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Remote management of biosystems based upon the shape of chromosomes as diffraction grating for focusing genetic information

Irene Caesar, Ph.D.

June 13, 2016


The same gene gets expressed in dysfunctional individuals by acrocentric chromosome, and in functional individuals by metacentric chromosome, and till now nobody was able to explain why. I claim that chromosome functions as wave crystal, i.e., nonlocal unique wave matrix that focuses genetic information unique to this individual via his / her own unique scalar wave diffraction grating. Thus, chromosome is a structural / geometric code or shape that has holographic nature allowing for the remote management of biosystems via laser polarized holography.


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We can conduct remote laser management of the biosystems, and, thus, create individuals with enhanced physical and psychic abilities, and dramatically extend life span, based upon the implication of the holographic principle (© Quantum Biointernet, Irene Caesar 2013), and mastering the geometric codes of chromosomes.


The objective is to build a Matrix City, i.e., the self-sufficient human settlement of the Quantum Leap Era (http://www.thematrixcity.com and specifically: http://www.thematrixcity.com/structure-of-the-matrix-city-r…), where enhanced man in enhanced environment can have enhanced life of any life span he chooses. The objective includes: (1) creating BANKS OF WAVE MATRICES for every living creature on this planet; (2) creating MATRIX CITY ZONES, where individuals receive all their supplements and medications via E-DRUGS and I-DRUGS from the MATRIX CITY based upon subscription model; (3) cultivating men with enhanced physical, intellectual and psychic abilities.

Review of Related Literature

The Polarized Holography is mainly based upon Russian research, especially upon the research of Nikolai Kozyrev, and his so called “Kozyrev Mirror” principle; the structuralist genetics by Alexander Gurvich; as well as upon the toroidal (“torsion”) research by Anatoly Akimov and Gennady Schipov. In 2002 some information got licked to the West, when two researchers of the NPO “Aura” (NPO “Energy”/BINAR, which became “The Institute for National Security” in 2000) Peter Gariaev and George Tertyshny, who did not have clearance and full access to the research, have brought a laser to Toronto to demonstrate remote management of the artificially induced diabetes via the laser signal at a distance of 20 kilometers in the rats of the same genetic line. But Gariaev and Tertyshny did not have access to the Digital Pharmacy of the digitized bioholograms of healthy bodily organs and physiological systems (aka “Digital Cell”), and could not diagnose wave matrices. The technology was classified at that time in Russia, and got declassified only in 2008.

Conceptual Framework

Universe is holographic, i.e., it is entirely contained in its every matrix point. Since universe is holographic, we can record, transmit and receive only holographic information. The implication of the holographic principle states that, If entire universe is contained in its every matrix point (holographic principle), then, every matrix point is not simply different from any other matrix point, but is unique (implication of the holographic principle, © Irene Caesar 2012). If we have an exact copy of the unique nonlocal wave matrix, we can send information instantaneously through Quantum Nonlocality, from one copy of the unique nonlocal wave matrix to the other copy, to any dimension, any planet, or galaxy, to the past, and to the future.

Research Methodology

The chromosome geometry changes the nature of the external signal from linear to holographic (@ Irene Caesar 2012, implication of holographic principle) via (1) torus polarization (via the change of the spin in the integral toroidal field of DNA); (2) reflection of any external linear signal upon itself and creation of the scalar / standing wave diffraction grating, which neutralizes any external signal; (3) refraction of any incoming signal towards the zero center of the wave crystal, which functions as a focus similar to how our eye functions (Irene Caesar, Chromosome Geometry ©2014).

Quantum Leap technology applying knowledge of the chromosome geometry is called “polarized holography”, and is based upon application of stabilized Helium-Neon Lasers with internal mirrors. This kind of lasers are capable of creating holographic signal. Analogously, our bones are capable of producing stem cells, only because the shape of the bone is analogous to laser tube and is capable of changing the nature of external signal.

Research Results

As of today, the Institute for National Security in Moscow offers the local and remote management of biosystems, and individuals:
(1) via electronic / digital drugs (DIGITAL PHARMACY consisting of digitized bioholograms of wave matrices for every healthy bodily organ and physiological system; and including E-DRUGS [additional upon subscription], of which more than 300 are already created, including E-VYAG-RA and I-VYAG-RA);
(2) via remote laser signal (I-DRUGS or Quantum Biointernet).

Institute has conducted the first in the world official and public remote lowering of blood sugar in diabetic calf via the laser signal at the distance of 20 kilometers for the American Diabetic Association in 1999. Over 2015, the Institute has created the digital platform for dispensation of E-DRUGS and I-DRUGS via subscription analogous to mobile phone subscription programs.

E-DRUGS are offered in two forms: (1) as chips inside a pendant [MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR] of electret nature structured by laser on the nanolevel, and (2) as software program on flash drive sold with a MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR, which contains the entire DIGITAL PHARMACY (soon only by subscription).


It is clear that the exiting model of Human Genome is not correct, since it cannot explain 98% of DNA calling it “Junk DNA”. Thus, genetic engineering based upon “cutting and pasting” of “identifiable” 2% of DNA is doomed for failure. Only the Holographic Wave Genetics, based upon chromosome geometry, can explain the difference between functional and dysfunctional individuals, and promote the advance in genetic engineering.