institutes in Russia, like the Institute for National Security in Moscow, offer the commercial control over weather. Russians also mine gold from the Quantum non-locality as of today.

Information-wave technology of the laser bioholography is radically different from the Digital Homeopathy and Bioresonance Technology, though it is also based upon the wave-particle duality in physics. Cell dies when it goes into bioresonance with itself. Soviets had the psychotronic weapon, based upon the principle of bioresonance.  Thus, the bioresonance technologies in the West are still wide spread simply because they cannot do enough harm due to incompetence to get outlawed. The information is received and transmitted not through waves (frequencies). The information is received and transmitted via the geometrical codes of the wave crystals.

Also, the information-wave technology of the laser bioholoraphy is not the scalar wave technology, since scalar waves nullify any external signal. And to call the information-wave technology of the laser bioholoraphy as the “scalar wave technology” is to say nothing. Scalar waves are only one element of this technology. Information is not received and transmitted via scalar waves. Scalar waves are simply used for creating the diffraction grating inside the wave crystal in order to refract the external signal toward the zero center of the wave crystal.  Information is received and transmitted ONLY through the zero center of the biohologram / wave matrix (wave crystal). The information is transmitted from one identical token to another identical token of the same non-local wave matrix REMOTELY and INSTANTANEOUSLY via QUANTUM INTERNET.

Information-wave technology is based upon the structuralist theory of physics and genetics, in which scalar waves are used as one of the structural elements.



There are three major facts about our universe, crucial for our ability to make the Quantum Leap. First, the universe is 93% energy (various waves from finite to infinite), and 7% particles. But even particles are simply the concentrated energy. Second, the universe is holographic. This means that the universe is contained entirely in its every matrix point. Third, there is the structural identity on all the levels of the universe – from the micro levels to the macro levels.

Our ancestors expressed the holographic principle as the identity of the macrocosm and the microcosm. We can learn the laws of the universe by learning the laws of the human genome. And we cannot make the Quantum Leap without using the full potential of our genome. That is why genetics is a focal point of the Quantum Leap. The present-day genetics can explain only 2% of genetic material, considering the rest to be the “Junk” DNA. We are in crucial need for the new theory of genetics, which would help us unleash the full potential of our genome. I call this kind of Genetics “The Bioholographic Structuralist Genetics”.

Bioholographic Structuralist genetics is quantum biocomputing which operates the geometical codes. Quantum biocomputing is the true nanotechnology. Because the universe is 93% energy (various waves from finite to infinite), and 7% particles, and even particles are simply the concentrated energy, the nanotechnology is truly possible only on the wave level, including the infinite waves.

More precisely, the nanotechnology is only possible through managing the non-local wave matrices or bioholograms. We can manage bioholograms through their structure or geometric code. Changing the geometric code of wave crystal changes its function. The same wave matrix changes its function via changing its crystalline structure. For example, water can have either electret and collect charge, or be a semiconductor and pass the charge on, depending on its crystalline structure.

We cannot manage a biohologram through just one specific frequency, since the biohologram contains the infinite number of frequencies. That is to say that the quantum biocomputing is not about frequencies, the bioresonance or scalar waves.

The attempt of expanding our knowledge of the universe via search for smaller and smaller subatomic particles in particle colliders is absurd, since matter is divisible to infinity.

There are no particles; there is the integral torsion or torus inside every unique wave matrix. There is no negative or positive charge in particles, since the charge is simply the change of the spin of one integral torsion or vortex, which creates polarization. The change of spin creates a negative cover around the wave matrix, which allows for the reflection of any entering signal upon itself to create a standing / scalar wave.

Because the universe is holographic, every matrix is essentially a non-local wave matrix, i.e., it instantaneously and simultaneously exists in the infinite number of dimensions. Since matter is divisible to the infinity, there is the infinite number of frequencies, particles, and fields, all co-existent in one and the same matrix.

This means that the ultimate information signal is holographic. We cannot record and transmit the holographic signal by some singular particle, frequency, or field, but need to master the holographic structure of a matrix in order to become capable of making the Quantum Leap.

Our bones are capable of producing stem cells in bone marrow, only because our bones have the same shape as laser tubes aka Kosyrev mirrors.

Because the universe is holographic, there is the structural identity between universe, society and man, including human genome – on all levels from micro to macro. The same laws govern a galaxy and a cell in a human body.

Each matrix is the systematic whole. The systematic whole is a coherent structure, based upon the teleological principle. The teleological principle states that order is absolute, and chaos is relative, and that order is its own purpose (telos, τέλος), with no other purpose above and beyond.

Quantum physics is essentially the analytical philosophy, based upon the a priori principles (self-evident principles given before any empirical experience), since it is impossible to empirically experience the infinity.

Chaos is self-destructive in virtue of definition. It is a self-evident truth that had the universe been the absolute chaos, it would have destroyed itself. Also, we have empirical proofs that the more coherent structures exhibit more efficiency.

For the Quantum Leap, size does not matter. The transmission of information between the infinitely large and the infinitely small parts of the systematic whole depends not on the medium of transmission and the spatio-temporal parameters, but on the structure of the transmitting code.

There is no time and space in the Quantum Nonlocality. The size of the holographic structure is irrelevant. We do not need huge fields of HAARP antennas in Alaska to control weather, and we can control weather with a small tabletop laser with the internal Kozyrev mirrors, because lasers with internal Kozyrev mirrors are capable of recording and transmitting the holographic signal. When the correct structure of the holographic signal is reproduced, the transmission of the holographic signal is instantaneous, and independent of time and space.

Only the holographic signal can record and transmit the information of the holographic universe, including the human genome. It is enough to master the principles of the holographic structure in the DNA to become capable of managing the galaxy.

The systematic wholes of our galaxy, planet, society and man (with human genome), from the galactic and planetary scale to the molecular, atomic, and subatomic scale, have thoroidal structure. In other words, each systematic whole is a torus. Torus is not a wave structure; Torus is a holographic structure.

There are two kinds of the Torus: spherical torus, and crystalline torus. The spherical form of a torus is its absolute form, uncreated and indestructible. As a spherical wave structure, torus pulsates from the infinitely large to the infinitely small scale. The spherical form of the torus has no boundaries, and is the unity of the mutually opposite attributes.

When human sleeps, his or her wave matrix has the form of a spherical torus. That is why, in their sleep, humans can perceive of themselves as living in different epoch, having different age and gender, or even living in the inhuman form.

When humans are awake, their wave matrix is in the form of the wave crystal, which is limited in comparison with the spherical form of the torus. Wave crystal is how the spherical torus manifests itself in a specific dimension. Wave crystal acquires boundaries, and the number of its attributes becomes finite. Wave crystal gets localized, and liable to the physical laws of the specific dimension.

Nonetheless, the wave crystal has the unbreakable connection to the zero field of the universal hologram through its zero center. Wave crystal is expressible by the polarizational holography of the geometric optics. In other words, the wave crystal is the infinitly-dimensional geometric structure.

The zero center is the focus of the wave crystal. The zero center is achievable through the process of polarization via reflection, and via the process of refraction in the diffraction grating from the larger dimensions towards the smaller dimensions (from the molecular scale towards the atomic and the subatomic scale, to the infinity).

Though limited to the specific dimension, the wave crystal of the torus preserves its infinite component. In the wave crystal, the information is received and transmitted through its zero center.

The violation of the structural coherence results in the degeneration of the system, be it galaxy, planet, or genome. For example, the violation of this principle by the modern genetic engineering results in the transformation of food into the biological weapon of depopulation.

Genetically modified food combines beneficial genes. But their arbitrary combination produces harmful effect, because it is done without respect for the geometric structure.

Analogously, the increase in the structural coherence (geometry-wise) results in the more efficient systems, be it planet or genome. For example, the wild horse (so called “Przewalski’s horse”) has much worse characteristics than the domesticated horse, both in physical qualities and the ability to learn commands.

The “Przewalski’s horse” and the domesticated horse have absolutely identical DNA from the biochemical point of view. And the only difference between the “Przewalski’s horse” and the domesticated horse is that their homological genes (genes that have the same function) have chromosomes, which have different geometrical structure in the wild horse and the domesticated horse.

The wild horse has acrocentric chromosomes. And the domesticated horse has metacentric chromosomes. The difference between the acrocentric chromosomes and the metacentric chromosomes is in their geometric structure.

The chromosomes consist of two chromatids, combined together in the x-form and, so, having the swastika-cross shape. The two chromatids intersect in the center, where they exchange their genetic material. The acrocentric chromosome has the center, which is not symmetrically removed for the same distance from the two ends of the chromatids. In other words, in the acrocentric chromosome, one end of a chromatid is longer than the other end of the same chromatid. The outcome is crucial, since such a geometric shape does not correspond to the laws of the geometric optics. Such a geometric shape literally cannot get the focus of the zero center.

One can compare this geometric shape of the acrocentric chromosome to the shape of the myopic eye, which gets the focus off the retina, and so cannot properly function. On the contrary, the metacentric chromosome has the center, which is symmetrically removed for the same distance from the two ends of the chromatids.

In other words, in the metacentric chromosome, one end of a chromatid has the same length as the other end of the same chromatid. The outcome is crucial, since such a geometric shape does indeed correspond to the laws of the geometric optics, and such chromosome results in the proper function of the entire organism.

This example is a proof that organisms are getting information (the holographic signal) via the zero center of their wave crystal, based upon the laws of the geometric optics. If the laws of the geometric optics are violated, the organism cannot get the focus aka the zero center of its wave crystal, and, so, cannot get the holographic signal. This accounts to the inability to get the essential information for development and functioning.

As a result, such out-of-focus organisms exhibit malfunction and degradation. Consequently, any genetic engineering of the more functionally efficient organisms is possible only along the way of achieving the more coherent geometric structures of chromosomes.

It is apparent that if we will be able to achieve the more coherent geometric structure of human chromosomes, we will be able to produce a super man with enhanced abilities without the need for cutting and pasting genes from the extraordinary human specimens.

And in fact, apes differ from humans in the same way as wild horses differ from domesticated horses. Genes in apes, which are homologous to specific human genes, differ from human genes only by the structure of their chromosomes. Human chromosomes are metacentric, while the homologous genes in apes have acrocentric chromosomes.

The same is true of humans with Down syndrome. Human cells have 46 chromosomes, consisting of two sets of 23 chromosomes from each parent (i.e., twenty three pairs). Each cell divides in the ovaries to create the egg cells during mitosis. Each egg cell has 23 chromosomes. The same happens to cells producing sperm, so that each gamete of the sperm has 23 chromosomes. Either in egg, or in sperm, the 21st chromosome can cause the Down syndrome. In healthy humans, the 21st chromosome divides. But sometimes, due to age, stress, disease or medication, the 21st chromosome does not divide.

This results in the split of 46 parental chromosomes into one set, which, let’s say, has 22 chromosomes, and the other set, which has 24 chromosomes. This means that one of the eggs (or sperm) have two of the 21st chromosome, which are stuck together, instead of just one. That is, one of the eggs (or sperm) has one extra 21st chromosome. After sperm combines with such an egg, this results in three 21st chromosomes, instead of healthy two 21st chromosomes.

Humans which get extra 21st chromosome, get Down syndrome. Humans with this extra 21st chromosome have biochemical misbalance. For example, they have extra hormone production in their brain, which prevents them from the normal development of intellect.

Modern medicine exhibits the total lack of understanding of why the 21st chromosome sometimes fails to divide during mitosis. Only the structuralist genetics is capable of explaining this malfunction. The reason is that the 21st chromosome is acrocentric. This implies that this chromosome is initially structurally defective. Because it lacks the proper geometric structure of the crystallized torus, the 21st chromosome is incapable on its own focusing the zero center of its wave crystal. As a result, it does not get access to the zero energy through the zero center/focus in order to divide. That is, it fails in its function.

But the most important in the case of the 21st chromosome is that, in healthy individuals, the 21st chromosome does indeed divide in a proper way. This can be explained only by the phenomenon of the structural phantoms.

In the systematic whole, every its part is functionally necessary for the existence of the whole, and the existence of the whole is functionally necessary for the existence of its every part.

The functional necessity is cemented structurally (geometrically), based upon the laws of actuality and potentiality. Some parts can be still potential, i.e., not yet actualized. Nonetheless, the potential parts of the wave crystal are needed for the focus / zero center of the wave crystal as much as the actual parts of the wave crystal.

I call the potential part of the wave crystal as the structural phantom. Quantum biocomputing operates with structural phantoms. That is, in quantum biocomputing, we do not transmit information per se, but its structural phantom.

Specific structural phantom literally materializes in the wave crystal, changing the geometrical structure of the wave crystal in a specific way. The change in the geometrical structure has crucial consequences for the biochemical contents (e.g., resulting in the quality and quantity of produced hormones).

So, in the case of the 21st chromosome, the structural phantoms of the other, metacentric, chromosomes, produce such an influence upon the 21st chromosome, that it becomes capable of normal chromosome division. The acrocentric chromosome in strong individuals gets tuned to the zero centers of the metacentric chromosomes, while the 21st chromosome itself structurally lacks the ability to focus its own zero center/focus, i.e., the ability to produce its own spherical torus, and then crystallize it into the wave crystal.

There is the unity of cosmos, society (polis) and man. Damage to the individual man is damage to the society and damage to the cosmos. Damage to the cosmos and damage to the society is damage to the individual man. Egoism is as pathological, as totalitarianism.

The violation of the unity of cosmos, society and man would lead to the destruction of the human civilization on this planet. Unjust society is as damaging to cosmos, as evil man is damaging to society.

That is why the unjust society has no opportunity for survival, and would be destroyed by the cosmos in the same way as every evil man will be destroyed by the society and his own negative Karma. Negative Karma is man’s own structural code that is not yet time and space specific.

There is no division into science and politics, ethics and aesthetics. Genetics is the battlefield for the just society.

The interdependence between the part and the whole, and between the parts manifests itself not only in the biochemical, electro-magnetic or any other linear relations of particles, waves and fields, but also in the structural interdependence between the part and the whole, and between the parts.


It is impossible to create the model of the systematic whole by adding parts one by one. The systematic whole is holographic, that is, it contains the entire universe inside. Consequently, the systematic whole has the infinite component, besides its finite components, since the universe is infinite.

Our Russian-Aryan ancestors expressed this idea in their concept of the unity of macrocosm and microcosm, or the unity of cosmos, polis (society) and the soul.

Delusional ideas of Transhumanists are based upon their lack of understanding that a human is an uncreated and indestructible wave matrix, and, so, has infinite potential.


1) The structural coherence of parts is the major criterion of their unity in the systematic whole.

2) The systematic whole has the unified structural patterns that run from macro to micro dimensions.

3) The structural specifics is the internal form, which also concerns the position of the part in relation to other parts, and the whole, and the measure (proportion) of the part in itself, and in relation to other parts, and the whole.

4) The internal form of the part within the whole determines its function.

5) The change in the internal form (geometric code) of the part results in the change of its function.

6) The change in the form of the part will influence all other parts and the whole.

7) The structural clarity of the part determines the effectiveness of its function.

8) The structural clarity is defined in terms of the geometric optics of the polarized holography.

9) The structural coherence of the whole influences the form of particles, waves and fields alike.

10) It is impossible to increase the coherence of particles without the increased coherence of waves and fields. Waves and fields dominate over participles since the world is 93% waves and only 7% particles, with particles being also only the congested energy (vibration).

11) With the loss of the structural clarity, the part loses the effectiveness of its function.

12) The complete loss of the structural clarity results in death of the systematic whole.


The more genome is coherent, the more advanced its functions are. It is impossible to create a superman by cutting and pasting genes of the extraordinary donors into recipient’s genome.

To make genome more advanced, it is necessary to increase its coherence. It is possible to increase the coherence of genome only through the signals that are more coherent than this specific genome. If the donor material is transferred to the recipient in the incoherent manner, this transfer will not make a recipient’s genome more advanced, even though donor’s genetic material had more coherence than recipient’s genome. Moreover, the genetic engineering, which does not account for the principles of the structuralist genetics, will make more evil than good in its attempts to improve genomes via cutting and pasting genes from donors to recipients indiscriminately.

There are two kinds of parts in the systematic whole. Some parts are finite and proportional to the systematic whole. Other parts are holographic, that is, they contain the entire systemic whole within themselves. The parts that are proportionate to the whole are used for the amplification of the external linear signal (“unfolded signal”), so that, later, it gets fully involuted or reflected upon itself in the scalar wave grid.

We receive information via collecting tokens of objects (geometric codes) via eye sight. After we collected the copies of objects in our brain, we are instantaneously reading the information remotely off these objects, even if we do not see them any longer via our eyes.

There are two systems of the Quantum Holonet. One is the instantaneous information transmission between multiple copies of the same unique non-local wave matrix.

Another system is the instantaneous information transmission between two unique non-local wave matrices. All unique non-local wave matrices are parallel to each other, that is, they inherently possess privacy and inalienable individuation. This puts limits on their interaction and exchange of information.

In order to transmit wave information between two unique non-local wave matrices, we need to use the identical structural code. For example, in the early 1990s the NPO Aura (the division of the NPO Energy, which became later BINAR Institute and the Institute for National Security) was able to transmit morphological information of stem cell programming from pregnant goat to pregnant rabbit, and vice versa, so that the she-goat gave birth to a little goat with rabbit’s ears, and the she-rabbit gave birth to a little rabbit with goat’s horns.

Pregnant goat and pregnant rabbit were placed each into identically curved copper lenses facing each other.

Post Scriptum

As a result of Russian Quantum Leap technologies, we can create any genome, and even remotely. And if Ashkenazi self-proclaimed Jews, who are not Semites, desire to be Semites, we can do them this favor.